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Butterfly Dreams, Part Three

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Posted to the rwguiltypleasures mailing list July 21, 2001

Title: Butterfly Dreams Chapter 3
Author: Alerion
Rating: NG-17
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Katims and Metz, et al. I own nothing. No alien, copyright or intellectual property was harmed in the making of this text.

        C'est si simple, l'amour

        It felt strange driving in the Mustang. It felt strange being a passenger. I missed the Jeep a lot. I closed my eyes. The sun and the wind felt good on my face. I feel much more aware of those things when I'm with Kyle. I said we had to decide what to tell people.

        "Will you talk to the football team for me, starboy?"

        "Can you be serious for 2 minutes, Kyle?"

        "For you, Max, "0 minutes."

        "Kyle, I want to tell people."

        "We don't lie to anyone. We pick our time to tell them. We try and make it easy on Liz and Michael."

        Kyle makes everything so simple. He is right more often than I am.

        I asked him: "What's the problem with Michael?"

        "You really don't know how much people care about you, do you, starboy?"

        "I am worried about Liz. She's been through so much."

        We rolled into Newton Drive. We said nothing while we walked up to my house. Kyle had been here before, but this was different. Everything felt different. Then we were on my bed, just talking, but the link was there before we even touched. Gentler than last night but stronger somehow. I think Kyle was getting used to it. I asked: "Where are we, earthboy?"

        Kyle grinned. "Kyleworld. Maxworld. Same planet. About 6 feet in diameter and the only place in the known universe." I think I will have to get used to serious questions being answered that way.

        "Kyle, what if I ever have to leave?"

        "Earth or Kyleworld?"

        "You know what I mean."

        "I'll drive you and the other podlings out to your magic cave and kiss you goodbye. Then I"ll get drunk or punch a wall or cry a lot or all three."

        I think we both wanted something slower than the fast fumble in the desert. We even kept our clothes on for a while. Then Kyle closed his eyes and ran his hand over my face. He sounded half-asleep. "You know that silver thing?"

        "Take your shirt off." When he did I wrote a big M on his chest. I moved his hand from my face to my chest. "Your turn."

        "I'm human, remember?" His eyes were still closed. I told him to look at me. His whole hand was trembling. "You could do it last night," I reminded him. One blue eye flicked open to follow his finger across me. He moved over and held me, eyes closed again, teeth, lips, tongue round my nipple. One of his hands brushed down me and tugged at my belt before he rolled away and started laughing.

        "What is it now?" I muttered.

        "Lots easier than a bra." He looked at me and started laughing harder. "I guess you know what your ears do when you blush, starboy."

        I tried to think of a good answer but he went serious again. Kyle undid my belt. It still feels strange he can be so centred on me and so strong at the same time. I wanted to be naked with this boy. I wanted him to look at me. I had not realised blue eyes could go that hot. Kyle's embrace felt weird. Maybe I had too many memories. Maybe he sensed how I felt.

        Kyle breathed into my ear: "Hey, Max, it's all right. No demons. I, uh..."

        "What, Kyle?"

        "I've fallen for you, right? It's not because you make me see stars or because I want your alien bodily fluids."

        "I know."

        Kissing Liz was always soft and gentle. I hated myself for thinking about what it was like with Tess. Kyle feels different. Everything stops when he kisses me. Soft mouth and soft tongue, but Kyle feels so male and so right at the same time. I groaned when he broke off suddenly and grabbed for his neck to get him back.

        I was learning that Kyle is hard to predict. He can also be hard to stop. He grabbed my cock but this time his hand was slick. I don"t even remember seeing any lube anywhere. Still, there was a mess of Kyle clothes all over my floor so I guess he had prepared for this. He sat up suddenly and swung himself over me. Then he put his hands back and raised himself a little higher.

        "Uh, Kyle what are we doing?"

        "I believe it's called third base."

        I wanted to talk about it but Kyle wasn't interested. He pushed me into himself and then dropped down. His breath caught when I first went in. I know he tried to hide the grimace as I penetrated him. Neither of us had really learnt we can't hide things from each other yet. The link with Kyle is different too. He slid himself down on me until I was completely inside. I froze it felt so good.

        "Move damn you, Max."


        "Use the magic powers, starboy. See that spot inside me?" I could feel Max fucking me, feel Kyle fucking back. "Touch it. Slowly." I rocked my hips up into him. "Now. Faster. Like that. Yeah..." All I could smell was a musky boy scent. I could not tell Kyle's smell from mine.

        Everything stopped dead inside me after Pierce. Then when I found out about the killing, about Tess, I knew it was my fault. I knew everyone had to hate me for causing Alex' death. I hated myself for Alex' death. Now I'd lost myself to this guy I had spent a year hating. It felt right past believing.

        "Stay with me, starboy."

        I leaned up to find his mouth. I was floating somewhere between his lips and mine. The rest of me had grown a mind of its own and had to be as deep into him as I could get. He never closes his eyes when we kiss. I sat up because I had to get my arms round him. Somewhere I wondered if I was smiling as hard as he was.

        I remember breathing into his mouth: "Am I doing this right?"

        "Very. Trust me."

        "Um, Kyle, does this hurt?"

        "A little, but it feels better than great at the same time." He writhed round me, half-frown and half-smile on his face.

        We were both upright now. He was sitting on my cock. We embraced. An understatement. I don"t bruise easily but I could feel Kyle-shaped bruises forming where he had his arms round my shoulders. He was clenching and unclenching his muscles round me as I moved deeper and deeper inside him. The rhythm felt really slow but I suspect it was not.

        Somehow I whispered round his tongue: "Kyle, are you..."

        Kyle gasped. He nodded. His body tensed. He bore down hard on me. It hit both of us at once. There was a moment where we fused into one being. No flashes and no stars. We were too close and too intimate for visions to mean anything. I could feel jets of Kyle squirting into the space between our abs.

        Kyle gasped: "Fuck." He dropped his head forward and shook it, like a dog trying to get dry.

        "Kyle, I seem to be covered in human."


        "Kyle, how did you know all that?"

        "Chatrooms". He still didn't have his breath back properly. I don't think I did either. We rolled over and held each other very close. Somehow I managed to stay inside him. Kyle"s cell phone rang. Kyle moaned when I pulled out of him. He scrabbled through the mess of clothes on my floor to see who was calling.

        "It's Maria."

        I told him: "Leave it. I need you all to myself right now."

        "Sure. Besides." The damn Kyle grin lit up his face again. "I'd just start babbling that we're not guy virgins any more."

        The phone rang again. Kyle sat up on the edge of my bed. I sighed when he answered the phone. He said: "Hey, Maria?" into the phone.

        Wrecking Kyle's cool can be fun. I kissed him on the neck while he was talking. When Kyle gets angry his eyes go the colour of steel. I put my arms round him. I rested my chin on his shoulder. I was close enough to hear what Maria was saying.

        "Kyle are you with Max?"

        "Uh, Max is here Maria."

        "That is so not what I was asking, Kyle."


        "Really? Kyle, Michael is really jealous about Max. He could barely handle things when it was Liz. " I licked the sheen of sweat from his shoulder before I reached for his phone.

        "Uh, Max wants to talk with you Maria. Here he is."

        "Hey, Maria"

        "Max, you and Kyle both sound really weird."

        "How do you mean, Maria?"

        "Max, are you and Kyle..?"

        "We'll tell you when we"ve worked it out. Try not to say anything to Michael or Liz just yet."

        Maria giggled and said: "Note to self: special event. Max asked for something."

        "What do you mean?"

        "You"ve been giving a lot of orders lately, Maximilian."

        "I know. I'm sorry. I'm going to change that. Just give us some time. Please."

        "I better go now. Hey Max?"

        "What is it?"

        "I am pleased, really. Bye."

        "Thanks, Maria."

        I sighed. "Earthboy, I think this could be a complicated weekend. I think we have been busted."

        "You mean outed, right?"

        "That too."

        "I've been thinking, starboy. We should get out of town until Sunday night. I'll get some stuff from my house."

        "We have to face people some time - our friends, people at school, the parents, the Crashdown, the football team, the cheerleaders."

        Kyle shook his head. Arguing with Kyle was beginning to remind me of arguing with Michael. Michael is easier. Kyle is right more often.

        "We get one weekend on Planet Kylemax before things get complicated. Just us."

        "I have to leave a note for Isabel."

        Sometimes Kyle kisses like a demon and sometimes he just brushes his lips across mine. Whichever way he kisses me I can feel my ears warming. "Max you don't need to give me notes at school any more. You're in here..." he reached over and put my hand on his forehead "and here..." on his heart "and here..." on his groin.

        "I thought I was the romantic one round here, earthboy?"

        "I must be picking it up from someone. Just skip the mariachi band outside my window, okay?"


        "Max, if we"d told each other the truth a long time ago..."

        "You mean real Max and real Kyle?"

        "Yeah. And gay Kyle and gay Max."

        "Alex would still be alive."

        "We don't know that, Max. Maybe she would have killed more of us trying to get you."

        "Can you drop me at the corner before you go to your place. I'll wait outside."

        "I will get you in there some day. I have to, right?"

        "Kyle, I feel bad about putting you in danger."

        "Shut the fuck up, Max. I'm in danger anyway. That's not your fault. Being with you doesn't make it any worse."


        "I said Shut the fuck up, Max. I want you." It's scary when someone you have just fallen in love with turns cold steel eyes on you. "If there is a risk I'll handle it. Let's get the sleeping bags from my place before somebody else works out where we are." Then the steel was gone from his face and he flashed me a half-sleepy just-fucked grin before he asked: "Um, where's the shower?"

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