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Butterfly Dreams, Part Two

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Posted to the rwguiltypleasures mailing list July 18, 2001

Title:Butterfly Dreams Chapter 2
Author: Alerion
Rating: NG-17
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Katims and Metz, et al. I own nothing. No alien, copyright or intellectual property was harmed in the making of this text.

        Thank God its Friday

        I knew Max would pull something like this. All the way to school I practiced not smiling. I knew if I looked the way I felt the rumours would be all over Roswell West High before lunch. I didn't want to think about when Max and I would be together. So I cruised into school wearing the standard Kyle grin. Fuck, I practiced that grin. Everything was cool. Under control. Then I opened my locker and looked inside.

        'I love you.' Written in silver, of course. The letters faded as I read them. So I was standing by my locker and breathing deep and slow. And Max was all I could think about. I knew Max was all I was going to think about for a long time. I think I promised myself not to drag Max into the eraser room. I knew my chance of keeping that promise was not good. That is probably why I jumped like a cat when Isabel tapped my shoulder.

        Her eyes are enormous. She looked directly into mine. Thank God she does not look too much like her brother.

        'Thanks, Kyle' she said.

        Lies killed Alex. I helped. I am never going to lie to these people again.  When her fingers brushed my arm it felt like her brother, it startled me again.

        'Are you okay, Kyle?' she asked me.

        Okay? I felt very okay. I just didn't want to tell her why, right then.

        Isabel said: 'Max is happy today'. Her eyes brightened. I knew I was about to be hit with one of those dazzling Isabel smiles and I knew it would remind me of Max.

        I mumbled: 'So am I'. Damn that was the wrong thing to say and I saw more questions in her face. All I needed was for Max to join us and my cool was going to be history.  Just then, I was lucky. The bell rang and I could break the conversation.

        I like being Kyle Valenti. I like being a three-season athlete. I like hanging around with the football team. I like girls gossiping about me. None of that comes anywhere near how I felt about Max right then. I was ready to walk into school holding his hand. I wanted badly to walk into school holding his hand. Buddha teaches compassion, not just honesty. I did not want Liz or anyone else hearing from the grapevine before she heard from me. Us. Whatever. At least the note I found in my desk was paper and-ink. 'Meet me in the 2nd Floor Eraser Room 2nd Period, Max'

        I glanced over my shoulder before I pushed through the door. No-one was around. Inside, arms slid round me in the half-darkness. But it wasn't Max.



        'Maria? Valenti? What the fuck's this?'

        Ever had the feeling you badly wanted to be somewhere else? Ever had about 16 dumbarse excuses flash before your eyes inside a second? Michael's flat hard glare jabbed at me through the darkened space between us.

        I sensed Max before I heard him. I could feel him standing right behind me. I knew the damn post-fuck grin had just rewritten itself on my face. Michael was too angry to see it. Maria was another story. That was fine, Maria's always cool so she wasn't going to spill anything. She did roll her eyes at me over Michael's shoulder. I was wondering what to do about the tent in my pants.

        'Michael, we should talk after school. Kyle and I have something to sort out.'

        The Max thing used to make me go ballistic - the way that quiet voice just takes command. Michael was furious. Maria dragged him out by the arm. Max was all over me as soon as the door shut. Michael was pounding on the door.

        'Valenti' Michael bellowed from outside 'what's all this with Max?'

        I whispered into Max' neck: 'Can't I just tell him I am a sucker for a nice pair of ears.'

        'I think you watch might be watching too much Star Trek, Kyle.'

        'Hey starboy, it's like training videos.' Somewhere along the line Michael must have gone away, I don't remember.

        'Kyle, please don't fight with Michael.'

        'I'll try, starboy, but you'll owe me.'

        'Owe you? I'll have find some way to pay.' We both knew. Are we going to spend a whole lifetime swapping impossible lines before we get into stuff?. The damn link flared round us as soon as his arms were round me. I had visions of the rest of our day. I had visions of Michael barging in.

        'Max, I can't handle this' The brightness died from his eyes. I pulled him back against me. I wanted to punch myself out for fucking up like that. I had to make him understand. 'All I mean is that I can't handle school. I can't handle not touching you. Let's skip the rest of the day.' I kissed him. 'My dad won't be home.' I kept on kissing him because I knew he was going to refuse. Max Evans does not skip out on school.

        'Kay.' Max was too busy with my mouth for a while to say much more. 'But my house, not yours. What do we do for the rest of the day?'

        'Human abduction, starboy. I imprison you in a bed and do excruciating experiments to test your alien sexual responses.'

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