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Butterfly Dreams, Chapter 15

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 6, 2002

Disclaimer: See Chapter 1

        Silence used to make me uncomfortable. I've been a loudmouth my whole life. What's changed in five days? Michael had left. Max had found his favourite place in my lap. I was playing with his hair.

        Lord of the Rings was still on the table. I said: 'Max, That was my favourite book when I was a kid. I used to read it all the time.'

        'I've never read it. Iz loves it. '

        'She probably sees herself as Galadriel.'


        'You'll find out Friday night when we hit the drive-in.'

        'Friday night?'

        I suck at romance but I know how to be funny. I got down on my knees. 'Max, dearest, will you go to the drive-in with me on Friday night?'

        'We'll just end up making out in your car. That's a bit public for me.'

        'Easy, I put the top up and you darken the glass a little. So we'll go?'

        'Okay.' Quiet again. Max slipped back into my lap and started biting my thigh through my jeans.

        'Max, we should talk about Isabel. How do we do this?'

        'What do you mean?'

        'Well, I might be able to dreamwalk but won't your sister be surprised if she walks into our dream and we're fucking?'

        'Um, Michael only took two days to get used to it.'

        'That wasn't fucking. Michael's not your big sister. And even Michael got a little jumpy when we kissed too long.'

        'Kyle, shut up.'

        Max reached up and locked his hands behind my neck. Lips met, but he didn't kiss, just whispered into my mouth. He said: 'You should get drunk again.'


        'The first time I kissed you was when...'

        'Don't be a jerk, Max. We didn't really need to be drunk.' Somehow I forced a tight little smile. 'And stick your alien tongue in my mouth.'

        'Not yet.' Max stood up, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me towards our room.

        I started taking my shirt off, but Max stopped me. He knelt and got my sneakers off, then socks. Then he undid my belt.

        'This isn't fair, starboy. You have to be naked as well.'

        Max got that little crease at the centre of his forehead when he's about to do something weird. The lights went out. He pulled my jeans down and licked my cock through my boxers.

        'Max, get up for a second. I want your clothes off.'

        Max rolled back onto the bed and pulled me on top of him. I kissed him while I ripped his pants open and reached for his cock. His mouth found mine the same moment I got a hand round him. I started pumping his dick. It was just then that the fucking phone started ringing.



        'The phone's ringing. It might be important.'

        'I know' he sighed, and rolled away from me. I answered it.



        'What the hell are you doing to my brother?'

        'Right now, we're making out on my bed and thinking about ripping each other's clothes off.'

        'Way too much information, Kyle.'

        'You asked, Iz. What did you want me to say? Do you want to talk to Max?'

        'No, I want to talk to you. Your thing with Max is becoming a problem. It's killing our parents.'

        'You said you were pleased.'

        'I didn't expect him to move out.'

        'Am I the only one round here who gets it? Isabel, Max was dying inside until we...'

        'Had wild sex out in the desert? Some cure, Kyle.'

        'It wasn't like that.'

        'Max was never like this before.'

        'Max made his own choices, Isabel.'

        'Kyle, I still think Max should come home.'

        'Maybe you have to talk to Max himself. Max wants to be with me'

        'You haven't seen what this is doing to our parents.'

        Max sat up, snatched the phone out of my hand and growled into it: 'Drop this, Isabel. Get used to Kyle. He's around to stay.' Max slammed the phone down and rolled back onto the bed.

        'What the hell was that about, Max?'

        'I could feel you getting angry. Isabel was pushing you.'

        'I can handle Isabel myself.'

        'I know, but Isabel needs to stop putting you down.'


        'No, Kyle.' Max grabbed my face and glared into my eyes. 'She's my sister, she's my problem.'


        'What do you want now?'

        'What were we doing when we got interrupted?'


        'How about this?' I dropped back on the bed and used his shirt to pull him against me. The hard angry light in his eyes changed to something else while we kissed. I wanted to swallow his tongue. Hell, I wanted to swallow all of him whole. We rolled over, half wrestling, half kissing.

        Max moaned: 'I need you, earthboy.'

        'I'm here.'

        'No, you're not.' Max moaned again, twisted out of his jeans, and shoved my hand against his arse.

        I murmured: 'Where's...?'

        'Here, I think.' Max was groping blind across the shelf with one hand while we kissed. I tried to pull away to help him look but he had an arm round my back and wouldn't let me. Cold lube squirted over my hand and I sank a finger into him. We were breathing into each other's mouths. Max started grinding his arse against my hand and his muscles convulsed round my finger.

        Max moaned: 'I want you, earthboy.'

        'I'm here. Always. You shouldn't have said that to Isabel, Max.'

        'Are you the same Kyle who called me a jerk before?'

        'Max, is something wrong?'

        Max pushed my hand away and grabbed for my cock. 'Now Kyle. I need you now.'

        I thought about stopping him. He was acting so weird. He lifted himself on his elbows and shut my mouth with his tongue. I grabbed the lube and got him ready. He was shaking.

        'Now, Kyle, now!'

        I ran my finger round his hole, pressing but not getting inside. Max bucked underneath me. He shoved himself onto me and rammed his arse down round my cock.

        'Fuck, you feel so good. You feel so good.' Max was panting.

        I felt this little ball of sensation start building at the root of my cock. Max' eyes were wide and he kept pulling me into him harder and harder. I could feel his cock getting crushed and rubbed between our bodies. I kissed him harder. Both of us were slick with sweat. I put my hand round his balls. They were already tight, already pumping.

        'Kyle,' Max yelled ' I love you' . We came at the same time.

        'I know,' I gasped out, 'makes two of us, Max.'

        When our breathing was normal again Max nudged me and asked: 'How long do we have before we dreamwalk Isabel?'

        'Maybe half an hour... Max, you'd tell me if something was wrong?'

        Max nodded, his mouth hanging open. 'No. really, I'm okay.' he kissed me slowly and smiled. 'More than okay.' he looked serious for a moment. 'How are we going to come out, Kyle?'

        'I think usually you tell people you're queer.'

        'This might kill your career as a football hero.'

        'It won't. They know I win games for them.'

        'Do you want me there?'

        'Nope. You'll be in my head anyway. No-one's going to take me on. But if you're there they might decide to blame you and you don't need to face that.'

        'I'm not made of glass, Kyle.'

        'Then how come I always see through you? I know what you want right now.'



        I pulled him close. There's a spot on Max' collar bone where he goes boneless if I bite. he closed his eyes and put his arms around my shoulders. He tangled those long fingers in my hair and pushed our mouths together. His tongue was strangely gentle, just exploring my mouth, not forcing me open like he usually does. We weren't even hard but somehow it was more intense, more intimate. It felt lie we were floating off into our private universe again. I broke the kiss, licked his ear, and murmured: 'Starboy?'

        'What is it?'

        'I think I've worked out how to do clothes.'

        Flash. We were on the beach again. Max looks good in a black suit, black tie, white shirt, dark glasses. There was a plain wooden door behind him. No wall, just a door and someone knocking on it. I could hear Isabel's voice through the door.

        'Let me in, Kyle.'


        'It's your dream, your door,' Isabel snapped, 'open it or something.'

        Max said: 'Iz, Kyle's still shaky at this, it's been less than a week.'

        'Then Kyle needs to learn faster.'

        'That's what he's doing.'

        'Okay, Isabel, I'll try. But I'm doing it for Max, not your interstellar war. What do I do?' I focused for a moment and the door opened. 'What now?'

        Isabel looked us up and down. 'So what are you two dressed as, the Blues Brothers?'

        I said: 'Try Men in Black.'

        'Cute, Kyle. But you and Max should realise this stuff is dangerous.' Isabel's eyes were narrow and she clearly wanted to go on with what she'd been saying on the phone. 'We are going to find Tess. Take my hand. Visualise us all in the Granolith.'

        I thought about the Granolith, how Max looked at that moment when I told him about Alex, how we all handled the news that Alex had been murdered. I tried to see it in my head. I shuddered. It felt as though someone had punched me in the head. Then Max' arms were round me.

        'Hey, what is it, earthboy?' I could see another door, but it wasn't mine. It looked like something that Max' people had made. I didn't recognise the voice.

        'Zan, Vilandra, you have to let me in. I have to reach you.'

        'Max, it's our mother,' Isabel yelled, 'Kyle, open the door.'

        'No, Kyle, don't. It's a trap.' Max had gone all quiet and that's when he sounds most in command.

        Isabel shouted: 'What the hell are you saying, Max?'

        Max held me tighter and frowned at Isabel. 'What I should have said months ago. We have to stop believing everything we get told.'

        The door bulged inwards. Whoever was outside was trying to force it open. I felt like I was being hit with a crowbar.

        I gasped: 'Max, it hurts.

        'You can shield it. Iz, you have to show him how to keep it shut.'

        'Max, what are you doing?'

        'Listen, Isabel, there never was any destiny' Max shouted, 'Tess lied to us about everything. Don't trust anything we were told while Tess was here.

        'Maybe what you're saying is wrong' Isabel shrugged. She gestured to Kyle, move us somewhere else}

        I concentrated on getting away, anywhere.

        Flash I looked around. Hell, back here was the last place I'd meant to find. The air felt stiff. It was hard to move, hard to breathe. We were back in the temple I found the first night I dreamwalked. The place was different. Last time it had been empty. Now there were people everywhere. All of them wore black robes. They had these weird masks covering the top half of their faces. Clusters of silver rods spread like wings from their masks. Strings of jewels hung down to their chests from either side of each mask. The air was heavy with smoke. There was a big drum sounding somewhere in the distance. Bells and flutes shimmered through the drumbeat.

        'Who are they? What are they doing?' Isabel demanded.

        I shrugged. 'How would I know?'

        Isabel glared at me. I wish she would just accept I don't know much about what I'm doing.

        Max asked: 'Who are all these people? Why do they look human?'

        Isabel pressed her lips together. 'Maybe it's a dream thing. Maybe we're seeing what's easiest for us to understand. '

        I concentrated on three of us standing beside the pool. The shift there was quick but it made me dizzy.

        Isabel pointed at the figures in black robes that stretched in a double line from the pool to the throne. She whispered: 'They look like priests or something'.

        'What do you mean?' I asked.

        'Like something out of Star Trek.'

        I was going to say that i didn't think they were Vulcans but I thought Isabel might kill me if I did. I could smell incense smoke in the air. Most of them were bent forward in a deep bow. They were chanting.

        'Whose priests?' Max asked looking at me. Maybe he thinks being Buddhist makes me an expert on priests.

        I said: 'I don't know Max, maybe yours. You're supposed to be the king.'

        The incense smelt like flowers. Heads were turning towards us, only one or two at first but then it spread through the crowd like a ripple.

        Isabel gasped. 'Max, I think they can see us.'

        Max yelled: 'Kyle, get us out of here'.


        'Think about somewhere else ' Isabel commanded. Her eyes were wide. 'Think really, really hard, Kyle.'

        Flash. The beach. I was starting to think of it as my beach. Maybe ours, Max's and mine. I was breathing heavily and my head was on fire. I must have staggered because Max got a shoulder under my arm to support me.

        I shook him off. 'I'm okay, Max.'

        Flash We'd been pulled back to the pool in the damn temple. I tried for the beach.

        Flash The temple again. They looked like they could all see us now. The mist shifted somehow. A deep bell rang three times in the distance. Max rubbed his forehead and looked round.

        Isabel's voice was harsh, even though she was whispering. 'Why are we back in Kyle's temple.'

        I said: 'I don't know anything about this place.'

        Max groaned. I realised he must be feeling as bad I was. 'I think they really can see us now.'

        I said: 'Why's this happening, Isabel. You're the damn expert.'

        'I don't know, Kyle. Let me think.' She stared at Max. 'Maybe some of what Tess and Nasedo told us was true. They're watching you, not me or Kyle. Is any of this close to what Tess showed you?'

        'When I was with Tess there was only one time I really saw anything.'

        'Like this?' Isabel pointed round the temple.

        'No. Nothing like it. Kind of military uniforms and epaulettes and lots of gold braid. She said it was our wedding.'

        I said. 'Sounds like London or something.'

        Max' voice gets unbelievably cold whenever he talks about Tess. He shook his head, 'More Tess bullshit. She thought she was Princess Di.' He looked at me and said: 'Kyle is this like anything you've ever seen?'

        'Its all new to me, starboy.'

        'Starboy?' Isabel smirked.

        Max actually blushed. 'What else should Kyle call me?'

        Isabel's eyes widened and I spun round to see what had frightened her.

        Max asked: 'What's wrong?'

        I said: 'Max, look at yourself. You're starting to glow.'

        'It won't stop, Kyle.'

        Isabel looked past Max and pointed. The bowing figures were moving. They were backing away from us, forming a circle with Max at its centre. Light was blasting out of Max in every direction. The singing grew louder.

        I reached for Max. The light was like a wall, beating me back. I shouted: 'Are you okay, Max?'

        Max took my hand and nodded slowly. Energy surged into me from his fingers. I tried to look at his face but it was too bright. I had to close my eyes.

        'We're not ready for this, Kyle' Max yelled, 'Try and take us back to our beach.'

        Flash. I fell face down onto sand. Max and Isabel were nearby. Max crawled over and kissed me. I concentrated on ending the dreamwalk.

        'What were they chanting at the end, when they made that circle?' Isabel asked.

        Max frowned. 'It sounded like "Zan" to me.'

        'Max,' I asked, 'why have your clothes turned white?'

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