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Butterfly Dreams, Chapter 13

Reply to Alerion

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 22, 2002

Disclaimer: See Chapter 1

        Jogging helps clear my mind, kind of a moving meditation. The radar in the back of my head said Max was on his way back from the lake. He felt strange, more anxious than usual, less aware. When I got home a shower seemed like a good idea. Dad was out. No surprises there. The shower felt really good. The windows were dark. Max was really close. I knew he'd be home any minute.

        Someone banged on the front door. Max was leaning on Michael's shoulder, eyes blank, mouth hanging slack. He fell into my arms.

        'Michael, what's happened? Is he okay?'

        'Max said his head was spinning. He wanted me to drive.'

        I got Max to the sofa. He could walk but he was unsteady.

        Michael asked: 'Do you want me to stay?'

        'Sure. Has Max ever done this before?'

        I'd got max as far as the couch. He slumped onto it. His head dropped into my lap.

        Michael worked really hard at not reacting. I started to say something but Michael stopped me. 'It's okay, Kyle. I can get used to this.'

        I asked him: 'What happened out at the lake?'

        'Max and Liz were pretty rough on each other.'

        'Kyle?' Max sat up suddenly and kissed me. 'I've wanted that all day.'

        Michael coughed loudly. First time I've ever seen Michael look nervous.

        I asked: 'How do you feel, Max?'

        'Weird. I'm not sure how I got home.'

        'Michael drove you. We could get worried about this. Has it happened before?'

        'Only a few times.'

        'How many?'

        'I don't know, Kyle.'

        'Can I get you anything.'



        'No thanks, Kyle. I should get going. Maria will think I'm beating you up if she doesn't see me soon.' Michael touched Max' shoulder. 'Hey, Maxwell do you remember being at the lake? Liz has a pile of new theories.'

        Max sighed. 'I remember Liz being weird. I really need to know why she wanted me to think she'd slept with Kyle and why she kept pushing Tess onto me.'

        I was in the kitchen making coffee. I called out: 'Michael, Liz won't tell.'

        'Liz isn't telling either of you? Kyle, what did she say when she asked you to do it?'

        I took Max' coffee into the living room. 'She just said she needed my help.'

        'So why did you help her?'

        'I thought she didn't want the attention Max was giving her.'

        'What's she saying now?'

        I said: 'I talked to her at school but she just clams up. I'm getting angry about it.'

        'Maybe she's just embarrassed?'

        'It has to be more than that. She knows how we feel about it. It's as if she thinks we'll both hate her if she says anything.'

        Michael stood up. 'Well, I really need to get going. See you tomorrow.'

        I followed Michael to the door, said 'Bye' and closed it after him. Max looked awful.

        I sat down and nudged Max. 'Hey, I though you wanted coffee?' I pointed at the mug I'd put in front of him.

        Max picked it up. When he touched it he shuddered, stopped and rubbed his forehead.

        'You sure you're okay, Max?'

        Max stared at the coffee mug. Pale blue, yellow flowers. 'Who owns this, Kyle?'

        'I don't know, Max. It's a coffee cup.'

        'Tell me who owns this!' Max' voice was hoarse and his hand was shaking. He stood up. His eyes were unfocused, He looked round the room. 'She used it didn't she?'

        'Max, I'm sorry. I thought I'd cleaned everything out and burnt it. Here, give it to me.'

        Max just stood shaking his head slowly, like he couldn't hear.

        'Max?' I moved close to him and he backed away. The mug dropped from his hand. It stopped dead halfway to the floor, spun round and and then smashed against a wall.

        Max was looking straight through me. I tried to pull him to me. It was like trying to hug a rock. I put my hands on either side of his face. 'Stay with me, Max. Solid core Buddhist superjock Kyle, remember? Remember what you wrote in my locker Friday morning?'


        'It feels like her, she lived here.'

        'I'm really sorry, Max. It's gone now.'

        'He came here too.'

        'Who, Max? Tell me what's wrong.'

        Max' breath rattled in his throat. His chest heaved when he tried to breathe. His right hand was clenching and unclenching. Sweat streamed down his face. He grabbed me hard, dropped his head on my shoulder and threw up.

        'Gee, Max, you just puked down my back.'

        'I don't know anything about aliens. You can't hold me here.'


        Max was shouting now. 'Where am I? Why am I here? You've made a mistake.'

        'Max, you're with me, Kyle. It's okay.'

        'I'm Max Evans. I live at 625 Murray Lane. You can call my parents. Where am I? Why am I here?'

        'Max, listen to me. It's Kyle.'

        'You've made a mistake. I'm Max Evans. I live at 625 Murray Lane. You can call my parents.'

        'You can look like anyone you want. I'm Max Evans. Why are you doing this to me? Why?! Why? Wha...?'

        'Max, this isn't real. No-one's here but me. You're okay.'

        Max' whole body was shaking now and his eyes looked like glass.

        'Max, It's okay. I'm here. It's really Kyle. You're safe.'

        'No, I'm not. You're lying. This is another trick.'

        The palm of his hand came up in that power gesture they use. Max' hand slammed into in the side of my face and knocked me backwards.

        'Max, I've meditated in here. I've burnt incense. I've drawn a mandala on the wall. It's all right. She's not here any more. You don't have to hurt anyone.'

        My dad walked in and yelled: 'Kyle? Max? What the hell is going on?

        'Stay out of this, dad. Max is sick.'

        'Are you two fighting? Who threw up in here?'

        'We aren't fighting. Max doesn't know what he's doing.'

        I grabbed Max' shoulders and tried to shake him out of it. 'Max, listen to me. It's Kyle.'

        'Kyle, who gave you the black eye? Was it Max?'

        'Doesn't matter, Dad. Max is sick.'

        'You've made a mistake. I'm Max Evans. I live at 625 Murray Lane. You can call my parents. Where am I? Why am I here?'

        I shouted: 'Max!'

        It was like shouting at a wall. I sighed. Then I leaned in and jammed my tongue into his mouth and hoped. Max tasted foul. Max in the White Room. Max reaching for his powers and finding nothing. Max trying to scream and nothing but blood dribbling from his mouth. Max trying to run on legs that did not work. Max trying to think of Liz' face and only seeing Pierce. The scum had not even him left him a voice. He could not even beg. I could hear him mumbling: 'No No No' over and over again inside his skull where no-one could listen. Somewhere in the corner of my eye (or whatever I was seeing with) there was a flash of silver. I reached for it. Then everything went dark.


        Max was kneeling down with his hand on my back. I'd fallen on my hands and knees. 'Kyle what did you just do to me?'

        I said 'Dad, can you leave us alone for a while?'

        Max helped me up. 'You need a shower, Kyle.'

        'Well, who barfed all over me?'

        The shower felt good. All the attention Max gave me would have felt good if he hadn't looked so guilty. I was worn out. Max towelled me down. We passed Dad on the way to my room. He didn't say anything.

        Max picked me up and dumped me on the bed. My head was swimming.

        'What did you just do for me?' We were still linked. I showed him. Then all I could do was shake my head to try and clear out the images. It felt like I'd drunk all the beer in the world. Max climbed in and put his arms round me. I have no idea how we got naked but we did.

        'Kyle, I can't put you through this.'

        'Listen, bucko, that's up to me, not you. You've spent a year fucking up everyone around you. Bad time to start fucking me up.'

        'But I'm...'

        'Forget it, Max. Besides, I'm the only star quarterback in town.'

        'Be serious, I've hurt you.'

        The room was dark when I woke up. the whole left side of my head throbbed where Max had hit me. Max felt good against me. He was lying with his back to me. He was saying something in his sleep. I reached over his back and pulled him tighter against me.

        Max said something in his sleep and then rolled over and opened his eyes.

        'Bad dreams again?' I asked.

        Max nodded, then winced and said: 'Hell, I've given you a black eye.'

        'Glad you feel that way. I thought maybe it was an alien thing.'

        'Don't joke about this. I've hurt you.'

        'I've had a black eye before. I'll live.'

        'What if I'd used my powers on you. I'm dangerous.'

        'I don't think you could.'

        'You don't know that Kyle.'

        'I do. I know what's in your head most of the time. You did stop when you realised what you were doing right? All I have to do is let you know.'

        Max voice went really low. 'I was dreaming about Pierce.'

        'You didn't know what you were doing. You kept calling me Pierce.'

        max breathed in hard and pushed the air out through clenched lips. I reached for him. We kissed and he brightened.

        'I could kiss it better. Your face, I mean.' He half-smiled.

        'Aliens do the worst come-on lines in the universe.'

        I flinched when Max touched the side of my face. He pulled it back.

        'It's okay. My face just hurts a bit.'

        'I feel really bad about hitting you.'

        'Just get rid of the black eye.'

        Max' energy started pulsing through me. The bruises felt hot for a moment. The throbbing stopped.

        'Better?' he asked, anxious. Kissing is can be better than saying thanks.

        Max reached across me and switched on the bed lamp and started searching the drawer.

        'What are you looking for?'

        'This.' He had a tube in his hand. He killed the light and squeezed lube over me.

        'Hey, is this really a good idea?'

        'I want you where Pierce was.'


        'Kyle, do this for me.'

        I sat up. I wanted to ask if he was sure he knew what he was doing. I got kissed instead. Max put his legs on either side of my hips.


        'Shhhh. You always say I talk too much.' Max sank down on my cock. He grunted through the kiss as I went into him. I tried to keep it slow but Max was in charge and drove straight down on me.

        Max gasped. 'Earthboys feel good.'

        'This earthboy feels very good. Max, are you okay?'

        Max' eyes go really soft when we fuck. The pain flows out of his face. He started rocking from side to side making my cock almost slide its full length out of him and then back inside. Brightness flared along my cock and blasted like lightning up my spine, brightness that was somehow all Max and all me and both of us at once.

        Max threw his head back and writhed on top of me. I put my arms round his shoulders. We had to touch everywhere we could He grabbed my finger and sucked on it. the thrill ran halfway up my arm. Then his tongue was a molten snake inside my mouth.

        Breath came staccato. His balls were hot where the rubbed against my abs. Every colour I know exploded between us. Glutes tightened and released, pumping me, heaving up and down on top of me. His arms tightened round me, long ropes of muscle standing up. All of me was bleeding into Max and he was shooting hard against my body. We fell in a sweaty heap on the bed.

        We both took a while to get our breath back. A tear rolled down Max' cheek, but he was smiling.

        I reached over and brushed the bangs off his forehead. 'How are you, starboy? Of course I love you, you dolt.' For good measure I whacked his arse. the slap was louder than I'd meant it to be.

        Max smiled like the moon rising on a dark night. 'Thanks to you, I'm fine now. How's the eye?'

        'Fine.' I think I went to sleep with my tongue still in his mouth. Some time during the night Max reached over with a long arm and pulled me tight against him again.

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