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I See You, Part Six

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Title: I SEE YOU 6 - The Ending
Author: AK-77
Rating: R
Pairing: Kyle Valenti/Max Evans
Disclaimer: the characters don't belong to me; no money for me by this
Note: not my native language + not beta'd = spelling- and grammar mistakes
Feedbeck: absolutely
Distribute: fine with me as long as I get to know first
Summary: no

        "I told my dad."

        Kyle was looking straight ahead, his left elbow lying casually on the car door while the other hand held the steering wheel in a loose grip. His posture gave nothing away as he guided the car at high speed along the dark highway.

        Max watched the other's expressionless face with a mixture of respect and a faint feeling of shame due to his own cowardice. It would take him some time to do that step himself.

        "What did he say?" Max asked, courious like hell but at the same time dreading the answer he'd invited with this question.

        "I guess it's alright with him."

        Nothing more.

        "Are you serious?"

        It couldn't have been that easy.

        "How did you tell him?"

        "Well, it's not like I went over and 'dad-I'm-gay-sorry' or something. He knew I was dating someone and asked me who it was."

        Kyle's eyes didn't leave the road all the time, and his features maintained their earnest expression.

        "And you told him sraightaway that it was me?" Max asked, finding it difficult to believe what he was hearing.



        It was all Max could say. There came more and more characteristics to the surface that Max hadn't credited Kyle Valenti with.

        Eventually Kyle looked at him briefly, grinning all of a sudden, then facing the illuminated section before the car again.

        "I guess deep inside he jumps for joy." Max let out a confused sound, but the grin on the other's face stayed there as Kyle continued. "Of course he was shocked, but there was this sparkle in his eyes that he gets whenever he's talking about you alien-guys. Man, I tell you he can't wait for you to show up."

        Max let out a laugh. That made perfect sense.

        "What about Liz?"

        "I'll talk to her." Max answered hesitantly, his heart a little heavy suddenly. "I don't want to think about it right now." he added, feeling once more like a coward.

        Kyle looked at him, and there was worry in his eyes. Worry about Max. That realization caused his heartbeat to quicken slightly, while a pleasant warmth spread inside, it's starting point in the center of his stomach.

        But that concern was quickly outshined by a roguish smirk as the other was apparently struck by some idea.

        "I know what to do about that."

        Max watched confused as Kyle slowed down the car just enough for a clean 180-degree-turn, heading back for the town.

        "What would that be?" Max asked skeptically.

        "Get you drunk!"

        "I don't think that's a good idea."

        Max didn't remember the one time he had been drunk, but he had been told a little. Liz had spoken about how he'd made the lights of the streetlamps dance as if they were surrounded by disco balls, about parking meters he'd brought to explode.

        He'd been scared to hear those things. He'd used his powers in public and had done things with them he hadn't even known he was capable of. And worst of all: he didn't remember.

        It was not safe.

        "It's not safe."

        "I'll watch over you. I tell you, that was *so* cool!" Kyle said giggling, seeming so happy that Max was infected with it against his own will. "It'll be fun, Evans. Trust me."

        Max did.

        Some minutes later they were back in town. Kyle stopped the car in front of the Valentis' house.

        "Wait here." he said and opened the door. He was about to get up but paused then, as if he'd forgotten something. He turned suddenly and captured Max's astonished mouth with his own. Overwhelmed by those warm lips Max kissed back hungrily as Kyle's tongue sneaked out of the other's mouth and inside his, dancing around Max's provocatively.

        Eventually they broke apart, both breathing hard due to awakened arousal as well as lack of oxygen.

        The two pairs of eyes stayed locked, and the air in between seemed so thick with unfulfilled desire that Max had the feeling the kiss was still continuing all the time. He licked his lips as he took in Kyle's swollen ones, noticing the flushed cheeks and knowing he looked the same.

        Maybe not equally hot, he thought.

        After what seemed like an eternity Kyle spoke.

        "I.. I'll go then."

        "Ok." Max said, not breaking the gaze, and Kyle got out of the car in a hurry.


        They were sitting on the deserted basketball court, several bottles of beer between them. Kyle had decided to take the beer instead of the bottle of whiskey, since the alien hadn't done so well with the heavy stuff last time.

        First they'd walked around a little. Kyle himself had been a bit tiddly already cause he'd drunk a lot faster than Max who had still been somewhat hesitant at the beginning. But after the first half of his bottle the other had become really childish. He'd wanted to try that thing with the streetlamps again, had talked about dancing lights, disco balls and something like that. Kyle had watched as Max had put one hand on the lamppost while the other had taken one of Kyle's. He'd been surprised to see the lights go out with an unspectacular little crackle, followed by any other one in the line, till the street had lain in total darkness. Max had been astonished as well (apparently he'd expected that disco ball effect again), but had soon looked at Kyle with a smirk, his expression one of complete satisfaction. He'd asked Kyle if he knew what that meant, and as Kyle had shaken his head in confusion Max had explained that his adolescent subconscious related Kyle Valenti plus 'lights out' with the prospects of sex. Kyle had laughed out at that, feeling a bit flattered about causing that kind of reaction.

        He finished his third bottle and laid back to look at the tiny stars above.

        "When did it happen?" he asked Max who was sitting with his head in his hands, eyelids heavy.

        "When did what happen?"

        "You liking me."

        "Oh, I don't think that happened at all." Max replied, words drawled.

        "Come on, I want to know." Kyle demanded.

        "I really don't know. It just happened."

        That answer would do, Kyle guessed. Still there were some things that wouldn't leave his mind.

        "Michael and Isabel... they won't ever, right?" he asked, his voice a little bitter.

        "They will." Max said resolutely and laughed suddenly when remembering something. "Today I had a fight with Michael because of you. I made a complete fool of myself."

        Kyle shifted to look at the other, feeling an excited smirk light up his face. "Yeah? What did you say?"

        "I said you were the strongest person I know, and that you didn't care what others think of you. That one would sense it if you didn't like them, cause you act the way you feel."

        Kyle's mouth had dropped open as he listened to these words.

        Yeah, they were spoken by a drunken boy, but that made them to something even more significant. He remained silent.

        "And I told him that whenever I am with you, then-" Max looked up at the black sky, lifting halfheartedly an obviously too heavy arm in the same direction, "-then the stars are just stars."

        No, Kyle thought while damning the alcohol that worked on his mind.

        You're not going to make me cry.

        "That stuff brings out the worst in you, Evans, y'know that? Makes you speak crap that sounds like sappy declarations of love."

        "That was *not* sappy, fucker."

        Kyle laughed. "I like you drunk. And yes, it was."

        "Whatever you say." Max sighed loudly, burrying his face in his hands. "I'm tired."

        "Good, cause I'm cold. C'mere." Kyle said, pulling Max down to him and cuddling up to the other boy.

        The heat of Max's body warmed his skin even through two coats, and it didn't take long until the other's breathing became even. Kyle listened a while, thinking about nothing in particular. He felt so comfortable lying here like this, and he tried really, really hard but soon his eyes dropped shut.

        +++The End+++

        That's it. Many thanks to everyone who sent me feedback. I hope you enjoyed these last parts. Maybe I'll come back sometime (going into Kyle's head is *so* much fun). Other stuff of mine can be found on
AK-77, 07.12.2001

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