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I See You, Part Four

Reply to AK-77

Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive June 24, 2001

Title: I SEE YOU 4
Author: AK-77
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kyle Valenti/Max Evans
Disclaimer: the characters don't belong to me; no money for me by this
Note: not my native language + not beta'd = spelling- and grammar mistakes
Feedback: Yes! Hell. And *before* I die, please!
Distribute: fine with me as long as I get to know first
Summary: no

        "Stop that."


        She snatched the beer can out of his hand, without Kyle even noticing her motions; there were only his fingers, that all of a sudden didn't hold anything anymore.

        "Give that back."

        But she had already thrown it into the trash, after mercilessly pouring the contents into the sink.

        "I won't tolerate your behaviour any longer." Tess said, looking at Kyle with a beaming face, as if torturing him was the one thing that made her happy.

        With the same expression she whirled to the fridge, opened it, closed it and came back, putting down a container on the kitchen table right in front of his nose, while plonking herself down on a chair.

        Kyle took the container to his lips, swallowed, and gagged immediately at the unexpected taste of milk.

        He glared at Tess, who lifted her eyebrows innocently.

        "You're not my mom, mom." Kyle said and leaned back, his arms dangling, knuckles almost touching the ground. He felt like a mass of jelly, without any bones to hold him upright.

        "You're in love." Tess stated, and his head flared up. The sound of her happy voice seemed to make fun of his misery. "And the one you're in love with dumped you."

        "Ho, no rash diagnosis!" he demanded a little too stormily.

        "But who is it?" she wondered as if to herself, as if nothing that Kyle said or did would influence the product of her thoughts. "Surely not Liz."

        Her eyes that had wandered over the table ominously captured his face, intending to catch any emotion her words could have caused there.

        Kyle looked back, with what he hoped would be a bored expression.

        "None of your buiseness."

        "I'm worried about you!" she retorted, and Kyle knew it was the truth.

        He sighed.

        "Stop whining, boy. And stop drinking that shit. And *do* something. It's sunday afternoon and you are supposed to do something."

        Kyle smiled at the resoluteness that was so typical about Tess and was almost a little touched by finding himself as the one it was directed at.

        "What about the Crashdown? I stand you a drink, non al-"

        "No!" Kyle cut her off.

        "*What* no?" she asked with a suspicious look in her eyes.

        "No Crashdown."


        "Just..." He sighed again, and it sounded as tortured as he felt right now. "I'll be alright. I just need some time. Alone."

        To Kyle's surprise Tess gave in immediately, as if sensing that she would not support him by dragging him to any social gathering. When she rose to open the fridge again, it was a can of beer she put down before him this time. The gesture nearly made Kyle burst into tears.

        "Thank you." he said, feeling a deep urge to hug her, but not doing anything about it.

        "You're welcome." she replied and left.


        He was obsessed.

        Mind, body - whole.

        It was like it had been with Tess first; Max felt totally out of control. But there was a significant difference.

        This time he had the impression that what he did was in line with what he *wanted* to do.

        While in the situation with Tess he'd always had the feeling that the affecting force originated from outside. As if his thoughts and actions had been manipulated, as if Tess or his fate had reduced him to a puppet.

        With Liz he had felt in control.

        And Max understood now, that this was one of the things that had caused him to be with her. His life had seemed so enormous and so frightening, and he himself so little compared to it. It was like yelling against a tornado to make it turn, when you had to fight even to stay on your feet. The relationship between him and Liz had been something Max could influence. He'd been able to choose his actions according to the reactions he wanted from Liz.

        With Kyle it was all tornado.

        There was neither a mystic bond, nor any soul connection between the two of them.

        It was simple. Plain.

        It held him tight, heatened him up, set him on fire. Body. Mind.





        Kyle entered the classroom with headaches.

        When had been the last time he'd spent an evening in a sober condition?

        He didn't remember.

        He didn't care.

        He knew that he looked fucked up, and he still didn't care.

        One fact more to add to the list of things he'd always assessed as irrefutable, and that had changed nevertheless.

        Nothing special about it.

        It took more to surprise him these days.

        A lot more.

        He noticed Max at his table, chatting with Isabel in a low voice. Alien talk.

        Passing them on his way to the back of the room, Kyle saw the dark head lift a bit, making him glance over, unable to control the movements of his body.


        A *grin*.

        For Kyle alone.

        And it made his heart melt, and his knees go weak, as he asked himself if he had ever seen something that beautiful and came to the conclusion that no, he hadn't.

        Kyle averted his eyes in a good time and was almost proud of himself, as he sat down.

        He noticed that Isabel, who had turned around to see who Max had greeted, was glaring at him, then at Max, and he wanted to smash her for making the smile on Max's face die.

        The teacher entered, and Kyle spent the lessons watching Max's back, remembering running his fingers through that soft hair with Max lying on top of him, clothed, but still clear to feel.

        He shifted in his chair. It seemed to take an eternity for the minutes to pass, and Kyle longed desperately for the distance a break would bring, since he had not even to try first to know for sure that distraction didn't work.

        Finally the bell rang, and he grabbed his stuff to leave the classroom.

        He almost made it through the door.

        His own name stopped him, spoken with that soft voice, by *that* mouth, and he paused.

        "Yes?" he asked, without turning his head.

        He heard notebooks being stuffed into a bag hastily, and the bag being zipped up, then slipped over a shoulder simultaneously to the sound of steps getting closer.

        Max emerged at his side.

        "Eraser room. In five minutes." was breathed into Kyle's ear, then he was gone.

        Kyle stood there a while, unable to move, till someone too lazy to run around his compact figure pushed him aside. Shaken out of his rigidity he pushed back, a lot harder.

        You had to counteract lack of respect in it's beginnings, to make sure it wouldn't grow too much. Heroes were forgotten easily.

        The boy sneaked off under Kyle's challenging stare.

        Then he glanced at his watch, not allowing any thoughts to form inside his head.

        He looked back briefly, where Isabel was still sitting, and the ice cold expression on her face stirred up his irritability all the more.

        Turning, Kyle left that unspoken accusation behind, and with it any feeling of guilt, it was supposed to provoke.

        He walked down the hall and pushed the door to the men's restroom open. After entering, he cast a quick glance at his watch again, realizing that there were still three minutes left.

        Sometime he quit pacing restlessly from one wall to the other and went to one of the washbasins to splash some cold water into his face.

        It didn't stop it's burning.

        Neither did his hands stop their shaking.

        He looked into the mirror.

        A fool looked back.

        (It has to be a joke.)

        There was it, the thought. But he could not avoid it any longer.

        Cursing, Kyle left the room and headed straight for the location of his alleged date.

        Nobody seemed to notice when he reached for the door handle, and Kyle hurried, having no intention to change anything about that.

        He closed the door behind his back and was surrounded by darkness. Cursing again he started to fumble for a switch, but paused when a soft rustling draw his attention away from his search. Max was close.

        He could *feel* the other's presence. Electricity all in the air.

        He gasped when suddenly a hand brushed his forehaed, fingers clutching into his hair and pulling his head back. A tounge found it's way easily between Kyle's parted lips, followed by a mouth and a solid body, pushing him back, pressing him against the door.

        He moaned, while Max's mouth worked on his almost violently.

        Max was breathing hard, and Kyle could feel the beats of the other's heart drum against his chest in a fast rythm.

        Blood rushed through Kyle's body, hardening his cock in a few seconds, as he kissed back with full force.

        Max's mouth began travelling, wetting Kyle's shirt by sucking through the fabric, wrenching moans from Kyle's lips. He felt helpless.

        After a short fumbling the belt was unbuckled by hasty fingers, and the fly of his trousers opened, and when hot wetness enclosed Kyle's cock his heart seemed to jump right through his ribcage into the universe.

        Then Max started blowing him, and Kyle whimpered and closed his eyes, sinking back against the door. He felt himself drifting away with the steady rythm, into a stormy sea full of whirling currents washing around his boneless limbs.

        " Oh... oh shit... Evans..."

        He didn't recognize his own voice that made words hearable his mouth was forming without his mind participating. Cracking when Max's teeth scraped the sensitive skin.

        He wouldn't last long.

        Max groaned through his nose with each exhalation, the vibration on his erection almost bringing Kyle over the edge.

        It was too much.

        Tension began to condense in the center of his body to a ball of energy.

        And then, for the fraction of a second, there was a moment his body seemed to hang weightless in a room of complete emptiness.

        Time stood still.


        Kyle's hands grabbed the head in front of his lap when everything came crashing down on him, the muscles on his arms tightening as the tension ripped through his body, and he heard himself cry out loud, while he came with one deep thrust into Max's mouth.

        Blackness vanished to harsh shaking breaths against his neck as Max jerked himself off with fast strokes, shuddering against Kyle's body as he came.

        He caught the boy's body before it could fall, sinking with it to the ground.

        Then he listened to Max's breathing getting gradually even, while he was drying the sweaty forehead with the sleeve of his shirt.


        The stars behind Max's eyelids vanished, sending him into Kyle's arms. He was lying on his side with his back against the other's chest, and if he had a choice, that was the way he wanted to stay forever.

        If he had a choice.

        Still he shifted to look at Kyle's face and reached up with one hand to pull it down to his for a wet kiss. Kyle returned it immediately, and Max could feel desire begin to build again.

        Reluctantly he broke the kiss.

        They had to go back to their classes, surely the break was long since over.

        He got cold at once when they separated.

        Their eyes met as Max zipped up his cargos, and what he read in Kyle's face was exactly what he felt himself.

        He was not silly.

        Nothing came for free, of course not.

        But in this very moment he was the lucky one. Nobody could take that away from him.

        It was a feeling of triumph.

        Max picked up his bag, and they left the room cautiously.

        The hall was completely deserted.

        He grabbed Kyle's hand out of an effusive feeling of attachment, causing the other to laugh out, acting like the cool kind of guy he represented was supposed to, but Max could tell he liked it.

        Different classes were waiting for them, but before Kyle could leave Max hooked his fingers into the other's belt, tugging him closer, till he could place one arm loosely around his neck and kiss him once more.

        Knowing that they were standing directly in front of his classroom gave him an extra surge of adrenalin, but Kyle's awakening excitement, expressed by his fingers that were clutching Max's shirt tightly, was arousing enough in itself.

        He pulled back and turned quickly, swallowing.

        Inside everyone seemed to stare at him, as he made up a lousy excuse for being late, heading straight for his place. His lips felt swollen, and he knew there was this little smile again that wouldn't go away.

        Liz looked at him questioningly as he sat down beside her, and he nodded insecurely as a greeting, then turned to focus on the teacher's speach.

        Well, he tried to focus.

        Then he decided to leave it at pretending to focus.

        He sighed inwardly.

        Sooner or later he had to talk to Liz.

        He considered briefly different possibilities in how and when, but pushed the matter quickly aside.

        It had time.

        First he should put a little distance between them both. Surely a break up would be less painful then.

        Released from that burden for now, he allowed other thoughts to occupy his mind, more pleasent ones that couldn't be pushed away that easily.


        "Correct me if I'm wrong, but you look like a milk-guy to me this morning." Tess stated with a smile too bright for the early hour, as Kyle entered the kitchen.

        "Yeah, definitely a milk-guy." he answered, letting himself fall into the seat.

        Smirking he took the container out of her hand.

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