Title:Heat Wave
Author: NekoSama (aka Chris)
Emails: nekosama@ix.netcom.com
Rating: NC-17 for sexual content
Warning: Slash
Summary: A Claire/Alex PWP
Genre: The Invisible Man
Disclaimer: I don't own them and I am not getting paid for this.

        Alex invited Claire over to her home for lunch. She had already seen Claire's place on several occasions, and she felt it was time to return the favor. Besides, she just had a pool put in and wanted Claire to be the first one to see it.

        Claire kissed Alex after she came inside her place.

        They moved over to the couch and Claire sighed heavily.

        "What's wrong?" Alex asked.

        "I'm getting tired of this bloody heat wave. To make matters worse the A/C in my place broke and since it's so hot out they can't come over to fix it for two days."

        Alex smiled at her lover. "You can stay here until it's fixed," she offered.

        "I'd love to," Claire purred curling up in Alex's arms.

        "I have something I want to show you," Alex stood up and pulled her towards the sliding door that led to her back yard.

        Claire drew in a lusty breath as she saw the cool shimmering water. "I didn't bring a suit with me," she told Alex.

        "Who says you need one? My fence is very high," she offered.

        Claire blushed, but nodded a moment later pulling Alex outside with her.

        Alex laughed and kissed Claire slowly unbuttoning her shirt. She loved the way Claire's blond hair cascaded over her shoulders and barely touched her breasts. She drove her tongue into Claire's mouth twirling it around Claire's tongue.

        Claire copied Alex's movements undoing her blouse as well. Their shirts both fluttered to the ground in unison, Claire pants and Alex's skirt following them a moment after.

        They broke away from each other long enough to dive into the cool water. They resumed where they left off pressing close to one another, their erect nipples rubbing together creating an electric jolt that caused low moans to escape from their lips.

        Alex snaked her hand between Claire's legs rubbing her swollen clit softly.

        "Oooooo...Alex..." Claire groaned deep in her throat.

        "Mmmmm, Claire, I want to taste you," she murmured into Claire's ear leading her out of the pool and over to a lounge chair.

        Claire laid back on the chair and Alex moved between her legs. She spread her lower lips open with her fingers and leaned in taking a long deep taste. Claire ran her fingers through Alex's hair pushing her closer.

        Alex inserted her tongue deeper causing Claire to moan even louder. She moved her mouth to Claire's clit while inserting two fingers inside her. Claire arched her back feeling herself starting to climax.

        "Alex.....ahhhhhh!" she cried her tight walls clenching against Alex's fingers.

        Alex took another loving taste then moved up Claire body, kissing her passionately. Claire kissed back trailing her fingers down Alex's chest. Alex groaned into Claire's mouth.

        Claire smiled and moved tiny kisses down Alex's neck and shoulders. She took one of Alex's nipples into her mouth ans sucked on it gently.

        "Claire...oh, baby..." she purred.

        Claire went to the other breast and teased the nipple with her fingers first before tasting it. She loved feeling Alex writhing beneath her. Claire's tongue made a path down Alex's chest and dipped into her navel.

        She finally made her way between Alex's legs and drank in her scent tasting her a Alex cried out softly as Claire licked and stroked her.

        It didn't take much before she was chanting Claire name, as she came.

        They both laid still on the lounge for a few minutes catching their breaths. "That was wonderful," Claire sighed drowsily.

        "Yeah," Alex agreed. "I guess the heat wave isn't so bad after all is it?"

        Claire just laughed and kissed her again.


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