Music for the Heart, Chapter 3: She Drives Me Crazy

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This part is dedicated to AlexXZ (someone on another list), for the idea sprang from her mind. I only write this stuff. I don't come up with (all) of it.

      The door to the Official's office opened and Eberts stepped out, surveying the agents scurrying through the hallways. As the black-suited agents streamed past the hacker, he attempted to get their attention to no avail. Finally, he grabbed one by the jacket and stopped him. "Agent Daggett, what is the emergency?"

      Daggett was out of breath. "We've been infiltrated, sir. Apparently, Chrysalis has been able to plant a spy within the Agency. Every department has been instructed to destroy all files immediately and cease any and all assignments in progress." Daggett frowned. "I thought you would have known about this, sir."

      Eberts raised an eyebrow, then said, "Of course I knew. I was simply... making sure you were aware of the severity of our situation." He released the agent and turned, heading back into the Official's office. He closed the door. "Sir... were you aware of the danger?"

      The Official nodded. "Of course I knew, Eberts. I know when agents don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom."

      Eberts was self-consciously looking at his hands when the door flew open and Darien Fawkes burst in. "This is total BS, fat man. Total BS!"

      "To what are you referring, Fawkes?"

      "The order was to cease and desist all - ALL - assignments. Does that include the production of counteragent?"

      "All, Agent Fawkes, means all. Including counteragent."

      Eberts said, "You received a shot this morning. The Agency should be closed no more than three days, giving you an excellent window of safety before you need another shot."

      The Official nodded. "Granted you lay off the quicksilver. And since all assignments have been put on hold... and you're only to use quicksilver for official assignments... I see no problem."

      Darien shook his head. "I can't believe you would play Russian roulette with my sanity here, fat man."

      "There's nothing dangerous about it. Lay off the invisibility, you'll be fine. Now, please... do as I ask for once and go home. You're not needed here at the moment."

      Darien walked out of the office, muttering under his breath.


      Alex entered the Keep, reading a report as she walked. Claire looked up and smiled. "No one's here."

      Alex dropped the file, wrapping her arms around Claire's neck and kissing her deeply. When the kiss finally broke, Alex sighed. "Yesterday was... outstanding. I can't wait until we can be together again."

      "Wait no longer. The Agency has been temporarily shut down."

      Alex frowned. "Are you serious? Why?"

      "The Official believes a spy from Chrysalis has infiltrated us. All activity has been put on hold until we can find out who it is." She wrapped her arms around Alex. "Which means... long nights in bed... sleeping in... staying up all night." The two kissed again, then pulled apart.

      "We, uh... we should probably lay off this kind of thing at work. We might get a little too... carried away."

      Claire traced her finger down Alex's cheek, brushing aside a stray strand of hair. "It's hard not to get carried away... with you."

      They moved to kiss again, but the sound of the door sliding open caused them to separate like a bomb had gone off between them. Darien and Hobbes entered the Keep, both muttering about something.

      Claire smiled. "Hi, boys. What's up?"

      Hobbes quirked an eyebrow. "What's up? A Chrysalis mole, my friend. Someone has infiltrated Bobby Hobbes' domain and he is not happy."

      Darien hopped onto the chair. "Geez, you take everything so personal. How should I feel? I'm the one cut off from the counteragent."

      Claire sighed. "Relax, Darien. You're more than fine. The counteragent won't even be a problem."

      Alex smiled and said, "Well, guys... I better get going. I'll see you all later."

      Hobbes nodded. "Gotta go delete some files outta that big computer you got up there?"

      Alex scoffed. "My computer is hacker-proof. Any information on there STAYS on there." She passed behind Hobbes and blew a quick kiss to Claire before leaving the Lab.


      Eberts left the Official's office, making sure to lock the door as he exited. He walked down the hall, humming under his breath. He was the last one in the building and was left with the task of locking everything up. He checked the door to the Keep, the door to the padded room and then headed for the main entrance. He left the building, double-locking the main door behind him.

      Just outside the door to the Keep, Darien unquicksilvered. He had a long night ahead of him. He swiped his keycard through the scanner and the lab door slid open. He ducked inside and closed the door behind him.


      Claire woke that night to a ringing phone. She rolled over, reaching for Alex. To her surprise, she found she was alone in bed. She sat up, rubbing her eyes. "Alex?" She climbed out of bed, trudging to the bedroom phone. "Hello?"

      "Claire... it's me."

      "Alex? Where'd you..."

      "Come to the Agency. The padded room. And dress... well, dress like a Keeper."

      "Why? What's this all..."

      "Just get over here." The line disconnected. Claire frowned and hung up, going to the closet to pick out a nice scientist outfit.


I can't stop
The way I feel
Things you do
Don't seem real.

      Claire hummed along with the Fine Young Cannibals as she parked her jeep in front of the Agency. She turned off the car and got out, singing some more of the song as she found the key on her keyring and unlocked the door. She continued to sing the song...

She drives me crazy... oh, oh...
Like no one else...
She drives me crazy
And I can't help myself...

      Once inside, she locked the door behind her and headed for the padded room as Alex had ordered. Around the corner, she heard the door to the Keep sliding open. "Alex?" she asked. "Is that you?" She turned the corner and went into her lab, surprised to find it empty. "Alex? Are you here, honey?"

      When she got no answer, she turned and headed for the padded room.


      Darien flaked. Why was Claire calling Alex honey? He looked back at the lab, where he had planned to steal the formula for the counteragent. Thinking over it for a moment, he decided that some mysteries would be easier - and more fun - to solve. He quicksilvered and followed Claire out of the Keep.


      Claire turned to see the door to the lab open again. It stayed in place for a moment, then closed again. She frowned. Maybe there was something wrong with the mechanics. She made a mental note to take that up with the Official once the Agency reopened.

      She continued down the hall and unlocked the door to the padded room. Stepping inside, she frowned at the scene that greeted her. Realization dawned and she smiled broadly. "Well. What have we here?"


      Darien watched Claire enter the padded room and thought his adventure might have to end prematurely. Then, he spotted the door to the observation room. He ran to it, going inside and flaking. He walked to the one-way window and sat on the edge. He was trying to make sense of what he was looking at.

      Alex was sitting in the corner, wearing a straightjacket and a pair of black slacks. Her hair was mussed up and she was barefoot. Claire stood by the door, her hands in the pockets of her lab jacket. Darien had a sudden flashback to his first meeting with her. She had drugged him and taken him to the padded room to slowly go mad... and it had forced him to trust her.

      Now, it looked like Alex was the one going quicksilver mad. She smiled at Claire.

      "Alex? What's going on?" Darien was surprised he could hear what they were saying. A short investigation revealed that the intercom was on. He moved from the window and sat on the edge of the table. Crossing his arms across his chest, he became engrossed in the show beyond the glass.

      "Haven't you always had this fantasy, Claire? You're the Keeper. What would it be like to... show one of your Kepts who the boss really was?"

      "I show them who the boss is right away," Claire said, a sly smile tugging on the corners of her lips. "No one messes with me. I kick ass."

      Alex stood. "You don't scare me, Keeper," she snarled. Darien was surprised to find that she sounded a bit... off. Apparently her file had been right concerning her acting skills. Alex began to pace along the far side of the wall. "How long do you think you can keep me here? How long do you think it will be before I break out of your prison and escape into the night?"

      Claire smiled. "As long as we have your counteragent, you'll stay right where you are."

      Alex laughed and said, "Counteragent. You mean the stuff that makes me normal? I got a secret for you, Keep. I don't WANT to go normal. I like this new, no-holds-barred side of me."

      Claire walked towards Alex, bringing her hands out of her pockets. "Maybe I can make you stay."

      Alex ran her eyes over Claire's body. "What do you have that would make me stay?"

      Claire grabbed Alex's face, pulling her into a passionate kiss. Alex moaned into the kiss, then finally broke it to take a breath. "Wow... I love your kisses."

      Claire pushed Alex against the wall and said, "Stay in character." She planted another kiss on Alex's lips, then began to trail down the other woman's throat.

      Meanwhile, in the observation room, Darien had unvoluntarily gone invisible. His heart was pounding and his gland was out of control.

      Claire groped Alex through the straightjacket, pushing her down onto the chair. Alex snarled and said, "Mmm, maybe you DO have something to keep me stay..." Claire had reached Alex's stomach and she pushed the jacket out of the way to undo the belt, working at the fly at the same time.

      As her slacks were pulled down, Alex said, "Claire, honey... aren't you going to let me out of this jacket?"

      Claire smiled devilishly. "This was your idea, love. Besides... the jacket kind of turns me on."

      Alex groaned low in her throat, resting her head on the padded wall as Claire kissed a slow trail up the inside of her thigh. Her tongue teased the sensitive flesh just below her navel and threatened to move lower before it left all together. Alex's eyes fluttered open. "Whe... What?"

      Claire hooked her thumbs on the elastic of Alex's panties, viciously yanking them away. The material tore in the process. "Now. Are you going to stay at the Agency?"

      "I... I don't...."

      "I can leave right now."

      "Yes. Yes, I'll stay. Just please, finish..."

      Darien shook his head. "And I caved for counteragent?"

      Claire smiled and lowered her head. Alex's jaw dropped at the first touch of Claire's tongue to her sensitive flesh. Her arms jerked inside the constraints of the straightjacket. She wanted so badly to run her fingers through Claire's hair, to hold her face against her body. But, confined as she was, all she could do was thrash her head and moan. She lifted her legs, wrapping them tightly around Claire's neck. The motion drew Claire closer and forced her tongue deeper.


      The Keeper smiled at the half-moan, half-plea in Alex's voice. Claire broke the hold of Alex's legs and looked up, smiling mischievously. "What? Did you want me to stop?"

      Alex looked at Claire with lust-filled eyes. "Stop and I swear I will hunt you down and kill you."

      Claire laughed and kissed Alex's clitoris, rolling her tongue across the sensitive nub. Alex called out and climaxed, Claire gasped, opening her mouth and covering Alex's lips, drinking every drop she had to offer. When she finally finished, Claire backed up and wiped her mouth, then sucked the remains off of her fingers. She winked at Alex. "Very good."

      Alex was breathing heavily, sweating uncontrollably. "If you want... me to return... the favor... you'll have to let me out of this damn jacket."

      Claire reached out and undid one buckle. The small release was enough for Alex; the red-headed agent ripped herself free of the confinement and threw it aside, revealing she had been topless beneath it. She launched herself at Claire, knocking them both to the padded floor. They kissed like a pair of hormone-crazed teenagers as Alex worked at the buttons of Claire's blouse.

      Suddenly, it dawned on Darien that he was watching the scene unfold in black and white. 'Crap,' he thought. 'How long have I been invisible?' He looked at his tattoo. Five segments filled. "Aw, crap." How would he explain this one to Claire?

      He froze at a new train of thought. The Agency was shut down, including counteragent production. If they didn't find the plant within... um... five segments filled, they take how long to fill up? If they didn't... He couldn't figure out the math, but knew that if he had to wait more than a day to get a shot, he was in serious trouble. With a final, longing glance at the scene of two women making love in the padded room, Darien slipped out of the observation room.


      Darien entered the lab, ready to finish his original task of finding and stealing the formula for the counteragent. He decided that he could find a scientist smart enough to make sense of the thing, or at the very least take it back to Casey. That is, if she were willing to see him.

      As he entered the Keep, he saw a man dressed in black hunched over Claire's computer, typing furiously. He looked up as Fawkes entered. "What're you doing here?" The man asked.

      Darien recognized the man instantly. "Solomon?" The man had been hired a few weeks earlier and was officially a guard. He had no access to this area... and yet here he was. "You're the mole from Chrysalis, aren't you?"

      Solomon didn't answer, just rolled the Keeper's desk chair across the floor hoping to trip Darien up. Darien jumped the chair easily and intercepted the man as he attempted to return to the air vent he had used to enter. Solomon threw a punch, knocking Darien into the wall. Solomon grabbed Fawkes and slammed him against the table, sending a computer monitor crashing to the floor. He kneed Darien in the stomach, then turned and ran.

      He tore down the corridor, heading for the exit. He glanced back, to make sure Darien wasn't following him... and slammed into Claire as she exited the padded room.

      The women had been alerted by the computer being knocked to the floor. Claire gasped, pulling her lab jacket tighter around her nude body. "Oh, my God! Agent Solomon?"

      Darien stumbled out of the Keep, holding his stomach. He looked up to see a partially nude Claire standing in the door of the padded room, standing over the unconscious mole. Alex exited, pulling Claire's blouse on. "Claire? What's going... Aw, crap."

      The three agents stood motionless, trying to assess the situation. Darien exhaled, falling against the wall. "Well. Looks like we need to get our stories straight, huh?"


      The Official, it turned out, was even grumpier if pulled out of bed at five in the morning. He and Eberts stood in the corridor of the Agency just outside of the padded room. He was wearing a jogging suit and did NOT look happy.

      "Okay, I want a single explanation... from you," he growled, pointing at Hobbes.

      Hobbes shrugged and said, "I wouldn't know, sir. Having been at home. Asleep. All night. Of course, had my PARTNER had the CONSIDERATION to call me, I would have a briefing prepared and on your desk right about now. Sir."

      Darien sighed. "Claire didn't think her computers had been tampered with, so we assumed the mole would try to access her files sometime in the near future. She asked me to hang out in the lab last night, so I agreed."

      "Just like that," Eberts asked.

      "Yeah. Just like that. She, uh... offered me one shot of counteragent, no questions asked, to redeem whenever I needed it. I figured it was win-win. So, I set up camp in the Keep and Claire set up an ambush point here in the padded room. I flushed the mole out of the lab and Claire knocked him cold in the corridor. Bing, bang boom.... you got your mole."

      The Official smirked. "Good thinking, Fawkes. But next time I want a briefing on all covert activities that take place in this building. Got it?"

      "Got it."

      He turned his attention on Claire. "And I want no more of this... deal-making. Understood?"


      He then looked at Alex. "I still don't know your part in this."

      "I, uh... had fallen asleep upstairs in my office. I heard the commotion and came down."

      The Official nodded. "Good work, all of you. The Agency is officially open for business and Fawkes can get his shot."


      Claire poked the needle into his skin. She looked up at him and sighed. "I suppose one of us should breach the subject."

      Darien glanced at Alex, who was leaning against the far wall, chewing nervously on a nail. He sighed. "You guys don't have to worry. I won't say a word."

      Alex frowned. "Why? I mean... forgive me if I'm skeptical, but you don't seem like the kind who will just... help someone for no good reason."

      Darien threw his legs over the side of the chair, rolling his sleeve down. "I've seen how the Keeper has been acting lately. If you make her that happy, then... I guess I have no right to ruin it. You make each other happy. I'm all for happiness." He smiled at Alex and walked out of the lab.

      Alex shook her head. "He... is an odd one."

      "Yes," Claire agreed. "But he's also a great one."


      Bobby Hobbes stood in the center of the padded room, examining everything. Finally, he knelt and peered under the cot. "Exibit A," he murmured, reaching for the cloth he had just found. Pulling it into the light, he frowned. He turned it over in his hands, then rubbed the material with his hand. What was a pair of ripped panties doing in the padded room?

      '...Claire set up... in the padded room...'

      A light bulb practically lit up Bobby's mind. But Darien would have HAD to be in the Keep to catch the mole in action. So, if he was down the hall, who was in the room with...

      'I, uh... had fallen asleep upstairs in my office.'

      Bobby looked down at the torn underwear. "Aw, crap..."

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