Music for the Heart, Chapter 2: Deep Inside of You

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Note: This story takes place before, during and after the events chronicled in "The Importance of Being Eberts."

      Darien frowned as the needle pierced his flesh to administer another shot of counteragent. "Hey, Keepy? You feelin' okay?"

      "Just fine. Why, did I hurt you?"

      "Nah, I'm fine, it's just... well, the needle."

      "What about it," she asked, looking at the now-empty syringe.

      "It's regular-sized. You usually use the big honkers."

      Claire smiled. "Well I was feeling generous this morning. You're spared the giant syringe," she winked. "Until next time, of course."

      Darien rolled his sleeve down and swung his legs over the side of the chair. "There's something different about you, too... I can't quite put my finger on it..."

      She grinned. "Well, I assure you, I'm no larger or smaller than usual."

      Darien shook his head. "No. You're smiling more, you're nicer than usual... you... You MET someone!"

      "What? That's ridiculous. Met someone. Please."

      "No, I have a sort of sixth sense about this sort of thing. You're smiling, you're cheery, you have a special kind of glow about you. You met someone. So? Who is he?"

      Claire shook her head. "Even if I DID meet someone, why would I tell you?"

      "Come on, Claire. Come on, Keepy. Come on... in an Agency where our boss won't play straight with his frickin' name, we have to have SOMETHING to gossip about."

      "Ooh, Darien Fawkes, the resident gossip."

      Darien opened his mouth to make a snappy comeback, but was interrupted by the door to the Keep sliding open. Bobby Hobbes entered, his nose buried in a book. Darien smirked at the Keeper and said, "Saved by the paranoid agent." He jumped off of the chair. "What ya readin' there, Hobbesy? Shakespeare? Stephen King?"

      Hobbes held his place with a finger and held the cover up for Darien to read. "Who Is Out To Get You And Why: The Horrifying True Story of the United States of America."

      Darien rolled his eyes. "I shouldn't have asked."

      Hobbes tapped the book. "Knowledge is power."

      "I thought ignorance was bliss."

      Hobbes chewed his lip and said, "Yes, but... power... power can over... overpower the bliss and if you have POWER the bliss, the bliss is... shut up, Fawkes."

      Claire sighed. "To what do we owe this pleasure, Bobby?"

      "The Official has a job for us. Wants us to check somethin' or other. You get your shot?"

      "Yeah, I'm good."

      Darien hopped off the chair and waved good-bye to Claire as he left. Once the doors to the Keep slid shut, she allowed herself to exhale. She thought she had been hiding her emotions so well. But if Darien had noticed something... She sighed. She'd just have to be more careful. "No more thinking of Alex," she muttered.

      The doors slid open and the woman in question entered. "Hi, Mrs. Keeper. How are we today?"

      "Just fine, Agent Monroe. And yourself?"

      The doors to the lab shut and the two women embraced, kissing softly. Claire moaned against Alex's mouth. Four days ago, she wouldn't have CONSIDERED anything like this. She had never been attracted to another woman in her life. But here she was, locking lips with the Agency's newest agent. They broke the kiss and Claire let out a breath. "Whoo. That was..."

      "Something else," Alex finished. She brushed a strand of Claire's hair out of her face. "You look nice today," she commented, letting her hand trail down the pink material of Claire's shirt.

      The Keeper smiled. "You're not so bad yourself." She leaned in for another kiss, then saw Alex's expression. "Is something wrong?"

      "I, uh... I have to go out of town for a few days. My ex found some of my things in her apartment and I have to go pick them up."

      Claire pouted and said, "How will I survive without you?"

      Alex smirked, sliding her hands down to cup Claire's ass. "Maybe there's an invisible man or two who could keep you busy while I'm gone."

      Claire smiled. "Come to my house when you get back. The SECOND you get back, okay?"

      Alex kissed Claire softly, then whispered, "Count on it."

      Alex started to pull away, but Claire pulled her back. "I think I'm ready," she whispered.

      "Are... Claire, I don't want to rush you."

      "You aren't... I want this. I want YOU." She kissed Alex and ran her hands down the other woman's back. They pressed against each other as their hands roamed, exploring each others curves. Finally, Alex broke the kiss. "I think I should go now... while I'm still able."

      Claire smiled. "I'll miss you."

      Alex placed a final kiss on Claire's lips and left the Keep.


      Claire sat on the sofa, absent-mindedly reading "False Memory" by Dean Koontz. Her legs were curled up on the couch and Pavlov lay across her bare feet, keeping them warm. Claire reached down occassionally to ruffle the dog's hair. The fireplace was the only source of light, casting flickering shadows on the walls of the living room. The radio was playing softly, one of Claire's favorite CDs...

When we met, light was shed
Thoughts free-flow, you said
You've got something deep inside of you...

      As she turned a page, a pair of headlights shone through the window and swept across the wall as a car pulled into Claire's driveway. She closed the book, not bothering to mark her place and shooed Pavlov. The small dog scurried away into the kitchen. Claire smoothed her white tanktop, tucking it into her blue pajama pants. She glanced in the mirror and adjusted her hair. Her hands were shaking as she opened the door.

      Alex smiled, her finger poised over the doorbell. "Hi, Claire."

      Claire smiled broadly. "Hi, Alex."

      The two women came together, kissing like they hadn't seen each other in years. Alex slipped her tongue effortlessly into Claire's mouth and found the other woman responding eagerly. Claire worked her hands around to Alex's face and cupped behind her head, pulling her closer.

      Suddenly, Alex broke the kiss and took a step back, taking ahold of Claire's hands. "I love this song," she whispered. She sang along with the music playing in the living room.

Windchime voice sounds... sway your hips 'round
Rings true... It goes deep inside of you
These secret garden beams
Changed my life so it seems

      Claire leaned forward, hoping for another kiss, but Alex placed a finger on her lips. "Not yet." She led Claire into the living room and sat her on the couch. Placing a kiss on Claire's forehead, Alex smiled. "I want to see you, Claire. All of you."

      Claire brushed Alex's cheek gently and said, "I want you to see me."

Fall breeze blows outside, I don't break stride
Thoughts are warm and they go
Deep inside of you

      Alex knelt before the couch, taking the hem of Claire's tank top, she slowly pulled the material up. Alex's eyes glimmered with each inch of skin exposed. Once Claire's stomach was bare, she looked up into her lover's eyes. Claire raised her arms above her head and with a slight nod, she expressed consent. Alex raised the tank top the rest of the way and Claire was topless.

      Alex gasped. "Claire... you're beautiful... perfect."

      Claire blushed in the darkness. "Thank you."

And I've never felt alone, til I met you
Friends say I've changed
I don't listen, cause I live to be
Deep inside of you...

      Alex slid her hands across the expanse of Claire's stomach, feeling the warmth of her skin. She moved her hands up, her thin fingers massaging the flesh as it crept up. Claire was slowly lowering herself against the back of the sofa, her breathing becoming ragged and rushed. Alex softly cupped one breast and gave it a tender squeeze, brushing her thumb over the erect pink nipple. Claire gasped at the touch. Alex smiled and pulled herself up, kissing the flesh just above the curve of Claire's breast. Her lips traced an achingly slow path down, towards the center.

      Claire gripped her blanket, closing her eyes. "Please, Alexandra... please..."

      Alex shivered at the use of her full name, then closed her warm lips around the nipple. She sucked gently, flicking her tongue as she reached up to stroke the other, neglected breast. Claire groaned low in her throat and brought one of her own hands up to cup the back of Alex's head. She was muttering Alex's name over and over as her tongue did wonders on her chest.

Slide off her dress, shouts in darkness
I'm so alive... I'm deep inside of you

      Unfortunately, Alex's lips moved on to kiss a path down Claire's pink stomach, fluttering her tongue in Claire's navel before continuing. When she hit the elastic of Claire's pajama pants, she backed up and said, "May I remove these, love?"

      Claire arched her back and raised her hips off of the couch. "Yes... now..."

      Alex hooked her fingers in the waistband and slowly slid the blue material down Claire's long, beautiful legs. Alex exhaled slowly and said, "Every time... I see you wearing a dress... I fantasize about these legs. You have... extraordinary legs, Claire."

      Claire would have thanked Alex for the compliment, but her breath was coming in gasps now. She could barely get any oxygen to her brain; couldn't think of anything but Alex's tongue, lips, fingers... Alex...

      Alex spread Claire's legs slowly, positioning herself between them and gently placing a kiss on the inside of each knee. Her eyes were closed to prevent her from seeing the prize awaiting in the center of her thighs. Her tongue flicked across the skin of Claire's trembling thigh, moving her way closer and closer...

      Claire whimpered, wrapping her leg around Alex's shoulder and pulling her in. She needed to feel Alex's tongue...

      Alex raised her head and looked into Claire's eyes. "Claire, are you su--"

      "God, yes, KISS ME!"

      Alex was more than happy to oblige as she lowered her head and kissed the wetness between Claire's legs. Her tongue traced the slit, moving up to roll across the clitoris. Claire's hands were grasping at Alex's head now, grabbing handfuls of red hair and trying to pull her closer... as if that were possible.

      Claire glanced down in time to catch Alex look up, their eyes locking as Alex's tongue entered her. She gasped at the penetration, throwing her head back onto the couch. "Yes, Alex, Alex, yes, yes... Oh, Alex, yes..."

      Alex's tongue worked magic, thrusting deep and curling and folding inside of her. Claire's breaths were coming in ragged gasps now, her skin covered in a pale sheen of sweat. She extended her tongue to wet her lower lip, then bit it softly. Her legs rested on Alex's shoulders and began to tense, pulling the agent closer. Claire muttered, "I'm close, Alex... so c-close..."

      Alex murmured against Claire, "I want to taste you..."

      Claire groaned and climaxed, reaching down to hold her lover's head in place. Alex's eyes fluttered closed as her face was covered with Claire's juices. Her tongue began to work double-time to gather it all up.

      Claire threw her head back as she continued with one of the fiercest orgasms of her life. She began to chant Alex's name as she passed out...


      She woke to feel a warm body snuggled against her, stroking her face lovingly. She opened her eyes to find Alex spread next to her on the sofa, smiling down at her. The two women were covered by the blue comforter that Claire had been using earlier in the night. Alex whispered, "Hi, sleepy head."

      Claire smiled sleepily, glancing around the living room. The fire had died down considerably and light was beginning to seep in through the closed curtains. Claire groaned and snuggled against Alex. "Don't tell me it's morning already. Don't tell me I fell asleep."

      Alex chuckled. "Passed out cold is more like it. You were dead to the world, sweetheart." She brushed aside a stray strand of blond hair, clearing Claire's forehead. "It's okay, though. I love watching you sleep."

      Snuggling against Alex's warmth, Claire lamented, "But... you didn't... I mean, I didn't return the favor."

      "There will be plenty of time for that. The important thing is we were together." She kissed Claire's lips softly. "There will be plenty of time later."

      Claire returned the kiss, deepening it. "I hate having to work... maybe I can call in sick."

      "I read you file," Alex said, shaking her head. "You NEVER call in sick."

      "Maybe this once I can be persuaded," she muttered, reaching beneath the comforter to run her hands over Alex's nude body. "I've never even seen you naked!"

      Alex threw the blanket aside. "Look all you want."

      Claire jumped onto Alex, kissing her passionately. "The damned Agency can wait," she said between kisses. The Keeper pulled Alex's face to her own, kissing her deeply. Alex laughed against Claire's lips and pulled the comforter up around the two of them as they continued their first night together.

      ~I'm alright on my own and then I met you And I'd know what to do if I just knew what's coming.~

      The Agency could wait.... at least for a couple more hours.

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