Warning and disclaimer in Chapter 1


        "What's this?" Darien asked, picking up the file.

        "The official report on what happened a few days ago. Kaitlin Finch's family believes that there was cover-up and have hired a private investigator out of Chicago to look into her murder."

        Darien glanced at Hobbes. "So? What do you want us to do about it? Stop the plane?"

        Eberts sighed. "We need to know the details about Ms. Finch's death. Everything leading up to and following the murder."

        Darien glanced at Hobbes. "Everything?"

        "It would help get the private eye off of the Agency's back," The Official said. He leaned forward, resting his elbows on the desk blotter. "Now. Which one of you wants to start?"


        Claire entered the Agency, sipping her cappuchino as she walked. Alex was still back at the coffeeshop, since they had agreed to never show up at work at the same time.

        She entered the Keep and placed her files on the desk, humming quietly as she set up her work area.

        Suddenly, Darien burst into the Keep, muttering under his breath.

        "Uh-oh," she muttered. "What's wrong?"

        Darien sighed. "The Offici..." He turned, making sure the door was closed, then continued in a whisper. "The Official wants to know everything that happened before and after Kaitlin's death. EVERYTHING."

        "So? I mean... Oh... you and Bobby?"

        "You got it."

        "What did you tell him?"

        "I told him the file was right and we didn't leave anything out. He didn't buy a word of it. He says Hobbes and I are both on suspension until we decide to 'fess up. Which means..."

        "No counteragent?"


        Claire went to the fridge and withdrew a small container. She handed it to Darien. "This will get you through two shots. Use it wisely."

        "Why're you doing this?"

        "I'm giving you time, Darien. Time to clear all of this up. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't DREAM of handing over counteragent." She put her hand on top of his. "You love Bobby. You shouldn't be forced to suffer for that."

        Darien smiled. "Thanks, Claire."

        Claire shrugged. "Like I said. I wouldn't do this under normal circumstances. But we can all agree these circumstances are rather... queer."

        Darien winced. "Ouch... that was painfully bad."

        Claire shrugged and Darien walked out of the Keep shaking his head.



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