Warning and disclaimer in Chapter 1


        Darien grumbled as he heard the phone ring. He looked at the clock. The red numbers glared reading 6:30 AM. 'Who the hell is calling me at this hour?'

        Bobby groaned and rolled over trying to ignore the persistant ringing.

        Darien grabbed the phone on the fourth ring. "Hello?"

        "Mr. Fawkes. The Official needs to see you and Mr. Hobbes in the office right now," Eberts said in a crisp tone.

        'What does he do? Live at the office?' Darien thought. "Why? What's wrong?"

        "It's better if I tell you when you arrive. This matter is very urgent," Eberts insisted.

        "Fine. I'll call Hobbes then to come pick me up," Darien yawned into the receiver.

        "I am capable..."

        "Eberts, do you really think he's gonna react well to hearing your voice first thing in the morning?" Darien tried to make a point as Bobby stifled a laugh.

        "I suppose not. Very well then. I'll see both of you here in a half an hour."

        "Yea...see you," Darien laid the receiver back down.

        "What's wrong?" Bobby asked propping himself up on one elbow.

        "Don't know. Eberts wouldn't tell me, but the fatman is bugged about something so we need to get there ASAP," he sighed.

        "I guess it's a good thing I didn't answer the phone then," Bobby smiled.

        "Mmmmhmmmm," Darien grinned and kissed Bobby gently. "That is one person I really don't want to have to explain anything to."

        "Yeah, the little pencil pusher gets on my last nerve," Bobby streched and pulled Darien off the bed leading him into the shower.

        "Pity we have to make this quick," Darien sighed. "I love it when you wash my hair."

        "I know you do, but if we stay in here too long we'll never get to the office," Bobby added.

        Darien nodded and turned the water on as they stepped in the shower.


        Eberts paced back and forth behind the Official's desk.

        "Eberts! Stop that!" he barked.

        "Sorry, sir," Eberts said meekly.

        The Official looked up as he heard Darien and Bobby coming down the hall.

        Darien pushed the door open and they both walked in and sat down. "Mornin' boss," Darien smiled.

        "Gentlemen, we have a serious problem," the Officail sighed and motioned to Eberts to hand them the file on Kaitlin's case.



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