Warning and disclaimer in Chapter 1


        As Claire closed the door behind Darien and Bobby, she sighed softly. She loved them both like brothers, but sometimes watching a movie with them was... a trial.

        She turned the locks and felt Alex press up against her back, wrapping her hands around her waist. Alex softly whispered against Claire's ear, "I've wanted you all night."

        Claire pressed into her lover, closing her eyes and smiling. "You could've had me any time... the boys would have understood."

        Alex's hands stroked Claire's stomach, slowly traveling higher. Claire moaned as Alex's hands closed over her breasts, cupping them gently. "Let's go upstairs."

        Claire turned. "You can wait that long?"

        "No," Alex confessed, leaning forward to kiss Claire. The kiss was intended to be gentle, just passionate enough to get them up the stairs, but the second Claire's tongue passed over Alex's lips, all bets were off.

        Alex's hands yanked at Claire's shirt, trying to pull the faded T over her head. Claire broke her kiss just long enough to say, "Rip it... it's old."

        Alex smiled and gripped the shirt, pulling it apart. The joke split down the middle, turning it into DON'T PLAY WITH ME on one side. Claire wasn't wearing a bra beneath the shirt and her breasts were suddenly exposed to Alex's hungry gaze. She pushed Claire against the door as she kissed her way down her throat, pausing to unbutton Claire's jeans.

        Her lips wrapped around first one erect nipple, then the other, moving down to her flat stomach. Alex hooked her fingers in the belt loops of Claire's jeans and pulled, dropping the denim down her legs. Claire's panties were soaked almost completely through.

        Alex reached around, cupping Claire's ass and squeezing as she inhaled her lover's scent. Claire gasped, "Please, Alex... please..."

        Claire ran her hands through her lover's red hair, pushing Alex closer to her wetness. Alex smiled, finally gripping the material of Claire's panties and sliding them down almost excrutiatingly slowly. Alex pressed her face against Claire's waist, kissing the smooth skin next to Claire's pubic hair, teasing her.

        Claire moaned low in her throat. "Alexxxx...," she hissed, rolling her head against the door.

        Finally, Alex decided to have mercy on her lover and placed a soft kiss on Claire's glistening labia.

        Claire's mouth opened wide at the contact, her eyes fluttering closed.

        Alex continued to knead Claire's buttocks as she slipped her tongue into her lover. She looked up, watching as Claire rolled her head from side to side, panting harshly.

        Alex withdrew her tongue, rolling it across Claire's clitoris before dipping it back in. Claire began to gasp loudly as she gripped Alex's hair, pushing her head closer, if that were possible.

        She began to chant Alex's name over and over, raising her leg to wrap it around Alex's shoulder to draw her. Alex rolled her tongue as Claire finally climaxed, her juices pouring over Alex's face and down onto her chest.

        As her orgasm subsided, Claire slid slowly down the door, trying to catch her breath. Once she hit the floor, Alex pulled Claire to her, cradling her in her arms. They lay together in the foyer for a long time until they both had the strength to make it upstairs.


        Eberts placed the file on The Official's desk. "There seems to be a problem with Kaitlin's death."

        The Official sighed. "I thought Fawkes explained it to the police?"

        "He did, sir. As did Robert. But the family does not accept the police reports."

        The Official shook his head.

        "It appears they hired a private investigator in their hometown and he is flying out within the week to investigate the murder."

        The Official picked up the phone, handing the receiver to Eberts. "Get Hobbes and Fawkes on the phone. Get them down here NOW!"



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