Warning and disclaimer in Chapter 1


        Darien and Bobby stayed over at Claire's until about midnight. They would have loved to stay longer, but they all had to be in early tommorrow. Especially since Darien and Bobby had just both had about two weeks of down time.

        They drove back home in really good spirits. The evening had been great for Darien to help distract himself from the awful time he'd just gone through the past week.

        Bobby unlocked the door to Darien's place. He had brought some of his things over here after they had gotten home on Friday night, and Darien had given him a key to his place.

        Darien closed the door and flicked on the lights. He tooked Bobby's hand and led him into the bedroom. He pushed Bobby down onto the bed and kissed him passionatly.

        Bobby kissed back enjoying the warm sweet taste of Darien's mouth.

        Darien unbuttoned Bobby's shirt and ran his fingers down Bobby's well muscled chest.

        Bobby growled softly and shivered under Darien's soft touches.

        "Make love to me, Bobby," Darien whisped as they broke apart.

        Bobby smiled and nodded. He slid his shirt off and then took off Darien's shirt as well. He stood up and kicked off his shoes and moved to remove his pants as well.

        Darien followed his movments and took off his shoes and shorts. He pulled Bobby into another kiss and moaned as his erection pressed against Bobby's.

        Bobby laid Darien down on the bed and opened the drawer to the nightstand removing the tube of lube. He trailed small kisses down Darien's neck and continued down his chest.

        Darien groaned as Bobby got to his erection and brushed his lips over the tip. "Ahhh....Bobby...."

        Bobby opened the tube and spread some on his fingers. He gently inserted one into Darien's tight opening.

        Darien writhed under Bobby's touch.

        When he felt Darien was ready he added another and then one more streching Darien and hitting the spot deep inside of him.

        "Mmmmmmm...." Darien sighed and pushed himself onto Bobby's fingers further.

        Bobby removed his fingers and put some lube on his erection. "Ready?"

        "Oh yes. Now, Bobby," he purred.

        Bobby pushed in slowly inch by inch until he was fully encased. " tight, Darien," he groaned electrified by the white-hot grip. He pulled back almost all the way and back in creating a slow sensual rythem.

        "I love you, Bobby," Darien murmured his legs gripping Bobby's waist tightly.

        "Same here, Darien," Bobby kept thrusting increasing his speed. He'd waited so long to hear Darien say that, and he could never get enough of it.

        Darien arched his back as he felt himself letting go. "BOBBY!!!!" he shouted as he spilled his seed between their bodies.

        Bobby came convulsively as Darien's body spasmed around him. He panted and rested for a moment before pulling out and laying next to Darien.

        Darien pulled him close and hugged and kissed him. He broke away as he had a flashback to his dream from the night before.

        "I'll never leave you, Darien," Bobby whispered noticing the slightly sad look on Darien's face.


        "Yes. I love you," Bobby reassured Darien.

        "And I you," Darien replied. He held Bobby close to him and curled around his body as they fell asleep.



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