Warning and disclaimer in part 1

        Hillary sat at her desk, trying to avoid her husband eyes. He was sitting across from her, listening to Mrs. Finch screaming over the phone. "Yes, ma'am. Yes, I understand that you hired us to prove wrong-doing. Actually, I do think we deserve the money. Travel, time, expense. We did discover that Mr. Fawkes was truthful in the events surrounding the death of Kaitlin Finch. How?" He mouthed to Hillary 'how?!'

        Hillary shrugged.

        "We couldn't prove he had lied, which means he had to be telling the truth." He winced as Mrs. Finch's rebuttal scratched over the phone.

        "Fine, we'll refund the bail money you put up in San Diego, but that's it. Everything else was earned. Yes, I do believe that. I'm sorry to hear that. Good-b..." He looked at the phone and hung it up.

        Hillary looked at him, wincing slightly. "Well?"

        Neil sighed. "We'll never see her business again and she's going to tell all her friends that we're an inferior agency."

        Amy reclined in her chair and said, "All of her friends, huh? We don't get too much Hellbeast business anyway."

        Neil looked at Hillary and smiled. "Relax, hon. There was nothing you could do. For all we know, Fawkes DID tell the truth."

        Hillary nodded, then said, "I just felt like he was hiding something and I just couldn't figure out what! Have you ever had the feeling that everything on heaven and earth was out to get you?"

        The End

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