Warning and disclaimer in part 1

        Eberts pulled up to the Agency and parked his car. He hung his head heavily.

        The Official had died during the surgery and they were unable to revive him.

        Eberts had made the call. He was surprised when they told him the he was going to be made acting head of the agency. He was the most qualified for the job and he had the necessary security clearance to take the position. Of course, they hadn't told him that no one else wanted the job either.


        Claire got to the Agency and got a few agents to bring Darien and Bobby down to the lab. She didn't care about anything the Official would say to her right now. After what she'd just seen anything else would not phase her right now.

        Alex arrived shortly after Claire and handed Arnaud over to be taken down to the padded room for holding.

        She walked towards the Keep to see Claire. Alex raised an eyebrow at the quiet hush that seemed to have fallen over everyone.


        Eberts went into the Keep right after Claire arrived. She'd just given Darien a shot of counteragent and Hobbes was sleeping on a bed next to the chair Darien was in.

        "Claire, I need to speak to you for a moment," he spoke in a firm tone.

        'Great, here it comes,' she thought.

        Eberts led her into the hallway. "I have a few things I need to tell you," he started. "I'd like it if you hear me out before saying anything."

        Claire nodded.

        "First, the Official died this afternoon from a massive coronary," he paused as Claire drew in a sharp breath. "So, I've been made acting head of the Agency. Second, I know about the relationship between you and Ms. Monroe--"

        "I can explain--"

        "As I was saying, I know about it and I do NOT care. How or where ever you find love is your business and as long as you are happy, I'm not going to stand in the way of it," he smiled slightly noting the shocked look on her face and turned to walk back down the hall.



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