Warning and disclaimer in part 1

        Claire's heart began pounding in her chest as Darien gripped the back of his neck and glared at them with madness-reddened eyes. He grit his teeth and smiled at Alex. "Well, hello there. I don't believe we've met."

        He leapt across the elevator car, slamming into Alex and knocking her back against the wall. Claire appeared behind him and began pulling on his shoulders. "Get off of her! Leave her alone!"

        Darien ignored his Keeper and said, "You can call me Mr. Hyde." He ripped Alex's shirt, reaching in to rub the flesh. "Ooh... you're nice..."

        Claire pounded on Darien's back. "Let her go! You have to save Bobby!"

        Darien paused, cocking his head. "Bob... Bobby?"

        "Yes! You love him! You have to save him! And we're your only hope."

        Darien looked down at Alex. The woman was too terrified to even fight back. He sighed. "Too bad. I like it when they fight." He pulled Alex to her feet, then shoved her back against the wall. "You're lucky, bitch." He turned and faced Claire. "Will you save Hobbes?"

        Claire nodded. "But only if you behave yourself until we get counteragent."

        Darien smiled. "Oh, no no no, Keeper, dear. I'm not taking anymore of that blue shit. I want to lose control. I LIKE to lose control." He gripped her by the shoulders. "I feel like losing control right now."

        He pushed Claire against the wall, then lowered his face to hers, smothering her mouth in a long kiss. When he broke, he grimaced and said, "Hobbes is a much better kisser."

        He was about to kiss her again when his face suddenly went slack and he began to scream. He dropped Claire and dropped to his knees.

        Rubyn stood behind him, the counteragent he had taken from Hillary in hand. Rubyn sighed, then looked at Bobby. "Poison?"

        Claire nodded.

        Rubyn knelt next to Hobbes and placed his hands over the fallen man's heart. He grimaced. "So... much. He's hurt bad... LUCIEN!"

        Lucien appeared next to Claire, surprising her. He slipped into the elevator car and placed a hand on each of Hobbes' temples. Claire watched, fascinated, as a white glow began to spread over the three men. Suddenly, wings unfurled behind Rubyn filling the elevator car.

        Claire backpedaled, finding herself next to Alex. They clutched at each other and watched the spectacular display before them.

        The white glow eventually faded and Lucien stood. He was winded, but otherwise fine. He turned. "Get him back to the Keep and let him sleep it off. And get Darien some more counteragent. The small dose we gave him won't last very long."

        Claire stood. "What the hell are you?"

        "Hell? Wrong direction," Rubyn smiled. 'At least in my case,' he added mentally.

        Lucien blinked his eyes and smirked at Rubyn.

        The two men led Claire and Alex outside, each of them carrying one of the fallen agents. They put Darien and Hobbes in Claire's car, then made sure Arnaud was still in shock in the back of Alex's car.

        Lucien said, "You should head back to the Agency. Now. Big things are afoot."

        Claire and Alex looked at each other, then got in and followed Lucien's advice.



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