Bobby shrank back in the chair as Darien turned his red eyed gaze on him. "Darien..."

        Darien shook his head fighting off the madness the best he could. Without Whirlwind inside of him he was able to push the violent thoughts back some. It made his head ache even more but he didn't want to harm Bobby.

        Bobby sighed with relief as Darien undid the straps on his arms and legs. Bobby yanked the IV line out of his arm.

        Darien put the syringe in his pocket. He left a small amount of the poison in it so Claire could make an antidote. Just in case Stark decided not to stick around. "Can you walk?"

        "Sure," Bobby groaned as he got up. His legs betrayed him and he landed on the floor. "I guess not..." Bobby smiled weakly.

        "Don't worry about it," Darien said and he lifted Bobby up.


        'Damnit!' Stark swore to himself. He rubbed the area where Darien had stuck the needle in. He went over to the service elevators and took them down.

        He did not like that his plans had failed again. But he did have his pound of flesh. Without the antidote Hobbes would die in a day or two.

        'We will meet again, Darien Fawkes. Next time one of us will not survive.'


        Darien set Bobby down when they got into the elevator.

        "I love you," Bobby whispered. His eyes rolled back in his head as he passed out.

        "Bobby! BOBBY!!" he shook Bobby gently.

        He quickly checked for a pulse. He found a faint pulse. He grabbed his head and screamed as another pain shot through his temples.

        Claire and Alex saw the elevator doors open and heard Darien screaming. They rushed over to help him and Bobby.

        "Here..." Darien gave Claire a syringe with a small amout of yellow liquid in it.

        "What's this?"

        "Poison...they gave it to Bobby...need to get him..." Darien couldn't finish his sentence as the madness took over.



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