Warning and disclaimer in part 1

        The cab deposited Amy and Hillary in front of the Taurus building. Hillary drew her gun and motioned for Amy to follow her. They entered... and found themselves amid a scene of mass hysteria.

        Fire and security alarms were blaring. Down the hall, she could see two odd-looking men throwing doors open and causing more alarms to go off. To their right, down a long corridor, she spotted two women fighting black-suited men.

        Amy called over the ruckus, "Do you see Fawkes?"

        Hillary pointed at the elevator and said, "I will in a second! Watch my back!" She ran to the elevator and prayed Darien had gone to the top floor.


        Stark held the last remaining syringe; the one that contained either the fatal dose of poison... or the cure. "Well, Mr. Fawkes. It appears we have reached a sort of... impasse."

        Darien leaned against the chair, grabbing Bobby's hand for support. "What the hell... are you talking about... Stark?"

        "Your partner's life is in my hands. All you have to do is agree to come work for me. You owe me, after all. Before you, Allianora was a top agent. You forced me to eliminate her. There's a gap in the Chrysalis force, Agent Fawkes."

        "And you want me to fill that gap?"


        The final segment glowed and became red and Darien gasped, grabbing the back of his neck. He fell to one knee, then looked up at Stark with blood-red eyes. "Fuck off," he growled, launching himself across the room.

        He grabbed ahold of Stark and slammed the smaller man against the wall. The entire room shook with the impact. Darien hissed, "Where's the antidote? GIVE HIM THE CURE!"

        Stark gasped, "There is no cure, Agent Fawkes!"

        Darien spun, hurling Stark against the far wall. Stark slumped to the ground, groaning quietly. Darien picked up the syringe that he had brought in and jabbed it into the head of Chrysalis' throat.

        Stark screamed as the burning poison entered his system. Darien withdrew the needle, then pulled Stark to his feet. "The cure. NOW."

        He shoved Stark to the door and hissed, "Go."


        The elevator opened on the top floor and Hillary stepped out, watching all of the closed doors for movement. At the end of the hall, she opened a door and peered in, hoping to find Darien. Instead, she found...

        ...her office? She frowned. It was an exact replica of her office in Chicago. She turned, returning to the hall of the Chrysalis building... only to discover it was the hall outside of her office. She was back in Chicago.

        She looked down the hall in time to see the odd, silver-haired man she had spotted at Chrysalis. He smiled at her and waved before vanishing. Hillary lowered her gun and slumped against the door.

        Neil exited the office, looking at her. "Hillary? What, uh... what're you doing here?"

        She slid down to the floor and said, "It's, uh... a long story, Neil."



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