Warning and Disclaimer in part 1

        Darien followed Claire and Alex into the building. He looked around and found out which floor they were on. He go into the elevator and took it to the top floor. He desilvered when the elevator doors closed. He paled as he noticed only one green segment left on the tattoo.

        Stark was waiting for him as he got off the elevator. "So nice of you to join us, Mr. Fawkes."

        "Where's Hobbes?" he growled.

        "Right this way. We can discuss your new job on the way there," Stark sneered.

        Darien winced as he felt the headache starting to pound at the back of his skull.


        Rubyn and Lucien stood at the back of the building.

        "Now?" Lucien asked.


        They both went into the back setting off the security alarms.


        Eberts paced back in forth in the waiting room. A doctor appeared and walked over to him. "How is he?"

        "Not good I'm afraid. He had a massive heart attack and they've taken him into surgery, but there is a lot of damage. He might not survive the surgery," the doctor sighed.

        Eberts nodded and sat back down.


        Bobby's vision was very blurry as the door opened. He thought he saw Darien, but it had to be an illusion.

        Darien grabbed Stark. "What the hell did you do to him?"

        "I told you, we gave him injections with poison. He's already had five of the six injections, but now that you're here he won't receive the last one."

        "Give him the antidote!" Darien shouted.

        "All in good time, now release me or she WILL give him the last shot," Stark ordered.

        Darien saw the woman standing next to Bobby with a syringe. He let go of Stark.

        "I'll give you two a moment and then we can get down to business," Stark said and he and the woman walked out of the room.

        "BOBBY!" Darien rushed over to his side.

        "Dar...Darien?" Bobby blinked trying to get his eyes to focus.

        "Oh God, Bobby, I'm sorry," Darien hugged him gently. "Your skin is so warm."

        "I'm ok..." Bobby coughed.

        "Always the tough guy," Darien ran his hand over Bobby's head.

        "Time's up," Stark cleared his throat as he walked back in.



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