Warning and disclaimer in Chapter 1


        Arnaud woke up in the back of Alex's car in handcuffs. He shivered as he remembered what had happened.


        "What are you?" he asked Rubyn. "Judgement," Rubyn replied as his wings billowed behind him. Arnaud's eyes widened in fear. He stood petrified as Rubyn approached him and started pummeling him. He looked up when Rubyn stopped for a moment and then the world went dark as he was hit in the head.


        Arnaud pulled his knees up to his chest. He knew he'd never be able to tell anyone without them thinking he was totally crazy.


        Bobby groaned as he woke up. There was noone else in the room with him right now. He felt awful. Every part of his body ached

        His stomach complained loudly. He dry heaved a few times. It was a good thing they weren't feeding him or he'd make a terrible mess.

        He closed his eyes and tried to relax. He brought an image of Darien into his mind and he smiled. He loved everything about Darien. His thoughts faded as another cramp raced though his body.

        Tears came to his eyes. The idea of dying didn't scare him. He'd been 'dead' once already. But this torture was unbearable. He didn't want Darien to betray everything just to save his life.

        As if on cue, Stark came in and gave him another injection. He left without commenting this time.

        'Darien, I love you. Please don't worry about me. Remember what we had and--' his thoughts faded off a the sedative took effect.


        Lucien went into the Tennison Building with a package. He went to the front desk and got the new address for Crysalis' cover-up company. He went back to the car quickly. "Here it is," and he handed the address to Claire.

        Claire nodded and headed for the address.

        Rubyn frowned and looked at Lucien. "We need to hurry," Rubyn told Claire.

        "I know that," Claire snapped.

        Darien looked at Rubyn. "What's wrong?"

        "Nothing, I just know that you want to get there quickly," Rubyn replied. He knew Darien was already very worried and anything more might just push him over the edge.



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