Warning and disclaimer in Chapter 1


        Arnaud was stunned to see the man with long silver hair appear in front of his car. 'What is going on?' Arnaud quickly grabbed a gun from his driver and shot at the man. The gun fired, but the bullet did not hit the man. He fired at his driver and killed him. "What the-"

        Rubyn tackled Arnaud before he could finish his statement. He slammed Arnaud into the car hard.

        "What are you?" Arnaud choked out when he caught his breath.


        'Rubyn?' Lucien thought loudly.

        'I'm busy right now,' he answered as he landed another punch into Arnaud's abdomen.

        'Sorry to spoil your fun, but we need to go. Darien just got a call from the man who has Bobby and he needs to get to him soon or Bobby will be killed.'

        'Fine,' he hit Arnaud in the head and Arnaud slumped over. He grabbed the files and hoisted Arnaud up and dragged him along.


        Bobby's vision blurred as he received the fourth injection. The pain he was feeling was getting worse. "Why don't you just kill me and get it over with?" he snarled at Stark.

        "Don't worry Mr. Hobbes. If your partner doesn't show after two more injections I WILL grant your requst," he said and left the room.

        Bobby winced as he lost consciousness.


        Eberts went to Claire's home to wait for her to return there. It was better than chasing her all over town looking for her.



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