Warning and disclaimer in Chapter 1


        Rubyn stood and chased after Arnaud before anyone was able to stop him. He now had Arnaud where he wanted him. As soon as he was out of sight of the others he teleported in front of Arnaud's car just as Arnaud was getting in to the vehicle.

        Claire and Alex ran over to Darien. Lucien had propped Darien's head up onto his lap and was pressing his hands against the bullet wound. Darien had lost a good amount of blood so he'd lost consciousness.

        "Let me see. I'm his doctor," Claire said sternly.

        Lucien gave her a quick glare and closed his eyes. His breathing slowed as he concentrated on closing the wound. The torn flesh mended under his fingers.

        Darien blinked and looked at Lucien. "Thanks," he mumbled starting to regain his senses.

        Claire and Alex just stood there staring not sure about what they had just seen.


        Stark sat in his office and smiled. He picked up his phone and dialed Darien's home number. He frowned as he got the answering machine. He tried Hobbes's number next since that was where Darien had been when they found him. He got a machine there too.

        He went to the file he had on Darien and found Darien's cell phone number. He dialed that number as well.

        "Hello..." Darien answered after the third ring.

        "Good afternoon, Mr. Fawkes. I just wanted to let you know that your time limit has changed. Your partner has been being 'difficult' so I've had to find a new way to restrain him."

        "Stark! You bastard! If you-"

        "Let me finish. He's been receiving a sedative with a small amount of poison. He's gotten 3 doses already. If you aren't here within 24 hours he'll receive 3 more doses which will be fatal. So if you don't wish to receive a new partner..." he trailed off and hung up the phone.

        "Aw crap!" Darien swore sitting up quickly.

        "Darien! What is going on? You told me Bobby's life was in danger. And who are you?" Claire directed her question to Lucien.

        "His life IS in danger. Stark has him and if I don't get there by tommorrow he's going to kill Bobby," Darien answered. He stood and held his head. He was going to need counteragent soon.



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