Warning and disclaimer in Chapter 1


        Arnaud and Darien stood several feet apart. Arnaud held a gun trained at Darien's chest. "Extend your arm slowly... hold the files out towards me. And I swear to you, Fawkes, if I see any sign of silver I will put a bullet in your skull."

        Darien held the files out and said, "Take them. TAKE THEM!" His left hand was the one holding the files. He glanced at the tattoo. The sixth segment filled as he watched. He cursed himself for not grabbing the counteragent before he left.

        Arnaud motioned at the floor. "Drop them. Easily..."

        Darien released the files and they dropped with a thud.

        Arnaud smirked and fired the gun. Darien flew back, grabbing his shoulder. Suddenly, Lucien slammed into Arnaud's back, knocking the terrorist to the floor.

        Rubyn grabbed the quicksilver files and rushed over to Darien. "Are you okay? Darien?"

        The door opened and Claire rushed in, trailed by Alex.

        Arnaud punched Lucien, knocking him to the side, and scrambled to his feet. He turned to the door and spotted Claire and Alex.

        Darien pulled himself up, using Rubyn as a balance. The bullet had entered and exited through his upper right arm. He winced and said, "I hate getting shot."

        Arnaud placed the tip of his gun against Rubyn's skull and pulled the trigger. And pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. Frustrated, confused as to why the gun hadn't worked, he settled for kicking Rubyn from behind, knocking him to the ground. Once the angel was gone, Arnaud pistol-whipped Darien.

        Arnaud knelt and pulled the files from Rubyn's arms. "Good-bye, Fawkes," Arnaud said, kicking dirt into Darien's face.

        He dashed towards the back of the warehouse where his getaway car was parked.


        Hillary looked up as the guard returned, unlocking the cell. "You've been bailed out."

        Hillary stood. "Bailed out?" She smiled. "Rucker came through."

        "Nope. Not Rucker, whoever that is."

        The women exited the cell and saw the person who had paid their bail money. Standing at the end of the hall was Kaitlin Finch's mother.



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