Warning and disclaimer in Chapter 1


        Alex came downstairs after she heard the alarms go off. Claire had taken a personal day because of a severe headache.

        Normally Claire wouldn't have stayed home for a headache, but since Darien and Bobby were on suspension she figured the Official could go one day without her being there.

        Alex would have stayed home too, but she DID have work to do and she didn't want to hint at the fact that she and Claire had a relationship.

        Eberts passed her in the on his way to the Official's office. "Good Afternoon Ms. Monroe," he greeted her crisply.

        "Hello, Eberts. What's going on?" she asked.

        "I'm not exactly sure. Have you noticed anything strange about the Keeper lately?"

        Alex's blood went cold for a moment. "What do you mean 'strange'?"

        "I went over to her house last night and she seemed very jumpy. She called in sick this morning, but I just caught her taking classified files from the lab and leaving with him. I need to know what is going on," he continued.

        "I really can't tell you anything. She seems fine to me," Alex stating trying to keep her voice calm.

        "I need to report this to the Official immediatly. Let me know if you see anything," he said and then turned down the hall.

        Alex went back up to her office and dialed Claire's cell number.


        Bobby woke up strapped into a chair which looked like the chair in the Keep. There was an IV hooked to his left arm. "What's going on? " he yelled to the woman typing on the computer.

        She picked up the phone and her desk and dialed. "He's awake Mr. Stark." "Very good. I'll be right there."

        Stark came into the room and walked over to Bobby.

        "Now what are you doing to me you son of a bitch!"

        "Well, Mr. Hobbes, since you wouldn't cooperate I have to change my methods," he sneered at Bobby. "I knew if we put you back in the room you'd try to escape again."

        "Damn right!"

        "So I set up this arrangement instead," he took a needle from the table and injected the contents into the IV.

        "What was that?" Bobby fumed.

        "Just a little sedative mixed with a small amount of poison. Not enough to kill you right now, but the longer it takes for Darien to arrive the more doses you wil receive." "Aw crap..." Bobby mumbled as he lost conscieousness again.



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