Warning and disclaimer in Chapter 1


        "I'm a friend of Darien's and I knew Kaitlin. He called me after Bobby had been kidnapped, so I agreed to help him," Rubyn answered hoping that would satisfy her. He knew that Darien hadn't told anyone about him and Lucien and the extra details of what had happened.

        Claire could tell there was something more to it, but she'd worry about it later when Bobby was safe.

        'Thank you,' Darien thought to Rubyn.

        'Anytime,' Rubyn thought back to Darien as he smiled

        Claire glanced at the Agency door. "Okay, I can get in and get the files, but I need to be sure Eberts won't catch me leaving with them."

        Darien nodded. "No problem. Rubyn and I will take care of that." He wrapped his arm around Rubyn's shoulder and quicksilvered both of them. "Give us two minutes, then come in," he said, his voice hovering a few feet away from her face.

        The door opened, then closed behind the invisible duo.


        Stark stood. "Hobbes, even a 'talented' agent such as yourself should have had more trouble getting into the office of someone like me."

        Hobbes looked around the room. "So? Where are your goons?"

        Stark chuckled. "Goons? We have no goons. Please, return to your cell, Mr. Hobbes. If your partner shows up, there will be no need for harm to come to you."

        Hobbes leveled his gun. "But there'll be harm to you if he's hurt."

        Stark rolled his eyes. "Fine. If you won't return voluntarily..."

        A sharp pain pierced Hobbes' neck and he spun, trying to train his gun on the new arrival. He hit the floor before he completed the spin.


        Claire counted off the final seconds on her watch, then headed inside. The halls were deathly quiet and made her a bit suspicious.

        She made her way quickly to the Keep, sweeping her card through the electric reader.

        The door slid inside and she made her way to Lucinda's cage, pressing the hidden button and opening her file drawer. She pulled out the quicksilver files and turned... find Eberts standing in the doorway. "May I ask where you are going with those?"

        She looked at the files, then said, "I... read an article concerning special surgical techniques. I thought I'd do a bit of research on how to get the gland out."

        Eberts opened his mouth to say something, but an alarm began blaring down the hall. Eberts spun around and looked in time to see Rubyn running towards the door. Eberts ran after him, screaming, "Stop right there!"

        A second alarm began blaring down another hall. Eberts froze, confused. Finally, he decided to chase down the second alarm. As he ran down the second hall, a third alarm began to blare. Security doors began to drop from their places in the ceiling, trapping Eberts in the hall he had run down.

        Claire dashed towards the exit, barely making it out before the final door crashed down.

        Rubyn was outside, leaning against the car. "Did Darien make it?" he asked.

        "Right here," Darien said, flaking off next to the car. "Now... where are we supposed to meet this Swiss Miss Mother again?"



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