Warning and disclaimer in Chapter 1


        Darien was very quiet on the car ride to the church. He still hurt inside from losing Kaitlin. She had been his best friend and like Kevin, she had died in his arms. He was comforted by the knowledge that she and Kevin were together, happy, and would always be with him.

        Bobby pulled into the church parking lot and lined up behind the hearse. He sighed as they placed the purple 'funeral' flag on the hood of the car.

        Darien and Bobby would be pall bearers along with Kaitlin's brother and uncle.

        "Come on, partner. We can get though this," Bobby said softly placing a hand on Darien's shoulder.

        Darien nodded as they went inside the church.


        Alex sighed as she looked over the file on the new case the Official had given her.

        It was a routine assignment. They would stake out the office building to see who the drug suppliers were. Darien would be sent in 'under the radar' to take evidence photos.

        Alex got up and stretched like a cat. She looked at her watch and smiled. 'I'll just go see how Claire is doing in the lab.'

        Claire finished typing in her data as she heard the door to the keep slide open.


        "You hungry, Darien?" Bobby asked as they drove away from the cemetery.

        "A little. What did you have in mind?"

        "I know a little Italian place not too far from here," he smiled hoping to lighten Darien's mood some.

        Darien let a small grin across his face. "That sounds wonderful, Bobby."


        "Well, are you done for the day?" Alex asked as she ran her fingers through Claire's golden hair.

        "Yes. I'm ready to go," she purred giving Alex a soft kiss.

        "So, how about a little dinner?" Alex added after they broke apart.

        "Sounds great. What did you have in mind?"

        "There's a little Italian restaurant not to far from here. Very cozy, in fact," she said with a seductive smile.

        "Well, let's go then," Claire laughed as she pulled Alex out the door.



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