Warning and Disclaimer in Part 1


        Claire changed quickly as Darien and Rubyn waited in the hallway. Pavlov padded up to Darien and wagged his tail.

        Darien picked him up and scrathed him behind the ears. Pavlov licked his face. Darien sat him back down and Pavlov looked at Rubyn curiously. He laid down on the floor and rolled over whining to be petted.

        Rubyn knelt down and scratched his belly.

        Claire smiled as she came in. "I've never seen him do that to a stranger before," she commented.

        "I guess I just have a way with animals," Rubyn replied.

        Claire looked at Rubyn again as they climbed into her van. "Who are you?"


        Bobby crept down the halls quietly. He ducked in a door as he heard someone coming down the hall. He waited for them to pass and then continued.

        Stark sat in his office and typed something on the computer. He looked up as someone opened the door.

        Bobby pointed the gun at him. "Don't move!"

        "I see you're more resourceful than I thought," Stark grinned.

        "What's so funny?"

        "Did you really think that you'd be able to get to my office unnoticed, Agent Hobbes?"


        "But, we're not thieves!" Hillary insisted as the police placed cuffs on her and Amy.

        The cops just shook their head and shoved them in the back of the car.



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