Warning and Disclaimer in Part 1


        Rubyn paced back and forth waiting for Darien to arrive. He ran the name Arnaud through his mind. He knew that he'd heard it before. His mind went back to when they removed Whirlwind from Darien's body.

        *from 'The Demon Within'*

        Ean, meanwhile, simply stared stonily at the demon.

        Finally it giggled and said, "What are YOU doing here, Firestorm?"

        Ean smirked and pushed his sunglasses into his red hair. "I should ask YOU what YOU'RE doing here, Whirlwind. You know it's against the rules to inhabit someone's body like that."

        "I was put in here," the demon said with a pout. "By that Arnaud man. Well...he was feeling kind of evil and wanted something really bad to happen to Darien, so I came."

        Ean frowned. "You weren't PUT in there..."


        Rubyn shuddered. He sighed as he heard a car pull up outside. He opened the door before

        Darien had a chance to knock. He waved at Ean and watched him drive off.

        "Sorry it took me so long. I had to ditch the detectives," he panted as he stepped inside.

        Rubyn handed Darien the note that Arnaud had left. "I take it you know what he wants," Rubyn inquired.

        "Yeah...I'm sorry Lucien and you have gotten dragged into this mess," Darien ran his fingers through his hair.

        "Well, evil has a tendancy to pop up whether one likes it or not. And if Arnaud is evil enough for Whirlwind to think that he summoned him to harm you..."

        Darien nodded. "It gets worse. Bobby was kidnapped by someone else who's just about as evil, so I-"

        "You need my help," Rubyn finished.


        "Of course. I have a score to settle with Arnaud anyway," he smiled as his eyes glowed.

        Darien wondered exactly how much damage a pissed off angel could do.


        Stark sat at his desk and waited. He knew Fawkes would be contacting him soon. He had plans for the Invisible Man. And now he had a way to ensure that he would cooperate.


        Bobby paced around in the room. He hated it that Stark was using him as bait. 'I have to find a way to get out of here. I'm sure that once Darien has done what Stark wants him too he'll kill both Darien and me.'

        The room flooded with gas and Bobby dropped to the floor. He looked up through the haze as a guard brought in a tray of food, set it down and then left.

        He smiled to himself as he thought of a way out of this mess.



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