Warning and Disclaimer in Part 1


        Bobby woke up in a white room not unlike the padded room at the agency. "Where am I?" he called out loudly even though he knew perfectly well who had him.

        "Calm down, Agent Hobbes," Stark's voice rang in his ears. "I just need to use you to get your partner to cooperate with me."

        "Then why didn't you just take him then," Hobbes growled.

        "Because last time I had him, you were able to liberate him from me. So this time I decided to change the rules," Stark laughed.

        Bobby paled a bit. He knew that Darien would come for him even if it meant working for Stark.


        Rubyn hissed as he sat up. "LUCIEN!!!" he shouted noticing the damaged state of his home. He found a note tacked to the kitchen table.

        -Tell Monsieur Fawkes that if he ever wishes to see his friend again to meet me tommorrow at noon with all of the Quicksilver notes. If he does not comply, well let's just say he'll have one less friend to care about.-

        Arnaud DeThiel

        There was an address scribbled at the bottom of the page.

        Rubyn grabbed the phone and dialed Darien's number.


        Lucien opened his green eyes and looked around. He was tied to a chair and two large men were sitting at a table playing cards. Another man walked into the room. He was fairly tall and had green-grey eyes. Lucien would have thought he was rather attractive IF he wasn't his prisoner.

        "Ah, good. You're awake," Arnaud spoke softly.

        Lucien glared him.

        "Don't worry. I'm sure Monsieur Fawkes will be receiving my message shortly," Arnaud smiled.

        Lucien shivered at that smile. He'd seen evil before and he could recognize it in this man's face.


        Darien looked at the two women and sat up slowly. "I really don't have time for this right now," he groaned as he pushed past them and grabbed the note that was left on the counter.

        "Well, you'd better make time," Hillary said with a sneer.

        He read the note quickly. "Look, you see this partner has been taken and...." he was interupted as the phone rang. Darien grabbed the phone. 'Great what now?' he thought. "Hello?"

        "Darien, do you know someone named Arnaud?" Rubyn asked in the calmest voice he could muster.

        "Yes, why?" Darien asked not really wanting to hear the answer.

        "Well, he's taken Lucien and left instructions for you to meet him," Rubyn continued.




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