Warning and disclaimer in Chapter 1


        Darien and Bobby relaxed at Bobby's place. They figured that the detectives would probably look at Darien's place first so they decided to NOT be there.

        "This will probably only buy us a day or two at the most though," Darien sighed as he ran his hand over Bobby's head.

        "Yeah, we need to come up with a plan. And one that doesn't include spilling the beans to the Official," Bobby mumbled. He curled up in Darien's arms.

        They both looked up as they heard a knock on the door. "Grrrr... maybe if we pretend we're not here they'll go away," Darien grumbled.

        Bobby contemplated that for a moment, but the knocking became more persistant.


        Lucien and Rubyn had just sat down to dinner when someone rang their doorbell.

        "Are you expecting anyone, love?" Lucien asked.

        "No," Rubyn answered. He got up from the table and went to the door.


        The next few minutes were pure chaos. Bobby stood, walking towards the door where the knocking had graduated to full-fledged pounding. As Hobbes turned the knob, the windows at the back of the apartment exploded inwards.

        Darien jumped to his feet, immediately quicksilvering. Hobbes turned at the commotion, but the door was knocked open and he was grabbed by a pair of strong arms. "Darien!"

        Darien turned, seeing Hobbes in the grips of Jared Stark. "STARK! LET HIM GO!"

        The men who had entered through the windows raised adjusted their goggles. Once they spotted the invisible Darien with the infrared sights, they raised their guns and fired.

        Darien looked down to see two red-feathered darts, seemingly hanging in mid-air. His legs went numb as he tried to launch himself at Stark.

        It was no use. He fell to the floor, flaking. Stark pressed a hypo against Hobbes' neck and Bobby crumpled. Stark looked up, motioning for his men to evacuate.

        Two minutes after the knocking had begun, the apartment was silent once more.


        Rubyn leaned forward, peering through the peephole. All he could see was the red hat and jacket of a pizza delivery boy.

        "Who is it?" he asked.

        "DiGiorno Delivery."

        Lucien stood. "DiGiorno doesn't deliver. It's DiGiorno."

        Rubyn called, "We didn't order any pizza."

        The delivery man said, "Aw, come on, man. If I have to take it back, I'm toast."

        Rubyn sighed, then said, "Fine, what kind is it?"

        "Canadian bacon and sausage."

        Rubyn said, "Excellent!" He turned the lock and opened the door.

        Instead of pizza, he was delivered with a shock of blue electricity. His arms shot out to his sides, shaking horribly. Finally, the shock stopped and Rubyn collapsed in the doorway and the pizza delivery man stepped over him.

        Lucien ran to the door, rearing his fist back. The intruder rose the pizza, flinging it at Lucien. The box hit him in the face, blocking his view for a second. When he looked up, the man was on top of him. The stun gun sparkled to life again and Lucien felt a spark of coldness on his neck.

        Lucien slumped to the floor. The pizza delivery boy stood, breathing heavily. He picked Lucien up off the floor and carried him from the apartment.


        Alex gasped, sitting up in bed. She was sweating, her hair matted to her face. Claire sat up next to her, rubbing her eyes. "Alex? What's wrong? Nightmare?"

        Alex shook her head. "I just got a... a very bad feeling."


        Darien slowly came to, feeling hardwood pressing against his face. He groaned, ordering his limbs to do what he said. Finally, he was able to roll himself over. He looked up and saw two fuzzy forms standing over him; a blonde woman and a red-head. He muttered, "Claire? Alex?"

        The blonde knelt next to him. "Guess again, handsome. Name's Hillary Miser. I'm the private investigator sent to ask you about Kaitlin Finch's death."

        Darien groaned, "Aw, crap..."



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