Warning and Disclaimer in Chapter 1


        Lucien stood in the terminal, tapping his foot impatiently. He held a sign which read "PRIVATE DICKS" in sharpie marker on the front.

        The door to the plane opened and he saw people start coming down the stairs, baggage in hand. Lucien cleared his throat. "Excuse me! I'm looking for a Mrs. Hillary Miser? Hillary Miser?"

        An attractive blonde woman in a loose blouse and a light blue skirt approached. "I'm Hillary Miser. This is my partner Amy Walton. Who sent a car?"

        "A Mr. Rucker, if I remember correctly. May I take your luggage?"

        They handed him their bags and he led them through the terminal to the waiting limo. He opened the door and, once they climbed in, pulled a cell phone from his pocket. "Rubyn. We are under way."

        He placed the phone in his pocket and walked around the limo to get into the driver's side.


        Hillary sighed. "Okay, the Finches asked us to follow this man," she said, withdrawing a photo of Darien from her purse. As Amy looked over it, the entire limo shook, then slid to a stop.

        She climbed from the limo, which was stopped in the middle of the intersection. The man in the car that had hit them was approaching the limo driver, angrily shouting that the light had been green. He was wearing dark shades and had silver hair, streaked with red.

        The limo driver was screaming HIS light had been green. Hillary grumbled. "We have got to find this guy. Grab that cab!"

        They climbed in and Hillary said, "Department of Fish and Game, please."

        The driver - a large man with gleaming red eyes - glanced at the two driver's arguing in the intersection and winked at them. They subtly returned the signal.

        "We're going to have to take the long way... lots of highway work."

        Hillary sighed. "Whatever, just go."

        The cab driver waved as they drove past. When the cab went around the corner, Rubyn and Lucien softly kissed each other. Rubyn smiled. "Excellent job, Lucien."

        "Thank you, Rubyn."

        They walked off, hand-in-hand.

        Darien and Hobbes were off the hook... for the time being.



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