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Fanfic by: NekoSama (aka Chris) and Geonn
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Rating:NC-17 for sexual content.
Warning: Slash
Pairings: Darien/Bobby Claire/ALex
Summary: Sequel to The Demon Within (Darien/Bobby) and response to a challenge from Logan
Standard disclaimer: The Invisible Man and all the characters are not ours and are used without permission. We are not getting paid for this.

        Claire rolled over, blinking into the early morning sunlight that was pouring through her bedroom window. She could hear the shower running in the bathroom, and she smiled, thinking about who was under the stream.

        She threw the blankets off and stood, shocked to discover she had fallen asleep naked. That had only happened one other time... at Oxford. She smiled at the memory before quietly opening the bathroom door and peering in.

        Alexandra Monroe stood in the shower stall, her back to the door as she shampooed her hair. Claire slid the door open just far enough to slip inside, then began to rub Alex's shoulders.

        Alex moaned, falling back against Claire. "I missed you," the superagent murmured.

        "Have we been apart long enough for you to miss me?"

        Alex turned, embracing Claire. "Definitely." They kissed softly under the running water. Claire felt Alex's tongue run across her lips and she knew that she had made the right decision sneaking into the shower.


        Darien Fawkes sat up in bed, his heart beating wildly. For a moment, he had been Whirlwind again. The dream had been a vivid one. He was standing in the Agency hallway over the brutally murdered bodies of Eberts, Alex, Claire and the Official.

        At the end of the hall, Arnaud stood with a gun pressed against Bobby Hobbes forehead. Darien began to run, but Arnaud simply cackled and lowered the gun.

        Bobby then turned and kissed the Swiss terrorist's face, stroking his chest lovingly.

        Arnaud smirked, "Tough luck, Fawkes. Looks like you waited a bit too long."

        Bobby raised his revolver and said, "See ya, partner."

        Darien had been jolted awake by the gunshot. He crawled out of bed and went to his fridge, rummaging through the shelves for something alcoholic.

        Behind him, the door to the bathroom slowly opened...

        Darien took a sip of his beer.

        A figure slipped out of the bathroom...

        Darien turned and saw the intruder. The beer can fell to the floor, spilling all over the linoleum. He rushed across the apartment and grabbed Bobby, holding him tightly before capturing his mouth in a deep, long kiss.

        Hobbes smiled. "Hey, partner. Love that morning breath."

        Darien smiled, stroking Bobby's face. "I thought... I thought it had all been a dream."

        "No dream, partner. I love you." They kissed again.

        Darien pushed Bobby back against the wall, letting his hands roam over his partner's chest.

        Bobby groaned into Darien's mouth, then pushed the younger man away. "We don't have time to get distracted, partner."

        "We don't have the agency today. Do we?"

        Bobby picked up his black jacket and said, "Uh, no." He put his hands on Darien's shoulders. "The funeral?"

        Darien sat on the bed. It was all coming back to him in a flood. "Kaitlin...."

        Bobby sat next to Darien and wrapped his arm around him, holding him. "It'll be okay, partner. We just have to do this one thing and then we'll put this whole thing behind us. It'll be like it never happened."

        Darien looked into Bobby's eyes. "We won't put...EVERYTHING behind us... will we?"

        Bobby smiled. "No. Not everything."

        They kissed once more before Darien stood to get dressed for the funeral.


        Alex watched as Claire got dressed for the day, admiring the pink panties the Keeper had chosen for the day. Claire half-turned and smiled. "What are you smiling at, young lady?"

        Alex arched an eyebrow. "Nothing... just imagining how fun it will be to rip those off later in the Keep."

        Claire smiled. "In that case, I better wear a skirt."

        Alex stood, wrapping her arms around her lover's waist. "Mmm, and wear those leather boots that I like... those drive me crazy..."

        Claire smiled as Alex's hands lazily trailed up to cup her breasts. She could feel Alex's lips tracing a line down her bare shoulder and reluctantly pushed the amorous agent away. "We have to get ready. The Official is expecting us at the Agency."

        Alex sighed. "Why does the fat man expect us to give up a Saturday? Saturdays are custom-made for sleeping in and snuggling."

        Claire smiled and said, "Well... I'm free tomorrow, if you'll take a rain check."

        "For you," Alex smirked, "Anything."


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