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       If you have a site you think would interest fans of Roswell slash, send me the url, along with a brief description of the site, and a 100 x 35 pixel link button if you have one. Please let me know if you're changing your url, or if you find any broken links.

Some Other Shows Roswell Slash Fans Like to Slash

     Actually, I have no idea what other shows Roswell slash fans are slashing these days. These sites are based on shows that have a significant following on Fanforum, and some of that old WB-teen-je ne sais quoi. Archives are listed alphabetically by the name of the show, not the name of the site.

Alias Slash Archive

Buffy and Angel
I typed +Buffy +slash into Google, and got 6,780 sites. The Unconventional Relationshippers List Archive has a list of slash sites, and there are many sites devoted to particular couples or individual characters.

Twisting the Hellmouth archives crossovers between the Buffiverse and anything else.

Dawson's Creek
Just Jack archives all genres of fic featuring Jack.

RIP Creativity has Kat's manips, including Pacey with Jack, Dawson, Drue, and Spike(!)

Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls Slash Fanfic Archive

The Lost Fan Fiction Archive has a slash section.

Lost Fanfic: Everybody Has a Secret has a slash section.

The O.C.
The OC Slash Livejournal Community

The PopularSlash mailing list is for all slash pairs from this show, an all F/F fandom as far as I can tell. Realm of the Shadow, a multifandom femslash site, has the largest story collection for this fandom.

Small Town Girls
is for Smallville-based femslash. The Smallville Slash Archive hosts fanfic from several mailing lists.

Chalk Scribblings on the Sidewalk includes Smallville screencaps.
Kat's Slash has Kat's slash art for Smallville and Dawson's Creek, among others.

That '70's Show
That 70s Fanfic Archive has a slash section.

Veronica Mars
Neptune High has a slash section.

Multi-Fandom Slash Resources

All-Fandom Slash Archives

SlashFanfiction.Com Auto-uploadable.

Slash-Friendly All-Fandom All-Category Archives

The Wonderful World of Make Believe Auto-uploadable.

Femslash-only Resources

     Please review these archives' policies before sending them material.

Femslash Dot Net is a new archive, which lets members auto-upload and post reviews.
Passion and Perfection Multi-fandom, multi-author archive accepts submissions, but publishes at the owner's discretion.
Realm of the Shadow multi-fandom, multi-author archive accepts submissions, but posts stories at the owner's discretion. Large collections of fic set in 'Popular' and 'Birds of Prey'.

The Pink Rabbit Consortium's Collected F/F Subtext Links collects links to F/F sites for many fandoms. The Ladyslash mailing list also has F/F fic, fic discussion, and subtext discussion about many different shows.

Links, Recs, Databases

Fan Email Lists began as a slash-only index, now accepts links for every type of fan email list.

The Fan Fiction Directory is an index of all kinds of fanfic sites.
The Slash Page Database Project is a search engine of slash sites. Also the front page for Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers,

The Rareslash email list on yahoogroups is a good place to inquire about slash for movies, old tv shows, etc.
Renegade Slash Militia - Essential Links for Slash Readers links to slash fic and multimedia for every appetite, liberally seasoned with snark.
Whispered Words is a site where you can read or post slash fic recs.

Slash-Friendly Web Hosts

Slash City (this site's host).
Vox Populli hosts all kinds of fan sites.

Defying Description

Wake Up Gay is a multifandom archive for stories about characters who woke up one morning to find that they! It hasn't been updated in quite a while, but it's too darn pink to cut.

Link to Me

       Use one of these to link to me, if you like. Thanks to Brandi for making the link button showing Michael reclining so seductively, and to Craww at Dystopiary for the link banner.

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