The Roswell Slash Archive is a collection of fan-written fiction about characters from the show Roswell in same-sex relationships. The word "slash" comes from the diagonal punctuation mark separating the characters' names. Stories may contain explicit descriptions of homosexual acts (but isn't that why you're here?). It includes fiction posted to the RoswellSlash list on Yahoogroups.

        RSA has an insatiable appetite for new slash. If you'd like to send in or recommend a story, change the email address or homepage url linked from your story, or report broken links, contact Jose Cheung.

What's New 12/27/04

     I've pruned some links and added new ones to archives of shows that are still on TV. Check out Roswell Resources and Slash Resources, and let me know if you have more suggestions.

     Just tuning in? The first two seasons of Roswell are available on DVD for about $50 each at the Fox Store; you can probably do better elsewhere online. Season three is due to be released this summer. The Sci Fi Channel is has been showing reruns sporadically over the past year or so.

     Sugar, a Canadian film starring Brendan Fehr as a hustler, was released on Region 1 DVD last month. has a helpful chart showing the Roswell actors' recent projects. If any of them inspire you to write slash, let me know, and I'll add it, sooner or later.

* * *

Slash Subplots and Threesomes

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The Fine Print

        This non-commercial site has no connection to Melinda Metz, Fox, Regency, Jason Katims Productions, Warner Brothers, or anyone else involved in the production or distribution of Roswell. The fiction published here belongs to its authors.

        Special thanks to Craww, who designed the title page graphics and matched the colors to the desert dream scene in Four Square.

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