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Life Lessons, Part 2

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 22, 2004

      Kyle felt like someone kicked him in the stomach. In all his imagination he never expected to hear those words out of Michael Guerin's mouth. God knows he was hoping he would say it but it was still a shock for Kyle to actually hear them. "Are you sure?"

      "Fuck Kyle I am not sure of anything anymore but I know that right now more than anything else in this world I want you. I want to fuck you. I want to make you come." Michael said without haste

      Kyle didn't say anything to Michael's admission. He just stood up and went over to his dresser and pulled at a tube of lubricant and sat down beside Michael on the bed. His hands were actually shaking when he handed the lube to Michael. Kyle had never felt like this before. He was excited, aroused, scared and happy all at the same time. He had to wonder if maybe deep down he had always wanted this to happen and now that is was it was almost too overwhelming.

      Michael noticed Kyle's hands shaking and found it comforting to know that he wasn't the only one. He was a little scared but mostly he was so aroused he could barely see straight. With desire clouded eyes he looked at the man sitting beside him like it was the first time. And what he saw was an absolutely amazingly hot guy. Michael's cock swelled bigger as he looked at Kyle from head to toe lingering a bit longer on his very nicely and extremely hard cock. Michael could tell that the desire he felt was very much reciprocated. Kyle was not doing this for just Michael he was doing this for himself as well and this knowledge made him desire Kyle even more. He reached over and touched Kyle's chest as Kyle had done him earlier to him. Michael had known that Kyle would feel hard since he was so muscular but he never expected his skin to feel so silky especially with the thin sheen of sweat dampening it.

      Kyle closed his eyes and bit back a moan when he felt Michael first touch his skin. His breathing became rapid and his heart felt like it could practically beat right out of his chest. Kyle wondered if Michael could feel it beating but soon forgot that thought as Michael's handed traveled down to his achingly hard cock. This time he did not hold back his moan and he did so loudly.

      "How do you want it Kyle? You have to show me what you like." Michael said wanting Kyle to know how much he wanted to please him.

      Kyle felt a huge jolt of warmth throughout his body. Michael wanted him to be pleased. He wanted to know what Kyle liked. What Kyle wanted to do more than anything else was to kiss Michael but he wasn't sure if Michael was ready for that. He couldn't take his eyes of Michael's full lips. He wanted to know what he tasted like and how it would feel to kiss him.

      Michael didn't know what to do next. He wanted Kyle to tell him how he liked it. Then he noticed that Kyle seemed to be staring at him and he realized that Kyle was staring at his lips. Michael had never really thought of kissing Kyle. Hell he hadn't thought of anything they had done tonight but he guessed there was a first time for everything. Michael leaned forward hoping that Kyle would meet him half way because he wasn't sure if he could initiate this intimacy between them.

      Luckily for both of them Kyle did understand and leaned forward as well. Their lips met together gently. Kyle took the initiative and deepened the kiss. He rubbed his tongue against Michael lips silently asking for him to let him in. Michael didn't hesitate and soon their tongues were dueling against each other, thrusting into each others' mouths without abandon.

      Michael heard a groan and realized it was coming from him. He had kissed a number of girls but never had it felt like this. He never wanted to stop kissing Kyle but unfortunately the need for air made him pull away. "Fuck" he whispered.

      "We keep saying that don't we." Kyle said humor and desire mixed equally in his voice.

      "I really, really want to fuck you now Kyle. Tell me what to do." Michael begged.

      Kyle laid down on his back and pulled Michael on top of him. "I want to do it facing each other. I want to watch you come."

      "God Kyle, I don't know how long I will last. I am nearly ready to explode now." Michael groaned as he picked up the lube and squeezed a liberal amount onto his hand. He then spread the lube over his painfully hard cock and pulled Kyle's legs up to his shoulder. Michael took a moment and looked into his friend's eyes seeing the desire he was feeling mirrored there and then used his slick fingers to spread Kyle's opening. Michael knew this wasn't new to Kyle but knowing that he was so large Michael wanted Kyle to be ready for him. Michael also needed the time to prepare himself for what they were about to do. He did not have any doubts that this was what he wanted but taking this huge step would most definitely change everything between them. It scared Michael and yet it also thrilled him. Michael leaned down and kissed Kyle hard as he pushed his cock through Kyle's tight opening.

      Kyle gasped when Michael finally entered him. He had watched the emotions cross Michael's face for many while Michael seemed to hesitate. For a moment he had thought that Michael was going to change his mind. Kyle was also wondering if they should take their relationship to this step. What had started out as curiosity had gone into a totally different direction and he was positive it was one that neither of them had ever fathomed. Suddenly Michael kissed him and he knew that the time to back out was gone and he silently thanked god.

      "Fuck Kyle. You were right this is different and so fucking good. Shit." Michael moaned. Kyle fit him like a glove. He groaned as he plunged deeper into him.

      Kyle writhed beneath Michael. He felt so full. Michael was so big and hard and it felt amazing. He wanted to shout with pleasure but he held back and then Michael hit his gland and there was no holding back.

      "Right there Michael. Fuck me Harder. You feel so fucking good." Kyle shouted

      Michael was seconds from coming. He couldn't hold out any longer. Kyle was squeezing him so tightly and it felt too good. Michael never dreamed anything could feel this amazing in his life. He thought a blowjob was good but fucking Kyle was better than anything he had ever done before. Michael reached between them and grabbed Kyle's cock with his hand as he thrust as deep into Kyle as he could. "Come for me Kyle. Fuck I'm coming." Michael shouted as he came deeply in Kyle.

      "Yes, Michael. Yes. Fuck" Kyle shouted as he shot his load all over both of them

      Michael pulled out of Kyle and fell onto the bed beside him. "Shit."

      Kyle laughed and then said. "So we have moved up from Fuck to Shit. I'm guessing that was good for you."

      "Fuck yeah" Michael admitted

      The laid in silence for several minutes both too sated and exhausted to say a word. Finally Kyle broke the silence. "Where do we go from here Michael?"

      Michael was silent for a long time and then answered honestly "I don't know. But I really hope there is more of this to come."

      The End

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