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Life Lessons, Part 1

Reply to Susan

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 22, 2004

Title: Life Lessons
Author: Susan
Category: AU Slash NC-17 Mi/K
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, I own nothing
Summary: No aliens. I think the story explains itself pretty well.
This is my first attempt at slash. So be gentle.

      "Uggghhh, My life sucks." Michael shouted as he fell backwards on his bed.

      An amused Kyle looked up from the porn magazine he was skimming through. "Bad day?"

      "Bad day, bad year, bad life. I can't believe she is going out with that loser Doug. I mean he doesn't even have a neck and he is short. No offense."

      "None taken. I am very comfortable with my short stature. It is just another thing that makes me unique." Kyle winked at his best friend.

      Michael had to laugh. Kyle was definitely unique. Yeah he was kind of short compared to most guys but what he lacked in size he made up for in personality and attitude. The smile on Michael's face faded. "What the hell is she thinking Kyle? What could she possibly find appealing about the guy?"

      Kyle put his magazine down and turned to his friend. "Michael, Doug may be shorter than you but he isn't short he is taller than me and he does have a neck a very muscular neck at that. He is VERY well built. Plus he is athletic, smart, rich and attractive. Must I go on?"

      Michael groaned. "Et tu Brutus. Damn Kyle you are practically drooling. Can you please chill with that?" Michael lay on the bed with his arm covering his eyes. After a few moments he sat back up. "Ok fine I guess he is ok looking and he may have a few attributes Maria may find attractive but it still bothers me."

      Kyle picked up his magazine and resumed flipping through the pages. "Face it my friend it doesn't matter who Maria goes out with you will always be bothered. Why don't you just tell her that you are in love with her and get it over with?"

      "I can't do that Kyle. I don't think I could take the rejection."

      "Who is to say that you would be rejected?" Kyle said without looking at his friend. Kyle knew that Michael was miserable and would remain so until he finally got up the nerve to talk to Maria. Kyle wasn't sure what his stepsister felt about Michael but he had a feeling that she wouldn't be totally unresponsive to any advances he would make. But until Michael decided to make the move Kyle was doomed to listen to Michael's weekly rants as Maria went on yet another date with another guy.

      "And who is to say I won't be. I can't take the chance. I would rather love her and her not know than her know and she totally avoid me or worse yet hate me. I mean we are friends. The three of us have been friends forever. I can't loose her."

      "I know." Kyle said sympathetically. "Hey want to get drunk? Maria is spending the night at Liz's after her date and the parentals are away for the weekend." Kyle practically shuttered. "You would think that after 10 years the honeymoon would be over for those two but no they have to go away every few months so they can fuck like monkeys. It is just sick." Kyle said disgusted.

      Michael smiled "Yeah they are very strange. But it is cool you know. That they can still do that kind of thing at their age."

      "We must stop this conversation. I can't even imagine it. No wonder I'm gay I have been traumatized by my parents horniness."

      "Kyle you are as horny if not hornier than Jim and Amy you just happen to like to fuck guys versus girls." Michael pointed out

      "True. I tried it their way but it just wasn't for me. Oh well whatever floats their boat. I just don't want to know about it. You know what I'm saying."

      Michael just laughed. "Ok so let's get drunk."

      "Now you're talking." Kyle said practically running into the bathroom to pull out the secret stash. "Damn we are starting to get low in here." Kyle said looking at the two bottle of Jack Daniels they had left under the sink behind the rolls of toilet paper.

      "You're going to have to get one of your jock friends to buy some more. Shame you and Brian broke up he was so convenient when we needed liquor." Michael said without thinking. He then mentally kicked himself for mentioning the ex. "Sorry Kyle."

      "No big. I am over the asshole. I mean it isn't his fault that he is practically the only out of the closet gay men in town. And I can't blame him for wanting to move away. Just one more year left to get out of this backwards town and I'm off to some city where there is more than handful of gay people."

      Michael grabbed one of the bottles of JD and sat on the floor against Kyle's bed. "That must suck. No one to have sex with at all." Michael took a swig from the bottle and handed it to Kyle who sat next to him on the floor.

      "I could have sex if I wanted. There is always Liz. But it just doesn't do it for me. You know the whole girl/guy sex thing." Kyle said before taking a swig of JD.

      "Ok see this is what I don't understand. You dated Liz. You have slept with Liz. She is very aware that you like guys and have in fact slept with one and she still wants to sleep with you."

      "It's the Valenti charm. Get's them every time."

      Michael rolled his eyes even though he knows that what Kyle was saying is true. Kyle could have any girl he wanted in town even though he was out of the closet and everyone knows he is gay. There definitely had to be some kind of magic or charm going on. Especially considering there wasn't even a straight guy, homophobic or not, that didn't like Kyle. There was just something about him.

      "I still don't get it." Michael admitted.

      "Liz is a very sexual girl. And if she isn't dating someone and wants to have sex she doesn't have a problem having sex with me."

      "And you don't have any ... problems... you know... sleeping with her considering you're gay and all." Michael asked slightly embarrassed.

      Kyle was his best friend, and had been for practically his whole life. When his parents died and left him an orphan it was Kyle who asked his dad and step mom if he could live with them. Michael was closer to Kyle than any other human being but this was the first time they had really talked about Kyle's sex life. He knew that Kyle was gay. Hell he knew probably before Kyle admitted it to himself but they never really "discussed" it before.

      Kyle took another swig of whiskey. "I may be gay Michael but I'm not dead. I am a normal 17 year old guy I have absolutely no problem getting it up no matter who I am getting it on with. No seriously, I guess in a way you can say I am bi because I am still attracted to girls I just prefer guys."

      "Ok" Michael said suddenly a little uncomfortable with the whole conversation. He himself had never really thought about sex with another guy. But he could understand in a strange sort of way where Kyle was coming from. Michael has had sex with a few girls but it has never felt right and he was still left wanting because the only person he really wanted was Maria. Kyle's situation and his were WAY different but he could still understand his point about not just having sex to have it because it wasn't the same.

      Kyle could tell that Michael was uncomfortable so he decided to change the subject. "Want to watch a movie?"

      "Braveheart?" Michael asked enthusiastically.

      "God Michael not that movie again. I mean god knows I love Mel Gibson but we have only seen it a million times. How about Lord of the Rings?"

      Michael snorted "Talk about seeing a movie a million times. I know you have the hots for Viggo but come on."

      "I do not have the hots for Viggo. Fine how about Pirates of the Caribbean? We have only seen that once." Kyle asked. He wasn't lying he didn't have the hots for Viggo he had the hots for Orlando Bloom. Yum.

      Michael laughed. "Wasn't Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings as well?" he asked finally catching on to why Kyle wanted to watch the movie so bad. "Fine. Johnny Depp is cool. I can watch the movie again. Just keep the drool down to a minimum."

      "Deal." Kyle hurried to go put the movie in the DVD player. What homosexual guy in their right mind wouldn't love to watch a movie with both Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp in it? Especially when Johnny's character was so sexually ambiguous.

      Two hours and one bottle of whiskey later...

      "Man that is such a great movie." Kyle said as the credits began to roll.

      Michael snorted. "What ever you say lover boy? You just enjoyed watching Johnny flirting with Orlando the whole movie."

      "Hmm... yeah what a great movie." Kyle said as he got up and took the movie out.

      "Yeah I can see how much you enjoyed it." Michael said pointing to the bulge in Kyle's pants.

      Kyle blushed a little but then just shrugged his shoulders. "What can I say the guys are HOT."

      Michael was silent for a bit but he had to ask what he had been thinking about for most of the movie. Their earlier conversation was still bothering him for some reason. "Kyle can I ask you something?" he continued after Kyle nodded "You said you're attracted to both guys and girls but that you would rather be with a guy. Why is that?"

      Kyle went into the bathroom and grabbed the last bottle of whiskey. He definitely thought this was going to be a two bottle night. "Honestly I don't know why I just do. I mean sexual release is good no matter who it is with. I mean you can get just as much release by yourself so that isn't the issue. Hell I don't know I guess the big reason for me is I like to receive more than give."

      Michael gulped "You mean you like to get fucked?"

      "Hell yeah. There is nothing like it. Now don't get me wrong I like to fuck to but it just doesn't compare to getting fucked."

      Michael wasn't sure what to say to that so he decided to change the conversation a little. "Ok so you have fucked a know... in the ass before."

      Kyle was amused by the look on Michael's face. He knew that this was totally foreign territory to him. "A couple of times, you know, just to do it. In general though, Brian liked doing the fucking more than getting fucked."

      "Is, you know fucking a guy, different than a girl?" Michael asked and then added "Besides the obvious."

      Kyle took another sip of JD and thought about what Michael asked for a moment. "Yeah with a guy you don't have to be as nice. You can be harder and rougher. And for the most part it is a tighter fit and the muscle contractions definitely hit you in different spots. So yeah it is different. A good different."

      Michael grabbed the JD bottle away from Kyle and took a big swig. `Why the hell were they talking about this anyway?' He thought to himself.

      Kyle shifted on the floor a bit to try to make himself a bit more comfortable. "Listen Michael between Orlando and Johnny and this conversation I am one step away from having to go take a shower and take care of things myself so maybe we better change the subject."

      Michael glanced down at Kyle's lap and saw that he was in fact sporting a very large bulge in his pants. This made Michael shift a little uncomfortably on the floor as well. `Why the hell was the sight of Kyle's hard-on making him hard. It must be because they are talking about sex.' So he agreed wholeheartedly with Kyle. "Umm... yeah no problem. So you want to watch another movie?"

      "Sure we could always watch gay porn." Kyle said with a smile on his face as he attempted to lighten the suddenly tense moment between them.

      Michael surprised both of them when he answered. "Ok."

      Kyle having just taken a swig of whiskey suddenly choked. After a few minutes of coughing he was finally able to find his voice again and asked incredibly "You're serious?"

      "Yes... No... Hell I don't know Kyle. I'm drunk. I'm horny as hell and damnit I guess I am a little curious. I've never seen gay porn before at least not gay male porn." Michael couldn't believe he actually told Kyle he was horny and that he was curious. He didn't know what the hell was going on with him tonight. One thing very painfully obvious was he was getting harder by the minute just thinking about watching two guys fuck each other.

      Kyle sat for a minute totally in shock. He couldn't believe he was hearing this come out of his friend's mouth. What was in more unbelievable was the fact that Michael was obviously aroused. He really had tried not to look. Michael was his best friend and he had never once thought of him sexually but damn he WAS gay and Michael was HOT and more importantly HARD. `This isn't good' Kyle thought to himself as he got up and went into his bedside drawer for his stash of gay porn. Once he found one that wasn't to out of the park for Michael he put it in the DVD player. Before hitting play he turned and asked "Are you sure?"

      Michael just nodded.

      Kyle hit the play button and resumed his spot on the floor next to Michael. He moved a tad bit farther away from him then he was before. The temptation to touch his friend was growing harder by the minute and he wanted to move before he really did something stupid.

      The two young men sat in silence as they watched two men, one blond and one with brown hair, in a bar getting drunk. Soon they started sending looks each others way. The blond guy gets up and walks towards the back door. Before leaving he turns to look at the brunette giving him a suggestive look. The brunette soon gets up and follows the blond and walks out the back into a dark alleyway. The two men start kissing and touching each other. The blond kneels down in front of the other man unzipping his pants as he goes. He pulls out the brunette's very hard cock and licks the tip before engulfing the large erection in his mouth. The brunette moans loudly as he grabs the blonde's hair pushing him deeper onto his cock. It doesn't take long before the brunette is shouting with release. The blond wipes his mouth and then gets up and kisses the brunette deeply. When the kiss ends the brunette just says "Thanks."

      The blond smiled turning away and walked down the alleyway. He turned before he reached the end of the alleyway "Come back tomorrow and I will really give you something to thank me about."

      The scene ended and another segment began. Michael, whose breathing has quickened quite a bit, asked quietly. "What is it like getting a blowjob?"

      Kyle had to shake his head to focus on what Michael asked. The scene they just watched had aroused him so much he felt like he was seconds from blowing. "What? You mean you have never had one."

      Michael shock his head feeling embarrassed. "Umm... No. I have only had sex. I never had a girl that wanted to do that. You know what I mean."

      "Man that just isn't right. Shit. That was the first sexual experience I had. Liz gave me a blow job on our first date." Kyle couldn't believe that Michael had never had a blowjob and for some reason it was making him hotter than he already was. He turned slightly and looked at his friend. Really looked at him. Michael was hot. Tall, muscular but not overly so, and everything about him was big. His hand, his feet and from the bulge in his pants obviously his cock. Kyle's mouth started to water as he continued to stare at the bulge in his best friend's pants.

      Michael was amazed to see his friend staring at his cock. Kyle had never looked at him the way he was looking at him now. He should be embarrassed or even upset but instead it was making harder than he had ever been in his life. God how he wanted to know what a blowjob felt like and at this moment he really wanted Kyle to give him one. So to both of their amazement he asked "Would you show me what it's feels like?"

      Kyle was momentarily stunned by his friend's question. He looked into Michael's eyes and so his arousal and knew that he really wanted Kyle to do it so he nodded.

      Michael stood up and removed his pants and boxers and looked at Kyle's a silent question in his eyes.

      "Lay on my bed." Kyle answered knowing that Michael wanted to know what he should do next.

      Kyle looked at his friend lying on the bed with his eyes closed. He was gorgeous. And Kyle had been right his dick was huge. He couldn't wait to take him into his mouth and give him his first blow job. The knowledge that he was the first one made him even more eager. He looked at his clothes and silently debated with himself whether he should take them off or leave them on.

      Michael opened his eyes and saw that Kyle seemed to be hesitant. It occurred to him that Kyle was trying to figure out whether to undress or not so he made the decision for him. "Go ahead and take them off."

      Kyle eyes met Michael's once again and he nodded and quickly removed his own clothes and joined Michael on the bed. He wanted to touch Michael so badly his hands were shaking but he wasn't sure what to do. Michael had asked for a blow job but Kyle wasn't sure if that was all he wanted or not and he didn't want to do anything wrong. He finally made a move towards Michael hesitantly touching his hand against Michael's hard chest. Michael's skin was as smooth as it looked. Kyle was actually surprised with how muscular Michael felt under his finger tips. Michael wasn't as developed as him but still he was all muscle and Kyle loved it. Suddenly his wrist was captured by Michael's hand. Kyle was afraid that Michael was changing his mind but was pleasantly surprised when instead Michael drew his hand down his stomach towards his large erection.

      Michael had watched Kyle through half closed eyes and saw his friend's hesitancy in touching him and also his great pleasure once Kyle finally touched his fingers to his chest. Michael loved the way Kyle's hand felt and desperately wanted him to touch him where he ached in agony. He got tired of waiting for Kyle to make his move and took his wrist and placed Kyle's hand where he wanted him to touch. Michael groaned in pleasure as soon as Kyle's hand made contact. He almost exploded right there and than but closed his eyes and concentrated instead on the feel of Kyle's fingers around his dick.

      "Just keep your eyes closed. I'll take care of you." Kyle whispered and his mouth descended on Michael's cock. Kyle's mouth watered as he saw the liquid glistening the tip of Michael's cock. He licked the tip reverently and then took Michael's cock into his mouth. He heard Michael gasp and then groan loudly. Kyle knew that Michael liked what Kyle was doing. He increased the suction on Michael's cock and he took more of him it into his mouth. Michael was very large and he didn't think he would be able to deep throat him but he was going to take as much of him into his mouth as he could.

      Michael grasped the bedcovers as he felt Kyle increase the suction. Never before had he felt anything like this. He own hand couldn't compare to this. Nothing besides sex had felt this good and he wasn't positive if even then had he felt so much pleasure. He wanted Kyle to take more of him into his mouth. He wanted to fuck Kyle's mouth until he came deep into his throat. He grabbed onto Kyle's head gently hoping Kyle would know what he wanted. Kyle must have understood because he took even more of his cock into his mouth. "Fuck Kyle." He groaned in pleasure.

      Kyle could feel Michael's dick swelling and knew that he was close to coming. He started to fondle Michael's balls and then rubbed his fingers lower towards Michael's puckered entrance. He felt Michael tense and released Michael's cock from him mouth. "Relax. Trust me." Kyle said before licking his fingers and then taking Michael's cock in his mouth once again.

      When Michael first felt Kyle's finger at his opening he couldn't stop himself from tensing. His eyes flew open. Kyle released him and told him to relax so he tried to. He kept his eyes open and watched as Kyle took him into his mouth once more. He was amazed at the sight of his friend sucking him so much so he didn't even tense up again when Kyle reached his entrance. He was so caught up it watching Kyle bob up and down on his cock that he didn't even realize that one of Kyle's finger was in his ass until he had hit an especially sensitive spot. An electric shock went throughout his body as a force of pure pleasure engulfed him. He had never in his life felt anything so powerful. It was so powerful that it made he came almost immediately. Michael shouted Kyle's name in release.

      Kyle took every last drop of Michael's come into his mouth and didn't release Michael's cock until it was done spasming.

      "Oh God. Oh God. Fuck Kyle." Michael kept gasping over and over. He couldn't believe that he had the most powerful orgasm of his life from the mouth of his best friend. He was utterly amazed. His body was still humming from the pleasure he had received.

      Kyle watched Michael as he basked in the afterglow. He was absolutely beautiful. Kyle felt wonderful that he was able to please Michael so completely. And yet he couldn't ignore the intense ache he was feeling. He was painfully hard and all he wanted to do was come. He sat back on the bed and took his cock in his own hand to bring himself to completion. The need to come was too great for him to ignore.

      Michael opened his eyes to the site of Kyle grasping his own dick tightly. Michael sat up quickly. He had to do something for Kyle after the amazing thing he had just done for him. He placed his own hand on top of Kyle's cock pushing Kyle's hand away. "Let me."

      Kyle gave Michael a questioning look and then said. "You don't have to."

      "I want to." Michael said huskily.

      Michael's hand firmly grasped Kyle's cock moving his hand up and down it quickly. Kyle was panting and grasping at Michael's leg. "Fuck yeah. Faster Michael. Faster."

      Michael increased his tempo and Kyle's hips bucked in tandem with Michael's jerks. Michael remembered what Kyle had done for him and figured that Kyle would enjoy the same thing as much as he did so he licked his fingers and found Kyle's entrance. He hesitated only a moment before sticking two fingers up Kyle's ass.

      The moment Kyle felt Michael's fingers touch his entrance he knew that he was going to come. "Fuck yeah Michael. Fuck it man." As Michael's fingers thrust deeply in his ass Kyle exploded.

      Michael continued to jerk Kyle for several seconds before letting his cock go. They both fell back onto the bed amazed at what they had done for each other and how good it had felt.

      "Fuck" Kyle whispered

      "You got that right." Michael agreed

      Kyle leaned up and looked at his friend. "Are you ok?"

      Michael closed his eyes and shook his hand "No. But god Kyle that was so damn good. Not just the coming part but also making you come. Fuck look at me. I am hard again."

      Kyle hadn't noticed before but Michael was indeed hard again and he felt immense pleasure knowing that he had done that to him. Kyle felt his own dick start to harden once again. He licked his lips to try to moisten his suddenly dry mouth. "What do you want to do Michael?"

      Michael saw Kyle's cock start to harden and another jolt of desire hit him head on. He now knew for a fact that he wanted Kyle. He wanted him very badly. He thought back to their previous conversation and answered Kyle honestly. "I want to fuck you."

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