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Higher Education, Part 4

Reply to Susan

Originally posted to Roswell Desert Skies in 2004

      Very early the next morning Kyle woke to find Michael sitting on the floor against his bed. "Hey."

      "Hi." Michael said turning to face his Kyle.

      "Michael..." Kyle started to say something but Michael interrupted him.

      "I know Kyle. I know you're sorry and I know you love me. I'm sorry I walked out last night." Michael said standing up.

      "You were mad. I am sorry Michael. I wish I could change things back to how it was before but I can't." Kyle said as he moved over in bed making was room for Michael.

      Michael joined Kyle in bed his hands reaching out to touch Kyle's chest. "I wasn't mad I was just upset. I don't want to loose you like I am Maria."

      Kyle grabbed Michael's hand and brought it to his mouth. "You aren't loosing either of us. We are just going to be going to different schools and won't see each other everyday. You are never going to loose us. We will always be there for you, no matter where we are."

      Michael's eyes filled with tears. "I wish I could believe you." He whispered.

      Kyle kissed Michael gently. "You can."

      Michael desperately wanted to believe Kyle but more importantly he wanted to love Kyle and to be loved in return. "I need you Kyle."

      Kyle looked into Michael's eyes and asked "Door?"

      "I locked it when I came in." Michael stood removing his clothes quickly.

      As soon as Michael climbed back into bed Kyle's hands moved over Michael's body. Kyle looked into Michael's eyes and said "I'm going to miss you so damn much Michael. I hope you know that. And not just because of this."

      "Me to." Michael said before bringing his lips hard against Kyle's.

      Their hands moved franticly over each other's bodies. Both of them couldn't stop touching each other as their tongues dueled against each other. Michael stilled Kyle's hand as it moved to his cock. "I want you to fuck me Kyle. Will you?" he asked.

      Kyle looked at Michael startled. "Are you sure? We don't have to do that Michael."

      "I want you to Kyle. I want you inside me. Please." Michael begged pushing the lube that he had retrieved from the nightstand into Kyle's hand.

      Kyle took the lube from Michael, his cock swelling painfully. Secretly Kyle had wanted to fuck Michael for along time but was always too afraid to broach the subject with him. "How?" he asked

      "I want to watch you." Michael said lying down on the bed pulling his legs up around Kyle's shoulder.

      Kyle squeezed a generous amount of lotion on his fingers and then brought them to Michael's opening, his eyes never leaving Michael's the whole time. "Relax." He whispered as he moved a finger tentatively against Michael's tense muscle.

      Michael closed his eyes trying to relax but it was difficult because as much as he truly did want this he was also afraid. He knew it would hurt, Kyle had told him so the one time he asked, but in the same respect he knew that Kyle received a lot of pleasure when he did it to him. Michael hoped it would be the same for him.

      Kyle pushed another finger into Kyle, curving his fingers as he gently pushed them in and out. He took Michael's hard cock in his other hand. Michael moaned his name.

      "Ready?" Kyle asked and pulled his fingers out of Michael, after seeing his nod, and lathered his cock with lube. "I love you Michael." He said pushing his cock into Michael's opening.

      "Fuck." Michael moaned part out of pain and part out of pleasure. It hurt but it also felt good as Kyle moved in and out gently. Michael opened his eyes and watched Kyle as he was fucking him. He saw the intense pleasure that Kyle was feeling written all over his face, knowing exactly how it felt. Kyle pushed deeper into Michael and Michael gasped when he hit his gland. "God Kyle, right there, fuck that feels good."

      Kyle smiled as Michael's hips moved upward to meet his cock as it thrust in and out. He grabbed Michael's cock in his hand once again, jerking him in tandem with his thrusts. "You feel so good Michael, so tight. God I have wanted to do this for so long."

      "Harder Kyle, fuck me harder." Michael said writhing beneath Kyle. If only he had known it felt this good Michael would have begged Kyle to fuck him every night.

      Kyle could feel his orgasm approaching quickly. "I'm going to come. I can't hold out any longer. It feels too damn good. Come for me Michael." Kyle groaned as he came deep in Michael's hole.

      "Fuck yeah." Michael said as he came all over both of them.

      Kyle pulled out of Michael and fell on the bed beside him. Both were too exhausted to even move.

      It was quite a few minutes before Michael's was able to speak but when he was he said "Wow. Now I know why you like it so much. That was amazing."

      Kyle smiled "Yeah it was."

      Michael sat up and winced with the soreness he felt. "Kyle. You know what you said last night about me finding someone in college. It isn't going to happen. If I can't be with Maria or you I don't want to be with anyone else."


      "No let me finish. But I think you were right to do what you did. It would be better for us to go to separate schools so you can get a chance to find someone." Michael insisted

      "What makes you think I want to find someone anymore than you do?" Kyle asked angrily. He couldn't believe Michael would say something like that to him. As far as Kyle was concerned he felt exactly the same way Michael did.

      "Kyle, I love you, but be honest, would you be happy for the rest of your life if things stayed the way they are between us?" Michael asked

      Kyle was about to say yes but before he spoke he considered what Michael was asking. Would he be willing to keep their relationship secret for the rest of their lives? Would he be happy being Michael's best friend in public and lover in private?

      Kyle shook his head. "No I don't think I would. I want more than that." He admitted

      "I know." Michael whispered.

      "So where do we go from here." Kyle asked

      Michael smiled, his hand reaching for Kyle "Well we have two month before you have to go to college. I say we make the most of that time." He said before kissing Kyle passionately.

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