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Higher Education, Part 1

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Originally posted to Roswell Desert Skies in 2004

Higher Education
By Susan
Category: AU Slash NC-17
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, I own nothing
Summary: Sequel to Life Lessons and takes place three month afterwards. I think this installment is going to be a tad bit more story and less smut but don't worry there will still be lots of smut.

      "Stop that." Kyle insisted firmly.

      "Stop what?" Michael asked with feigned innocence.

      "Giving me those looks over the top of that damn notebook of yours." Kyle said through clinched teeth, his frustration evident.

      "One, it is a journal and two, I am not giving you any looks." Michael said with a smirk on his face. He had been giving Kyle looks but he would never admit it. Kyle was looking very sexy trying not to look at Michael when he was supposed to be reading his book.

      Kyle knew Michael was just trying to get him flustered but it wasn't going to work. Not this time. "We talked about this last week Michael. We can't keep doing this thing, whatever it is that we keep doing." Kyle said.

      Michael smiled at his lover. "Ok."

      "It isn't going to work Michael. The sex education course is over. You graduated with flying colors and now it is time for you to move on to higher education with someone else. I mean it this time"

      Kyle threw the novel he was trying, with little luck, to concentrate on down on the bed to emphasize his statement.

      Michael knew that Kyle would cave in. He had every night for the last week and he would tonight. Whatever it was that was going on between the two of them wasn't something that could be ignored. For the past three months they had been lovers, nightly. Whether it was a hand job, blowjob or actually fucking, they both had at least one orgasm a night and sometimes more. It was exciting and thrilling yet also terrifying for both of them. Michael did not want what they had to end. Kyle was still his best friend, his almost brother but he was also very much his lover. They acted normal around each other in public but as soon as they crossed the threshold of their room it was a totally different story. Michael could not control himself. Maybe it was a subconscious thing or a learned response but as soon as he walked into the room Michael got hard and wanted Kyle desperately. And Michael knew that Kyle felt the same way.

      Last week, after a particularly zesty session, Kyle suddenly got out of bed looking upset and left the room heading for the bathroom to take a shower. When he came out of the bathroom he told Michael that they had to stop. He said that he wasn't there for Michael to fuck whenever he got horny or whenever Maria made him frustrated. And more importantly Kyle admitted that he was finding it hard to deal with their "new" relationship emotionally. Michael understood where Kyle was coming from. He was having the same difficulty but that didn't stop him from climbing into Kyle bed the next night long after they had turned out the lights. He couldn't stay away. Michael really tried but all he could think about was being deep inside Kyle and making them both come.

      Michael finished writing his thoughts in his journal. Writing in a journal was something he got from Liz, of all people. She was always writing in hers. Michael asked her why she did it and she said that sometimes there were things that she needed to work out inside her head or things that she really didn't feel like talking with anyone about so she wrote them in the journal instead. Michael definitely couldn't talk with anyone else about everything that had happened in the past three months and surprising writing his thoughts and feelings down did help him feel better. For once, Liz Parker seemed to know what the hell she was talking about. Of course he would never admit that out loud.

      Michael decided it was time to step up the seduction as he looked over at Kyle and saw he was staring at Michael with anger and also blatant lust written all over his face. Michael concealed his smile with his journal as he got up off his bed and removed his shirt.

      "What are you doing?" Kyle asked his eyes unable to move from Michael's naked chest.

      Michael shrugged. "Well since you don't want to play tonight I guess I am just going to have to go take care of myself."

      Michael's shirt sailed through the air and hit Kyle in the face before he was even able to respond to Michael's comment. Kyle gulped and tried not to think about what Michael was about to do as he heard the shower turn on.

      "Shit, Shit, Shit." Kyle cursed his body coming alive with the vision of Michael standing naked in the shower, his hand on his cock, pumping up and down to achieve release.

      Kyle stood and started to pace. He didn't know why Michael did this to him every time. Just a glimpse of his bare chest and he was painfully hard. He'd broken out in a cold sweat when Michael said he was going to take care of himself. Kyle wanted to strip and join Michael in the shower so bad he felt like his skin was crawling. As he continued to pace trying not to think about Michael in the shower the journal on Michaels bed drew his attention. Kyle was constantly asking Michael what he wrote in that book but Michael would just shrug and say "things". Curiosity got the best of him and knowing he was definitely committing a horrible act he walked over to the journal, whose last entry was bookmarked by Michael's pen, and picked it up. Kyle closed his eyes and swore silently opening it to read Michael's last entry.

      I can't let this end. Kyle says we have to stop but I know I can't. I want him too damn bad and I know he wants me just as much. I know Kyle is freaking a little because he is starting to think of us as more than sex. I really hate to break it to him but it has always been more than just sex. It wouldn't have happened otherwise. What does that mean for the two of us? Hell if I know. The only thing I do know is I can't let him go. At least not right now. Call me selfish, but I need him.

      Kyle closed the journal quickly. "Fuck" He cursed wanting to scream. He shouldn't have read the journal. He could have controlled himself tonight if only he had resisted the urge to read it but now he was powerless. He would never be able to deny Michael or even himself. Last week Kyle realized he was in love with his best friend and it made him terrified and angry. He told Michael they had to end all the well knowing that it was already to late for him. His heart would forever belong to someone he couldn't have. For the first time ever Kyle knew what it was like to live in Michael's shoes, loving a friend and never being able to tell them for fear of losing them, and it sucked.

      Kyle pulled off his shirt as he walked into the bathroom.

      Michael shoved back the curtain "I was starting to think you wouldn't come."

      Kyle smiled giving Michael a lustful look as he stepped out of his pants "Oh I'm going to come alright but I think I would rather make you come first."

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