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True Destiny, Part 3

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 9, 2004

Title: True Destiny Part 3
Author/E-mail: MME (
Archive: Yes
Pairing: Kyle/Max
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Katims and Metz et al. I own nothing.
Feedback: Absolutely.

      Max sat outside in the early morning thinking. He woke up early at the break of dawn, leaving the comfort of Liz besides him on the bed they shared. He tried to think things through, all that had happened and all that they will be doing, but in the end he had no answer, no conclusion to it all. Everyone looked up to him, the leader, the King. But he was no King, he was no leader. He was just some guy just trying to survive. Is that too difficult?

      The morning breeze grew warmer as the sun woke from its night slumber. The stars fade away into wisps of swirling clouds, swirling and twisting like Max's thoughts in an endless cycle of turmoil. Max had had enough of thinking. He thought he might find peace and maybe some answers alone with nature, but all he had were more questions.

      He should probably get back inside before Liz wakes up. He went through the side doors of the motel and down the corridor towards his room, hands in their pockets. He stopped as something caught his eyes. Someone was at the other end of the corridor; the window behind outlining his shape as the shadows shrouds the person in mystery. Max squinted to try to see who it might be as it looms closer.

      The dark shape floated towards him slowly, wavering left and tilting right, seemingly unaware of its own surrounding. Max squinted again and this time the form took shape, revealing itself as it stilled. It was Kyle staring down at the floor, arms wrapped around his naked chest and wearing only his boxer's shorts.

      "Kyle?" Max asked as many questions formed in his head.

      Kyle ignored him, and continue his snail pace stroll. Max went over to Kyle, grabbed him at the shoulders and at that instance in time, he felt a tiny electrical shock pulse from Kyle into Max.

      "Kyle?" Max asked again after recovering from what ever had just happened between them. He gave Kyle a little shake.

      "Huh?" Kyle looked around, still a little dazed, "Wha...?"

      Max tried and caught Kyle's eyes. Kyle was still a little out of it, his eyes doesn't seem to focus at Max, doesn't seem to focus at all. Again, he shook Kyle, but a little firmer this time round.

      "Kyle, what's wrong? Are you okay?"

      Max continued to search deep within Kyle's eyes for some sign of life or consciousness and he contemplated using his powers. Max squeezed Kyle's shoulders and slowly, Kyle's eyes began to focus into Max's own.

      "Max?" Kyle asked, "What are you doing here?"

      Before Max could answer, Kyle's body went limp and started falling. Max managed to catch Kyle before he hit the floor and they wrapped their arms around each other. Kyle began trembling. Max held him until the trembling subsided. During those moments, Max felt the tiny electric shock of red sparks jumping from Kyle into him like before.

      "Thanks Max. I... I... I just feel so... so tired." Kyle managed to say.

      "What's going on? What happened?" Max whispered into Kyle's ear.

      "I... I...", Kyle started and a puzzled expression appeared on his face.

      "I honestly don't know." He said as he looked up at Max.

      "Come on. Let's get you back to your room." Max replied.

      "Er... give me a sec. I need a second or so to feel my legs."

      "Fine." Max said as he shifted his weight to give Kyle more support.

      Max was worried, something has happened to Kyle overnight but he doesn't know what. He had a niggling feeling it must have something to do with Kyle's new founded powers. Although Liz did lose control of her powers from time to time in the beginning, it was nowhere this strong. But then Liz had more control over her powers than Kyle ever did. Max punished himself a little for letting Kyle stay in a room of his own.

      Max thoughts came back to the present and unexpectedly he felt really conscious of Kyle in his arms. The texture of Kyle's skin, the firmness of his muscles, the smell... it was relaxing and calm with Kyle in his arm and and he realised he was also more than a little turned on. He instantly blushed and pushed Kyle away holding him at arm's length.

      Max coughed.

      "I think that's enough time to recover from being weak at the knees from me." Max said a little too quickly.

      "Ha ha. Very funny." Kyle grumbled.

      Even though Kyle had gained some strength he still needed a little support from Max. With Kyle's arm round his shoulders and Max's arm around Kyle's waist they slowly proceeded towards his room.

      They both stood just inside of Kyle's room, both wide eyed. Everything was in complete chaos. The bed was leaning at the wall near them on its side. The cabinet was overturned at one side of the room, while the drawers it had was on the other. Everything else was in a similar situation with the content of Kyle's bag scattered through various places around the room.

      "Wow!" Max said, "We were here one night and you already living like a pig."

      Kyle stared at the guy holding him up.

      "You know, if I had any strength left I would sock you one." Kyle said.

      "Hey, don't blame me. You did this... whatever you did." Max said as he waved his free hand at the room.

      "Damn." Kyle pouted, "When I went to sleep last night, I felt like I was floating. Care-free you know. I was just free. It felt good. Actually it felt great! I didn't think I actually be floating the whole room!"

      Max looked at Kyle and asked seriously, "You did this all night?"

      Kyle looked around the room and did his best to shrug while leaning on Max.

      "I don't know! Yes? No? Probably?"

      "Well no wonder you're exhausted! You've been running juiced up with high power all night!" `I didn't even know you had so much!' Max thought but didn't say out loud. It looks like he will have to watch Kyle very carefully for the next few weeks.

      Kyle looked around again. All his clothes, valuables, toiletries, everything was just all over the place.

      "I guess you should probably clean this up." Kyle said to Max.

      "Hey, you're the one who made this mess. You clean it up!" Max said, just a little annoyed.

      "Hey, can't you see I'm dying here? I'm leaning on you man, and I'm usually not that gay!"

      "That's because you are ..."

      Max began his reply but got cut off as they heard police sirens in the distance.

      "Shit!" Max said, "Not now! Fuck, we have to go find the others."

      Max lifted Kyle into his arm and ran the best they could to Liz's room. Outside Liz's room he put Kyle down before he opened the door.

      "Liz!" Max said as he opened the door but an empty room greeted them. Liz should be asleep in her room but all that showed sign she was there was the bed. As he quickly shut the door, he grabbed a hold of Kyle and they ran into Michael's room further down. To their surprise, Liz and Isabel were already there.

      "Liz!" Max cried, "I thought you were still in our room."

      "Max, I woke up and didn't see you so I tried to find you here." Liz replied.

      All their attention immediately turned onto the boxer clad Kyle half-wrapped around Max. Max and Kyle looked at each other for a second before they turned their attention to the group and said together, "Long story."

      Max dropped Kyle on the floor and swiftly locked the door. He then proceeded towards the window where Michael was already.

      "It looks like it's the FBI." Michael said.

      He turned towards Max and asked, "What should we do now Max?"

      "We wait." Max said calmly peeking out the window.

      A few of the police cars were parked outside, their blue lights flashing silently. The people surrounding the cars were heavily armed, as if they were expecting a big conflict. There were a few people in suits, obviously the guys in charged, but hanging near the back of the team giving out orders/

      "What do you mean we wait?" Isabel said. There was clearly anger in her voice as she crouched next to Max. She peeked out the window contemplated the next move, her next move.

      "We can probably take most of them out if we just blew up their cars while they are in it." Isabel said, "The surviving rest won't be enough to stop us getting away."

      Isabel lifted her hand ready to take aim, but Max halted her by grabbing her wrist.

      "No Isabel, I said wait! We are not going to kill unless we absolutely have to." Max said patiently, "It will only make things worse for us."

      "You're no King Max!" Isabel said harshly but she complied with Max's request and retreated back into the rooms with the other girls.

      They heard something crashed outside in the corridor and they all face the entrance to the room. Maria clasped her hand around her mouth, stifling a scream. Liz wrapped her arms around Maria and hugged her tightly. Isabel did the same around both Liz and Maria.

      "Isabel's right! It's not going to be easy if we don't take most of them out in one go." Michael argued as he looked from Isabel to Max.

      Max couldn't believe what he was hearing.

      "We have to try. We are not going to murder these people just because... because... we just can't kill." Max said but he wasn't too sure neither. He knew that he couldn't... shouldn't kill but he would never be able to live with himself him something ever happens to anyone of there them.

      "I'm with Max on this one." Kyle said from the floor as he raised one of his hands into the air.

      Everyone ignored Kyle and Max continued, "We have to stick together on this, we have to..."

      They heard another crash and this time they could tell it was a door. Someone screamed `FBI' and then some shooting and someone else yelling `You're under arrest'. They heard more shuffling and patters of feats and then silence.

      Michael walked quietly to the door and placed his back against the wall prepared for anything that might come through. Max peeked outside again and after a few moments looked up at the group from the window.

      "It's not for us."

      "Are you sure?" Michael questioned.

      "I'm pretty sure, they seem to have caught whoever it is they were looking for." Max said as he peeked outside again, "Take a look yourself."

      Both Michael and Isabel took a look outside the window. The police cars were dispersing and people in handcuffs were being stuffed into one of the vans. Even though it looked like things were over, some of the officers and their cars would be parked there for a couple more hours.

      "So it's over?" Maria asked as Michael walked over to her and embraced her tightly.

      "Yeah, its over." said Michael.

      Max walked over to where Kyle lay and kicked him in the ribs lightly. The boy was snoring and very asleep. Max looked around the room with an incredulous look.

      "Does Kyle sleep through everything?"

      "Max?" Liz said. A hint of unsure fear trembled in her voiced.

      They all turned to Liz. During the aftershock of the event she had walked towards the window with a hand on one of the panes. She was staring intently outside with her head somewhat tilted up as if she was trying to look at something very far away.

      "It's not over yet."

      She turned round facing the groups of friends, and they saw that her eye had glazed over and glowed with static green.

      "Something's coming."

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