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Ava, Chapter 58: Liz

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     I said I'd sleep with her tonight, keep watch on her.  Kyle couldn't because he's a boy.  So we took showers, changed into lovely lent PJs and climbed into Piper's bed.  She's been so depressed lately that when I rolled over to look at her I didn't expect to see what I did.  She was looking at me, her eyelids heavy with a wicked gaze.

     "Did you ever like me?  she drawled, one hand sneaking over and running up my side.  What have I gotten myself into?

     "I used to, then I got to know you.

     "Why did you like me?  And why did you stop?

     I tried to remember back to the time I had first met her, "Well, you were nice, and wanted to be friends, and drop dead sexy, especially when you were kissing my boyfriend.  Tess grinned, and it wasn't scary.  Any expression she had made had been scary because I never knew whether it was real or something she was making me see, but this one felt real, she was grinning because she liked what I said about her.  "We also though you were a normal person.  I could understand someone trying to steal my boyfriend, but the whole destiny thing, it was surreal, and kind of sad.  Then we were supposed to be 'soulmates' and that was surreal and depressing as well, couldn't we just like each other.  I got swept away by the alien weirdness and I lost the fact that we're all just kids, not anything special, and love is something that I'm not sure I believe in.  I liked Max, and you liked Max, and Max was really unsure about who he liked more.  I liked you, I really wouldn't have minded being your friend, but things got out of control.  I could understand a girl wanting to go home, but you wanted it so bad.  If everyone hadn't been so paranoid we all could have helped each other out, and... all the badness wouldn't have happened.

     "I didn't mean to.  I really didn't mean to.  I didn't know what was going to happen, but then everything... got out of control.  I really didn't realize how limited my power was.

     "Shh," I shushed a teary eyed psychotic alien freak in bed with me.  This is weird on so many levels.

     "I don't trust myself, not at all anymore.  I really want that pentacle thing, at least until I'm used to not using them.

     I nodded, "but I liked you even when you were totally out of control, when you were cocky you were really attractive, when ever you were real.  I don't know how, but I could tell whether you were being honest with your emotions or not.

     "I want to kiss you, for real.  Am I being honest now?


     So I kissed her.  It had been a girl kissing day what with Maria and all.  Tess was nice, softer than I expected and her body was even smaller than mine when she squirmed into my arms.  We kept it pretty chaste, she didn't even part my mouth, and we both suppressed the flashes.  Personally I hate them.  They're completely distracting, I really don't mind just focusing on the kiss.  It was a good kiss, sweet and not too much too fast, like Max kissed me at first, but he hasn't kissed me like that in years.  Tess curled up into me and rested her head on half of my pillow.

     "I need to finish high school.

     "Good plan there.

     "That was never on my list of goals before.  It just didn't matter too much to me.  But what goals do I have left?

     "I think you need some new ones.

     "Yeah.  But I don't have to have my life totally planned out.  I think I need some time to figure out who I am and what I want.

     "You and half the world.

     "What's Kyle going to do?

     "We should plan out his life for him since he seems to have no goals.

     "I see him as a religion major, with intramural football.

     "That sounds good, better than toilet drainer.

     "Very much.  Tess giggled, then glanced up at me, "I have another goal.

     "What's that?

     "Get you to kiss me again.

     I smiled, "then you didn't mind?

     "I'd never mind feeling cared about.  I haven't felt that way for a long time.

     I kissed her again.  I didn't mind.  I wasn't afraid of her anymore.  It's odd, but sometimes now I think that Ava's the stronger of the pair.  The amazing thing about the aliens is that they're all so human inside.

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