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Ava, Chapter 10: Paige

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     Who’s this?  What’s going on?  Phoebe knows this girl.  She’s so tense, it’s like they were lovers.  Maybe I’m reading too much into this.  Everyone has suddenly become gay.  It’s not that surprising for me.  I’ve always admired cute girls, none have ever been interested in me before, that’s all, but it is very nice to be interesting.  I really don’t know much about my sisters’ pasts.  She’s probably just a friend that she lost contact with.  They’re not saying; “after we broke up, or I miss sleeping with you,” stop!  Paige, they’re just friends, stop making things up.

     “Do you know how I got here?  The last thing I remember was getting in the limo with my assigned date to go to the rehearsal dinner… the dinner!  How late am I?  My brother is going to be so worried.”  She looks frantically around, but she’s not wearing a watch.

     Phoebe touches her shoulder, “it’s eight thirty, what time were you supposed to be there.”

     “Eight, I’m not too late.”

     “Where’s it supposed to be?”

     “The Hilton.”

     “That’s not far, we can run and catch the cable car.”

     “Okay, but you have to come with, I appear to be lacking a date.”


     Maybe I wasn’t reading into this.  Phoebe helps Kylie out of the chair.  Her knees buckle a bit and her arms go around Phoebe’s shoulders.  I can feel it, the pain fear and insecurity that wells out from them.  They’re not saying something, and it’s something important.  Ava slips her hand into mine.

     “They hurt each other a lot,” she whispers, “do you know her?”

     I shake my head slightly and then turn towards her.

     “We can go now.”  She nods and slides her arm around my waist.  It feels like more than an arm.  It feels like an entire wall has wrapped around me, protecting me from anything outside.  She smiles up at me and the extestential loneliness dissipates immediately.

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