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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 50

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 1, 2004

      Toronto, Canada, 1 Month Later

      The Troy family had gotten off the plane and were in a cab to their new home. Max helped them get everything they needed to start a new life; he even transported their furniture and other belongings up to their new house and arranged for people to unpack the lot. Everything had been taken care of. All that was needed was the Troy's and before long they got to their house.

      As they stepped out of the cab, Mr Troy forgot to exchange his money for Canadian currency. Quietly and quickly he waved his hand over his wallet. Pam saw the action and smiled.

      "Handy." She whispered, her father just looked at her.

      After paying the cabbie, they headed up to their front door and, for the first time, opened it. They hadn't seen the house, except in an extremely detailed brochure that included photographs of every little nook and cranny. As they stepped passed the threshold and took in the house, they liked it.

      "Nice. This is a little uptown, even for us." Mrs Troy said

      "It's okay. I decided to splurge some money I had left for an emergency. I've had it for years and never needed it, besides, giving our daughter a good new start is a good reason." Mr Troy said

      "Yes." His wife said

      "I think I'm gonna check out my room." Pam said as she ran up the stairs.

      Soon she found her bedroom and looked around. All her things were there; even her posters were up on the wall. As she moved to her window to look out over the back garden, she ran her hand over her duvet and checked that all but the clothes she brought with her were unpacked. When she reached the window, a glint of light from the neighbour's garden caught her attention.

      She looked over to see some people playing in a pool and a couple lying on a blanket. They were sunbathing and as she looked down at them, the guy looked up at her through his sunglasses.

      {Now that is a damn fine guy.} Pam thought to herself as he looked over his body and then down to his Speedos and saw the bulge. {Wow.} she thought and then looked over to the girl next to him, {HmmmÖ girl's got a killer bodÖNO. You like guys, not girls. Alien or not.} she chastised herself but couldn't help look over the swell of her breasts.

      Pam opened the window to let in some fresh air, her eyes constantly looked to the couple as she leaned out and tried to act inconspicuous.

      In the Neighbour's GardenÖ

      "I'm guessing that's moms new neighbours just moved in." the guy said

      "She's definitely got an interest in you. Not that I blame her." The girl said running her hand over his chest.

      "I don't think it's just me she's looking at babe."

      Just then his mother came out, "Hello you two."

      "Hey mom."

      "Just thought I'd tell you that the new people next door just moved in."

      "Yeah. The girl is up in her room look down." The girl said, "She definitely looked hot."

      "Oh I almost forgot, Erika phoned. She needs you all back up at your dome by three. Max Evans is working on something and thinks it should come out of another branch of the company instead if Roswell."

      "Sure mom, we'll be back up by then." The guy said

      Pam's BedroomÖ

      "Oh tell me she just didn't sayÖtell me they're notÖof course it'd be just my luck." Pam said.

      She moved away from the window and slumped on her bed just as her father knocked and entered.

      "Hey Honey, how's thingsÖwhat's wrong? I thought you'd like living here." He said

      "I did until I overheard a couple next door talking about Max Evans and about a dome." Pam said, "And they're really hot too."


      "He." Pam corrected herself, "Alright, screw it, they are hot. The guy and the girl, they're both smokin' hot. Are you happy?"

      "Honey, this is apart of you and you need to accept that aspect of your life."

      "Yeah, yeahÖhey waitÖMax EvansÖDomeÖthey're hybrids." Pam said, "You don't seem too concerned."

      "I am but I also knew. My unit picked up their presence. Besides, I suspected a family might have been here in Toronto. There is an Antaris Technologies office here."

      "Then why come here? Canada is a pretty big fuÖit's a pretty big place. We could have gone anywhere." Pam asked with frustration


      "Dad, that's an answer someone my age would give. And you're a lot older than you look." Pam said

      "Pamela, I love you and I can't let anything happen to you. Sooner or later I'll be gone, now I can teach you what you need to know to help you but not to help you're childrenÖif you have any."

      "My children? Dad, I've seventeenÖ18 in three months."

      "I always look at the big picture. The calculations I made to help you were specifically for you. If they were too be used on your child then you'd do damage to them. Remember, they will inherit the same ability to generate energy like you do."

      "So teach me the calculations then." Pam said

      "I cant. Your mind is a little beyond where other humans are but this level of mathematics is completely beyond you."

      "But for hybrids?"

      "They can learn it. I asked Evans not to let any other family know where we'd be but I've been thinking about it. Protecting you is paramount. It's only a matter of time before they meet me, I have no doubt that they'll recognise me. My picture is probably well known to all the families by now."

      "So they know what you look likeÖthey'll try tooÖ"

      "No, they wont do anything to me. Or to you. So long as we don't try to hurt them they will leave us alone. At some point I'm going to ask them to help with the calculations, I'm sure they don't want to see innocent children hurt just because of what we've done in the past."

      "Okay." Pam said

      "Come on. You're mother's ordered some Chinese food to be delivered, it'll be here soon."

      "Chinese? It's not even 2pm yet."

      "Yeah but we're all hungry and cant be bothered cooking."

      "I can buy that." Pam said as she hopped off her bed and headed to the door.

      "You're attracted to both?"

      "Yes." Pam said, "Especially in that bikiniÖwhy am I talking about this with my dad?"

      "Because Antarian families are open and can talk about anything and that is in you just like it's always been. Now you just know why."

      For the rest of the day the family got settled in to their surroundings. Later on, some people from around the cul-de-sac neighbourhood came around to welcome them. The entire street had been home to the hybrids and their lovers. All had grown up together so their parents felt apart of each other and were sorry when the family moved to their own dome in the country. It was actually pure chance that they chose to live in this street, Mrs Troy was the one who did the selecting.

      However, they all instantly recognised Pam. They remembered watching the news report on Sam's stabbing. It had made it up to Canada since it involved the world's richest teenagers. Then came the word that Pam's father was a Skin. All decided not to say anything but rather to inform their children the second they got the chance. All made polite conversation but Mr Troy and Pam could pick up on the tension. Mr Troy looked around and quickly raised his hand up over his wife's eyes, placing her back in a trance-like state.

      "Okay, you recognise us. My wife knows nothing of this and I want to keep it that way. By all means, tell your children. I wanted to speak to them eventually but as you humans say, the sooner the better. I have no doubt that they'll put every security drone they have on alert and if they wish to confer with Max Evans then so be it." Mr Troy said

      With that, he un-zoned his wife and she went back to talking like nothing had happened. All the others were a little freaked but their children had gotten them used to it so they too continued like nothing had happened. The next day that meeting happened. Mr Troy gave his proposal and they accepted it, after conferring with Max. All during it, neither Pam nor the couple from the previous day could keep their eyes off each other.

      Altar Room, The Mansion, Roswell, Same Time

      In the last month the remaining couples in the house got married, starting with Isabel and Alex then Tess and Kyle and then Michael and Maria. Each one happened with a week of the last. Lonnie arranged her show marriage to the robot boyfriend, now robo-husband. They arranged everything down to the last detail, even making sure that the drone's records indicated that his last name was Reese so that she could share her true husbands last name. Even Ava finally relented and changed her last name; she was just doing it or fun anyway.

      The day after the last wedding, all three couples came to a decision and made their way to the altar. The only problem was that they couldn't decide who would go first, so they decided to go together. They all came out of their bedrooms wearing their ritual clothes, the other five were sitting in their places and the altar was up and waiting for them.

      They all followed what they were supposed to do and stripped each other, each kissing and fondling. The guys picked their women up and placed them on the altar but there wasn't much room for all six of them. Their only option was for the girls to sit on the cushions while the boys to stand before them. Carefully and at the same moment, they moved between the spread thighs of their wives.

      With long deep thrusts, the three of them pushed with hard cocks into the soaked slits of Isabel, Maria and Tess. All groaned loudly and they wrapped their long legs around their lover's waists. Their eyes locked together, never breaking contact with the initial thrusts in and out. All were gently moaning and sighing as they held and caressed each other.







      "Oh right thereÖ"

      The girls moaned over and over again. As Tess leaned back slightly to let Kyle get further into her body, the skin of her back made contact with Maria's. They looked over each other's shoulders to each other. The two lovers bent and twisted as much as possible to kiss each other passionately. Their tongues duelled as their men filled them.

      In and out, faster and faster, Alex, Michael and Kyle sank deeper and deeper into them. Their hips were slapping against the soft flesh of their inner thighs. Alex couldn't help but looked over to his best friend and watch her kiss Tess, the sight made his dick swell even harder. However, he wasn't alone. Watching the sight affected Michael and Kyle in exactly the same way.

      The need to cum was in them and soon they were pounding into their lovers. The girls were screaming loudly and with fire. The guys grunted with pure primal intensity, moving harder and deeper as they possibly could. It was then that Maria and Tess broke their kiss, and with Isabel they leaned up to completely wrapped themselves around their husbands and kissed them hard. With final grunts and cries of bliss, the men unloaded their seed into their wives as their bodies quivered and trembled with their orgasms.

      The altar did its job and spread the light that signified the beginnings of life in all three of them. The others off to the side felt it as did the couples on the altar as they held each other.

      "Wow." Maria mumbled as she held Michael close to her

      "Yeah." Isabel said, her hands running over Alex's chest

      Carefully the guys pulled out of them. Their dicks started to soften as they helped each girl off the altar and into the pit of cushions, each couple were softly kissing.

      "6 women in the house, all pregnant. What's the definition of insanity?" Max asked

      "I think what you just said covers it." Michael said

      "Hey!" all 6 said together.

      "You know, I've been reading this book." Liz said

      "There's a shocker." Maria said

      "Anyway, it's about Antarian births. Apparently we give birth at home. Which I suppose isn't a bad idea given our uniqueness." Liz said

      "Home birth. I guess I could do that." Isabel said

      "Yeah. It feels right that our kids be born here." Tess said

      "Actually, it's not in here, in the dome yes but not in the house. There is supposed to be some sort of temple or shrine hidden somewhere for it." Liz said

      "Hidden? If we're gonna do this shouldn't we know where it is?" Maria asked

      "There are some directions. It's not far, we could walk there but I think our horses could do with some exercise." Liz said

      "I'm up for that." Max said

      "Yeah, lets go see what we've got." Sam said

      Everyone returned to their rooms to get cleaned up and dressed. They emerged a few minutes later and headed down to the first floor and then out to the stables.

      Birthing Shrine, Other Side of the Lake, 20 Minutes later

      They rode out on horses to the area described in the book. Once they reached it, they found themselves in an area of the forest that was very thick. They had to get off of the horses as vines covered everything. Max moved forward to the wall of vines and raised his hands. As his hands glowed, the vines parted like a curtain being pulled open.

      Before them was an area the size of the altar room but it was completely made of white marble. It had a base that floored the entire section with four grooved pillars at each corner, and in the middle there was another altar. It was identical to the other; only it was lower down, rising up 3 feet from the base and didn't come with cushions. At each corner, along the length of the altar, were four pedestals at the same height as the altar and on top of them were bowls of the purest water. The entire area was unadorned and as white as a hospital room.

      Liz took out the book again, "According to this, each bowl has a purpose. One is for washing hands before the birth. Another is for the mother to drink from during it and another has a cloth."

      "Cloth?" Max asked

      "Yeah, uh, dampening the forehead, cooling down, that sort of thing. Anyway, the last bowl is for washing the baby." Liz said

      "Oh." Maria said, "So, we all have to do it here?"

      "Yeah." Liz said

      "UhÖno. I want a hospital room with every drug invented by modern science. I've seen that video for the births andÖI want a needle in the arm every second hooked up with an IV bag." Maria said

      "Babe." Michael said

      "No." Maria said defiantly

      "Actually, according to this we wont feel pain." Liz said, reading the book

      "How?" Isabel asked

      "Not sure. The book doesn't specify." Liz said, "It just said, aside from the physical exertion, the sweat and heatÖzero pain."

      "Maybe there's technology in the altar." Max said

      "Or a painkiller in the water." Tess said

      "It could be anything, but I'm willing to take the book at its word." Liz said and looked at Maria

      "Yeah I guess I could let it go. Besides, I suppose I don't want my baby being the subject of medical research when a med-tech finds something unusual in its blood." Maria said

      "Amen to that." Lonnie said

      "Oh here's a thing." Liz said as she looked at the book. "We all have to be naked."

      Max looked at her, "Well, that's not new with this family."

      "Well, we've got a long time before we have to put this place to use." Isabel said, "I say we go to town and visit the folks."

      "I'm all for that." Max said

      "I just hope my mom doesn't go nuts when I tell her." Maria said

      "She's gonna be a grandmother, of course she's gonna freak." Kyle said

      "Oh yeah well what about daddy dearest." Maria said

      "HeÖoh crap." Kyle said

      "Yeah." Maria said

      "At the very least we're all happily married." Kyle said

      "Here's to that." Michael said as they all stepped out of the shrine. As they did, the vines fell back into place, concealing the shrine once more.

      Max & Liz's Bedroom, Just under 10 Months Later

      Max and Liz lay on their bed, her belly was swollen with their child and both knew that any day now she'd give birth. It wasn't simply a matter of chronology; they could feel it coming closer and closer. The second month 9 of her pregnancy hit, everybody in the house started making preparations. Even though it wasn't just for Liz, everybody was clearly pregnant and everyone was as happy as they could be.

      Liz still read the thick book on Antarian births. After ten months she still hadn't gotten all the way through it but she had learned a lot. "Oh now that is interesting."

      "What?" Max asked as he ran his hand over her bump

      "Apparently the father of the child is the one who births it." Liz said

      Max perked up, "What? Really?" he asked


      "But I don't know anything. I'm going into law now, not medicineÖIÖI don't know what to do." Max said suddenly very worried

      "Antarian men have been doing this since time began. You can do it." Liz reassured him, "Besides, I like the idea of you instead of a doctor I don't know."


      "Honey, you'll do fine." Liz said as her expression suddenly shifted, "And I think you better read this book."

      "Yeah. I guess so." Max said

      "NoÖuhÖnow." Liz said

      "Liz?" Max asked as he rose up from the bed

      "MaxÖit'sÖoh boy, it's time. Get the others." Liz said

      Max jumped up from the bed and opened the door. All the others were in their rooms and he yelled, "IT'S TIME!"

      Everybody knew what it meant and dived out of their rooms.

      "Alex, call an ambulance." Max called out

      "MaxÖshrineÖremember?" Alex said

      "UhÖoh yeah." Max said running back into his room to see Liz trying to stand up. "LizÖyou shouldn't."

      "Max, chill. I can still walk." Liz said as she got to the door

      "Liz? Max, are you crazy letting her walk like this?" Isabel asked angrily

      "Hey she's the oneÖahhh screw it, I'm going to be a dad." Max said as everyone followed Liz into the elevator.

      "Where's Sam?" Liz asked

      "Getting your horses to the front door." Lonnie said

      As they got to the ground floor, Max had his arm around Liz supporting her. He helped her to the front door where an open top carriage awaited them. It was lead by Max and Liz's horses, decorated with silk on the inside and made of mahogany wood.

      "NiceÖgnnnnnÖcarriage. Where'd it come from?" Liz asked

      "Well." Max said as he helped her inside and then followed her. "We're not completely Antarian or completely human, so we decided to add our own little ritual into the mix. So the guys and I got together and came up with this." Max said

      "Good call." Liz said quickly as she leaned back into the comfortable seat.

      In seconds, the others arrived on their horses. Since all the girls were pregnant, they were riding sidesaddle and weren't going to fast. They all headed out to the shrine, with Alex and Isabel using their horses to lead Max and Liz's.

      Birthing Shrine, 15 Minutes Later

      The carriage made its way across the clearing occupied by the mansion to the other side of the lake. Liz was laying back in the chair, breathing in short, deep breaths as she tried to focus on something other than the pain. Max lay next to her, his arm around her shoulder and doing what he could to help her, which wasn't very much. He wanted to open their link up fully to help share the pain but Liz wouldn't let it happen.

      "Liz. You have to let me help. At least until we get to the shrine." Max said

      "Max, women have been doing this for hundreds of thousands of years. Besides, I want you to be alive, not screaming in pain until you die."

      Eventually they reached the wall of vines, Max helped Liz off of the carriage and picked her up in his arms. He carried her over to the where the shrine was hidden as Michael opened it up. Carefully he climbed up on to the marble base and placed his wife onto the altar. As the others gathered round, they started to peel off their clothes without thinking about it. Before long there were several piles on the far side of the shrine. The second Liz's naked flesh lay on the altar, the pain she experienced vanished and the others could feel it as well.

      In seconds, the others all kneeled in positions around Liz while Isabel, Alex and Max stayed by her. All were moving and acting with instinct, consciously they didn't know what to do, even the Antarian book hadn't gone into the details of what they should do but that wasn't a problem. Their bodies knew.

      Isabel picked up on bowl from the pedestal and presented it to Liz like an offering. Liz took the bowl and took a sip from it before returning it to Isabel who placed it back in position. Max then placed his hands in another bowl and washed his hands, he felt a tingle over his skin. His hands never felt cleaner than they did but right now he couldn't less, his child was about to be born.

      When he finished washing his hands, Max moved back to Liz. She was lying with her back fully on the marble with her legs spread. Liz expected the altar to be stone cold but it wasn't, it was warm and the warmth spread through her and calmed her quickening heartbeat.

      A Little LaterÖ

      "That's it Liz, just breath." Isabel said softly.

      Liz was sweating a lot; every so often Isabel would present her with the bowl of water that Liz drank a little from as Alex used the bowl closest to him. He dipped the cloth in it and used that cloth to wipe down Liz's forehead.

      "GHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNÖ." Liz gritted her teeth as she pushed

      "HeyÖLizÖIÖI can she the headÖthere is a head." Max said excitedly.

      Liz followed everything her body was telling her to do; the shrine increased her instincts until they were as clear in her head as Max's voice. She pushed again and heard felt Max take a hold of their child as its shoulders emerged.


      "There LizÖA little moreÖthat's itÖone more pushÖ" Max said


      Soon the child's entire body was out and crying loudly. Liz looked up and could see tears beginning to form in his eyes.

      "It's a boy." Max said as he looked to Liz and then turned back to the baby, "We have a son."

      A hum then started from all around them, after a second and from the tops of all four pillars, light shot out and filled the shrine. It focused around Liz, Max and their son, as it died down everyone could see that the umbilical cord was gone. Max looked around and carried his son to the last bowl of water. He bathed him in the water and as Isabel tended to Liz, Alex walked over with a sliver blanket.

      Max placed his son into the blanket and Alex wrapped him up before giving him back to Max. Max looked down at him again as he walked over to Liz. He sat next to her on the altar and together they held their child as Isabel walked over to Alex, both looking over to the king and queen as they placed their hands on the swell of Isabel's belly. All the other got up from their knees and moved closer, each saying hello to the new arrival.

      "I thought there wasn't supposed to be any pain?" Maria said

      "There wasn't." Liz said

      "Then what was with all theÖ"

      "Maria. Try pushing a potato through a garden water hose sometime. It takes a little bit of effort." Liz said

      "You know. We still need a name for this little guy." Max said

      "Well. He's the first of what he is soÖAdam?" Liz asked

      "Adam Evans. I like that." Max said, "Hello Adam."

      Their child just snuggled in to his mother as she held him. After a long time of just looking at the baby, they decided to head back to the mansion. They all got dressed and rode back home

      Living Room, The Mansion, 09:00 The Next Morning

      Everyone but Liz and the baby were in the room. Max was planning on letting her sleep a little longer and have breakfast ready and waiting for her to enjoy it in bed. Unfortunately she had other plans. She had woken up and came downstairs with Adam in her arms. Neither parent had him very far from them unless their mate was with him.

      "You should be resting." Max said as he saw Liz.

      He jumped up and moved over to her. He looked down at his son, Adam's eyes opened. Father and son's eyes locked onto each other and Adam reached up with his tiny arms. Max smiled and wiggled his finger over him.

      "I'm fine, Max." Liz said, "Besides, we wanted to see you."

      "But I had a plan. There was going to be bed, breakfast and a rose from the garden." Max said

      "Oh and I go and spoil it. Naughty, naughty me." Liz said with a smile, "Oh but I am hungry."

      "Well then, it's a good thing breakfast is ready." Maria said as she came in with the tray that was meant for Liz. "Oh cute little babyÖ gimme."

      Maria put the tray down. Liz sat down and got stuck in after handing her son to Max. Maria was by his side, playing with Adam with a rattle she picked up a while ago.

      "So what's on the agenda today?" Liz asked between bites

      "We go into town and get this little guy his birth certificate." Alex said

      "But first things first." Liz said as she finished her breakfast, "I need to check him out."

      "Check him out for what?" Maria asked

      "Stuff." Liz said as she went over to one of the walls. She pressed her palm to a wall panel and the entire section rotated, revealing rows of test tubes, a high-tech microscope and some equipment.

      Michael leaned over to Max to whisper in his ear, "I thought it was only cartoon super villains that had the secret labs."

      "Kalen showed me this stuff for when it was needed." Liz said as she walked to her son with a syringe. "Hmmm, I hate doing this."

      Liz put her hand over Adam's arm and it glowed. During that she inserted the needle and extracted some blood. Adam never felt a thing and giggled slightly before falling back to sleep. Liz returned to the equipment and put some blood onto a slide, and then she slipped it into the microscope to start her analysis.

      "Okay, lets see." Liz said as she looked into the scope, "What theÖ wow."

      "What's going on?" Max asked

      Just then their parents arrived and came in the door, "Where is he? Where's my grandson?" Diane asked as she, her husband and Liz's parents entered.

      "What's up?" Jeff asked as he looked at each of the teenagers.

      "That's what I'd like to know." Max said, "Liz, what's wrong?"

      "Nothing. He's fine." Liz said

      "No virus?" Max asked

      "Oh don't worry about that. He's got my immunity to it all right." Liz said

      "Then what?" Michael asked

      "I just have something I need to check into." Liz said, "There is nothing wrong with him, he's completely perfect."

      Liz stepped back over to her son and picked him up. "Mom, DadÖI want you to meet Adam." She said as he gave Adam to her mother

      Nancy and Diane practically held their breath as they saw their grandson for the first time. "He's so perfect." Nancy said

      "Beautiful." Diane said as Nancy hand her the child

      "I should have brought cigars." Jeff said

      "Hey, no-ones smoking near my baby." Liz said sternly

      "Got that right." Max said, becoming very protective

      "Relax. I wont bring them anywhere near the dome." Jeff said

      The four grandparents spent the entire day with the baby. Already they had showered him with dozens of gifts. The baby was completely oblivious to the commotion around him, he just lay in his mother's or his father's arms and spent most of that time being asleep. All the while, Liz kept looking at her son in a new light. There was a lot she needed to check into before she said anything with certainty but one thing was for sure; the single blood sample from Adam had a lot of potential.

      Cryogenic Tube Storage Area, Alpha 1, 1 Week Later

      Much later, Liz confirmed it. Her suspicions were all on the money and told everyone in the house. Later that week Max ordered their private jet to be fuelled and waiting at the airport. They flew out to Kalen's island in the pacific and landed on a small airstrip on the island.

      They walked over the island to the hidden entrance to his base and walked through the halls until they reached the storage room for the thousands of tubes. It had been a long time since they had been here but it was all still the same. Lonnie even smiled again as she stared into Rath's tube.

      "Still an ice cube?" Sam asked

      "Yeah." Lonnie said, "I wish he could see me now."

      Sam wrapped his arms around both of his pregnant wives, "Well, to protect this little oneÖand my neck, I'm glad he can't." Sam said

      "Awwwwweeee, don't worry honey. We'll protect you." Ava said

      "Here it is." Max called out after identifying Kalen's tube.

      He moved over to the control panel and deactivated the single tube. Kalen came out of stasis and the tube door opened. The alien was a little disoriented at first as his eyes slowly opened, he looked around the room. At first he only saw the faces before him.

      "WhatÖwhat happened? Did my tube malfunction?" Kalen asked, thinking that no time had passed. Then he saw that the girls were pregnant and that Max carried a baby in his arms.

      "Actually we brought you out of stasis deliberately." Max said

      "Why?" Kalen asked

      "Well, firstly to introduce you to Adam. Our son." Max said

      "And secondly, we kinda figured you'd want to volunteer before letting any of your people try it." Liz said

      "Try what?" Kalen asked

      "We think we've found a cure to the virus." Liz said

      "Are you serious?"

      "It turns out Adam's biology caused a mutation in the antibody. The data Larek got from that alien ship helped us in detecting. You seeÖ beforeÖit was just tied to human biology specifically but it couldn't work with the differences in Adam's physiology so it adapted. It makes sense really, evolution causes changes and if we were to remain immune then the antibody would have to adapt to those changes." Liz said

      "I don't understand." Kalen said

      "Yeah, join the club." Michael said, he had a headache the first time Liz explained it and now it was back.

      "The antibody changed so that it's a little larger and that makes it more easily detectable. It also reproduces itself like other antibodies. Adam's body needs more than the single antibody that flows my body or Maria's, Kyle's, Sam's and Alex's." Liz said, "But the good thing is that in order to balance itself to the two parts of Adam's D.N.A, it became generic. It can work in any species."

      "You are serious." Kalen said, "UhÖof course I volunteer."

      Liz took a syringe out of a small carry-case. It was filled with a clear fluid that had Kalen enthralled. He held out his hand and Liz gave it to him.

      "My people searched for thousands of years for this." Kalen said as he handed it back to Liz.

      "The liquid is just a glucose solution, it has a single antibody that will replicate the second it hits your bloodstream." Liz said

      Kalen nodded and held out his arm. Liz quickly found one of his veins and inserted the needle. The fluid poured in and mixed with the alien's blood. Kalen's vision became blurred and he collapsed to the floor. After a few minutes he woke up with everyone surrounding him.

      "Are you okay?" Liz asked, very worried that she made a very big mistake.

      "I'm okay." Kalen answered as he stood back up, "I feelÖstronger, I guess. There couldn't be a change this quickly could there?"

      "I better run a test." Liz said as she took a sample of his blood from the other arm.

      Kalen showed them to one of the labs in the base and they ran the test.

      "The antibodies warmed through you. The virusÖthe systems you developed after finding the information on it, they're not detecting it at all. We can use a sample of your blood to culture enough anti- virus for each of your people." Liz said

      "Then lets get started." Kalen said

      Within hours, a dosage had been supplied to the surviving members of the Antarian race. They were all freed from stasis but didn't know what to do with themselves. Their purpose was to prepare the hybrid families for breeding on Earth and that was done.

      "Too bad this cure came too late for Antar and the other species out there." Feln said as he rubbed his arm where he was injected

      "Actually. It hasn't." Max said

      "We have a plan." Ava said

      Living Room, The Mansion, Roswell, 20:00

      "The Omega Wave??" Kalen asked with surprise.

      They had flown home to Roswell so that max could fill Kalen and Feln in on the plan they came up with. The two aliens were completely blown away with it.

      "We can use the information that Serena had Alex work on when she had him under her mindwarp. All of that data is in the main computer and we ran a simulation. It can work." Max said

      "What exactly do you plan to do?" Feln asked

      "Okay, you told us that Alpha 1 has a room filled with genetic samples from every planet. We use them. Implant them into the Granolith along with one antibody per sample. We activate the Omega Wave and target the genetic material to the planets they came from." Liz said

      "But the Granolith doesn't have nearly enough power to spread through the entire universe." Kalen said

      "Yeah. That's the only wrinkle. The original wave specifications cause an evolutionary and cultural acceleration to a point around their industrial age equivalent. In this case we have to compensate for the lacking of power. By reducing the requirements needed and by using the dome to magnify the pulse we should be able to reach everywhere we need to, the energy is invisible anyway. The most we would be able to achieve is an iron age level." Alex said

      "Our people could be restored." Feln said as he looked to his brother

      "Everyone could be restored." Kalen said, "Which makes everything we've done hereÖpointless."

      "Oh I wouldn't say that." Max said

      "If it wasn't for your mission here, Max wouldn't have been existed, so Adam would never have been born and the antibody wouldn't have mutated. You guys gave us the ability to reset the clock." Liz said

      "Besides, it'll take those other races a long time to get back to their old technological levels. Maybe even thousands of years. That'll leave it to humans to keep an eye out if those dark side humans ever try to come back into this universe." Michael said

      For the next few hours the family got caught up with Kalen and Feln and the two aliens spent a lot of time getting to know the new baby they helped prepare the young couple for.

      Granolith Chamber, 10:00 The Next Morning

      The sun was rising higher and higher as Kalen arrived with a bunch of his people. All were carrying large boxes. Each box carried trays upon trays of slides that carried samples of D.N.A from all over the universe. Lots of boxes, lots of trays and millions of slides.

      "How many planets are we doing?" Michael asked

      "Oh around 30 million. Give or take." Kalen said

      "It is a big universe Michael." Max said

      "Yeah. Just didn't think there's that many out there." Michael said

      "Well not every star system has habitable planets. And even then not all of those haveÖhad sentient species. I think it works out to be about 20% of all systems." Kalen said

      "Okay. Let's do this." Liz said

      She took a vial of fluid containing the antibodies and placed it into the Granolith, once inside the vial broke and the liquid became a cloud. Then Liz took each slide one by one and inserted it into the machine. With each added sample, a fragment of the cloud broke off and attached itself to the sample. The programming of the granolith scanned each sample until all had been identified and matched to their target planet.

      12 Hours LaterÖ

      "There we go. That's the last one." Liz said

      "Thank god. My hand's got cramp." Michael complained

      "Well you should be used to that from the amount of times you used to jerk off." Maria said

      "Hey, I don'tÖ"

      Maria glared at him

      "Okay, well I haven't since you an I got together. With the exception of when I'm watching you when you're with the girlsÖI'll stop talking now." Michael said

      "AnywayÖ" Liz said, "Max."

      "Yes my dear." Max said

      He stepped to the Granolith and put his hand on the machine. "Granolith."

      "Max Evans, King, genetic inheritor of Zan of Antar. What is your command?" asked the machine

      "Confirm programmed parameters of Omega Wave." Max ordered

      "Programming confirmed. Parameters match requirements." The Granolith said

      "Initiate programming." Max ordered

      "Omega Wave program, launch in 5Ö4Ö3Ö2Ö1. Activate." The granolith said

      The machine began to glow brightly as the charge built up. Then it pulsed outward of the mountain. All that could be seen was a distortion in the air as the energy rippled. Outside the mountain, the energy filled the dome and conducted its way through the thin metal framework between the glass panels. The charge built up into its most potent form and the blasted upward into space. It targeted each planet, using astral bodies to bounce off as it travelled.


      In the oceans of Antar, as with all other planets, the Omega Wave deposited the genetic samples and within the hour single cell life forms appeared. One hour after that the seas were teaming with fish and as the sun rose on the planets life was once more walking on the land.

      Granolith ChamberÖ

      "You know, they're going to need a lot of help out there." Max said as the Granolith showed images of the development on some of the planets.

      Kalen smiled, "Yes they will. We got pretty far by ourselves the first time but if Antar had people looking out for them this time aroundÖ"

      "Teaching them and junk?" Michael said

      "Yeah." Max said

      "I do have a ship that can get up back there. We can stay in orbit and help here and there without them knowing we're there." Kalen said

      "I had a hunch." Max said, "But what about all those other planets?"

      "There is only so much we can do, I can ask for volunteers to stay on as many planets as possible with my limited manpower. Building a base on the top of a mountain where they'd be out of reach is easy enough but it will be lonely duty." Kalen said

      "On a mountain? Sound likeÖI don't knowÖlike Mount Olympus?" Liz asked

      "Well, we have watched humans for a long time." Kalen said

      "Yeah. This is all very nice but we do have kinda of a big problem heading our way at a thousand times the speed of light." Alex said

      "The ships that are coming here." Max said

      "Carrying the art, culture and an entire database of who they were. And travelling 24 hours ahead of them is a message saying that they were wiped out and that only humans are left." Alex said

      "Sooner or later, we're going to give technology that can get humans out there." Michael said, "And when they see that all those dead planets are alive againÖ"

      "Like I said. Problem." Alex said

      "Well, assuming I can get the trajectory right, I can intercept the message and alter it. I can add to it that there was a plan for survival but there wasn't any guarantee." Kalen said

      Max smiled, "But it just so happened that it did." He said

      "When do you leave?" Kyle asked

      "The ship can be prepped within two ours for space flight." Kalen said

      "What about Troy?" Sam asked

      "OhÖyeah." Max said

      "Who's Troy?" Kalen asked

      "Mr Troy. Father of Pamela Troy and resident Skin." Max said

      "Excuse me." Kalen said

      "Yeah." Max said

      "There is still a Skin around that you haven't taken care of?" Kalen asked

      "Sleeper unit. Found out not too long ago. And technically we have taken care of him." Michael said

      "So he'd dead?"

      "No." Michael said

      "He's more concerned about keeping Pam alive and sane. He's moved to Canada and stays out of our livesÖthat's the agreement." Alex said

      "In exchange for?"

      "Not killing him and helping Pam's little problem." Isabel said

      "He does know that if he stays on Earth he will die right?" Kalen asked

      "Yeah. He's got the husk degradation to about 4 years. Give or take." Max said

      "He only wants to make sure Pam's okay." Liz said

      "Well then. At the very least you're safe in the dome and he is just one Skin. I should get back to Alpha 1 and get ready. I said this before we went into stasis, goodbye. This is definitely the last time I'll see you." Kalen said

      He and the Antarian that he came with him left, using the Granolith to transport them back home. The family then returned to the Mansion where Liz's parents were babysitting their grandson. Liz immediately took her son into her arms and held him. As she looked into his eyes she couldn't help but wonder how it could be that someone only a week old could save the universe.

      Alpha 1Ö

      After Kalen returned to his base and immediately order the full preparation for the launch of their ship. All his people looked at him like he was crazy but shook it off; they never expected their ship to take off once it had been parked. All resumed their duties. After a few hours it was ready.

      The whole island shook and started to rise out of the ocean. All the trees, sand and mountains, everything that made the island look the part suddenly vanished leaving nothing but the metal hull of a spacecraft. As it rose higher and higher, the water was being blasted clear by the thrusts below the ship, leaving a hole in the ocean. However, eventually Alpha 1 rose high enough so that its propulsion technology didn't affect the ocean and the mass of water rushed in to fill the void.

      In the minutes after it cleared the ocean, the ship vanished in a ripple of energy. The whole thing was cloaked in a field of invisibility so that no one could see it as it ascended into orbit. For another hour it travelled slowly through the solar system and once it was clear it launched itself into hyperspace.

      Bandstand, Roswell Park, 4 ‡ Years Later

      The park was filled with people waving banners and cheering. Around the stand were lights that illuminated the park and large screens that focused in on the people on it, Alex, Isabel and their three children. The press were in attendance but this time none of the family minded, it was to be expected for this event.

      Before the stand, with a camera pointed at her and had Alex in the background, a reporter spoke, "We're here with the Whitman campaign and it has gone wild. It was announced a few minutes ago, Alexander Whitman has been elected to Congress for the state of New Mexico district 2 with almost 87% of the votes between himself and the other candidates."

      "Katie, this is an unusual situation isn't it?" said the studio anchor

      "Yes, at 22 Mr Whitman is a full 3 years younger than the minimal age requirement for being elected to a congressional seat. However, special dispensation was granted by the president, the leadership of both parties and the Federal Elections Commission. It was granted last year after a poll was published that stated 76% of Americans would vote for him in any election, all in response to Mr Whitman's achievements in the last few years.

      He's used his resources and connections with Antaris Technologies from brokering a Middle East peace plan that, has to date, lasted longer than it's predecessors to the peaceful resolution of the Tibet and Taiwan situation with China. Last year, he stood with the Dalai Lama who praised Mr Whitman and the others of his family as true believers in peace and the best of what humanity has to offer.

      Mr Whitman then surprised many by announcing that he wouldn't run as either Democrat or Republican, citing that there were many aspects in both parties that he agreed with, while disagreeing with a lot of policies within themÖtoo many to align himself with either party. Mr Whitman also said that decisions he would make would be made by his own consciousness and not with a party whip holding his arm behind his back. A standpoint that earned him an immediate 6-point lead over his opposition."

      "He certainly has had an astounding career in the last few years as have the rest of his family. Is it true that his wife ran his campaign?"

      "Yes. Isabel Whitman managed his campaign and obviously, very successfully. They limited their budget to $15,000 and refused to accept financing from any big name companies and used their own personal funds and donations that came through the mail from New Mexico citizens. Congressman Whitman is quoted as saying " Should I be elected its because I won it, not because I bought it". At first Mr Whitman didn't believe he had a career in politics but consultations with his wife and others changed that position, all believe he has the respect and influence to make a difference.

      Mrs Whitman designs an exclusive line of clothing, everything from jeans to lingerie and also has a popular line of beauty and hair care products. The Whitman's will be celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary in six months and if rumours are true, their fourth child will be along soon after that."

      "Thank you Katie. It looks like Mr Whitman is about to begin his speech."

      The camera focused in on Alex. "Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you. You voted me in because you believe in me and I wont disappoint thatÖ"

      Just at that moment, the alien signal arrived. Max and the others spent months calculating the exact moment it would arrive and scheduled Alex's speech to match it. As the high-energy wave that carried the signal struck, power systems shut down but not completely. The lights went out all over the planet but anything requiring constant power for safety was still fully functional, along with communications and that included television.

      "OkayÖuhÖI'm pretty sure I paid the electricity bill this month." He said out loud

      Then the main part of the message arrived. On the giant screens, alien symbols appeared. The first streamed down like the `Matrix' code, changing rapidly as it went and then onto a new set of glyphs that started from the bottom right hand corner of the screen moving to the left and then up, then came another and another.

      "See thereÖthe mathematical progressionÖand thereÖ" Alex said, he didn't understand anything that was up on the screen but if their plan was to succeed then he needed to portray that there was the possibility that he or one of the others could translate it. "It's changing too fast. Is someone recording this?"

      "Yes sir. The signal is being picked up all over the planet, satellites are relaying it automatically around the curvature of the planet." Said a technician

      The signal kept coming and coming. Millions of languages were quickly displayed over and over again. The whole signal constantly repeated itself as the world watched on. Every television or computer monitor the symbols appeared, on every radio sounds kept being transmitted out of them, even the radios used by the police were affected.

      Troy Residence, Toronto, Canada, Same Time

      The time Mr Troy had waited for was approaching. He could feel his husk was become weaker by the day for over a month now and as a result his breathing was become more difficult as the poisonous atmosphere leaked in. His hexagonal device hasn't powerful enough to provide him the long-term protection he needed. He made himself look strong for his daughter but couldn't do that any more as he fell to his bedroom floor.

      In his head he cried out for Pam while his device started to pulse with light. It picked up the signal but that didn't matter to him, especially when his daughter came into the room. Pam looked at her father on the floor and ran to his side. "Dad." She cried out

      "It's time Pam." He said simply

      "Dad, noÖthere has to be something I can do." Pam said, her eyes filling with tears.

      "I wish there was. I always hoped I could find away to prevent this, to see you become even more impressiveÖmore beautiful. Not that it's possible."

      "DadÖplease. I need you. I don't know what to do without you." Pam said

      "Yes you do. I know Pam."

      "KnowÖknow what?" Pam asked

      "You're sleeping with that hybrid couple. You have been for 2 years. PamÖI love you more than anything. When your mother died in that accident, I blamed those hybrids when they had nothing to do with itÖthey were just there. I know that but I couldn't control how angry I got and I let that spill into your life when I shouldn't have. I made you hide your relationships with those two and that I am sorry for."

      "DadÖI'm sorry. I should have told you anywayÖ"

      "You did what you thought was right. I know they've made you apart of their family. I felt the change in you. All you need is a Sharing."

      "PleaseÖI can't loose you. I'm not readyÖthat machineÖI still can't use it right. The energy in me willÖ"

      "Will not be a problem any more now that you've chosen your path. Not for you or your children. By becoming one with them, after a Sharing your body will adapt to the energy in you. That's something I could never do for you. You will be able handle the energy in you and any you're exposed toÖand if you need anything more you will always have the device. It's they're turn to take care of you now."

      "DaddyÖ" she whispered

      "Remember, I'm always apart of you."

      The husk quickly started to harden and crack. Mr Troy's eyes glazed over and became grey; his skin rapidly broke apart into dust leaving the alien within. For a few seconds he looked up at Pam with his own eyes and smiled before his body became a pile of grey/green dust.

      Pam wiped the tears from her eyes and took hold of the device. Her father gave her the instructions she needed for this day and she planned on following them to the letter. Carefully she placed it onto the middle of the dust and the machine came to life. It emitted light that started to spiral around and with it came a wind in the room. The dust swirled around the machine until it was all up in the air, the device pulling it ever closer and into it.

      Before long there wasn't a fragment of her father left, not his body and not his husk. When it was all done, the device had a beam that spread wide below it. It moved back and forth over and over again. Within that light, a very basic and non-functional husk with the appearance of the original formed. There had to be something for his daughter to bury and Mr Troy took care of that requirement. He made sure that it would fool the curiosity of the authorities and even created false medical records in the computers of the local hospital indicating he had late stage leukaemia.

      Pam just knelt there by the empty shell for a long time before getting up to call an ambulance. It arrived, he was pronounced dead at the scene and the body was taken away. Pam went with him to the hospital, she was ready to agree to an autopsy as her father instructed but it wasn't necessary. The authorities saw no need for it given his `condition'.


      Instead of Pam walking home, she made her way to the local dome. She was in a daze the whole trip over and as she reached the gates they opened for her. Pam didn't even notice it as she stepped into their forest. As if on instinct, Pam stepped off the main road that led up to the house and walked into the dense trees.

      Her path wasn't the most erratic one but it was pretty close. As she came into a very small clearing and was met by her two lovers. Both came over to her, her thoughts were screaming loudly to them.

      "Pam?" Craig, her boyfriend, said. While he and the others were initially wary of Pam and her father, given that they knew of the encounters in Roswell between the Troy's and their rulers. However, they couldn't deny the spark between them. They tried to. They wanted to. But they couldn't. It didn't take long before Pam was drawn to their bed.

      "MyÖmy dad. He's deÖdead." Pam said

      "Oh god Honey, I'm sorry?" Elise, her girlfriend, said as she hugged Pam

      "I know to you guys he was just a Skin butÖ"

      "No. He was your dad." Craig said

      Pam just held onto them both. "When's the funeral?" Elise asked

      "As soon as I can arrange it. TheÖuhÖthe husk that dad arranged was supposed to be able to fool anyone but I don't want to take chances." Pam said

      "We'll be there. All of us." Craig said as he kissed her forehead

      "My dad said that he was sorry for making me hide what we have. He was justÖangry. He also said that it was your turn to take care of me now." Pam said

      "We will Honey. We will." Craig said

      Pam reached her head up and kissed him, and then kissed her. Her body pressed against theirs. "Make love to me."

      "Are you sure?" Elise asked

      "I need youÖI need to feel you." Pam whispered

      Elise kissed her and then Craig did. Elise pulled off her own top and then unbuttoned Pam's. Craig stripped himself and for the rest of the night the three pleasured each other among the trees. Craig swore to himself that he'd call Max within the week, he wanted Pam with them permanently and he had the last of the Antarian water at the Roswell Dome, he'd need to get it here for a Sharing.

      Living Room, The Mansion, 12:00 The Next Day

      Max was pacing back and forth. He was waiting for a phone call and it was taking its time in coming. "What the hell's taking them so long?" Max asked

      "Yeah, you'd think they'd give up trying to translating something they can't possibly do." Michael said

      "But by now they should at the very least know there will be problems. And thanks to Congressman Whitman's Oscar winning performance last night, they should be at least asking us for help." Max said

      "You're never going to get over calling me that are you?" Alex asked

      "Why should I?" Max asked with a smile

      "I know I don't." Isabel said, curling up to him.

      Their plan had been simple. While there was an outside chance that a translation would be possible by government teams, it would take them years. Alex's demonstration at spotting fragments and patterns was intended to show that they, meaning Antaris Technologies, could do the work faster. It was the only way that they could ensure that the government couldn't cover up anything they get at the end of it.


      The phone rang out. Max moved over to it and took a deep breath as he picked up the handset, "Hello."

      "Mr Max Evans, please."

      "Speaking." Max said

      "Mr Evans please hold the line for the President of the United States."

      "Okay." Max said

      The line remained empty for a few seconds and then came another voice, "Mr Evans. The is President Kendall."

      "Yes Mr President." Max said

      "Mr Evans, Congressman Elect Whitman appeared to be able to work with the signal received last night during his election victory party. Given that none of our people have been able to get anywhere with this, I was wondering how that was possible?"

      "Sir, we've been working on various new methods of mathematics. It's apart of our recent technological developments, it's why our competitors haven't been able to successfully reverse engineer our products. Basically it comes down to a different way of thinking, we can spot patterns in chaos." Max said

      "I see." Kendall said, "Mr Evans, may I assume that your own systems recorded the signal?"

      "Yes sir. We have been going over the signal since last night and we've currently working on a translation program based on the patterns we've picked out already." Max said

      "In that case Mr Evans, I would like you to assist with the translations."

      "Of course Mr President, I would be honÖoured." Max said

      "Mr Evans?" Kendall asked

      "Mr President, our program is coming up with something. If you don't mind I should get to work." Max said

      "You will contact me when you have something?" Kendall asked

      "Yes sir." Max said

      The president then hung up his end and Max hung up his phone. Max looked back to his family and smiled, he walked over to the metal briefcase on the coffee table and opened it. Inside were a lot of paper pages, each one with the translations for all the languages in the signal along with a copy on disk. They've had the translation sitting in their computer since Kalen received information on it and what was coming behind it.

      "Well, I'm going to find something to do for a few hours." Max said, "Care to join me Congressman?"

      "Max." Alex warned

      "Well, do you?"

      "Oh hell yes." Alex said as he kissed Isabel and stood up to follow Max.

      Max & Liz's Bedroom, 12:30

      Max and Alex were kissing each other all the way to Max's bed; they were tearing at each other's clothes to get them off. Within minutes of getting into the door, the boxer shorts came off leaving them both naked and painfully hard. The two just looked over each other's firm, strong bodies, each was breathing heavily. Alex bent over and lightly licked both of Max's nipples and then caressed the hard line of his pecks with long, languid strokes of his tongue.

      Now it was Max's turn to moan in supplication as Alex's wet tongue trailed over his skin. Michael found himself leaning forward on the bed to get a better view as Alex lazily encircled one nipple and then bit down, causing Max to gasp sharply. After tonguing both nipples until they gleamed wetly in the filtered light from the window, Alex sank to his knees and grabbed Max's ass. He drove his tongue into Max's bellybutton, licking and sucking noisily. Suddenly, Max's cock jabbed Alex sharply in the chin. Alex pulled away with a mischievous gleam in his eye. Alex took hold of Max's balls and swallowed his cock whole.

      Alex's tongue gracefully twirled over his length, their bodies felt so hard and warm against each. He trembled in his hunger and then realized that Alex was nibbling and tonguing all over his body. It was all sending shivers down Max's spine. Alex worked his way back to his feet and started to grind his dick against Max's. The two hard rods were like swords clashing together as they kissed once more.

      Then Max broke the kiss and it was his turn to go to his knees. He quickly took Alex's dick into his mouth. Alex looked down to his lover kneeling before him and Max gazed up unto his eyes as his cock slipped past his lips. Alex couldn't look away and watched inch after inch slowly disappear down Max's throat.

      "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God." Alex groaned. Max, like Isabel knew what to do to his body and felt himself slump slightly. His knees buckled under the intense pleasure of Max's sucking. Not once could he look at anything other than Max.

      Max then stopped his bobbing and held only the tip of Alex's cock inside his lips. He began rapidly vibrating his tongue on a tiny spot just below the head. Alex came hard. Long ropes of his white seed shot forth over Max. His hips jerked forward, his body rigid as every muscle strained with his orgasm. His scream of pleasure was abruptly muffled as Max jumped up and roughly turned his head to plunge his tongue down his throat. When Max broke the kiss, Alex collapsed back against him. Once again the hard male flesh of Max Evans surrounded him and as Alex returned to his senses, Max's forehead rested against his, his eyes fluttered open and he saw Max using his finger to pick off drips of his cum and put it in his mouth, savouring the taste of his human lover.

      Max released Alex and sat back on the bed as he watched him regain control of his senses. The dazed human knelt before the alien whose oral talents had just gotten him off and wrapped his lips around Max's cock. Max's dick was throbbing with need; Alex's hands soon wrapped around him like his mouth and sucked away, bobbing his head and pumping with his hand. Max knew he couldn't last; he didn't want to, he just wanted to cum and that is what happened after only a few minutes.

      "Ghnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Oh godÖUGHNNNNNÖAlexÖUGNNNNNNN!" Max loudly groaned as his seed poured into the human's mouth.

      Alex swallowed every drop lovingly before joining Max on the bed. They lay side by side and kissed, their legs stroking against each other as the hands caressed. Once recovered, they made love. They moved into a sixty-nine position, Alex took Max from behind and Max did the same. They did everything two men could do to each other and were exhausted by the end of it.

      Oval Office, White House, 16:00

      Max's jet took off from New Mexico and landed at Dulles where a limo drove him to the White House. Handcuffed to his wrist, which he hated, was the briefcase. During the flight, Max called the Oval Office and told the President he was on his way with news. The fact that Max Evans was coming personally got him immediately cleared for the building, his influence had spread considerably in the past few years.

      "Mr Evans." The president greeted

      "Mr President, it's good to meet you." Max said

      "I hear you're one of the few people who have a worse reaction to speaking to the press than I do." Kendall said

      "So I'm told. At least I only throw up a few times these days." Max said

      "A few times? You've got it off lightly, last time I almost bit my tongue off trying not to blow up at them."

      "They do have that tendency." Max said, "General Masters, it's good to see you again." He said greeting the general who was in charge of the military unit who took out the Skins and who worked with Kalen and Feln's people.

      "You two know each other?" Kendall asked

      "Yes Mr President. Mr Evans and his associates helped us out a long time with a group ofÖwell I guess you can describe them as a terrorist cell preparing to strike." Masters said

      "Well, the reason I'm here." Max said

      "You translated the signal?"

      Max unlocked the handcuff and placed the case down onto a table, "Yes sir. And it'sÖamazing." Max opened the case and took out one of the pages, "All the messages say the same thingÖwith a few differences. Names, locations, that sort of thing. Mr President, I am honoured to be the first to tell you that alien life-forms are real."

      "What?" Kendall asked

      "I suspected it given the shear power of the signal. From what I can tell it was one message on top of another several million times over." Max said

      "So this is First Contact?" Kendall asked

      "No. It's an obituary." Max said

      "I don't understand."

      "The pages go into a lot more detail but the gist of it is that there was an attempted invasion. Some kind of parallel universe sent a fleet of ships that were beaten back a few years ago but as a prelude to that invasion, the invaders used meteors and asteroids to infect millions of habitable planets with a virus." Max said

      "To soften them up?" Masters asked, already having been briefed by Max.

      "Yes general. It went everywhere and shortly after the big fight, the virus reached a final mutation stage that cause mass extinctions." Max said

      "Obviously it didn't go everywhere." Kendall said, "We're still here."

      "Yes sir. But this viral agent did come to Earth, the aliens in chargeÖAntarians from the planet of Antar placed the meteor impact on Earth to Tunguska in the early 20th century. Apparently we're immune to the virus, we're the only ones and they could never replicate that immunity. As such, this message was sent to that we wouldn't be alarmed."

      "Alarmed at what?" Kendall asked

      "Their great gift to humanity, the only true thing they have left to give." Max said, "Coming in right behind this message is a fleet of ships. Each one carrying the culture of their worlds, we're talking about alien art and literature, styles of clothesÖeverything that made them, them."

      "There sending it to us?" Kendall asked

      "Yes sir. It also mentions something about a plan to try and save themselves but there isn't any detail. It's all in here; I should leave you to go over this. If you need me, I'm staying at the Watergate." Max said

      "Mr Evans, of course I shouldn't need to remind you to keep this quiet just now?" Kendall asked

      "Unfortunately sir, that's too late. The data has already been sent to the media outlets I own." Max said, "I'm sorry sir but I don't keep this kind of stuff secret. This is meant as a gift and I prefer that mass panic didn't happen when a gigantic fleet enters orbit."

      "Very well." Kendall said, not looking happy, "I'll see you later Mr Evans."

      "Thank you Mr President." Max said and then left with a smile.

      When they were sure Max was out of earshot and after being told by Secret Service that he was out of the building, the president turned to his advisors and generals, "Can we get to that fleet with our space technology?"

      "I doubt it sir. Our space fleet is designed and built by Antaris Technologies. But their release of developments is always, always, months after the made the things. The ships currently registered to Antaris are faster than anything we have. Current intelligence said that they have vessels capable to reach the edge of the solar system in less than two hours where hour ships have a maximum range of Jupiter." One advisor said

      "Could we take control of the alien ships?" Kendall asked

      "If we fire on Antaris shipsÖsir that would be a mistake. Their defensive technology aloneÖa lot of questions will be asked and it could cost you politically. Antaris has done a lot of good."

      "Very well." Kendall said

      "Mr President, if we don't go public there will be a problem if Max Evans doesÖand he will, then there will be a significant problem. I suggest we go public ourselves, Mr Evans media holdings will have much more detail but that is understandable. We do a press conference with Max Evans standing with you." Another advisor said

      "I agree sir."

      "I take it the room's in agreement?" Kendall asked

      "Yes sir." All said together

      "Make the call." Kendall said.

      Living Room, The Mansion, 22:00

      The family, including their parents and children were sitting and watching the television. The seal of the White House came onto the screen on every channel and there on the screen was President Kendall and Max. "See there's daddy." Liz said to her children while holding her 2-month-old daughter.

      "Daddy." Adam called out while bouncing in his chair before his younger brother dropped off.

      "Yeah, definitely bed time." Liz said

      "Ohhhh." Adam complained

      "No, special occasion and all of you are dropping off." Liz said

      "Come on guys." Michael said

      "But Uncle MikeyÖ" Adam said

      "No you need to do what your mom's telling you to do." Michael said

      "Yokay." Adam said grumpily

      Michael, Maria and Tess all took the children up to their rooms. Liz carried her daughter up to her room and placed her into the crib in front of her bed. They all tucked the children in and returned to the living room. The President was describing what was in the messages in as much detail as he could and announced that Max Evans would use Antaris Technologies vessels to retrieve the fleet and put them into high orbit that would match that of the moon.

      Many in the press corp. were immediately asking questions about releasing the mutated and lethal version of the virus on Earth's populace. Max then took the microphone and assured everyone that full precautions would be taken. That no ship would be allowed to come any closer to Earth until it was certified as germ, virus and bacteria free. There was no need to risk exposing Earth to alien versions of those life forms that humans would have no protection against.

      Max covered everything in great detail of what would happen. He didn't want anyone to try something stupid to try and prevent the landing of the ships. Question after question were thrown to them and Max answered all of them perfectly. Max also announced that if everything was found to be safe, that Antaris Technologies would be proud to construct a museum that would house the alien treasures while working with government agencies in analysis of the alien ships. Of course, what he didn't say was that the technology was already developed; they just haven't bothered telling anyone. This would just give them the excuse they needed to make the leap in technology from what they already had.

      15 Days LaterÖ

      Max's ships met the vessels and for 14 days they spent time scanning every millimetre of the exterior and interior of the alien ships. Back on Earth, everyone was watching in real time. It was Alex's idea so that everyone could see it all happen as it happened. The coverage on television and the people watching it was higher than the moon landing.

      Then came the announcement. The ships were all completely free of any infection, everything about the ships were sterile. It was the last action of the aliens who sent them out before they succumbed to the plague. Within the hour of that announcement, the lead ship, the one from Antar, was landed on Earth. The chosen location was in the middle of Nevada and everything was secured. There were more press there than in New York and Washington combined and everyone watched as the giant cargo bay doors were opened for the first time.

      There were hundreds of scholars, art experts, literature experts, philosophers and many, many others just drooling to go over the contents while scientists were aching to go over the technology. Max and several others were on hand through out the event. Several other locations were chosen throughout the planet for the other landings, each one close to a dome and office of Antaris Tech.

      For the next few days the artefacts stayed in the ships while they were being catalogued. However, as soon as the museum was finished being built, they were all shipped and displayed for people to look at and for others to study them. The database was transferred to a multi-screen computer that let people browse through it at their leisure and was connected to the Internet. Within months, alien books were published in English and other languages from around the world.

      The world learned more about the universe and astrophysics from that alone than they had learned in the past century. It contained information that would keep human scientists busy for decades to try and understand it. It gave the perfect opportunity for Max to release more books and ideas on the understanding of them.

      Living Room, The Mansion, 13 Years Later

      The entire family had gathered. Max, Liz, Alex, Isabel, Kyle, Tess, Michael, Maria, Sam, Lonnie, Ava and the grand total of their 22 children. After 13 years they had produced even numbers of boys and girls and all had rooms all through the mansion. Today they were all singing to `Happy Birthday' to Adam as they stood around a giant seven-layer cake with 18 on it.

      In the past decade, Alex stayed with congress for 5 terms before deciding to go for the senate. He was elected with even more votes than he got for his first congressional victory. The party went on for almost two days before they collapsed on the floor and slept. Max and the others were putting out new technology by the boatload; they had even constructed a monorail network across the country. The first line was built between Washington and Roswell and Alex used it everyday.

      They had improved space technology to the point where they had built five space stations between Earth and the moon. They even constructed a bio-dome on the lunar surface. Every year they expanded the size of the dome and increased the amount of plants and fauna inside. Within the last year it covered one fourth of the moon and they shipped animals up. It became a variant of Noah's Ark as it became the only place where many species were free from being hunted and no longer at risk of extinction.

      The `alien museum', as it had been dubbed, had quickly become the largest tourist attraction on the planet. It had millions of visitors every year but thanks to some subtle intervention from Max, it was ensured that no one would try to exploit the artefacts for profit and made sure that getting inside was free.

      At the head office of Antaris Technologies, Pizza Dude had been hired. He was put in charge of keeping the company on the straight and narrow. When he first took the job, his new assistant looked at his history and didn't expect to see someone like him wearing a suit. He said as much but smiled when he learned the truth. While sitting at his desk Pizza dude looked as if he wore a suit and tie but as he stood up his assistant saw that he was wearing Bermuda shorts. When Pizza turned around, he saw that the suit front was just that ñ a front. The back had been cut away, tying around the neck and waist to keep it on but where the rest of the suit should have been, Pizza was wearing a Hawaiian print t-shirt. The assistant had to fight to stop from laughing when his boss came around the front of the desk and saw the footwear, fluffy green slippers. He knew then that he was going to love working there.

      "Happy birthday, son." Max said as he hugged Adam

      "Dad." Adam complained

      "Hey, it's either a hug from me or a kiss from your grandmother." Max said

      "Daddy." Adam said cheerily with his arms extended and everybody laughed.

      "I think I should be offended by that." Diane said

      "Sorry Grams." Adam said

      "Besides, the birthday kisses come from me." Adam's girlfriend said as she came up beside him and wrapped her arm around his.

      "Oh I wouldn't say `no' to that?" Adam said as he looked at Haley. Their heads tilted toward each other and they kissed

      "AweeeeeÖ" everybody said, causing the two to break the kiss

      "Don't you just hate family?" Adam said

      "Oh I don't know. Yours has its advantages." Haley said

      "So have you two decided where you want to live yet?" Liz asked

      "Baring in mind there is a nice big clearing a couple of miles from here. Already protected by a dome and everything just rip for building a house." Max said

      "Is that your none too subtle way of asking us not to go across the country to build a dome?" Adam asked

      "It was subtle. I was subtle wasn't I?" Max asked

      "Yes honey, you were." Liz said

      "Okay, we were actually thinking about Orange County." Adam said

      "What?" Max and Liz asked together

      "You want to move to a place where the ground shakes a lot?" Isabel asked

      "That sort of isn't a factor anymore babe." Alex said

      "Huh? Oh yeah, I forgot we can prevent earthquakes now." Isabel said

      "Doesn't mean to say the Earth still wont be moving." Haley said with a sly smile to Adam

      "Haley!!" Adam strained out

      "Excuse us but Orange County? As in Newport Beach in California, two states away?" Max asked

      "Actually dad, it's about an hour away. Remember, that whole new monorail network you built that carries trains in a vacuum tube at 600 miles an hour. It's the thing that Uncle Alex was used to live here and still be in Washington everyday."

      "You want to live in the OC." Max said

      All his children nodded as did their cousins and any significant others that were there. Max was able to impose an age restriction on his children, so that none of them left the house before they were 18. Adam was going to be the first to move out and set up their new house. The others would be following very soon but they had talked amongst themselves about where they wanted to go.

      "Well. I guess we just have to start building a mansion out there. I'm sure there's a nice big plot of land we can buy up." Max said

      "Are you sure you don't want to live in a dome?" Kyle asked

      "We're sure dad." His eldest said

      "You guys have got the dome and if something happens we have the Granolith on standby to transport us back." Adam said

      Within the next week construction had begun on the new house and as soon as it was ready, Adam moved in with Haley. After that, one week after the 18th birthday of the others they all moved in. When the last one left, Max and the others walked the house and sat in the living room. Each commented how quiet it was. Before long they made up for it by making their own noise. They made love to their mates in the living room, by the pool, in the kitchen, in the games room, everywhere they hadn't since their children came along.

      Meanwhile, off in the universe, Antar and all the worlds that had been restored were developing along. Thanks to being carefully watched over by Kalen's people they were becoming more advanced and there were no further attempts by the humans from the other universe to try it again.

      While Max never saw Kalen or Feln again, ships from Earth eventually made it out to Antar and made first contact with them. Kalen's ship remained cloaked throughout it but watched everything. As Kalen watched the `younger' Antarians meet with aliens for the first time and knew that they were immune to the virus, he walked over to his terminal. A cure was found, the noble houses were safe and Antarian D.N.A was mixing with humans. Kalen accessed the file on his mission to Earth and updated the status ñ Mission Successful.

      The End.

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