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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 47

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 29, 2004

      Living Room, Parker Residence, 10:00am Saturday Morning

      The Parkers and the Evans once more got together, this time it was just for coffee. They had started it back when they first found out about the groups' secrets but it usually involved the other parents as well. Today the Whitman's couldn't make it, Amy was off with Maria putting some details into her own wedding with Jim Valenti and he was still on duty. As the Evans arrived, Jeff showed them in and took their coats.

      "It's definitely getting colder outside." Philip said

      "Yeah, winter is on the way." Jeff said

      "Maybe we could get Max and Isabel to make it snow this year?" Nancy said

      "I don't think they'll be wanting to do something that public." Diane said, "But then you never know these days."

      They all sat down and Nancy handed out the coffee before putting a plate of snacks on the coffee table. "Has anyone seen them since their wedding?" she asked

      "No, well, not if you count them showing up on the news with their little trip to Vegas." Philip said

      "Yeah...about that, did they tell anyone that Sam and Ava were getting married?" Diane asked

      "No, but then that is none of our business. Do you think that Sam told his parents?" Nancy

      "I doubt it, not after all those stories he's told us." Philip said

      "I'm glad Max and Liz can at least come to us with things and are able to tell us when the major things in their lives happen." Jeff said

      Then they heard the sound of a key sliding into the lock. The door opened and Max and Liz came inside. Their parents were surprised to see them and stood up, Diane and Nancy hugged their respective children.

      "What are you two doing here?" Diane asked

      "What? Can't a guy say hi to the folks and the in-laws once and a while?" Max asked

      All four looked at the young man. "Now I know something's up." Diane said

      "What? We're visiting." Liz said, "It's been a while so we came."

      "I'll buy that." Nancy said

      They all moved into the room and sat back down. "So how are things up at the dome?"

      "Things are great. I doubt we'll see Sam, Ava or Lonnie until at least lunch time." Liz said

      "Why?" Jeff asked

      "Oh I married all three of them yesterday." Max said

      "You can do that?" Philip asked

      "I'm the king." Max said with a smile, "And before you say anything, its for them, they belong with each other and they're in love."

      "Oh we know that. We have kept an eye on you kids...although kids isn't exactly the word I'd use for you now." Jeff said

      "You certainly have grown up a lot." Diane said

      "Yeah...speaking of growing up." Liz said

      "Uh huh?"

      Max looked at Liz and they held in each other's hand. "I...I'm pregnant."

      Their parents froze. The only sound in the room was that of the clock counting the seconds. All four looked at the newlyweds, their eyes shifted back and forth between the two.

      "What?" Jeff strained out

      ", that is we are having a baby." Liz said

      "I thought that those birth control implants were supposed to be fool proof?" Nancy asked

      "They are." Max said

      "So this wasn't an accident then? You turned off the implants?" Philip asked

      "No, we planned this." Max said

      "And we couldn't be happier." Liz said

      "Of all the stup..." Jeff said shaking his head, "Liz...what about school, about college? You can't possibly just give up the dreams you've had this quickly."

      "Dad, school I can get through in a heartbeat and college...I'll get there. Being with Max, having our own family, that is one of my dreams as well." Liz said

      "You both decided on this...neither of know, there was no pressure at all?" Philip asked

      "Oh god dad, no. We both wanted this." Max said

      "Yeah, we both did." Liz said

      The four parents looked at each other with concern.

      "All of you, I know that you'll be worried but we really want this." Liz said

      "How long before...I mean is it different because Max is a hybrid?" Nancy asked

      "Ten months, maybe a little more." Max said, never looking away from Liz's eyes

      Nancy stood up and moved to her daughter, "Come here."

      Liz stood up and the two hugged each other, Diane quickly did the same and asked if Liz was feeling all right and if she'd felt any symptoms. Philip and Jeff looked at each other; both had hoped that Max and Liz would have been in their final years of college before they started a family.

      "Well what's done is done." Jeff said as he stood up and held his daughter close, "Are you sure you're okay?"

      "I'm fine." Liz said

      "Max." Philip said as he looked at his son

      "Dad, it would have happened sooner or later. We just preferred sooner." Max said

      "I hoped for later but...congratulations son." Philip said as he hugged his son and slapped his back

      "I take it *both* of you will be sharing the load equally, both of you helping each other with the baby?" Jeff said

      "Of course sir, I wouldn't have it any other way." Max said with a slight fear for his life as he looked at his wife's father

      "That's good." Jeff said

      They all sat back down, each of the parents took a drink of coffee as Max and Liz sat as close to each other as possible with his arm around her shoulder.

      "Okay, now the think that I want to hear most right now is that Isabel isn't pregnant." Philip said

      "No dad, not yet." Max said

      "Did you really have to add the `not yet'?" Philip asked shaking his head

      "It is going to happen." Liz said

      "Yeah I know, just don't remind me." Philip said

      "Anyway, Liz I know you so I know you already have a plan for how you are going to deal with college and raise a child at the same time. I want to hear it." Jeff said

      "Okay." Liz said

      She then went on to tell her parents what she and Max had planned. They spent the next hour going over everything and the more they talked about it the more the four parents got used to the idea. They also got excited, at least up until the point that Max mentioned the word grandmother. When that happened Nancy and Diane lost their smiles and started feeling old.

      The Gym, Second Floor, The Mansion, 12:00 Noon

      After Max and Liz returned from her parents, they went upstairs to find the rest of their family having a quick workout in the gym. They were all in their exercise clothes; Isabel was on the exercise bike with Lonnie, Ava and Maria on the treadmills. Kyle, Michael were lifting weights while Sam was helping Alex with his pull-ups. At the start, all Alex could do was hang there but after a lot of work and effort he was able to get his chin above the bar; Sam was very impressed. As Max and Liz came into the room, they went off to sit at the side of the room and watched.

      "So how'd it go?" Isabel asked

      "Dad asked if you were pregnant." Max said

      Isabel stopped the bike and looked at her brother, "And you said?"

      "Not yet." Max said

      "Oh for god's sake Max, why'd you say that? He'll be on the phone everyday now." Isabel complained

      Max just smiled. "Maybe. But at least when it happens..."

      "He'll have time to get used to the idea." Isabel finished for her brother

      "That and the denial thing wont be happening." Liz said

      "What about you two? How'd they take that?" Maria asked

      "They were...concerned." Liz said

      "But they got used to it." Max said

      "They're okay with being grandparents so soon?" Kyle asked

      "Well we didn't say that." Max said

      "Ah." Kyle said nodding with understanding

      Then a buzzer went off and the lights blinked.

      "That's the visitor alarm." Max said as a drone entered

      "Majesty, sensors have detected a vehicle approaching the Domes perimeter. It is five miles away and closing."

      "Do you know who it is?" Michael asked

      "Vehicle registration indicated it belongs to Mr and Mrs Reese of Roswell New Mexico." The drone said

      Everybody looked at Sam.

      "I haven't even spoken to them since I moved in here." Sam said

      "Yeah but you got married yesterday and it was on the news." Max said

      "Well...shit." Sam said as he sat on a bench.

      "Hey...language around the baby." Liz said

      "Liz, the foetus is like two days old and still very much inside you. It can't hear me let a lone understand me." Sam said but then quickly stiffened, "It can't can it?"

      Liz put her hand over her abdomen and smiled before looking up at Sam and nodded. "The body may have only just started but there is definitely a consciousness there."

      "Majesty, the Reese's are approaching." The drone reminded them

      Max looked at Sam, "It's your call."

      "Yeah..." Sam hesitated for a long moment, "Yeah, all right. They can come in and I'll hear what they have to say."

      "Do you want us to be there?" Lonnie asked as she stood next to Ava

      "Oh...yeah, that could be an issue." Sam said, "I think I better just talk with them first." Both Lonnie and Ava understood, their situation was different.

      "Okay." Max said as he looked to the drone, "When they reach the perimeter, open the gates and close immediately. Full security scan."

      Everybody raised an eyebrow.

      "Just in case." Max said


      Sam's parents pulled up to the front of the mansion. As they got out of their car they looked around and looked up the massive front of their son's new home. They held their breath and looked at each other as they took in their surroundings, seeing it on television was nothing compared to actually being inside the massive 20sq mile dome. Mr Reese locked his car and headed up to the front door with his wife.

      Just as he was about to knock on the door, it swung open. On the other side was another of the human looking drone dressed very smartly. The two looked the drone over with a smile on their faces.

      "Hello, my name is..."

      "Yes, Mr and Mrs Reese. Your son is expecting you." The drone said

      "He...he is?" Mrs Reese said

      "Yes, your car was detected approaching the dome. It is why the gates opened as you arrived."

      "Please, come this way."

      The drone led the two into the house and both marvelled over everything they saw. It was filled with the kind of elegance that the Reese's could only dream about, they couldn't help but compare the mansion to a palace. The drone led them down several halls and opened the door into the study.

      "Please wait here, your son was exercising in the gym and is just coming out of the shower. He will be here presently." The drone said

      "Thank you." Mrs Reese said

      "Is there anything you need?" the drone asked

      "No, thank you." Mr Reese said

      The drone bowed his head and left. Once the door closed, the two turned to each other.

      "Can you believe this place?" he asked his wife

      "Half of the stuff in that front hall are antiques." She said

      "I know. What about there electronics?"

      "This T.V. has got to have a set of sunglasses coming with it."

      "It is big."

      They both turned around when they heard the door open. Sam came in wearing a tracksuit and was drying his hair with a small white towel. "Mom, Dad." He greeted with little warmth. The second he entered the room, he used what limited telepathy he had to scan his parent's minds.

      "Samuel." His mother said, "It's good to see you."

      "You're looking good son."

      "You're both looking okay...what do you want?" Sam asked

      "Are you serious?" his father asked

      "Yes." Sam said coldly

      "You get married and the first we hear about it is on the news. We even had to hear about you being engaged through this town's gossip." His mother said

      "We haven't heard anything from you since you moved in here." Mr Reese said

      "Not my fault, last I checked you still had my cell phone number and I definitely gave you the number for the mansion." Sam said

      "Don't you dare talk to us like that." Mr Reese said

      "You may be my dad, but I'm 18 now, I'm living with a family who cares about me and I have a beautiful wife who loves me and who I love. Then there's you. You checked up on any girl I dated and focus on her family's bank account. If they didn't meet your `standards' then you actually forbade me from dating them." Sam said

      His parents clammed up and looked at each other. "Where is Ava anyway?"

      "Out jogging with Lonnie. Everyone else is in the library." Sam said

      "How is she?" Mrs Reese asked

      "She's good, better than good. She hasn't stopped smiling since Vegas." Sam said, smiling as he remembered the looks on the faces of his two wives as Max married them.

      "Is the reason you married her so quickly is that she's p..." his father started but Sam looked dead into his eyes

      "The reason I married her is that I love her. She isn't pregnant but if she was, simply put, it would be great." Sam said, "You really don't stop do you?"

      "I don't know what you mean?"

      "Oh for gods sake. Yes you do. The amount know what, just leave." Sam said

      "What?" his mother asked

      "This is may be Max's house but we all share it equally, I want you out of it right now and if me not calling you for the last few months haven't given a clue then maybe this will leave. Oh and if I do have kids, expect contact to be zero. You've got attitudes that I don't want within 50 miles of my children." Sam said as he pressed a button on the desk. The door opened and the drone was on the other side. "Please show my parents to their car."

      "Yes sir." The drone said

      "Sam." His father said

      "You know, I hoped that you'd have changed in the last couple of months but that looks like it was too much to ask for. Don't get me wrong, when you asked how Ava was you meant it but...just get out. I don't have any time for you trying to whisper in my ear and hoping that we'll be getting a divorce."

      "How did..." his mother asked

      "I kept an eye on you all my life. When I told you that I was moving in here with Ava, I saw the look in your eyes. You just hoped for the money and you both make me sick."

      With that Sam moved away from the desk and headed to the door. He left and went straight upstairs to one of the many unused rooms. His parents looked at each other and the drone just looked at them. The two parents moved through the door and barged passed the drone. The drone quickly caught up with them and led the two through the twisting corridors to the front door. Soon they were back in their car and Sam watched from a second floor window as they drove off.

      "Are you okay?" Ava asked as she and Lonnie entered the room

      "No." Sam said, "I really hoped that they changed."

      Both girls hugged their husband reassuringly; "Maybe this will be a wake up call for them." Lonnie said

      "That's what not talking to them for months was supposed to be." Sam said

      "Sorry." Lonnie said

      "Hey, nether of you have anything to be sorry for. Besides, it was you my dearest Ava who set me free. And my beloved Lonnie, I thought I couldn't love anyone as much as I love Ava...I love you both so much."

      The girls smiled and each took hold of one of Sam's hands. "I think we should go to bed." Ava said

      Lonnie leaned over and whispered in their ears, "I've got some new lingerie I want you two to see me in." she said

      The look of heat in Lonnie's eyes caused Sam to get an instant erection. He looked at Ava and then back at Lonnie, soon all three ran up to their bedroom. Sam spent hours losing his despair over his parents by loving both women and their bodies until all were completely sated.

      School Office, West Roswell High, Monday Morning

      Come Monday morning, Max and Liz's first stop was to change Liz's name in the school records. They arrived at the school office to find it surprisingly empty for first thing on a Monday morning. The only person that could be seen was Mrs Pots in her usual post behind the desk. She was working away on some paperwork, only looking up when she heard footsteps approach.

      "Max, Liz, good to see you. How's Sam?" the elderly woman asked

      "He's fine, that wound is almost completely healed." Max said

      "That's good. Now what can I help you with?" Mrs Pots asked

      "I am here to change my name on the school records." Liz said before looking into Max's eyes

      "Oh yes. I have to say Liz, you looked beautiful in that dress."

      "Thank you."

      "Anyway, all the paper work is done." Mrs Pots said

      "It is?" Max asked

      "Of course. I am good at my job you know." She said as she pulled out the documents, "All I need is for you to read over it and make sure it's all correct and then sign it."

      Mrs Pots handed over the papers to Liz. Both made sure that what needed to be updated was changed and that their status was altered to show that they were now married. They signed the papers and handed them back to Mrs Pots.

      "Mrs Pots, where is everyone today? This place is usually full." Max asked

      "Flu. Everyone that works in this office and a quarter of the teaching staff have it. We've got every substitute we have coming in."

      "Bummer." Liz said

      "Yes it is. They all get to stay in bed today." Mrs Pots said with disappointment, "Anyway I will get these into the principle to confirm and place in your files."

      "Thanks Mrs P." Max said

      They picked up their bags and started walking out to their next class but they bumped into Ava and Sam.

      "Hey guys." Liz said

      "Updating?" Max asked

      "Yeah." Ava said as she continued to stare at her wedding ring.

      "Where's Lonnie?" Max asked

      Sam lost his smile, "Making out with her boyfriend." He said

      "You're jealous of a robot?" Liz whispered

      "I know, I know. But I'm in love with her, she's our wife," Sam said indicating to himself and Ava, "And she's kissing a guy with my brain...and, their using my Harley-Davidson."

      "Honey, it's just for show so that no one suspects." Ava said

      "I know that. Still doesn't sit right with me. I tell you, if robo puts a hand anywhere on her that only we should be touching...he's gonna loose it." Sam said

      "It's a robot drone." Liz said

      "I know but I can't help how I feel. Don't get me wrong, the drone was a good idea to cover it but we shouldn't have to." Sam said

      "Got that right." Ava said

      "Unfortunately that's not the world we live in." Max said, "Well, with the exception of the dome."

      "Guys, I agree that it sucks but there is nothing we can do...maybe in time things will change." Liz said

      "Yeah maybe. Anyway...better get going." Sam said

      "Yeah us too." Max said

      The two couples went their separate ways. Max and Liz headed off to class while Sam and Ava went into the office.

      "Sam, Ava, I've been expecting you." Mrs Pots said

      "I bet." Sam said

      "Max and Liz said you're almost healed."

      "Yeah, coach still wont let play or exert myself too much." Sam complained

      "I'm sure he's just looking out for you." Mrs Pots said

      "Yeah, besides I want you in one piece without a big hole in you." Ava said

      "Uh huh." Mrs Pots said, "Okay, I have your paperwork all done. All you need to do is sign."

      "Thanks Mrs Pots." Ava said as she took the papers and looked at them, "Oh...uh..."

      "What is it dear?"

      "Sam and I talked about it, I'm going to be keeping my own name for now. I'm not changing it to Reese until after school." Ava said

      "Why?" Mrs Pots asked

      "Because she wants to work me over for a year to get me to change my name to Harding." Sam said, looking at Ava

      "Oh." Mrs Pots said simply

      "Hey, it is the 21st century." Ava said smugly

      "You wont win." Sam said

      "Yeah, yeah, we'll see." Ava said

      Mrs Pots looked back and forth between the two and smiled. {This could be fun} she thought before deciding to start a new bet with the teachers. Quickly she drew up the new papers and got the two teenagers to sign them. As the two left, she took all files into the Principle for confirmation before they were filed away. She almost mentioned her idea for a new bet on who'd win the name game between Sam and Ava. In minutes word had spread to all department heads who then let the other teacher know.

      English Class, 11:00

      They were all in English before lunch. The class was working away, the teacher wrote on the blackboard while asking questions and called on students to answer them.

      "Okay, what can we infer from the author's choice of words here? Uh... Michael."

      Michael's eyes shifted back and forth as he realised it was him their teacher was referring to. "Um...that he needs to take a happy pill?"

      The class sniggered and the teacher shrugged her shoulders, "Well, yes it is depressing. I can't deny that but what about how he describes what he feels for Millicent?"

      "That's not love." Michael said

      "I'm sorry?"

      "If that's how the author sees love then he's never been there. And if he has been there and this is how he's expressing it...then all I can say is - poor woman, ditch the guy while she can." Michael said

      The teacher nodded and smiled, "Sound like your speaking from personal experience?"

      Michael smiled and looked at Maria, "We're really not going to be going there." He said just as the door barged open.

      A man walked inside and made a beeline straight for Max. "Max Evans?"

      "Yes." Max said

      "Excuse me. What do you think you're doing?" the teacher said, getting between the man and Max

      "Move aside Miss."

      "Like hell."

      The man reached into his pocked and pulled out folded papers, "Max Evans, you are hereby served."

      "What?" Max said

      The teacher took the papers and passed them to Max. Max unfolded them and looked them over. "I'm being sued?"

      "Yes sir. You are required to attend court tomorrow morning, have a good day." The man said before marching straight back out

      Liz got up and moved to her husbands side as did the others, "What's going on?" she asked

      "On behalf of Pamela Troy, her parents have filed private action against...well all of us, for causing undue distress to the afore mentioned Ms Troy that resulted in a mental breakdown." Max said

      "Well that's a load of crap." Said a normally quiet student

      "Yeah." Max said

      "You better go and see dad at lunch time." Isabel said

      "No kidding." Max said

      "You know, I know he's upset about what happened with Pam but he's really starting to piss me off." Michael said

      "Maybe it would have been a good idea if your dad filed charges." Kyle said to Liz

      "Well, we learn these lessons the hard way." Liz said

      "Listen, I know these aren't exactly the best conditions to continue with the class but..." the teacher said

      "Yeah, no, it's fine." Max said as he put the papers into his bag

      They all sat down. All of them could feel Max's anger boiling, all the lights in the room started to flicker.

      "Hmm...I better call the janitor about that." The teacher mumbled

      Philip's Office, Evan's Law Firm, Lunch Time

      Philip was on the phone while Max sat on the other side of the desk. The paperwork that Max had been presented with at school was lying on the table after Philip had gone through it. After a minute he hung up.

      "Well, it's legitimate." Philip said

      "He's actually suing me." Max said, "Next time he tries to take a swing at anyone could I be there to hit him instead of Mr Parker?"

      Philip smiled, "I'll see what I can do."

      "Hey, who was that guy that served me? The school is really not happy about how he barged in."

      "That was Troy's lawyer. Earl L. Sneed. He's a high priced brownnoser from Albuquerque."

      "One of yours?" Max asked

      "Yeah, we were at law school together...well, he was a year behind me. No-one actually knows what his middle initial is for so we all said it was `Loophole', cause that's what he liked using to win." Philip said

      "So what are my options here?" Max asked

      "Well, you can settle out of court. That's probably what he's going for but it'll cost a lot. Option 2: go to court and fight it out...and risk loosing. He'll go with the sympathy vote since his daughter is now locked up."

      "Wait...she attacked us." Max said

      "Sneed is very good at twisting things the way he wants. He could make Liz seem like a moron. And `seem like' are the operative words. Everything is perception."

      "And evidence?" Max asked

      "Evidence is good but a lawyer can get paid a lot of money to make to seem less than what it is and if there's jury, he can say something that makes his case that he shouldn't say. It gets stricken but the jury still heard it, at least one of them will remember."

      Max stood up and shook his head, "We didn't do anything to that...we used our powers at a fraction of what we could have done. It was to take her down a peg or two, to get her off our backs. I'm going to fight this. The money we have is to help the families."

      "Is it possible that there's something about her that doesn't react well to your energy?" Philip asked

      "No." Max said, "The research that Kalen's people did before they made us said that there would be no negative reactions between humans and our powers. The only side-effect I've seen is when I healed Liz and that connection magnified."

      "Okay, well I'm going to do a little more homework on this but you better get back to school."

      "Yeah. I'll see you later?" Max said

      "I'll stop by your place after dinner." Philip said

      Father and son said their goodbyes and Philip got back on the phone. As he stepped out of his father's offices and into the stairwell he pulled out his cell phone, the lights were flickering on and off quickly. He quickly dialled the number of the National Enquirer and got through to an editor, someone who got into his position when Max cleaned house.

      "Mr Clarence, this is Max Evans."

      "Mr Evans, good to hear from you."

      "Listen before I start, I want to apologise about the way we took over. We just don't like people sneaking around our home."

      "Of course sir. And I have to apologise as well, my predecessor's were always eager to get a look in the dome but allowing two of our people to do what they did..."

      "He should just be thankful that our security didn't find them without Michael being present."

      "Ah, yes, of course sir. What can I do for you?"

      "I take it you know about our situation with the Troy family?"

      "Yes Mr Evans, in fact we just got a wire saying that Mr Troy has filed a lawsuit against you."

      "You got that this quickly?" Max asked

      "It's a...well we're a newspaper."

      "Right...well...something doesn't feel right about this and I want you to look into the Troy's. Whatever you find, just get it to me." Max said

      "I'll see what I can do Mr Evans. Goodbye sir."

      "Goodbye." Max said before hanging up.

      Max left the building and the lights sorted themselves out. After meeting up with Liz at the Crash, they both headed back to school.

      Under the Stands, Roswell High Football Field, 14:00

      "YOU DID WHAT?" Isabel asked

      "Isabel, I don't think heard you in Alaska. Anyway I didn't say I would use what they find. I just got mad." Max said

      "I'll say." Kyle said as he got off his cell with his dad

      "What's up?" Maria asked

      "Electrical engineers have been out all day. There have been weird power levels all over the town." Kyle said

      "Like what happened in class today?" Liz asked

      "Yeah but apparently it was about a half mile radius from where ever our king has been." Kyle said

      "Oh." Max said

      "You need to calm down bro." Michael said

      "Apparently." Max said

      "Okay, so what do we do about tomorrow?" Maria asked

      "Well for one thing I think I should be doing a little walking tonight." Isabel said

      "Isabel." Max warned

      "I want to know what we're dealing with, besides I might find something." Isabel said

      "I know, just not tonight. Leave it until...until we really need it." Max said

      Isabel looked at her brother and nodded, "Okay." She agreed

      The bell rang and they all picked up their bags. As they walked to their classes, they all felt eyes on them. Many of the students had heard about what had happened, given what Pam did to them and the group, they were nearly as angry as Max and the others were.

      Judge Bale's Court, Courthouse, Roswell, 10:25am The Next Morning

      Judge Bale came into his courtroom and sat down at the bench. He looked out to see Mr Troy standing with his lawyer and Max standing next to his father with the others around them. As they were told to sit down, the school principle came into the room and sat at the back.

      "Okay, Troy vs. Evans and associates." Bale said

      "That's correct Your Honour." Sneed said as he stood up

      "From what I'm reading here, your claim is that Maxwell Evans and his friends exerted enormous pressure on Pamela Troy that resulted in her breakdown and subsequent attack on Samuel Reese and Ava Harding."

      "Yes Your Honour." Sneed said, "We are prepared to present evidence..."

      "Your Honour before that begins," Philip said as he stood up, "Both my son and the school wish to lodge a complaint against Mr Sneed and his firm."

      "Yes I'd imagine you would. Mr Sneed, Roswell High has strict policies with regard to the protection of their students. Barging into a classroom full of students without going to the school principle is unacceptable." Bale said

      "You know about that sir?" Sneed asked

      "My grandson is in that class, as is the mayor's niece. Neither appreciated the interruption very much." Bale said

      "Well the school certainly has my apologies but it wouldn't have been necessary if Max Evans weren't as cut off as they were." Sneed said

      "Your Honour, how or where they live isn't an issue. Mr Sneed never attempted to serve the papers at the dome." Philip said

      "Your Honour..." Sneed said but the judge held up his hand

      "You're sure about this Mr Evans?" Bale asked

      "Sir, anyone who approaches the dome is picked up by security and is recorded. I have records from the system that show no-one aside from Mr and Mrs Reese approached the dome within the last five days...with the except of family members of course." Philip said, "We believe that what happened at the school was for show. There is always press or photographers around this group, Mr Sneed and Mr Troy are both aware of this."

      "As am I." Bale said, "I won't deal with this matter here but it will be handed over to the Bar Association."

      "Thank you Your Honour." Philip said

      "Now, this matter. Mr Sneed, you said something about evidence."

      "Yes sir. Ms Troy's diary details her days. In particular are the accounts of her encounters with the various defendants."

      "Mr Evans?" Bale said

      "Your Honour, Pamela Troy is currently undergoing psychiatric observation for her behaviour. Hallucinations, delusions...I have to question the content of her diary."

      The judge looked back and forth, "I agree but I will examine it."

      "Your Honour, we also just found out about this yesterday. While Mr Sneed might have had a great deal of time to prepare a case, we haven't." Philip said

      "Yes. Very well, we will recess until tomorrow morning while will give me enough time to validate this diary. At which point I'll grant one week for you to prepare Mr Evans."

      "Thank you Your Honour." Philip said

      "All rise." The bailiff said

      All stood up and the judge left. Troy and Sneed let without saying a word, leaving the others to follow behind. Outside there was press; both parties never said anything to them.

      Judge's Chambers, Courthouse, 30 Minutes Later

      Judge Bale was in his office skimming through Pam's diary and other bits of evidence Sneed had put in. He knew the next case on his docket was coming up soon and wanted to get much of it done before he had to deal with it. The more he read her diary the more he became confused. He'd thought that there would some indication of mental problems, something that could clearly distinguish what actually happened and what was in her head there was not. Eventually there was a knock on the door and his assistant opened it.

      "Judge Bale?"

      "Yeah Frank, what's up?"

      "Someone's here to see you, he's the Principle of West Roswell High. He'd like to speak with you if you have a minute."

      "Uh...sure. Send him in." Bale said

      His assistant left and showed the school principle into the judge's office. "Your Honour."

      "Mr Hamilton. Good to see you." Bale said, "What can I do for you?"

      "Judge Bale, well since word spread yesterday about Max Evans and the others got served I have been approached by...well a lot of students." Mr Hamilton said

      "I see." Bale said

      "All were, well I guess you could say they were complaining. Pamela Troy led what can be described as an Alpha group, you know just the usual clique but she spent time putting down other students. They feel that Max and the others shouldn't be punished just because they stood up to her."

      "Well I understand that Mr Hamilton but there's nothing I can do about that. Mr Troy has filed a complaint and that must follow through." Bale said

      "And I respect that but there is this..." Hamilton said as he opened his briefcase and pulled out a file. "This morning, most if not all of the students who came to see me yesterday brought in these. They are descriptions of what Pamela Troy did to them and to others...Judge Bale; I didn't know even half of this. If I did she would have been expelled a long time ago." He placed the file on the desk in front of the judge.

      Bale opened it and started to look over the stack of papers. "Mr Hamilton, this isn't exactly the way the procedure goes. I shouldn't have this file and if you're trying to help Mr Evans case it should really go to him."

      "It is. I had my secretary make photocopies and took them to Philip Evans office. I'm hoping that you can convince Mr Troy to back off, his daughter's locked up, and he's looking for someone to blame. I don't blame him for that, I'd probably do the same but he's asking for trouble. Right now Max isn't using all his resources but if he gets pushed too far..."

      "I was curious as to why he was using his father instead of the lawyer that came with that company of his." Bale said

      "That is an option that I'm sure he's looking at. If that happens, Mr Troy will be..."

      "Well if there like the company lawyers I've seen in the past, he will be completely destroyed. There would also be the option of a counter-suit."

      "Max Evans is a good young man, he would never do it unless he's left no choice. Protecting the people he's close to is what he does." Mr Hamilton said

      "I will speak Mr Sneed. I'll see if I can get him to stop this but if it doesn't..."

      "If it doesn't then Max is going to have a long line of students ready to testify for him. Each one is going to describe what his daughter was really like, even her old friends came to see me."

      "That's not going to help Troy's case. He's coming in tomorrow morning, I'll speak to him alone then." Bale said

      The two men stood up and shook each other's hands. Mr Hamilton picked up his briefcase and left back to the school. Judge Bale looked at his clock and realised he still had some time so he close Pam's diary and looked over the statements from the students. He didn't like what he saw.

      Michael and Maria's Bedroom, The Mansion, 18:00

      The doors to their bedroom burst open and Michael & Maria came rushing inside. Their arms were wrapped around each other, their hands pawed and they kissed each other hard and fast. They were filled with fire, each wanting to get into bed as soon as possible. They were acting like they hadn't been together in months.

      Michael grabbed the sides of Maria's blouse and ripped it off, sending buttons flying all over the bedroom. Maria gasped as Michael latched his mouth onto her exposed shoulder as her fingers ran through his hair.

      "What's got you so horny?" Maria asked with heated breath

      "I've had a hard-on all day." Michael said before pulling down one of the cups on her bra and licking her nipple.

      "Ahhhhh..." Maria gasped, "Why?"

      "Watching you...and not being able to do anything to help Max has me a little frustrated." Michael said when he came up from her breast

      "Well then we better do something about that." Maria said as she reached up behind her and undid her bra.

      Michael ran her arms down her arms, taking the straps of her bra with them. Michael reached out and started massaging both of her breasts, eliciting a soft and gentle moan from his lover. In a split instant he picked Maria up and dropped her onto their bed. Maria held herself up on her elbows, her breasts heaving in time with her breath. Each time her chest raised and lowered, Michael felt drawn in and pulled off his tight t-shirt.

      He got to the edge of the bed and looked down at Maria, then looked down further to her legs wrapped up in a short denim skirt. Michael held up his hand, he used his powers and Maria felt the zip slowly descend on her skirt before the button became undone. She lifted her hips and took hold of the denim to toss it to the floor, leaving her in her underwear.

      Maria then returned the favour and used her own powers on his pants. As the belt, zipper and button came undone, his pants fell to the floor. He kicked out of them and at the same time both lovers took hold of their underwear and pulled them off. Once both were naked Michael practically leapt onto Maria. The young blonde wrapped her arms around Michael as they rubbed their bodies together. Maria pressed her tits into Michael's chest as they kissed, their tongues snaking around each other's mouths.

      "God, you're so hot." Michael gasped as he ran his hand over her flushed skin

      "For you baby." Maria sighed out.

      As they rolled around on the bed, Michael moved Maria onto her back and pinned her down. He used his legs to ease her apart and slowly moved between them, Maria felt the underside of his cock sliding against her slit, becoming wet with her juice's. Maria groaned as Michael bathed her nipples in his mouth, moving back and forth between each ripe breast.

      Then without any warning, Michael stabbed his dick into her body. The entire floor of the house filled with her passionate cry as inch- by-inch his hard cock filled her. Her eyes rolled in her head as Michael started to move inside of her. Maria's back arched higher and higher with each thrust of his cock.

      "Ugnnnnnnn...fuuuuuuuck...soooo gooood." Maria cried out

      Her legs bent and she lifted them off the bed, pressing them into Michael's sides. The bed rocked with them, the headboard bashed into the wall. Michael bottomed out inside her as his hips circled, sending his cock in and out of her. Maria caressed his hard body before sending her hand downward to where their bodies joined. She started to touch his dick while using her thumb to add pressure to her own clit.

      Michael reached down and grabbed her hand. He brought it up and pinned it above her head. "Just lie back and enjoy it baby." Michael gasped, continuing to hump her body.

      "Oh...ugnhnnnn...I'm enjoying it..." Maria gasped as she quickly rolled Michael onto his back. She started to move up and down on his hard length as his hands cupped and squeezed her tits. "But maybe you're the one who should lie back."

      "Ughnnnnnnnn...yeah..." Michael growled through gritted teeth as her tight pussy gripped him

      Maria rocked her hips, taking Michael deeper and deeper inside of her. She was moving faster and her back was bending backwards, her hands held onto his arms to steady herself. Then suddenly Michael flipped them over again but then spun her around so that her back was exposed to him. He lay on top of her and pinned both arms above her head. Maria could feel his dick nestle in her butt cleavage.

      "" Maria gasped

      Michael used one hand to continue to hold her hands while his free hands ran down the length of her body to grab her ass. He leaned down until his mouth was a mere centimetre from her ear. "I want to have a little fun." He said as he released her hands and reached up under their pillows. Michael pulled out to long red cords made of silk; carefully he placed each of his love's hands on their headboard and tied them to the gaps in the wood.

      Maria looked back at Michael through heated eyes. Slowly he took his weight off her and knelt by her sweating form. He felt along her back but Maria couldn't move much, her hands were too securely bound. All she could do was squirm as Michael moved his hand down between her legs and dipped his fingers into her sex.

      "Uhmmmmmm...Mic...hael." She gasped

      "Hold onto the headboard Maria. Get up onto you're knees." Michael said, his dick was throbbing proudly from between his legs.

      Maria did was she was commanded. Her breasts hung down, as did her hair until she swung it over her shoulder to look at Michael. Michael smiled as he felt her ass cheeks and gave them a playful spank. Maria's body jumped each time he connected and she whimpered, it was all music to Michael as he moved up behind her. As Maria felt his hands on her legs, she started to move her hips back and forward, wanting to get his dick inside her. Michael took hold of his straining cock and pointed it at Maria's entrance.

      "Please Michael...don't tease me. I need you." Maria begged.

      "Don't worry babe." Michael said as he pushed forward and buried himself back inside her.

      "Ughnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..." Both groaned loudly.

      All Maria could do was hold on as Michael started to screw her. There wasn't anything slow about it, Michael pushed and pulled his hips, sending his dick into his lover as fast as he could. She could feel him fill her over and over again, wanting to have his white load spill over inside of her.


      "OH god..."






      AGGGGGUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" both lovers cried together as they collapsed onto the bed. Michael's hips spasmed and jerked as his seed flowed into Maria's body. Maria's whole body quivered in delight.

      "That was..." Maria said deliriously

      "I know." Michael said as he reached up and pulled on the ties. The silk came undone and Maria's arms became free.

      Carefully he rolled off of her and lay on his back. Maria scooped up beside him and rested her head on his shoulder while his arm wrapped around her.

      "What were you thinking about?" Maria asked

      Michael shook his head. "Nothing...just you." He said

      Maria ran her finger over his chest, circling his nipple and teasing him. "Honey, you're ticklish. What were you thinking about?"

      Michael looked his beautiful vixen and kissed her head. He knew she would do it.

      "Was it the two of us on the altar?" Maria asked

      "No?" Michael said

      "Oh that fantasy of yours where you're having me on my mom's sofa?"

      Michael chuckled, "No."

      "Babe...ticklish." Maria said

      "Our wedding night." Michael said

      Maria looked up at him with love in her eyes and kissed his cheek, "I like that answer."

      "Thought you might." Michael said

      "Is it the truth?" Maria asked

      Michael put his finger under her chin and looked her straight in the eye, "Yes." He said before kissing her. Eventually the two got off of the bed and went to have a bath together. Michael winced when he saw Maria pour her favourite bubble bath into the water but pushed it down for her. As they slipped into the water, the rested against each other as the steam and aroma filled the room. Playfully, Maria took a glob of bubbles in her hand and dabbed it onto Michael's nose. He let it slide as he took her hands in his and looked at the marks left by his bindings, gently he removed the marks and kissed her hands.

      "I love you." Maria whispered

      Michael kissed her forehead and smiled, "I love you too. Now about your mom's sofa?" he joked. Maria smiled and gently pushed Michael's arm.

      "Very funny." She said as they closed their eyes and just soaked in the water.

      Living Room, The Mansion, Same Time

      While Michael and Maria were enjoying themselves, the others sat around the living room. They were busy with their homework but couldn't help the distraction that the legal proceedings caused. Every time they got into it they would stop writing and their minds wandered right into the courtroom.

      "This sucks." Kyle said as he closed his books and threw his pen down.

      "Make you wonder what the other families are going through." Sam said as he sat back into the sofa

      "We can only hope that it's nothing like this." Max said as a drone arrived

      "Majesty, sensors have detected a vehicle approaching the dome. We have tracked it back to a rental firm in Albuquerque. He have accessed their records and it was hired by Mr Clarence of the National Enquirer."

      "The guy you called?" Isabel asked

      "Yeah." Max said

      "Why wouldn't he just fax or e-mail the stuff to you?" Liz asked

      Max shrugged his shoulders, "Let's find out. Let him in when he gets to the dome." He said to the drone

      "Yes Majesty." The drone said and then left

      10 Minutes Later...

      "Mr Clarence." Max greeted the man as the drone let him in through the front door

      "Mr Evans, good to meet you." He said as he shook the young man's hand.

      Max showed him into the living room where the others were sitting around, waiting. "Please, sit down." Max said

      "So, what's up?" Liz asked

      "As per your request Mr Evans, I had some of my...that is our people digging into Mr Troy's history."

      "What did you find?" Kyle asked

      Max looked at him.

      "No harm in asking right? We still have the option of not using it." Kyle asked

      "Yeah I guess." Max said

      "Okay, so what did you find?" Kyle asked

      "Well...that's the problem. We didn't find anything to discredit him."

      "What?" Kyle asked

      "What do you mean? Nothing at all?" Max asked

      "He's completely clean. And when I say clean...his records are spotless, well aside from a few parking tickets. Until this thing with his daughter, it's like he's avoided trouble."

      "I don't get it." Sam said

      Clarence opened a file he had with him and started reading it out, "Stephen Robert Troy, born April 4th 1963. Lived in Roswell until he moved away when he was twenty...a year later he moved back with his new wife. Their one and only daughter was born a little later. Works as a very successful accountant and inherited over 100,000 from his parents when they died. Has contacts with most town officials."

      "That's it?" Max asked

      "It's what I didn't find that's most interesting. His daughter, Pamela, doesn't have any medical history, no files anywhere."


      "No, aside from when she was born, she hasn't seen the inside of a hospital or a doctor's office since then. All medical emergencies are to be immediately referred to her father." Everyone looked at each other as Mr Clarence continued; "There is one thing; after moving from Roswell Troy went missing for a day. His car was found wrecked...completely burned out to the point that it was barely the metal frame. He was assumed dead until he walked into a local police station. It turned out that his car was hijacked and he was driven out into the middle of nowhere before he was ditched. He made his way into town and that was that. One month after that he met his wife."

      Max took the file from the editor and looked it over. "I don't get it. How can a guy that's causing this much trouble now not have more background."

      "I wish I could help you more Mr Evans, after all you are responsible for me being at my job."

      "Thank you Mr Clarence. Oh by the way, why'd you bring this out here instead of sending it on to us?" Max asked

      "Are you kidding? A chance to meet the youngest multi-billionaires and see inside this place in person...I couldn't resist. I also get the chance to thank you in person." Mr Clarence said

      Max nodded and showed Mr Clarence out, then back to his car. He then went inside and looked at his family, "Did anyone else get a shiver down their spine when he said what he said?" Max asked. One by one each raised their hands.

      "Shiver about what?" Maria asked as she and Michael came walking down the stairs.

      "We got some information about the Troy's." Isabel said

      Judge Bale's Court, Courthouse, 09:00 The Next Morning

      Judge Bale was sitting in his courtroom. He'd had his assistant call Sneed and asked him and Mr Troy to arrive earlier than was originally scheduled and before long the two men arrived. Bale sat in one of the chairs in the middle of the room, in the area behind the space that was occupied with the defendant and prosecutor desks.

      "Your Honour." Mr Sneed said

      "Judge Bale." Mr Troy greeted

      "Mr Troy, Mr Sneed. Thank you for coming."

      "What did you wish to talk to my client about?" Mr Sneed asked

      "This." Bale said as he reached over to another chair and picked up the file that Principle Hamilton gave him, "This came across my desk."

      Sneed took the file and started to look at it. "What is all this?"

      "Written statements from the students of the school. Not very positive statements of your daughter Mr Troy."

      "HOW DARE..."

      "That's just what I read, Mr Troy. I'm told that none of them are happy about this situation. Philip Evans has already been sent copies and that there are a lot of students ready to testify to the validity to these statements."

      "Your Honour, it is inappropriate for you to..."

      "I know Mr Sneed but I was asked to try and convince you to back down. No one wants this to go any further and no one wants to see your family suffer anymore than it already has." Bale said

      "But Sir..." Sneed said

      "I was a lawyer a long time before I became a judge, do you honestly think you can win this case if Mr Evans brings out this. This is just preliminary work to see if this can be settled before we bring in a jury. The diary, from what I can see in it, there is nothing to distinguish where her condition fully manifested. If what you believe about Max Evans and the others causing this to happen with our daughter is true then there would be some definitive indication."

      "You can't deny what she wrote." Troy said

      "No I can't but if Philip Evans was to walk in here with the people your daughter wrote about and they denied it, are you in a position to refute their testimony?" Bale asked

      Sneed looked at Troy and the later shook his head, "No Your Honour. Not at this time."

      Troy shook his head and kicked a chair, "Just forget it. Tell that little...tell him he wins...for now." He said and started to storm out

      Just as he was about to reach the doors, they opened and Max came in with the others. They all looked at Mr Troy and then to the judge but in a split second, Troy grabbed Max's throat and held him against the wall. Michael, Alex, Kyle and Sam all grabbed at Troy to pull him off but it only took a second for him to calm down a little. He released Max but looked coldly into his eyes.

      "You will pay for what you did to her Za...Max."

      To Be Continued...

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