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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 41

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list February 3, 2004

      Conservatory, The Mansion, 08:00 The Next Morning

      On the back of the house, looking out onto the gardens was a glass conservatory with a wooden frame. Liz was sitting in a chair as Max came in with two cups of coffee.

      "Morning." Max said as he kissed Liz, "You're up early."

      Liz took one of the cups as she kissed Max back. "Good morning. I know but I heard Lonnie moving about." She said as she pointed out into the gardens.

      Lonnie was just walking around the flowerbeds, looking at each one before she sat down and leaned against a tree.

      "Is she okay?" Max asked

      "I think so. I think that it's really sinking in that she's free from him and she's taking a moment to stop and..."

      "Smell the roses?" Max asked

      "Literally by the looks of it." Liz said

      "Do you think I should go out and talk to her?"

      "No, not just yet. Give her a few hours alone." Liz said, "This is going to be a big adjustment for her."

      "For all of us. I don't think any of us hesitated in putting a lot of work into hating her." Max said

      "Well, all except Sam." Liz said, "He may have our experiences from it but he never met her until now."

      "What about Ava, do you know if she and Lonnie have talked?" Max asked

      "No but I doubt it." Liz said, "Oh hello."

      They watched as Sam was out on his early morning run. He initially ran passed Lonnie but then saw her and ran back.

      In the Garden...

      When Sam saw Lonnie sitting by herself against the tree he stopped and moved over to her. Lonnie never heard him come; she continued to look at the floors while she held the photo of Zan in her hand.

      "Hey Lonnie. Are you okay?" Sam asked

      Lonnie jumped at the slight scare of Sam making his presence known, she gripped the picture tighter as Sam moved closer.

      "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you."

      "No, it's okay. I guess I was a million miles away...well a couple of thousand at any rate." Lonnie said as she held up the picture

      "Do you want to be alone?" Sam asked

      ", sorry. I guess...could you stay for a minute." Lonnie said softly

      Sam nodded and sat down next to her. " seem to like the garden?"

      "Yeah it's...peaceful. A nice place to sit and think." Lonnie said

      "What are you thinking?" Sam asked

      "Right to it huh? Okay, I'm scared...actually I'm terrified." Lonnie said

      "Of what?"

      "I'm alone for the first time, no Zan and no Rath. Bad or good, Rath was always trying to keep me in one piece. I am...was his little slave."

      "Lonnie, no matter what problems you've had you are not alone. You have everybody in that house and we're going to do everything we can to help but Ava and I will always be here for you." Sam said

      Lonnie looked at Sam and smiled, "Thanks. You know...I think Zan would have liked it here and I think I need to move on from feeling sorry for myself."

      "What do you mean?" Sam asked

      "This..." Lonnie said. She dug a small hole in the flowerbed and placed her picture of Zan in it before she covered it back up. She would always have him in her heart where it most mattered and without a body to bury this was the closest thing to it she could do, laying his memory to rest.

      Sam smiled, he could see it in her eyes what she was doing and put his arm around her shoulder. "There you go. If you don't mind me asking..."

      "What happened to Zan after we killed him?" Lonnie asked

      "After Rath killed him. But yeah." Sam said

      "We...uh...we didn't want anything left behind for the police or anyone to find unusual so Rath...Rath had Ava mind warp the locals while he used his powers to tear Zan apart until there was nothing left."

      "He disintegrated him?" Sam asked

      "Until there wasn't even a drop of blood left." Lonnie said

      "I am so sorry." Sam said

      "Don't be. You couldn't have done anything about it, hell you weren't even apart of the group back then." Lonnie said

      "Come on, it's nearly breakfast time and you don't want to miss DDOK's cooking." Sam said as he stood up, he took Lonnie's hand and helped are stand up.

      "Hey, why are you up this early anyway?" Lonnie asked as they walked back to the house

      "I'm an exercise freak, have to be for the team and I've been having a bit of an easy summer. I need to get back on track for school starting back. Kyle usually joins me these days but...well he likes sleeping in." Sam said

      "Especially with Tess next to him I bet?" Lonnie said

      "Oh you better believe it. If I heard right then Tess, Maria, Michael and Kyle had a little group fun last night." Sam said

      "You guys do that?" Lonnie asked

      "Sometimes. I don't really go for the guy-guy stuff, I'd do anything for Ava which is why I first did it."

      "Oh come on you can't tell me you don't enjoy it." Ava said as she came up behind them

      "Hey." Lonnie said, her eyes immediately locking onto Ava's

      "Hi." Ava said

      Sam looked back and forth between the two girls. The look between the two of them could have caused the forest to catch fire and it certainly affected Sam. He cleared his throat and the two girls looked at him.

      "As I was saying, you can't say you didn't enjoy it." Ava said

      "Your right, I can't say it because I loved it. It feels incredible every time but given a choice between a guy and a girl I have to choose a girl every time. I'm just not into men as much as the others are." Sam said

      "You do know you'll have to do it a couple more times at least right?" Ava asked

      "Yes I do." Sam said

      "You do?" Lonnie asked

      "Yeah, when you choose your guy." Sam said as they got to the door.

      "Oh okay. Hmm, I guess I should really get caught up in these rituals you guys have had." Lonnie said

      "Well, if you get the chance have a bath with the'll blow you away." Ava said with a grin, "Liz is especially frisky."

      "Liz? Little mousy Liz?" Lonnie said

      "Never ever say that." Ava said sternly

      "What?" Lonnie asked

      "Liz is our queen and our lover and she will be yours as well. She is beautiful, vibrant and full of life, never call her mousy and if you want to live don't do it in front of Isabel." Ava said

      "Sorry, I guess I'm just surprised that she and Isabel are together in the first place." Lonnie said

      "Apology accepted." Ava said, as much as she wanted to be angry at Lonnie's comment she couldn't stay mad at her. One more look into her eyes and her heart skipped a beat.

      Sam once again looked back and forth between the two and instantly knew that these two were going to have a hard time getting out of bed. He cleared his throat again as he opened the door and they walked back inside.

      "Hey Sam, this exercise thing?" Lonnie said

      "Yeah?" Sam asked

      "Would you mind if I joined you once and a while? I'm not exactly in top form right now and it might help." Lonnie asked

      "Uh sure, if you're sure you want to. When school starts back up I will be getting up earlier." Sam said

      "Oh not a problem." Lonnie said as they entered the house and went to the dinning room.

      "Great, uh okay, we can start tomorrow morning if you want?" Sam asked

      "Fine with me." Lonnie said

      "You know, I only have one regret about you being here?" Ava said to Lonnie

      The tall blonde stopped dead in her tracks, suddenly panicked that Ava didn't want her. "What's that?" she asked

      "You're not on Alpha 1 watching Rath being put on ice." Ava said

      Lonnie let loose a sigh of relief and smiled, then she started to wonder what Rath did look like as an ice cube.

      Cryogenic Tube Storage Area, Alpha 1, Immediately Following

      Rath had woken up a little earlier than Kalen's people had anticipated. Five Antarians were holding him in the air but it didn't stop him from fighting like hell to be free. At first they were trying to walk him along but it got so bad that they had to grab his legs and lift him of the ground to get him to the freezers.

      His powers were neutralised but his kicks and punches already had severely bruised most of his captors. As much as they wanted to they couldn't tranquillise him again without causing brain damage and he was still one of the noble houses. At the very least they were happy that they could gag him so they didn't need to listen to his yelling.

      As they reached the massive line of tubes, three of them held Rath in and used their powers to help as one of them pressed a button on the side of the tube. The others backed off as the door quickly snapped shut. Rath started bashing his fists against the door and yelling but the Antarians didn't hear anything thanks to the soundproofing. Kalen then came into the room with Feln, the two of them looked at Rath as they moved over to the control panel.

      Feln looked at Kalen who nodded and he pressed a series of buttons that turned the lights on the panel green. Kalen then pressed the final button and inside the tube, a circle of white light travelled up and down Rath's body. In seconds he was completely frozen, his fists frozen to the door and his face twisted in pain.

      Kalen pulled out a camera and moved up to the door, he wanted Lonnie to see Rath's fate for herself. A quick flash and then all the others left and went on with their duties.

      Living Room, The Mansion, 1 Hour Later

      After breakfast Lonnie was sitting watching television with her feet up and downing a tube of Pringles. Isabel came in a few minutes later and just stared at her double.

      "You finished breakfast like 20 minutes ago." Isabel said

      "Yeah, so?" Lonnie said, "I'm hungry."

      "Okay...well grab you coat, we're going out." Isabel said

      "Where are we going?" Lonnie asked

      "Shopping. Max asked me to help you pick up some new clothes and stuff for school next week. So..." Isabel said as she opened an envelope Max gave her.

      "What's this?" Lonnie asked

      "One credit" Isabel said as she gave it to Lonnie, "And, $500 cash in fives, tens and twenties."

      "What's the 500 bucks for?" Lonnie asked

      "That's your allowance, we all get the same before you ask." Isabel said

      "What is this? Bi-monthly, annually?" Lonnie asked, very shocked that she was given this much.

      "No, fortnightly. Anything you don't use stick it in a shoe box in your room and keep it for emergencies." Isabel said, "Oh and try to keep a track of it. It'll be useful."

      "So...just to be straight, I get 500 cash every two weeks and a credit card?" Lonnie asked

      "And use of any of the vehicles in the garage, you can take your horse out anywhere and use anything in the house. Like we promised Lonnie, we're going to help you anyway we can." Isabel said

      "Okay, so shopping. Listen I don't have dress up too much like you do I?" Lonnie asked

      "Oh god no." Isabel said, "By all means dress how you want but..."

      "But Max's limits apply, nothing that's going to cause problems. That stuff can be kept for around here." Lonnie smiled

      "Yeah, dress innocent, dress sexy, whatever. Just don't act like you grew up in a sewer, that past doesn't exist any more and when it comes to guys, just try to find a nice one before you decide to screw your way through everyone at the school."

      "Yeah okay, you know you guys are no fun." Lonnie said

      "Oh we're fun, just paranoid about some of the wrong people finding out about us." Isabel said, "Oh and we're paying a visit to my, our parents."

      "What?" Lonnie asked

      "Don't you think they should meet their...daughter?" Isabel said

      "You really don't like saying that do you?" Lonnie said

      "You may be my double but your not their daughter and certainly not my sister until you prove it." Isabel said coldly

      "Okay, well I know where I stand." Lonnie said

      "Yeah well, like I said, until you prove it." Isabel said

      "Oh so there's hope?" Lonnie asked

      "If I'm going to let you sleep with my girlfriend then you better hope there is." Isabel said

      "Oh well then, lets go shopping." Lonnie said, "And we'll talk on the way."

      "Come on, we'll take the Porsche." Isabel said

      " guys have a Porsche?"

      "Oh yeah, 6 of them." Isabel answered

      Lonnie smiled, "I am driving."

      "Yeah right, you wait until you get a licence...a real one!" Isabel said

      The girls walked out to the garage, hopped into the car and sped out of the house to the gates and out toward Roswell with Isabel driving.

      Evans Residence, 12:00

      After hours of going from store to store in the mall and buying a lot of thinks in Lonnie's size, the girls packed up the trunk to capacity before they headed out. As they pulled up outside the Evans, the girls got out and were laughing with each other.

      Inside the house, Philip and Diane watched as they approached.

      "Uh, they're laughing." Philip said

      "Yeah, definitely not what I expected." Diane said as they came to the door.

      Isabel opened it and they came inside. When the two hybrids saw their "parents" they both stopped laughing.

      "Mom, dad. I'd like you to meet Vilandra...Lonnie." Isabel said, "Lonnie, mom and dad."

      "Lonnie. Pleased to meet you." Diane said

      "Yes, it's good to meet the real you." Philip said

      "Likewise...Mr Evans, Mrs Evans." Lonnie said

      "Oh come on, if your going to pretend to be their daughter you at least have to say it." Isabel said

      "Oh okay, mom and dad." Lonnie said hesitantly

      "I guess that'll be okay." Diane said

      "If you don't mind me asking, you two seem a little...closer than the last time we spoke?" Philip asked as he looked at Lonnie

      "Oh yeah, well this girl knows how to shop." Isabel said

      "That's it? You went shopping?" Philip asked

      "Well, no that's not just it." Lonnie said

      "There was...a little trouble." Isabel said


      Shopping had been pretty mundane, they were visited only a handful of stores but Lonnie couldn't see anything she liked that wouldn't make her look too much like Isabel. All through it they had barely talked but Lonnie then spotted Victoria's Secret.

      "Hey what about in there?" Lonnie asked

      "Why not?" Isabel said as she followed her double inside

      They walked down the aisles, Lonnie feeling the different fabrics between her fingers and as she went she picked up lingerie of varying sorts.

      "You think you've got enough?" Isabel asked, "I don't even have this much."

      "Oh I've got enough alright, start from the first layer and work outward." Lonnie said, "Besides I've never had much of a choice before, I'm enjoying myself."

      "Glad to hear it." Isabel said as she spotted a matching bra and panties set in a deep blood red lace with little bows that could be untied, she knew Alex would love to see her in.

      Lonnie looked passed Isabel to the selection and smiled, "Take it, Alex will be hard for a week seeing you in it."

      "I know." Isabel said as she looked at Lonnie

      "Hey don't look at me like that. The two of you say no threesomes then that's it, subject closed." Lonnie said

      Isabel looked back at the selection and bit her lower lip as she picked it up. Soon they were both moving, each eagerly picking up items for their enjoyment. After paying for them, they left the shop. Unknown to them was that there was a couple of guys from school who spotted them go into the shop. They watched as they made their selections and each groaned at the choices the girls made. As they left the guys followed them a little before making their presence known.

      "Hey Isabel, Lonnie. Glad to see you back in town."

      "Uh do we know him?" Lonnie asked

      "Not that I know of." Isabel said

      "Uh, I'm wounded."

      The two girls looked at each other, turned around and planned to continue on their way until he dived in front of them.

      "Oh come on now don't be like that. You girls could always come back to my place, put on a little modelling show for me and the guys."

      "Get lost dickhead...dickhead? Is that right?" Lonnie asked Isabel

      "Sounds right to me." Isabel said

      "Oh come on, I'm getting hot just looking at the two of you. There's nothing better than twins, well except maybe in those hot little numbers you just bought."

      "You were watching us?" Isabel asked

      "How could I not?"

      "Get the hell away from me." Isabel said as she pushed by him with Lonnie quickly following

      "Damn Evans, you're smokin' when you're pissed. Come on, five minutes with the two of you in that red thing with the bows."

      "Do you have any idea how much trouble your asking for?" Isabel asked

      "Oh really from who? Not that little geek Alex."

      "Actually Alex downed a guy just two nights ago that was seven inches taller than you." Lonnie said remembering how Alex took down Rath. "And this guys had muscles...really much more than you got."

      "Oh did I ever tell you about the time Alex threw Michael across the room?" Isabel asked Lonnie

      "No, but you got to tell me about that." Lonnie said

      "Yeah bullshit. Whitman couldn't even hit a baseball with a bat." Said one of the other guys to his friends

      "Yeah sports aren't his thing but when he really believes in something, like protecting me, he goes all out. And then there's Max, Michael, Kyle and Sam. Now they're really protective." Isabel said

      "Yeah but they wont know, come parents aren't at home and from what I hear about you guys up at that dome, why the hell should Kyle be the only one to enjoy twins."

      "He hasn't. He's dating Tess and Sam's dating Ava, that's it." Lonnie said, her anger almost coming off her in litres.

      "Come on...just a little while." He said as he ran his hands up her arm

      {Okay, that's it.} Isabel thought to herself. She looked at his crotch area and focused, in seconds a wet stain started to form.

      He had no idea it was happening until some passing girls started laughing at him and pointing. He and his friends looked down and he covered himself as he looked around

      "If you needed the bathroom you should have gone." Isabel said smugly

      Lonnie smiled and shifted her eyes up. She could see the platform above them where the food court was and spotted some people with ice cold drinks in their hands as they leaned on the railing. She focused, scrunching her eyes a little and the large polystyrene cups fell to the ground. Their contents, the liquid and ice fell over each of the boys before them. Some were covered in coke, others with milkshakes in a variety of colours. Everyone in that area of the mall watched as it happened and all burst out laughing.

      "SORRY!" the people yelled from the upped floor

      "'re having a very unlucky day." Lonnie said

      The boys tried to force a smile but couldn't. The laughs were getting to them and were completely embarrassed; they ran off to the exit with their tails between their legs.

      "That was fun." Lonnie said as she looked at Isabel

      She was trying to hold back her smile. Lonnie looked around to her and looked in her doubles eyes.

      "Is that a smile?" Lonnie asked, "Oh come on, let it know you enjoyed that."

      Isabel's face became bright with the smile and started laughing. The two girls sat on the rim of the fountain that was in the middle of the mall and just laughed. For the next two hours the girls started talking as they shopped, buying a verity of clothes for Lonnie. She New Yorker didn't care if they made her look like Isabel, if she liked it she bought it and they had fun doing it.

      "Who were those guys?" Lonnie asked

      "Probably some lay-abouts from school trying to act up." Isabel answered

      Most of what she bought was on the revealing side but there were also sweaters, jeans and some other simple things. She also bought a few swimsuits for the pool and lake back at the dome and like the ones owned by the other girls, these were definitely for showing off. Lonnie even bought some form fitting spandex outfits for her future runs within the dome with Sam and also ordered a few items to personalise her bedroom as well as anything Isabel told her she would need for school.

      End of Flashback**

      The girl continued to talk about what they did to the boys at the mall through their trip to Isabel's old house and while her parents were not amused, they were happy that they got what they deserved and that nothing more physical happened.

      "So did you get everything you needed?" Diane asked Lonnie

      "More or less. I've still to be caught up on the work but apparently I've been given grades the same as Isabel and Max...a little less on the actual marks but more or less the same." Lonnie said

      "Are you okay with that?" Philip asked Isabel

      "Yeah...I mean she would probably have those marks if she was here from the start so we gave her enough of a start position so she'll graduate. We're helping Lonnie build a new life for herself and for life outside the dome this is a start." Isabel said

      "And on the subject of life outside the dome...and inside for that matter, Lonnie, welcome to the family." Philip said

      "Thank you but it's not official yet. I still have a few rituals to do." Lonnie said, she was hesitant in saying it was a ritual, as she didn't know how much these people knew about their children's sex lives.

      Diane caught the hesitance and smiled, "It's okay dear; we know everything about the rituals."

      "Yeah and do us a favour...go slow. Ava really got lucky finding a guy like Sam so quickly but we want you to take your time and be sure." Philip said

      "Yes, Sam certainly is one of a kind." Lonnie said, "But Ava always could land on her feet."

      For an hour they continued to talk over drinks. Lonnie filled the Evans in on the facts of her life that Isabel didn't tell them or didn't know about to tell them. Meanwhile Isabel had filled in the others back at the mansion with what happened at the mall and bragged about how well Lonnie had taken care of their harassers. Alex smiled at how proud his lover was over her Dupes actions but he was also happy of her method of taking care of their leader. He swore not to piss her off in public right there and then.

      Sam and Ava's Bedroom, The Mansion, 14:00

      Ava sat on her bed with her legs crossed, reading through a few books that were opened at various pages as she took notes. She'd decided to go with Jeff's comment that she had a head for numbers and started looking into the accounting books of the company they had been put in charge of. She was doing her best to wrap her brain around it all and Jeff had given her some suggestions on books to look up that helped him when he was first starting out with the restaurant.

      **Knock, knock**

      "Come in." Ava said, she knew it was Lonnie as no one else ever knocked. Usually they kept the doors open, except at night when they were asleep.

      Lonnie opened the door and stepped inside, "How'd you know it was me?"

      "You knocked." Ava said, "Like we told you, we're very open around here."

      "I guess so. So what ya doing?" Lonnie asked

      "Accounting." Ava said

      "Wait, could you say that again cause it sounded like..."

      "Accounting." Ava said, "I am the quasi-accountant for our little multi national company."

      "Somehow I just can't see you in a grey business suit with thick glasses." Lonnie said

      "That's a stereotype." Ava pointed out as she looked up, "Your looking like you had some fun."

      "Yeah, Isabel and I went shopping and there were these guys..."

      "Oh, any potentials?" Ava asked

      "Not even remotely close. These guys just tried to hit on us, wouldn't take no for an answer so...we had a little fun." Lonnie said not hiding her smile

      "What kind of fun?"

      "We publicly humiliated them to the point where they ran out of the mall." Lonnie said

      Ava smiled, "Oh yeah? What'd you do?"

      "Isabel made him wet himself and I caused some drinks to fall on them." Lonnie said

      "You better connect with me one day so I can see that for myself." Ava said

      "Just say when." Lonnie said

      "So, what can I do for you?" Ava asked

      "Actually I thought we'd better talk. We haven't done that yet." Lonnie said

      "No we haven't." Ava said as she closed her books, "Do you want to sit?"

      "Uh yeah thanks." Lonnie said as she sat down on a chair.

      For long seconds neither said anything, they just looked at each other.

      "So." They said together

      "You can go first." Both said, "No you."

      "This should be easier than this." Lonnie said

      "I know, so why isn't it?" Ava asked

      "Because I hurt you...a lot." Lonnie said

      "But I know that wasn't you. It was Rath that screwed you up." Ava said

      "It was though. Rath behind it all or not it was still me that hurt you." Lonnie said

      "Lonnie...I...when we first made love, I never felt as content before then and we got so close that I fell in love with you." Ava said

      "It was the same for me." Lonnie said

      "And I...I never stopped loving you, as much as I wanted to hate you I couldn't." Ava said

      "So you're still in love with me?" Lonnie asked, the hope echoed through her voice

      Ava stood up from the bed and walked over to Lonnie. Neither broke eye contact as Ava stood before her and Lonnie then stood up. Gently Ava leaned forward and planted a light kiss on the taller girl's lips. As they parted they looked back into each other's eyes.

      "I love you." They both whispered at the same time before they kissed again only this time it was much more intense. Months, maybe even a few years of suppressed love was released and they weren't shying away from it. Their arms wrapped around each other and their bodies were pressed tightly together.

      By the door was Sam, who was intending to ask Ava if she wanted something to drink but when he heard her speaking with Lonnie he didn't want to interrupt. As soon as he saw them kiss he smiled and walked away, letting them have their privacy.

      Soon the girls parted and Lonnie trailed her fingers down Ava's cheek. Their foreheads pressed together as they slowed their breathing back to normal.

      "So, how is this going to work?" Lonnie asked

      "We can go out on dates just as we would if I was out with Sam but we can't show anything more than friendship. But in here, in the dome we can be as open as we like. If we ever want to be alone we just have to tell the others and they wont bother us." Ava said

      "What about Sam? Despite the others this has to be new for him." Lonnie said

      "It is but he told me that if I want a relationship with you then I should go for it. He knows how I feel about you." Ava said

      "Do you really think he can share you with me?" Lonnie asked

      "Yes." Ava said

      "Just yes? That's it?"

      "I know him a thousand times more than he knows himself...and it's the same with him knowing me. I know he can accept what's between us." Ava said

      Lonnie smiled

      "So..." Ava said, deciding the change the subject, "Seen any guys that could be worth a second look?"

      "Not really but I suppose when I get to school I'll have a better chance of finding someone. I can tell you this, whoever I find better have a dick the size of a cucumber."

      "Come on Lonnie, size isn't every...thing." Ava said and then smiled

      "What?" Lonnie asked

      "Sorry, I just remembered. A few months ago when I first showed up, Max and Liz said the same thing to me. Just a few months." Ava said with slight awe

      "Well, size may not be everything but bigger than Rath's little teeny weenie thing." Lonnie said with disgust

      "Rath doesn't have a small dick." Ava said

      "Believe me, I've had it in me enough times. It is small. God knows how Michael's keeping Maria satisfied." Lonnie said

      "But Michael's...he's big, he's almost as big as Sam." Ava said

      "You're sure?"

      "I've seen him stick it in Kyle and Maria enough times and I watched him and the guys jerk themselves off when me and the other girls were having a poolside orgy. He's big." Ava said

      "I don't get it. Things like that are genetic right?" Lonnie asked

      "Yeah." Ava said, "Hmm...maybe Rath really was flawed, genetically I mean. It would explain a lot."

      "Possibly." Lonnie said

      "Well, enough of that. Unless I'm mistaken you have a lesson in five minutes." Ava said

      "Oh yeah right. I better go." Lonnie said, "So...are we together now?"

      "You better believe it." Ava said with a smile

      Lonnie went to the door, her face flushed and she smiled. Ava closed the door behind her before jumping back on the bed, she reopened her books but she was too hyped to concentrate on numbers just now. Ava just lay back and held a pillow to her body; the smile on her face was almost permanent.

      Library, The Mansion, 15:00

      Lonnie walked, almost bouncing from being happy, into the library where Alex, Maria, Michael and Tess were setting up Lonnie's first class on who's who at Roswell High. They had pulled out yearbooks and had set up display boards with photo's of teachers and had completed pages of notes on a few of their classmates that Lonnie would probably interact with.

      "You looking up beat." Maria said

      "I am having a very good day...actually a very good last couple of days." Lonnie said as she sat down at the central table in the library and put her feet up on it.

      "Seeing you like this is almost scary." Michael said

      "What? I'm happy?" Lonnie said, "Okay, so what are we doing?"

      "Lesson one for next week. People in our year at school who you know, people who you semi-know and the people you generally avoid." Alex said

      "We'll cover the cliques, clubs, loners, junkies and those who are completely not a choice for your boyfriend." Tess said

      "Uh shouldn't I kinda have input on who to exclude?" Lonnie said

      "Oh yeah sure, but these guys are gay with no ifs or buts about it. They're completely girl free." Maria said

      "Oh...yeah that does kinda take them out of the running. No point taking them on if I can't rock their boats." Lonnie said

      "Okay...first off. The absolute enemy of us, she got herself suspended at the end of last year because she started causing problems but she'll be back and pissed. Pamela Troy, learn her face, learn her voice and by all means cause her problems. We won't care, we'll actually help and laugh." Maria said

      "Okay, Pam Troy. The queen bitch of all life. Check." Lonnie said, "But before we get to the rest of it...what about course work? Could we use that Sharing thing Ava mentioned, that way I get everything I need to know."

      "No sorry, the Sharing binds you and your mate to the family and, well, you don't have a guy yet." Alex said

      "So a week of work I've never even looked at once in my life." Lonnie said

      "Ah, don't worry. We have it covered." Maria said

      "Max, Liz, Alex and Isabel are definitely the brain trust so once a day they will connect with you. They're going to give you the ultimate crash course in everything. They'll each be in one or more of your classes, just like the rest of us but you'll get more than enough from them." Michael said

      "Why thank you." Alex said, "And suddenly I'm panicked."

      "Why, my brain isn't that much on the dark side." Lonnie said

      "Oh it's not that. It's just, well my strongest subject is computers and I don't think you'll like sitting through that class." Alex said

      "Maybe, maybe not but it's just for this one year right?"

      "Oh yeah, our final year." Tess said

      "Well, until college." Alex said

      "Oh no, not doing that." Lonnie said

      "Relax, you don't have to if you don't want to. You're already one of the richest kids on the planet because your one of us." Tess said

      "Okay, lets get on with the lesson." Maria said

      2 Hours Later...

      After the lesson Lonnie walked limply out of the library and straight to the kitchen where DDOK had a mug of coffee waiting for her. Her brain was fried just from listening to the pathetic rivalries between some of the groups at the school, she was just thankful none of them were in charge of the world's nuclear weapons. As she slumped in a chair, Lonnie breathed in deeply the aroma of the drink before taking a sip.

      "What the hell am I doing?" Lonnie said to herself

      "Takes a lot of getting used to doesn't it." Max said as he sat down next to her.

      "How the hell do you keep track, these guys hate those guys because of that thing, those guys did that and now this lot does other stuff back? Archhhh!" Lonnie said

      "It'll be fine." Max said

      "And is it true that you had sex with Liz in front of that Pam person?" Lonnie asked

      "No, it was just a mind warp. Just part of a payback plan and she ended up getting suspended." Max said, "That was a good day."

      "Can I ask...what if, what if the memory pulse thing you did to everyone didn't work right and someone knows that I shouldn't be there?"

      "Don't worry about that, it shouldn't happen but if it does then we'll just stamp them again." Max said, "Isabel told me about the mall, are you okay?"

      "Oh yeah I'm fine. And I know, don't make a habit of it."

      "Right. Unless, of course it's really necessary." Max said, "We all want you to be same and if a little humiliation gets the point across then that better that causing them any damage."

      "That could be fun to." Lonnie said with a smile

      "Lonnie." Max warned

      "I know, I know." Lonnie said, "Oh Isabel said you would fill me in on the details of these rituals."

      "Yeah, okay the first thing is to sleep with one of the girls but that you've already done with Ava. However you have to be with all of them to create the bonds, and then all of you must to be with Liz. That's a sort of anointment ceremony where you acknowledge Liz as the chief woman of the house. At any stage during this you can find a guy but until you do you can't go through the Sharing. That will completely bind both of you to us." Max said

      "So, I get things on track with Ava and we make love and then I sleep with Maria, Tess and Liz and then we're all together?" Lonnie asked

      "That's it." Max said

      "I think I'm going to need something stronger than coffee." Lonnie said

      "Hey, we told you. This house is as dry as the desert where liquors concerned." Max said as he stood up and reached into his pocket. "Oh I got this through the E-mail on the computer today. Kalen sent it to you with his compliments."

      Lonnie took the picture and smiled as she saw Rath's frozen face. "Next time you speak to him, tell him that I said thank you."

      Max nodded and left as Lonnie stood up and went to the gas hob on the cooker and turned it on. As she turned the flames Lonnie held the picture over it and watched as it burned, Rath's face cracking as the flames consumed it. "That's the only heat you'll ever get from me again you son of a bitch." She said as she used her powers to extinguish the flames. She turned off the gas and left the room.

      Exercise Room, 3rd Floor, 18:00

      Sam was really getting into being back in shape for the coming year, Kyle and himself being on the team was a sure thing as they always did but he didn't want to take any chances. So after dinner Kyle was doing laps in the pool, he was on his back and using the weights but Ava also decided to join in. She wanted to make sure that Sam didn't over exert or do damage to himself.

      "So have you had sex with her yet?" Sam asked as he raised and lowered the bar above his body.

      "No, not since I left the two of them." Ava said as she used the rowing machine

      "Why not?" Sam asked

      "Babe, we've only just gotten together. Back in New York, before... our times together were Rath and Zan either asking or telling us to do it for their enjoyment. When we make love this time it's because we both are in love with each other and it'll be because we want it." Ava said

      "Well I have to say that is Isabel and Tess are any indication, you two are going to look good together." Sam said, "And while they may care about each other, they don't love each other. I can only imagine what they'd look like if they did."

      "Hmmm...yeah that would be a sight worth seeing. Isabel and Liz can certainly melt rocks when they're together." Ava said as she continued to move with the machine

      "That they can but can we. I seem to remember our first time together in a fake volcano at the leisure centre."

      "Ah yes, if it wasn't a Jacuzzi I could have sworn the water was boiling from us." Ava said

      Sam smiled, just thinking about it was causing a tent to form in his tight spandex shorts and it was becoming uncomfortable. Eventually he had to stop and sit up to adjust himself.

      "Having a little problem?" Ava said, very amused

      "Nothing that can't be taken care of." Sam said

      "Ewwww...not while you're all sweaty." Ava said as she looked at his naked chest as it glistened in the light

      Sam wiped his forehead and face with the white towel around his neck. He looked over his fiancés body and spotted that her outfit was tight against her body, sweat stains showed through. He could also see her hard nipples straining through her sports bra.

      "I'm not the only one that's covered in sweat. Besides, we work up more just being in bed." Sam said

      Ava looked at him and licked her lips. She had to admit that he looked sexy as hell as he was and wanted nothing more than to taste his flesh. The blonde stopped her exercise and stood up from the machine before walking over to him. Ava straddled the bench Sam was on and faced her lover; her hands rested on his thighs and traced the lines of his bulging muscles.

      Sam placed his strong hands on the sides of her body, caressing her waist through the fabric below her ribs. Her top extenuated the swell of her breasts as Sam ran his hands up her arms.

      "Do you have any idea how hot you look right now?" Sam asked

      "Hmm, I'd imagine about as deliciously gorgeous as you do right now." Ava answered

      "Deliciously gorgeous?" Sam asked as he hooked his thumb and finger around the shoulder straps of her top and quickly pulled them down her arms, letting him get a good look of her tits.

      Ava's breathing was hot and ragged, her body desperately wanted to be one with her lover once again. "Yeah...I want to eat you all up." She said as she inched her face closer to Sam's until they kissed with passion, their tongues slid into each other's mouths easily. Her hands glided over his chest and as Sam pressed his hands on her ass. He pulled her closer to his body and as she wrapped her legs around his waist, her tits pressed into his chest.

      The sweat they had already made from their workout was mixing as she took hold of her top and pulled it off over her head. Ava didn't care where she threw it so long as it wasn't covering any part of her body as she and Sam made love.

      "God I need you." Ava gasped as Sam kissed over her neck.

      "I need you too baby." Sam groaned as he pushed himself up off the bench, talking Ava with him with her legs still wrapped around him.

      They kissed as Ava lowered her legs and Sam let her down to the ground. His hands were back on her waist; her head was tilted back as he leaned down to kiss her again. Her soft hair flowed down and as he stopped kissing her and slid down to his knees. He took her leggings down with him, they were a tight fit and difficult to come off but he got there and Ava kicked them off while Sam pulled down her underwear.

      Once she was naked he started kissing her abdomen and thighs causing her to gently moan and squirm as Sam deliberately avoided her slit. Then he started kissing his way upward until he was back on his feet. Ava's hand cupped his length through his shorts and pressed hard against him, circling her hand and massaging his hard dick enough for his eyes to roll back into his head and his toes to curl.

      "Urrr...god baby." Sam groaned

      "You ain't seen nothing yet Honey." Ava whispered in his ear and she kissed down his chest and went to her knees, talking his shorts with her.

      His dick bobbed back and forth as it became free. Sam groaned loudly as Ava wrapped her mouth around him, her tongue completely bathing him as she bobbed her head back and forth. Before long he was as hard as he could be as his hands moved to the back of her head and went with her movements, pushing himself deeper into her mouth until she was taking him down her throat.

      However, as much as Ava wanted to continue she had other uses for his erection. She pulled her head back, asking Sam through their bond to release her head and let her up. Sam did as he was asked and let her go. Ava stood back up and looked into her lover's eyes. She took his hand and led him back to the bench he was previously on and laid back on it.

      Sam looked down at her body as she breathed and looked back at him. Ava raised and spread her legs wide for Sam who approached her, his dick standing proud from his body. Without any thought he kneeled on the bench and lowered himself over his lover, mounting her body and probed her moist entrance with his cock. Ava whimpered slightly as she felt her lip being parted by his bulbous head.

      Her hands slid along his sides and down his back to Sam's ass and gripped his as her legs bent and held onto Sam. Ava pulled on his ass, wanting her lover to send his hard dick into her. Sam could never deny her and slowly pushed inside.

      "Auhhhhhhhhhhh..." Ava drew out with her breath as he filled her.

      Her tight grip on his cock with her muscles had Sam on the brink of insanity; he could never get enough of being inside his future wife. His blood was pounding in his ears just from the one thrust and as he slowly pulled out, they both groaned loudly and then even louder when he thrust back inside.

      The two lovers kissed deeply and passionately as Sam moved his massive cock within her, their hands stroked and glided over each others skin and with each thrust Ava caressed Sam's legs with her own soft ones. Their bodies moved in time with each other, in perfect rhythm.

      "Hmmm...ughhhh...Ahhhhhh...Sammm..." Ava groaned, her whole body was on fire. She was responding to the touch of his hands on her breasts, his kisses on her lip and the feel of him between her thighs as he made love to her.

      "Ava...oh yeah...goddd." Sam grunted as her body ensnared him. Even if he wanted to leave her now he couldn't, everything about her just called to him.

      Sam moved faster and Ava pushed her pelvis, meeting each one of his thrusts. They were on fire; their bodies were red and soaked with even more sweat from their latest workout. However, Ava could feel Sam straining. He was nearing his release but he wanted to last longer for Ava so that she could reach her orgasm first, which was almost upon her.

      So she decided to change positions on them. She quickly moved herself up and around, swinging Sam so that he was now sitting on the bench sideways. He was completely surprised by the move, if Ava hadn't kept her place on his dick and acted as a counter balance, he would have fallen backwards. He looked deep into her eyes and the both smiled as she started to work his dick. Her legs wrapped behind his body and all too soon she was bouncing up and down on him, her head tilted back as Sam kissed her throat and both were moaning loudly.

      Meanwhile, Lonnie had been exploring the house. She was looking over everything and had gotten lost several times despite having a map that Liz made up for her. She turned a corner here and corner there hoping to find something she could compare to the map and eventually she found the exercise room. She didn't here the grunts and groans from inside thanks to the earphones plugged into her brand new walkman and the second she looked inside she saw the lovers rutting together.

      Her feet became fixed at the doorway and slowly she pulled the miniature speakers from her ears. Ava's back was to her and she watched as Sam's hand glided up the length of her upper body. Lonnie could see they were close and her gaze was fixed on them both, she had never seen something so perfect in her life.

      "Oh GOD SAM...SO CLOSE...SO...CLOSE..." Ava cried out, her position allowed her to look over Sam's shoulder to a mirror behind them and caught Lonnie's reflection in it, but more than that, she could feel how aroused Lonnie was getting and it sparked something new within her. The result ­ "UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" she yelled as her orgasm rampaged through her

      Lonnie licked her lips at her girlfriend's orgasm and watched as Sam continued to thrust into Ava. That was when she looked down to his dick and caught sight of it, and that sparked something within her that she revelled in for a few seconds before she came out of it. She instantly knew what it was she felt and moved off back down the corridor.

      "No, I'm not doing that to them. Not to Ava." She chastised herself as she stormed away. She didn't care where she was going just so long as it had a lockable door (something rare in that house).

      Back in the room, Sam gave a couple more sharp thrusts deep into Ava and released his seed, still unaware that Lonnie had watched them. "AVA!" he called out as he filled her womb. He only wished that his sperm were potent and active, that it wasn't suppressed by the alien birth control implant in his arm.

      Ava had seen Lonnie walk away but ignored it for the moment as the lightening of her orgasm and Sam's over took them. She had also felt Sam's desire in him as he came and caressed his face before kissing him. "Soon Baby, soon." She whispered.

      They clung together for several long minutes as they came down. Both silently caressing the other as Sam's eventually softened dick left her body. After a while they stood up and decided to use the showers in the adjacent room to clean off before they headed back to their bedroom to put something on. In the end they just chose to where their traditional Antarian robes that they had been given, Ava suggested it. In part it was to show Lonnie a piece of home, what their people usually wore but there was also a desire to show her body off to her fellow New York hybrid...and Sam's. She couldn't explain it, she didn't want too. That would be for another day.

      Main Computer Terminal, Basement, 19:00

      Max was sitting in the basement with Liz by his side and on the sides of their heads were metal rings, through them all the two of them needed on their first creation was downloaded directly into their brains. They had studied all the work, all the theories and all the back ground information and what they were getting now was the technical details.

      "Okay that's it." Max said

      "This healing chamber is pretty complex but the automated factory Kalen set up for the company should be able to handle it." Liz said

      "Yeah...I can use the designs in the computer and program the factory. From what Kalen tells me, we could have a prototype up and running inside 6 days."

      "Perfect, just in time to start back at school." Liz said

      "Yeah I know not perfect timing but the sooner we start putting these machines out there the better." Max said

      "Yeah I know. Oh well, the designs are ready, our production line is ready and we're ready. Shall we do it?" Liz asked

      "I think so." Max said as he pressed his palm to scanner by the side. "System activate, transmit design sequence 1 and inform us upon completion."

      In seconds the designs were sent to their factory in the middle of California. The machines powered up and came to life, robotic arms moved around and placed the materials they needed on conveyer lines as drones kept the machines supplied with whatever they needed.

      West Roswell High, 08:50, 1 Week Later

      The day had arrived, and much to the chagrin of the young family. They decided to take the limo to school, any of their other cars just looked to rich and they wanted to stay together. Besides with some of the people at their school, they didn't want any damage to "accidentally" happen to their brand new cars. Unfortunately today was also day 1 of something else.

      Yesterday their automated factory had completed their prototype and it had been shipped off to a secured storage area that was also apart of the company. However, in order for it to be certified it needed to be tested and that meant letting human scientists in who knew nothing of the hybrids. Shortly thereafter their first examination of the device, one of them leaked the information.

      So now as they left the dome and approached the school there were masses of press waiting at the gates. Luckily for the teens the limo windows were darkened or the bright blasts from the camera flashes would have blinded them. Slowly the limo crept through and into the school grounds.

      "You know you're going to have to speak to them." Liz said

      "Yeah I know." Max answered as the limo stopped.

      Together they got out and like a stampede of wild bison, the press ran towards them. "Mr Evans, we've heard about a new machine?"

      "Mr Evans, is it true you and Ms Parker have the cure for cancer?"

      "Mr Evans, why have you kept all this secret? What is there to hide?"

      The questions kept coming until max held up his hands and asked them to be quiet. "Everyone, during the last couple of months we've all had a chance to go through some of the work. One of the things we found were a collection of theories that our grandfather could never work out just quite right; this was his dream project and something he never gave up on until he died. We solved the problems. Liz used the research and made a discovery that we've cover in more detail when we've arranged a press conference. However, this discovery allowed us to complete the research and build a machine capable of healing most if not all ailments that human's experience. From Anaemia to curing any disease and possible regenerating severed limbs. The potential is great but we need time to test its true capacity and limits. Thank you." Max said and then stepped inside with the others.

      "That was very good." Liz said

      "Thank you." Max said, "Too bad I feel like I need to visit the bathroom."

      "Well hopefully we'll get used to it." Isabel said

      "Well..." Lonnie said as she looked around the halls, "Let the manhunt begin."

      "Remember, go slow." Isabel said

      "Count on it." Lonnie said as she caught side of a guy smiling at her as he approached

      "Lonnie, great to see you. Great top." He said

      "Thanks...uh..." Lonnie said

      "Stuart." Isabel whispered

      "Stuart." Lonnie finished

      "You dated him last year for one week, remember." Isabel continued

      "I did? Oh I did." Lonnie whispered back, "So Stuart, how was your summer?"

      "Same old, same old." Stuart said, "Oh well, I better get going. See you around."

      "Yeah see you." Lonnie said before turning to the others when he walked away, "Why'd I only date him for a week?"

      "He bragged that the two of you did it in the back of his truck." Max said

      "Bastard." Lonnie said

      "Oh don't worry you corrected the problem. Everyone knows that you only go so far and that you always check the size of a guy's...package after a certain point. Thanks to reports from a previous girl he dated and confirmation from some guys in the shower room, Stuart is too small for your tastes." Maria said

      Lonnie smiled.

      To Be Continued...

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