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Shadow and Light, Chapter 3

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 26, 2004

      Living Room, Parker Residence, Immediately Following

      Everyone was standing around, the bag of gems on the table glittered in the light but all Liz could do was to stand there dumbstruck. If this was her people's idea of a marriage proposal then she wanted as little to do with it as possible. She looked at the man before her, the one who made the proposition, and Liz could sense that Patrick was dangerous and that he could care less for her. All he wanted was whatever came with her being part of the prophecy. In addition to that, the hatred her parents were feeling could be felt.

      "You can't be serious?" Liz said

      "I'm perfectly serious." Patrick said, "I know you're new to this but it will happen."

      "Like hell it will." Nancy said

      "Liz will not marry into your Wild Pack." Charles said, "She'll form her own."

      "Jeffie boy?" Patrick asked

      "You know my answer. I will not...hmmm...sell Liz to you. That went out long before the lions stopped appearing." Jeff said

      "Well, the lions are back." Patrick said as he looked at Liz, "Maybe it's time some of the old ways came back as well. And I do know your answer...and you know my response."

      "I do." Jeff said

      "You really think you can beat me?" Patrick asked

      "Dad?" Liz asked

      "Get out of my house." Jeff said

      Patrick smiled and stood up. "I leave you to reconsider but if your answer is still no, then I'll see you tomorrow night out in the desert."

      "Get out." Jeff said again

      He and his two goons left the Parkers home. Jeff sat down and looked around at his friends and their families.

      "Would someone tell me what the hell is going on?" Liz asked

      "Among a few of the tribes, marriages were arranged." Jeff said

      "Were arranged, but not anymore?" Maria asked

      "No. Back then; we arranged Pride alliances and unifications through the marriage of our children. If one pride wanted to be part of a stronger one then the leader of that pride would present the other with something to validate their petition. Initially it would be game birds or hunted animals but because we needed to blend in with human society things like these...trinkets were used." Nancy said as she picked up one of the stones and threw it away.

      "Our people never had any interest in money and after a while the arrangements fell out of practice. Unfortunately they were never made illegal by our laws." Amy said

      "So what's this thing tomorrow night?" Alex asked

      "A fight. Me against Patrick and whoever wins will get you." Jeff said, "That hasn't been around for just as long."

      "Jeff...look..." Charles said

      "I know." Jeff said

      "What?" Maria asked

      "I can't beat him. Wild Pack members let their primal side loose, they live to fight and they are completely unstoppable. Especially during a full moon." Jeff said, "If I say no, then we fight, if we fight and I loose...I'm sorry honey. He's trying to buy himself power that comes from you."

      "So...what? I'm just supposed to accept it and marry his son? Forget about the fact I've never met him...this is just nuts." Liz said with a great deal of agitation

      "Is there nothing you can do to get out of it?" Alex asked

      "Only if he backs off." Charles said

      "Well is there someone who could beat him?" Maria asked

      "Well, yeah. There are a lot of fighters who are a lot better than I am." Jeff said

      "But honey...the challenge was to your father. He's the leader of this pride and he is the one who has to fight." Nancy said

      "There isn't any other way?" Liz asked

      "Not unless you've found a mate. He's the only other one who can fight for you." Amy said

      "Uhm?" Alex said raising his hand

      "Alex, believe me I appreciate the thought but..." Liz said, trailing off

      "Sex doesn't equal mate. That make a huge difference." His mother said

      "Besides, you haven't been trained in any fighting. You've got less of a chance to beat him than I do." Jeff said

      "And I don't have a mate." Liz said, "No, screw that. There is no way I'm going."

      "Under normal circumstances, I'd take you to the most remote place I can think of but you are too important Liz." Jeff said

      "Forget that. I don't care about any of that." Liz said as she stormed away

      Alex and Maria went after her; all the parents heard the locking of Liz's bedroom door.

      "Well, I guess I can't blame her." Amy said

      "She's gone from small town girl to lycanthrope with a marriage proposal in a day." Nancy said

      "A marriage proposal from the scum of the Earth." Charles said

      "That's a generous appraisal of them." Jeff said

      Living Room, Evans Residence, 16:30

      Max came walking down the stairs in his house and grabbed his jacket. Just as he was about to reach the front door he heard his parents call him into the living room. He stepped in to see his parents sitting looking at him.

      "Hi." Max said

      "Max, where are you going?" Diane asked

      "Just out. Michael and I are taking Isabel out to relax." Max said

      "In other words there is a party on at someone's house and your all invited." Philip said


      "Okay, does this person's parents know there is a party going on?" Diane asked

      "Last I heard, yes." Max said

      "Okay then." Philip said


      "Okay." Diane confirmed

      "Bye then." Max said as he started to head out.

      "MAX." His father called out, "Just because you have a 1:30am curfew during the holidays doesn't mean your mother and I want to be woken up early in the am."

      "Yes sir." Max said and then left

      "No, I don't think he's anything but best friends with Isabel." Philip said

      "Well, I've looked at both of them and there is something." Diane said

      "Well, they're both attractive and they are teenagers. Could be just a little sexual tension between them." Philip said, he needed to pull his wife's attention away from whatever she believed their son's sex life to be. "Besides, I think he's more interested in the Parker's daughter."

      "Liz? Well, yeah his eyes do seem to light up when she's around him. But I still think..."

      "Yeah, yeah. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on it." Philip said, {This isn't going to be so easy.} he thought to himself

      Together they got on with what they were doing, Philip kept going over in his head what he could do to cover for Max and Isabel.

      The Park, 17:00

      Liz was walking through the park. She sneaked out and headed down her fire escape after she locked the door to her room. Alex and Maria knew they couldn't stop her but with Patrick in town the decided to watch her back. They also made sure Liz didn't know they were there, both keeping out of range of her new and improved hearing and sense of smell.

      "Hey Liz, wait up." Kyle called out from behind her

      Liz jumped around, she had been lost in her own thoughts until Kyle called her name and surprised her. "Kyle! Hey, what's up?"

      "Nothin' much. I just saw you and thought I'd say hi to my girlfriend." Kyle said

      Liz cringed, she really wanted to avoid this but if her mother was right then Kyle couldn't give her what she needed. There was also the point that Kyle would probably freak if he ever found out what she was.

      "Kyle, uhmmm..." Liz said

      "What? What's up...oh you still a little wigged about that shooting?" Kyle asked

      "Yes and no. Things have just gotten over the top lately." Liz said

      "Oh, anything I can help with?" Kyle asked

      "Not even close." Liz said as she looked down, then it hit her and Liz started to get worried. If Patrick would fight her father for her, and any potential mate, then just by dating Kyle he could be in danger. In a way it made the decision a lot easier than just dumping him for not being able to meet her new sexual needs. "Listen Kyle, a lot is going on with me right now."

      "Yeah...okay." Kyle said

      "It's just...I don't think we should see each other anymore." Liz said

      "What? But..." Kyle stopped speaking and looked at Liz, "Has this anything to do with Evans?"

      "Kyle, no." Liz said

      "Oh come on Liz I saw the way you two have been looking at each other." Kyle said

      "Kyle stop. If I was seeing Max then I would be having the same conversation with him. I like you Kyle, but things have been off between us since the shooting and it's time we broke up. It's as simple as that." Liz said

      "Liz...ugnnnn...fine. I guess things have been strained lately. You haven't been seeing Max behind my back or anything?"

      "No." Liz said, she was slightly mad that Kyle would have thought that of her but then she just had a threesome with her two best friends.

      Off to the side, Maria and Alex were watching. They wanted to help her but couldn't do anything without letting Liz know they were following her. They watched and listened in, then as Kyle walked away he had a look on his face that told them both what Liz had done. They couldn't help but go out to her.

      "Hey." Maria and Alex said

      "So, you broke up with him huh?" Maria asked

      "Well, it's either that or date him and cheat on him constantly when a spike hits...or let that freak kill him." Liz said

      "Not that I wouldn't put it past that guy, do you really think we would have?" Alex asked

      "I have a feeling anyone I'd date is at risk. And that include you two." Liz said

      "Well if you think you can ditch us you've got another thing coming." Maria said, "And I'm not just talking about the..."

      "Mind blowing sex that we all want more and more of?" Alex asked

      "Oh yeah." Maria said

      Liz smiled slightly, "That is the way I'd describe it."

      "Come on. I think we better get home." Maria said

      "Yeah, mom and dad will be worried by now." Liz said

      Together all three walked away and out of the park. It was nearing their dinnertime and their stomachs were growling. As they passed a big tree, a flock of birds flew out of the branches after Alex snapped a twig. All three looked up and saw a single raven remaining among the branches looking down at them before it too flew away.

      Liz's Bedroom, Parker Residence, That Night

      It had been a long time since the sun had set over the small town and another full moon had risen. It was the second night of the month and tomorrow would be the last but the result was the same as last night, only this time Liz was prepared for it. Her body went through the Change once more.

      Her body was covered with fur and her tail was back and waving behind her. Like her friends, it was a little difficult getting used to the tail and had sat on it more than once. Liz couldn't sleep that night, but with her new physical abilities she didn't require as much sleep as an ordinary human.

      Most of the time in her room, she was naked. Her usual clothes and sleepwear were just two tight in her animan form. That only left her robes but she only preferred to wear them when she had company. She liked the feeling and sensations that her new body provided.

      "I think I need to buy more shampoo." She said as she looked at her reflection and ran her hand over her fur

      "Oh I don't know." Came a voice from behind her.

      Liz jumped around and saw Patrick sitting on the ledge of her window in his own animal form. Liz quickly grabbed her robes and covered her body with it.

      "Hey." Liz yelled with annoyance, "What are you doing here?"

      "Just thought I'd get to know my daughter in-law." Patrick said

      "Get the hell out of my room."

      Patrick smiled, "Yes, you've got fire in you. My boy's gonna love taking you every night...and if he wont, I'll be more than willing." He said as he came further into the room

      Liz felt sick and went to slash his face with her claws. However she was too new to her abilities and Patrick grabbed her wrist.

      "Yes...let go of your animal side." Patrick said

      "What?" Liz asked

      "The animal inside you yearns to be free, to live wild. Let it go."

      Liz pulled her arm back, "And what? Live with you? Thanks but I'm smarter than that."

      "Yes. Yes you are." Patrick said, "I hear you left that boy you'd been seeing. Very wise. A young female like you as much more heat than a human can take, and I doubt he could even last enough to release even a fraction of your own passion."

      "That's none of your business. Just get out." Liz said as he moved closer and started to circle her.

      Then he stopped, "Wait...there is another...his scent is with you. You've been with that friend of yours yesterday but there someone else."

      "No, there isn't anyone else." Liz said quickly

      "Oh yes there is. And you your body has a great desire for him, for him to be your mate...who is he?" Patrick yelled

      Just then the door burst open and Jeff entered. Patrick leapt from his position by Liz and flew to the window. "GET OUT." Jeff yelled

      "It's no matter...I have his scent. I'll just have to hunt him." Patrick said. He moved out of the window, Liz moved to it and watched as he jumped over the gaps between the rooftops. He jumped higher and higher over the town, sniffing the air until he caught the scent of his prey. All Liz could do was watch his silhouette against the moonlight.

      "Liz?" Jeff asked

      "He's going to kill him." Liz said before running out of her window and went into hot pursuit. Jeff went back to the living room and fetched his wife.

      On the Streets, Somewhere in Roswell, Midnight

      Liz was running down the middle of the street, her heartbeat was getting faster and faster, pumping blood to all her muscles. As a car came down the road, it headed straight for Liz but she didn't stop. Liz simply jumped onto its hood and jumped further up over the top of the car, which had quickly stopped. Liz rolled head first in the middle of the air, her robe came flying off and she landed in her lion form. Liz never stopped moving, she just kept running.

      As she landed the driver of the car jumped out and looked back, all he saw was a shadow running but a homeless guy came closer holding a bottle in a brown paper bag. The driver and the man looked at each other before the homeless man offered the driver his bottle.

      "I don't think I need this no more." The homeless man said

      " neither, I think I just quit." The driver said

      The wind carried Liz's robe high in to the air and was caught by Jeff who was standing next to his wife. Both were watching from the rooftops of the town as Liz ran. A couple of streets over, Max, Isabel and Michael were on their way home from the party. They had a good time and Isabel was clearly relaxed but that had more to do with her spending some time with Max in a closet, not that anyone other than Michael knew about it.

      "See you had a good time." Michael said

      "Yes, okay, I admit it. I missed the parties." Isabel said

      "So Max, did you enjoy yourself?" Michael asked with a tone in his voice.

      Max smiled, "Yes, I had a good time...although Kyle Valenti kept looking at me though."

      "Well that could have something to do with Liz dumping him today." Isabel said

      "Really?" Max asked with a perked up smile

      "That's what I heard." Michael said

      "So does this mean your going to ask her out?" Isabel asked

      "Maybe. Would you be okay with that?" Max asked

      "Why wouldn't I be? I know we're close but I also know how you feel about her. We've...been having fun." Isabel said

      Just then a large black panther jumped in front of them. All three jumped back at the fright of it but the animal jut stared at Max, drool dripping from its mouth as it breathed hard.

      "What the hell is that doing here?" Michael asked.

      The panther growled and leapt up, aiming straight for Max. As all three aliens started to bring their hands up to use to their powers to repel the cat, Liz in her lion form dived in from the side and bashed the panther in its ribcage. Both went flying but landed on their feet, they circled each other menacingly.

      {You shouldn't have come.} Liz heard Patrick said as the cat growled

      {Same to you.} Liz said

      {Well, if I have to injure you to secure you as my son's be it.} Patrick said

      The panther lunged at the lion; their claws slashed at each other both tried to sink their teeth into each other. Liz was letting her animal instincts aid her in the fight, she could hear the lion spirit within her guiding each strike and blow. The others were just standing on the sidelines, both Michael and Isabel were ready to get out of there but Max couldn't leave. His own instincts told him he needed to stay.

      The cats dived everywhere, both using the surrounding buildings to jump of off and attack the other. Their claws were practically everywhere, striking at whatever flesh they could get to. Liz was doing pretty well for herself given that she had never fought like this but was still a novice. A misplaced strike by her and a well timed bite by him resulted in Liz's paw being bitten by Patrick.

      Liz whelped in pain. She tried to stand on her remaining three good legs but she couldn't balance herself and fell down. Patrick glared at her, the only way he could secure the death of her potential mate was to make sure she was out of the way and unconscious. He prepared to strike the back of her head and pounced.

      "No." Max said quickly and raised his hand just as fast. He mentally pushed the panther away and it was with so much forth that he crashed into some garbage cans on the sidewalk.

      Liz looked at him, as did the panther, Patrick didn't know what to do or even what to think. He'd never seen anything like it so he simply ran off to meet up with the rest of his Wild Pack. Max slowly approached the lion before him and just as he reached down, Liz struggled back to her feet. She needed to get out of there and she fought passed the pain to run as fast as she could. On a nearby lamppost, a raven sat and watched everything until it was over. Then it crowed loudly and flew over their heads.

      "Max, what the hell were you doing?" Michael asked, "What if someone saw?"

      "I just...I don't know, it was like I had to protect her." Max said as he continued to look down the way the lion had ran.

      "Why?" Isabel asked

      "Liz." Max said, picking up on the vibe he'd been feeling since the lion showed up

      "What?" Isabel asked

      "That was Liz." Max said

      "Max..." Michael said shaking his head

      "Hey, you're the one who dubbed it my `Liz Radar'." Max said

      "You've been feeling her?" Michael asked

      "I swear, it was as clear as when I just healed her." Max said, "Michael, take Isabel home...I need to check this out."

      Max was off in a shot, it two friends just stared at him as he disappeared into the darkness. Michael and Isabel would have normally followed Max but this time they felt that he needed to do this alone and headed back to her house. Above them all, Liz's parents watched, they saw everything and managed to focus in on how Max picked up on their daughter. Before long they headed home with Liz's robes in hand, they moved a lot faster than Max could move and with Liz being injured they arrived before she did.

      Living Room, Deluca Residence, Same Time

      Like Liz, Maria was in her animan form and lying back on the couch. She was wearing her robes as she drank a glass of warm milk with her mother nearby telling Maria some of the family history.

      "You know...I think I need a manicure." Maria said as she looked at her finger nailed, and then down at her feet, "And a pedicure."

      "No you don't honey, besides I thought you didn't care about that sort of thing?" Amy asked

      "Well normally I don't but a girl still has to look good for all the men that's coming into her life." Maria said with a smile.

      "Well I doubt that. There is only one male in our Pride that's in your age group and that's Alex. Any mate you find will be from another Pride."

      "Oh. So will I join their pride or stay with this one?" Maria asked

      "Depends. Your Liz's closest friend, I'd imagine you'd be apart of her new pride when she forms it." Amy said

      "Well, Alex and I promised her we'd always be around for her and I doubt she'd ditch us."

      "True, now...about the Wild Pack." Amy said

      "Are they really that much of a problem?" Maria asked

      "Yes. Normally they don't care for our ways and traditions but that doesn't stop them from using them."

      "Like Mr Freaky Cat did today?" Maria asked

      "Yes, Flanagan is from a Pride that stayed in Ireland instead of coming with the rest of our people to America. There are prides like that all over the planet, including family groupings for the other tribes. He was always a troublemaker and got seduced by the lifestyle of the Wild Pack. After a year of being with them he killed the alpha male at the time and took control. Since then the pack has gotten worse. All the tribes have created hunter groups to track down all Packs like that and eliminate them. I guess you could say that they're our version of the police force."

      "Cool. I guess tracking them is a problem?" Maria asked

      "Oh no. Tracking them is easy. Keeping up with them, that's hard." Amy said, "Actually, Maria I want to ask you something."


      "When you were with Alex and Liz, were you in human and animan forms?" Amy asked

      "Human." Maria said carefully, "Why?"

      "Next time, try animal. You'll love it." Amy said with a smirk


      "Remember how all your muscles grew and your breasts were larger?" Amy asked

      "Yeah." Maria answered, feeling slightly uncomfortable

      "Well, it's the same with Alex. *All* his muscles grow bigger." Amy said

      Maria slowly looked over to her mother, "As in?"

      "Uh huh." Amy said as Maria smiled, "Anyway, that's enough for tonight. I know you don't feel tired but you should go to bed. And I'm sorry you had to miss that party tonight."

      "Not your fault. It's a full moon so there isn't anything either of us could do...maybe I could go out at Halloween. I've got a killer costume." Maria said as she jumped off the couch. She headed for her bedroom and before long she was lying on top of the covers, curled up in a ball and trying to sleep.

      Out in the Desert, Same Time

      The raven flew in the night sky until it eventually landed and as it did so it changed forms, first to that of an iguana and then into a coyote before it headed further into the desert dunes. It stopped only when a snake dug its way up from beneath the ground. It too changed form a couple of times before settling on a wolf and soon they were joined by a third that became a Kodiak bear. Soon 6 others arrived, all changing through different animals before stopping.

      {Guardians.} The one who was a raven said

      {Guardian.} The others greeted

      {The girl is of age. It has begun.} raven said

      {Agreed. What of her pride?}

      {Her two friends have joined with her. That is three but eight has been seen coming.}

      {And your wards? What of the three Antarians?}

      {Two have copulated, Max and Isabel, and continue to do so frequently. The other has not joined them and I have been unable to locate the fourth.}

      {The Pride born of Stars and Earth must be formed soon.}

      {I believe the first star will be born soon. Max is linked with the girl, they shall mate soon...neither will be able to resist their bond. Have we discovered the plan of the other yet?}

      {No, he continues to communicate with the Wild Pack leader through an energy vortex generated at Stonehenge. If we had the activation device we could monitor the frequencies and track them back to source.}

      {To do so would alert him to our existence.} then the coyote who was once a raven sharply turned his head, to the general direction of Roswell.


      {It is beginning, their link...something has happened that is drawing them together.}

      {Then return. Remember; do not approach the lycanthropes without our consent. They are not ready, not without the First Born Daughter being at full strength.}

      All turned away from each other and changed so that they were all birds. All 9 flew away into the night but the raven returned to Roswell.

      Parker Residence, Immediately Following

      Max arrived at the Parkers and knocked on the door loudly, quickly and without patience. He kept going; his heart pounding and he could feel Liz nearby. Then the door opened, Jeff was on the other side and he had changed into his bathrobe.

      "Where is she?" Max asked

      "Do you know what time it is, son?" Jeff asked, feigning tiredness

      "Where is she?" Max said pushing passed Jeff and into the house.

      "Max." Jeff said with warning as Nancy came out

      "What's going on?" Nancy asked

      "Listen, I'm sorry...I need to see Liz." Max said more calmly

      "Well it's late and she's asleep. I'd imagine that your own parents are waiting for you Max." Jeff said

      "I'm not leaving until I see her...I...I know it was her." Max said

      "You know what was her?" Nancy asked

      "That...lion." Max said suddenly realising how stupid it sounded.

      "Max." Liz said from behind him

      Max turned around after seeing her parents look behind him. Their eyes were wide and as Max turned to see her, he saw her in her animan form and dressed only in the robes. She also had an ice pack on her wrist, her injures had healed but there was still some strain.

      "Honey..." Nancy said

      "It's okay mom." Liz said

      Max moved closer to Liz. "This is what you couldn't talk to me about earlier?"

      "Yes." Liz said

      "What are you? Some kind of..."

      "She's not like you Max, not an alien." Nancy said

      Max turned back to look at her parents and saw that they had changed into their other forms. "Wha..." Then he looked back at Liz.

      "I didn't tell them Max. They knew long before I did, we have a heightened sense of smell and aliens smell different than humans." Liz said

      "We're lycanthropes Max, we'll let Liz fill you in on the details later." Jeff said

      "I honesty don't know what to say." Max said as he moved to Liz, he cupped her face in the palm of his had and looked at her in her eyes, "You are beautiful."

      Then it happened, Liz's body began to change. In seconds her body lost it's feline features and became human once more; that is all except her eyes, which were still cat like. It left her parents stunned.

      "That's impossible." Jeff said

      "We've said that a lot in the last couple of days." Nancy said

      "No one has learned to counter a full moon this quickly." Jeff said

      They just watched as the two continued to stare at each other but then Liz gasped as she looked up into Max's eyes. Jeff and Nancy moved around and saw Max's eyes were shifting between that of a cat and deep blue. Eventually they settled on black and in a split second Max could feel everything around him, he could especially pick up Liz. It wasn't just the new link with her but also her intoxicating scent.

      Max reached out and pulled Liz's body against his own. He instinctively healed her wrist was he held it in his hand. He didn't care that her parents were in the room, he barely even registered the fact but he couldn't resist. Max needed to feel Liz against him. Liz was in a similar state, her body reacting and following what it wanted. His scent filled her nostrils and clouded her mind; her hands ran up his arms. Liz grabbed the collar of his t-shirt and ripped it right down the middle. Liz pushed the torn fabric off his shoulders as Max kissed her, he then started to kiss his way across her neck and then he pulled off the silk covering her shoulder before he kissed that. Liz's eyes closed but still remained feline and gasped.

      "What's happening to us?" she asked her parents

      "You've chosen a mate Liz. You've both chosen." Nancy said, stunned at what she was seeing. It wasn't the fact that her daughter was getting hot and heavy with a young man, it was the fact that it wasn't with a Rakas or at least not one she knew about.

      "But for Max to be doing this...he has to be like us." Jeff said, equally as stunned. Seeing this wasn't a problem, he was in the exact same situation in front of his parents and his wives a while ago. Everything they were seeing, every touch and kiss was the mating ritual of their people yet it only have been another lycanthrope that was able to reciprocate what Liz was doing.

      "Liz, I think you better take this to your bedroom." Nancy said

      "Yeah." Liz gasped.

      She pulled Max's head away from her and smiled at him. She grabbed his hand and walked him into the bedroom, the door slamming shut behind them. Jeff and Nancy looked at the door and then sat down.

      "Well...she moves fast." Nancy said

      "Wakes up one night as Rakas, turns out to be a lion, has a threesome with her best friends and takes a mate all in a couple of days." Jeff said

      "Question is, how's Liz going to handle being mated to a guy who can't do what needs to be done for her." Nancy said

      "Well, we know he's an alien. Maybe that's enough to give him an edge over humans." Jeff said.

      Then came a loud moan form Liz's bedroom. The two outside the room looked at the door and then to each other. "Wanna go for a walk?" he asked

      "Really feel like it." Nancy said as the two jumped out of the chair and headed outside. Despite it being a basic need of their people, some things just don't need to be heard.

      Liz's Bedroom...

      Liz pulled Max into her room, their bodies pressed together tightly as they kissed. Max reached down and untied the sash of her robe, letting the two sides of the garment fall apart. He felt her naked skin against his chest; his hands glided up her arms as he moved around and kissed her throat.

      "I can't believe this." Max gasped

      "I know...we haven't even had a date yet." Liz said

      Max ran his hands in and under the silk. He moved them over her skin and around to her ass, pulling her closer to him. Liz bent a leg slightly and brushed it against Max's as she started to undo his jeans. Slowly she pulled the zip down and undid the button, letting the stiff fabric open. She ran his hand down his chest before she hesitantly reached inside.

      Both looked into each other's cat eyes, Max practically growled as Liz touched him. He grabbed her silk robe at the shoulders and forcefully pulled it down. For the first time Max saw her body, Liz lowered her arms and the silk floated down to the floor. Max reached out and started to caress her body as she pulled his jeans down, Max started using the insides of his feet to get them down to his feet where he kicked them off. Then off came his briefs.

      Liz looked his him as he looked at her, "You are my mate." She said huskily

      "I guess so." Max said

      "I promise I'll tell you everything in the morning." Liz said as the closed the gap between them again and wrapped their arms around each other. They kissed; their tongues duelled in their mouths. Their hands caressed each other before Liz broke the kiss.

      She smiled at him as she looked down at his dick. Liz lowered herself in front of her new lover, she started at his soft cock before reaching out and wrapping her fingers around him. She stroked him a little, exploring every millimetre of his penis and feeling it as it became engorged with blood, becoming harder and harder with every second.

      Max was delirious, he and Isabel had made love plenty of times; experimenting and exploring each other to new heights of pleasure and passion but what he was feeling now was beyond pleasure. Then Liz licked the underside of his cock, her hand moved around to cup his balls. Max groaned slightly and then Liz took him into her hot, wet mouth.

      "UGNNNNNNNN...." Max groaned loudly. Both knew that it would have been heard outside of the bedroom.

      Liz sucked on his dick, her head bobbing back and forth while she stroked him. Max put his hands on the back of her head; his fingers ran through her soft hair.

      "Ugnnn...that's it baby...ohgod...right there...yeah..." Max groaned, his eyes rolling in the back of his head. He could only guess at Liz's experience but she'd only given one blowjob before, through their link he could sense that little fact. In fact the more intimate they were becoming, the more their link opened to the point were Max was quickly learning about the lycanthropic tribes, everything about them and that included Liz loosing her virginity to her friends yesterday.

      The more it happened, the more information fed into him but it wasn't the only thing. Liz's animal instincts were combining with the suppressed ones within him, his blood stirred as his other side started to wake up. Liz was loving his cock, pleasuring every inch of it with her tongue until Max thought he was going to loose it. Quickly he put his hands under her arms and lifted her up, she looked deep into his eyes before he practically threw her onto her bed.

      Liz propped herself up on her elbows as Max got onto the bed and crawled over her. Liz spread her legs and Max moved between them, both fitting together perfectly as they pressed their bodies together. Max reached down and started to finger her slit. He trailed his fingers over her as he pressed his palm against her clit. Liz ground her hips against his hand, her mouth starting to hang open and her breathing becoming heavier.

      "Uhnnnn...Max...plea...seeee...aghnnnnnnnnnn..." Liz gasped

      Max leaned down and licked her breast, his tongue running over her nipple before he sucked it into his mouth. Liz ran her hands over his chest and arms, feeling his hard dick pressing against her thigh. To the other, their touches were electric. Their kisses were pure fire made flesh and their bodies were just about as hot as they'd ever been.

      "Take me Max." Liz begged, "Now."

      Max lifted his head, cat's eye glared into cat's eye. Max moved completely in between her legs, his hands glided over her thighs before he leaned over her. Max held his dick and aimed it toward Liz's opening, he thrust forward gently and he penetrated deep into her. He moved in slowly, filling her completely.

      "Huuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhh..." both groaned quietly until he was finished moving in

      Then Max slowly pulled out and then went back in, Liz's body moving in perfect time with his. Pushing her hips against his as she raised her legs up and wrapped them around her mate. Max caressed her thigh while Liz ran her hands over his strong chest before sending one to his face. With each thrust their connection deepened, their minds filled with flashes of the lives as Max moved his dick in and out of Liz. He got every detail, every sensation, everything of her live just as Liz got of his from the moment he emerged from the pod to all the times he made love with Isabel.

      "" Liz gasped,

      Max continued to groan as Liz moved beneath him, using her legs to grind against Max as hard as he was thrusting into her. Everything about them was perfectly timed, each touch and caress was placed exactly where it would give the most pleasure. They knew just where to touch thanks to how they were connected.

      "Grrnnnn...grnnnnnnn...oh yeah...ouhhnnnnnnnnn...Liz...ughnnnn..."

      "MAX...ughnnnn...I need you...ughnnnnn...cum...cum in me...ughnnnnnn."

      "Yeah...oh god...ughnnnnnn..."

      Max's thrusts sped up, their bodies glided together smoothly. Eventually their fingers interlocked and Max pinned her hands on either side of her head. Both knew they were close and Liz could feel his dick swell inside her. Something inside her told her that she needed his seed inside her; she needed it more than anything so she did everything she could to make him cum. Their bodies slapped together as they started to rut away with pure carnal, animal passion.

      Max then moved up onto his knees, taking Liz with him and she started to bounce up and down on his dick. Her legs remained wrapped around him as he wrapped his arms around her. Liz was going completely wild on him as her arms rested on his shoulders and locked behind his head.

      "Ughnnnnnn....yes...sooooooo good beautifullllllll...ughhhhhh..." Max groaned

      "Max...Max...Max...Max...oh yessss....soooo bigggg...ughhnnnnnnnnn..."

      Max moved his hand to her ass and the other to her hip, she kept moving and Max thrust to meet hers. When they weren't kissing, he latched his mouth onto her breast. Up and down, she bounced over and over again; his dick was completely engulfed in her. Not even the smallest part was kept from the sensations until neither could take any more and he pulled Liz down onto him and kept her there.

      "UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNN YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" both screamed loudly as their bodies froze. Every muscle became taut as Max's cock shot its load into Liz while she was having her own climax. In those minutes of blissful peace, neither lover could stop looking into each other's eyes. Through their psychic connection, Liz's lycanthropic mind merged with Max's, awakening the slumbering instincts within him but through their physical connection, when Max came inside her, something else travelled to Max.

      "I...I love you." Max said

      "I love you too." Liz whispered back. {Guess mom was wrong, there are others other than Rakas that can meet my needs.} she thought

      {Glad I could.} Max thought.

      Both heard each other's thoughts and started at each other, they felt closer to each other than they had previously and they could feel the sincerity in their voices. They held each other tenderly as they fell unconscious.

      30 Minutes Later

      Max and Liz lay in a tangled mass of flesh and limbs. They had completely exhausted each other but they had been completely bonded with each other. The psychic connection between the two magnified and both could hear the others thoughts. Their dreams were shared and both could see the same thing.


      They were in the same jungle that Liz dreamed about and both were naked. However, this time there were two full moons above them. Liz changed into her lion form and ran through the woodland, Mac chased after her and soon found the temple. As he climbed the steps and reached the top there were two beasts waiting for him with Liz nowhere in sight. He looked the two animals, one a male lion and the other looking distinctly alien. Then both leapt at him and vanished.

      Real World~~

      Max suddenly snapped awake and cried out in pain as he fell to the floor. Liz woke up seconds later and ran to his side. He was on his knees and bent over, holding tightly onto his head. Max felt like he was on fire, like his head was being ripped in two.

      "MOM! DAD!" Liz called out as she grabbed her robe.

      Her parents entered the room to see their daughter cradling her new mate. The moonlight filtered in and covered Max's body, his skin rippled and fur started to grow. His hands became claws and as he dragged them across the floor he left scratch marks. His body became more feline but the fur shifted between the golden fur of a Rakas and the green colour of his alien lycanthropic form. His eyes also continued to change between the two forms. All anyone could do was watch. As did the raven that was resting outside the window and looking in, it watched with unending interest until the change stopped.

      To Be Continued...

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