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Shadow and Light, Chapter 13

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list November 25, 2004

      Himalayan Mountains, Tibet, Same Time

      In the temple of the hidden mountain valley, Anu'bis sat in his chamber looking at the images in the puddle of water. He started laughing as he watched Kyle's body go through its change.

      "Well, well, well. One of my own...that'll make for some interesting times."

      Then the jackal headed being extended his hand outward to the puddle and it rippled. He smiled as he watched the images of the three remaining vampires. They had moved from city to city and were currently in Paris with the intent of continuing north. Right now they had lured some people into their hotel room and were enjoying a meal. Almost immediately after their defrosting, the three vampires started striking at those who looked as though they had a lot of money.

      It took the three a while before they understood the use of credit cards but they easily copied the signatures. They also had plenty to choose from; as their appetites were insatiable there were many people who crossed their path. Of Course the three preferred cash, and they had more than their fair share of jewellery salvaged from the rubble of their former home in Romania.

      Anu'bis liked watching the vampires, his previous work before he started to manipulate the blood of Flanagan's family. There were the most seductive of the Tribes, able to talk anyone into anything and chief among them was sex. The vampires enjoyed being with each other, especially when they seduced innocents to join them. However, now Anu'bis had another use for them, in case his backup plan of Flanagan's son who was at Moon Peak failed to work he had his original experiment.

      However, that was for later. Anu'bis waved his hand once more over the water and the pictures changed to Kivar being driven to an airstrip in South America. He boarded and then started heading north to the States. Anu'bus could only smile as he looked at him.

      "And you, you insect. You will pay for what you did to the others on Antar." He sneered as his hand glowed over the puddle.

      Kivar's Plane, Over the Atlantic, 20 miles east of the Mexican Coast...

      Kivar sat in the private jet arranged for by his people on Earth and was travelling with the security personnel sent to meet him. All of a sudden the sunlight outside disappeared, Kivar looked out and saw big, thick and black clouds forming. They were swirling around and soon he could see flashes of light as lightening struck through the clouds.

      The plane shook violently over and over. Everyone on board was getting worried, especially Kivar who would have preferred not setting foot into such a primitive machine. Suddenly, there was a massive bolt of lightening beside their plane that was too close of comfort. The pilots tried moving the plane out of the clouds but it seemed to go on forever, little did the know that the centre of the storm always matched their movements perfectly.

      However, just as quickly as it started, it stopped. The lightening stopped flashing, the turbulence stopped and the clouds dissipated and the sun could be seen. Everyone looked out of their windows, surprised at what had happened.

      Himalayan Mountains...

      Anu'bis looked at the water, he was surprised as anyone that his little game had been stopped. Then the room filled with light and Ho'rus appeared in the ancient room once again.

      "What did you do that for? I had a chance to eradicate that Antarian." Anu'bis yelled

      "Because it is not your place to do so. His crimes were against the Lycanthropes of Antar..."

      "Yes...our children. If it's not the place of the parents to seek payback, then whose is it?"

      "The surviving lycanthropes. Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess, it is there place. Besides Kivar has a role to play here. He needs to live. The hybrids can take care of him." Ho'rus said

      "You have a lot of faith in them. They failed once."

      "That may be, but this needs to be." Ho'rus said as he turned away, "Attempt to go after him again and the others will take action against you. As for your plan for the girl...leave her alone. Let her live her life."

      "And if I don't?" Anu'bis asked, knowing that if the others of his kind hadn't stopped him before now then they probably wouldn't.

      Ho'rus looked back at him before he vanished into the light, leaving a smiling Anu'bis.

      Deep in the Rainforest, 5 Miles from Kivar's Crash Site, 13:00

      In the deepest, darkest part of South America, far from where the ancient civilisations of the region ever got to in the building of their cities in the mountains, one building had been constructed into the side of a cliff. It was built like one of the stone pyramids in other parts of the continent, huge blocks that went up incrementally like steps but the whole structure was half of what it should be as it was up against a wall of rock.

      The only way in was a small opening at the top, it was big enough for a human to enter but it would be a very tight fit. Beyond that was a twisting corridor of smooth rock that lead deeper underground. Steam rose out of cracks and it got hotter the further into the passageway you went. The passage was a former lava tube coming out of the side of a long dormant volcano but molten rock still flowed beneath it all.

      Then, several hundred feet into the ground, a series of chambers broke off from the main passage. The primary chamber was an equivalent of a throne room, the centre of the floor was wide open and lead straight down to an active lave tube. The heat filled the chamber and all the occupants loved it, they relaxed in the warmth.

      At the highest point was a throne carved from the very stone of the chamber and one it sat a single person, his skin was covered in green scales with sharp teeth and piercing eyes just like the several hundred people who filled the caverns but around his neck was another of the metal triangles given to the tribal leaders by the gods. It was the home of the Snake Lycanthropes.

      Soon one entered the chambers and moved before the throne. He had seen the crash and had hurried back to his leader to report what he had witnessed. Like all the others, the triangle around the leaders neck responded to the screams of the granolith and the leader and had sent some of his people out to scout the area to make sure it was safe. A little later all anyone in the chambers felt was an earthquake.

      "What happened out there?"

      "Master, there was a meteor impact but it was not a meteor...someone emerged from it and was met by others. They drove off north after the meteor exploded."

      "That is all?"

      "Yes Master."

      The tribal leader then stood up from his throne and walked down from it to the ground. He moved over to one of the chambers walls, to a small hole in it and he changed his form. In seconds he was a cobra and slithered through the opening, it was only a few inches wide but enough for the snake. He emerged in another chamber, sealed up centuries ago by the snakes but made sure that only their people would be able to get access to it.

      His body changed back into its animan form and he looked at the ancient chamber. All around him were scrolls and carved tablets, the chronicles of their race but secured to the back wall was a much larger tablet that his ancestors had placed there. Depicted on it was a meteor crashing to the ground and in the shape that represented the rock was the figure of a person. Underneath it all was three simple words in their language, "It is time."

      The snake simply nodded as he placed his hands on one of the tablets, he knew what was signified by the arrival. It was a knowledge given to him by his father, who received it from his father, who got his from his father all the way back to the start of their tribe. "Diego!" he called out

      Soon a much smaller cobra came into the chamber and changed form, "Yes father?"

      "It would appear that time has caught us my son." He said as he turned to face the boy, "Gather your group. You will all be attending that school the Rakas and the other tribes have set up."

      "Moon Peak? But father..."

      "I know. We chose to isolate ourselves from the others but the sign is upon us. Your place is at Moon Peak."

      "With the girl." Diego smiled

      "Diego." His father warned, "You have a mate and so does she."

      "Yes but Kali and I are both curious about her."

      "I see. Remember, we may prefer isolation but our fates are intertwined. Besides, it's not like we still eat any of them anymore and we haven't tried to take control of Earth since the Vampires caught that disease. Anyway, if you do not go then we will die when the darkness comes."

      "But dad, that place is way up north. It'll be freezing."

      "It won't be that bad. They do have reptilians there...and you better take this." He said as he took off the triangle from around his neck and gave it to his son.

      "Okay. I'll go get Kali and the others." Diego said as he changed shape and slithered back out of the chamber

      "Don't screw it up boy." He whispered as he turned back to the chronicles, "We have much work to do."

      Living Room, Parker Residence...

      Kyle had sat in the Parker's living room for a couple of hours. After his painful and unusual change, Liz and Tess helped him into the living room after dressing him in a robe. It had left him drained and all he could do was sit on the sofa as Liz's mother brought him a coke. They had called Doctor Mallory, the doctor who examined Max after his fist change and he arrived with eagerness to find out what was going on with the newest member.

      Mallory pulled out his equipment, checked over Kyle's vital signs, took some blood and looked at it under a microscope. He did everything he could, even checking Kyle's reflexes with the little hammer. It resulted in the doctor ending up with a bruised cheek when Kyle involuntarily kicked him in the face.

      "Okay...good reflexes." Mallory said as he shook his head, one inch to the left and it would have been a broken nose, "Okay Kyle, how are you feeling?"

      "Exhausted...what's up with me?" Kyle asked

      "Yeah, what happened would do that to you. For a while you'll need to each a lot of protein. As to what happened to you...well, my guess is that your Narada ancestors were born from Wolfen and not Rakas." Mallory said

      "Well I guess it was kind of a stretch to find a Narada and expect him to be Rakas." Liz said

      "Yes. Well, it looks like the lycanthropic DNA from Tess triggered what was in you Kyle, but the Rakas aspects appear to be melding with the Wolfen."

      "Wait." Tess said, "Are you saying my boyfriend's a dog?"

      "I thought most men were." Liz said with a smile as she looked at Tess and Tess looked at her with the same smile.

      "Well...they are." Tess said

      "I think I resent that." Kyle said

      "Me too." Max said as he came in through the door

      "Awww...we didn't me you guys." Liz said as she moved into Max's arms.

      "I think a little payback will be needed later." Max said

      "Yeah, sorry, can we get back to me?" Kyle asked, "What the hell am I?"

      "Actually, if I was to put a word on it I would say...hybrid. You're both." Mallory said

      "Okay...yeah...gonna need more of an explanation." Kyle said

      "I think I know." Jeff said, "Kyle...lets try to change."


      Jeff nodded and started to teach Kyle how to change into his other forms. At first he entered his Rakas form, it was the first time he had a chance to look over himself. He was surprised by how he looked, especially when he went to the mirror.

      "Okay Kyle, now think about the wolf in you." Mallory said

      "The what?" Kyle asked as his attention was drawn away from the mirror but the feeling of the word `wolf' sparked something inside him. Kyle couldn't help but focus on it and his body started to change. His muscles became even bigger and the soft golden fur became darker and longer. A snout formed and soon he was the picture of a werewolf.

      "So he can be both." Tess said

      "Hey, like Max when he fought the Wild Pack. He became that big green thing." Liz said

      "Does that mean he can become a cat and a wolf?" Max asked

      "Time to see." Jeff said as his instructions continued.

      Kyle listened and learned as his body mutated. His first time as an animal was as a cat, hit body changed until he had completely become a Panther. Kyle walked around for a few minutes as he adapted to his new body.

      "Okay. Let's try the wolf now." Mallory said.

      Kyle sat down and focused on the wolf aspect of the change. Everyone waited and watched. Kyle closed his eyes and strained in his concentration for a few minutes. Then he opened his eyes.

      "Uh...I don't think I'm a wolf." Kyle said

      Everyone could see that not even a single hair had changed on his body.

      "Okay Kyle, back to human form." Jeff said as he looked at the doctor who shrugged his shoulders.

      Kyle followed the next set of instructions and quickly changed back to his usual appearance as Tess placed his robe around him.

      "Okay. That's a little weird." Kyle said

      Liz smiled, "You'll get used to it."

      "But why no wolf?" Max asked

      "I don't know." Mallory said, "I guess it could just take time...or that the DNA from the Wolfen is so ancient and diluted by human DNA that it's just too weak to complete a change into a wolf body."

      "So what do I do now?" Kyle asked

      "Well, even if you aren't a full Wolfen, I'd say Tess is in for some interesting times." Nancy said

      "Oh?" Tess asked

      "Well let's just say we've heard rumours about Wolfen in bed. Their stamina is even more than Rakas and they..." Nancy said

      "Work like a jack hammer?" Jeff finished

      "Yeah." Nancy said, she didn't hear from rumour. She knew from personal experience from a time before she met Jeff, while mating outside of the tribe was never even considered, having fun was never ruled out.

      "Oh really?" Tess and Kyle asked at the same time before they looked at each other and smiled.

      "Well..." Liz said interrupting them, "We've got class. And Kyle you might as well come along since you're one of the family now."

      "Class...its Sunday?" Kyle said

      "It's not at school. Trust me, you'll like it." Tess said.

      "Okay." Kyle said as he stood up.

      Soon they were all ready and dressed once again. They headed outside where they climbed into Max's jeep and drove out.

      Foot of the Pod Chamber Mountain, 15:00

      Max, Liz and Tess took Kyle out to the mountain. It was there that they decided to practice their powers. Maria and Alex were already out there with Michael and Isabel; Kyle couldn't believe his eyes as he watched several rocks were floating around the pair of humans. The closer he looked he could see little beads of sweat on their foreheads.

      All of a sudden all the rocks fell back to the floor, Maria nearly collapsed but Michael managed to catch her. He held her securely before helping her back up.

      "Are you okay?" Kyle asked

      "Yeah. takes a bit out of you." Maria said

      "Yeah but why are you here?" Michael said as he stared at Kyle

      "Hey back off Spaceboy." Maria said, "Smell the air."

      Michael did as he was told and picked up on Kyle's scent. It wasn't the same as it was; he could smell that Kyle was now one of them. "Oh...well, welcome to the Pride." Michael said

      "So what are you?" Isabel asked

      "Huh?" Kyle asked

      "She means what kind of cat." Alex said

      "Oh, a Panther." Kyle said

      "Hey, isn't that the same as Flanagan." Maria said

      "Yeah, so I've been told. I suppose I should tell you. do I put this? Ehmm..."

      "He's a dog." Tess said

      "Come again?" Isabel asked

      "Nice way of putting it Babe." Kyle said, "Apparently I'm part werewolf."

      "Wolfen." Liz corrected

      "Yeah, part Wolfen." Kyle said

      "How the hell did that happen?" Michael asked

      "He's descended from Wolfen. He can change into their animan form but not an actual wolf." Liz said

      "Cool." Alex said

      "Actually, that's got me thinking." Max said, "I've never really tried to do my other change since that fight."

      "You think you can?" Michael asked

      "I don't see why not." Max said

      "Well we are out here for practicing powers." Liz said

      "She has a point." Isabel said

      "Okay." Max said as he proceeded to pull off his jumper. As he started to unfasten his pants and Kyle raised an eyebrow.

      "What's he doing?" Kyle whispered to Tess

      "Taking off his clothes." She whispered back

      Then Max pulled down his underwear. Kyle quickly raised his hands and covered the part he didn't want to see, "Hey...dude, keep the mouse in the house."

      Everyone looked at Kyle and suddenly realised that there was a huge chunk of information. "We didn't tell you did we?" Liz said

      "Tell me what?"

      "I told him that we need sex...a lot of sex the rest." Tess said

      "What?" Kyle asked

      Max looked at Liz and both smiled. Max moved over to Isabel and gently caressed her cheek before he kissed her. Kyle's eyes almost popped out of his head as he saw their tongues sliding against each other and looked at Alex. He was surprised not to see any protest, especially when Max cupped a breast. Alex just smiled. Then Kyle saw Liz moving, she went to Maria and kissed her. Both melted into it and Kyle froze where he was as the four parted.

      "" Kyle stammered

      "Like I said...we need sex, but, we don't care who it's with so long it's with one of us." Tess said as she walked over to Alex. She kissed him as his hand ran over her body and then broke it, "I've made love with Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria and Liz. And I plan on being with Alex as well."

      The look on Kyle's face was utter confusion. His feelings for Tess were undeniable but he felt jealousy, anger, desire and an overwhelming urge to be a part of it. Max could see it in Kyle's eyes; he had only been one of them for a few hours.

      "That being said, you also get to be will any or all of us." Max said

      "Are you saying that if I wanted to I could do Isabel or...or...Liz?" Kyle asked

      "Yeah." Max said simply

      "And none of you would have a problem with it?" Kyle asked and all shook their heads, "So stripping like this is normal? Sex or whatever?"

      "Well it's either that or you keep buying new clothes to replace the shredded ones." Liz said


      A little later everyone had sat down and filled Kyle in on everything they had missed from their needs in bed to the prophecy, much to Liz's disappointment. She would like to do whatever possible to ignore that little aspect of her life. Meanwhile, Max was off to the side, trying to focus on changing into his other animan body.

      He started to remember the fight with Flanagan and his Wild Pack, doing everything he could to find the trigger that sparked it. For a time it looked as though he was in deep meditation. All of a sudden Max's whole body twitched and as he did so, Liz turned her head from the others and looked at Max as she felt something.

      "Max what was that?" Liz asked

      "What was what?" Max asked, not turning around

      "Whatever you were just thinking about." Liz said, Max then turned around and looked at his mate. It was then that everyone could see the rich shade of blue that had covered Max's eyes. "Something tells me you got close." She smiled

      Max closed his eyes again and focused harder, as he did so Liz could feel it but she wasn't the only one. Michael, Isabel and Tess all felt it was well through their mental connection. The four of them stood up and moved closer, everyone watched as Max started to enter the change and was becoming is Antarian animan form. Soon the giant muscular mass covered in green fur stood before the others and roared as he shook himself off.

      "What a rush." Max said as he turned around.

      Liz was lying on the ground with the others around her. She looked unconscious with her eyes closed. Max ran to her side and held her small body.

      "Liz...Liz." He said trying to wake her

      Suddenly her eyes shot open and he saw that they were blue just like Max's. During his change, she could feel what he was doing in his mind and also focused on it. The result was an overload to her body but as she came back into consciousness, had had started began to continue. As Max held her, Liz mutated and grew resulting in her clothes being ripped apart by her swelling muscles. While she still remained smaller than Max she looked very similar to him.

      "What happened?" Liz asked

      "Good question." Max said

      "I guess a little more got transferred than just the powers." Maria said

      "Would make sense." Isabel said

      "Maybe you guys should try it?" Maria suggested

      "Yeah, could come in handy against any lycanthrope that wont be expecting it." Alex said

      "I'm so not going to be able to pull off that look." Isabel said as she pulled off her top and started to undress, followed by Michael and Tess.

      All Kyle could do was stare at the naked bodies of his girlfriend and Isabel as more and more skin came into view. Tess smiled as she brushed his cheek with her fingers, "No need to stare Kyle." She said

      "Yeah." Isabel said as she came up to him, she stood naked in front of him and leaned over. "You'll get to see us whenever you want to." Isabel then kissed him hard, her tongue probed his mouth for a minute before she backed up, "Welcome to the family Kyle." She smiled and walked away

      Alex sat next to the dazed Kyle with a smile on his face, "Oh yeah, you're gonna enjoy this."

      "" Kyle said as a smile formed on his face.

      Maria sat down next to them and all three watched as they all held hands. Through their bonds Max fed the instructions to his fellow aliens. They all focused in on it, doing their best to concentrate as the sun beat down on them. It was their first time down this change and it was difficult for them. There was strain and pain but as the minutes moved on they did start to change.

      Soon there was a new breed of lycanthropes on Earth as Michael, Isabel and Tess joined Max and Liz in their new forms. For a while the five jumped, ran, lifted and did everything they could to test their new strength and abilities. The three lycanthropic humans sat on their rock and watched.

      "I wonder how long before we can do that?" Maria asked

      "Is that possible?" Kyle asked

      "We've taken on everything else from them, just wait until your powers come through. They can be very fun." Alex said

      The others soon returned and changed back into their human bodies before they picked up their clothes and got dressed. They all had fun and upon their return they decided to head out to Fraser Wood. It was time they took Kyle out on his first run as a Lycanthrope. They Pride was complete and all ran through the woods and revelled in view from nature that their cat bodies provided.

      Crashdown, Same Time

      It was quiet in the café on this Sunday afternoon, which Jeff was thankful for since his three waitresses of Liz, Maria and Isabel were out doing what they needed to do. At least he had some other staff but he knew he would have to hire more people for when they went to Moon Peak in little over a month. Due to that he had placed a `Help Wanted' sign out on the window a few days ago and was already going through some CVs, mostly from students at the school.

      The day remained pretty quiet with a few people coming and going but only one time when the door opened did he looked up. When that door opened a scent filled the air that Jeff hasn't smelled in a long time. Riverdog looked around and spotted him, he moved closer and Jeff stood up.

      "What are you doing here? You're not supposed to have contact with us until..." Jeff started

      "It is time." Riverdog said

      Jeff looked at the ageing Native American and led him into the back room, "What do you mean?"

      "Earlier the mark of the three glowed. The trials for your daughter are"

      Jeff turned away, "But...but she's not ready, she hasn't even gotten to the school yet."

      "And that is where she will face at least one of the three." Riverdog said

      "I don't understand."

      "After the symbol glowed, the elders and I undertook a vision quest. In the vision, the first of the symbols was within a full moon as it rose over a mountain peak."

      "Moon Peak. Do you know who the enemy is?"

      "No. All I know was that blood covered the moon until it was red."

      "And the others?" Jeff asked

      "I don't know, except one is of the star that brought four of the Pride into being." Riverdog said

      "An alien?"

      "The one who killed them and the others of their kind."

      "Kivar. He's here?" Jeff asked with his eyes going wide.

      "You know him?"

      "Tess filled us in on what she knew about him. This is not good." Jeff said

      "The trials for the Pride will begin, the stars say it will be in their second month at your school but the enemies are moving now."

      "I guess it was only a matter of time."

      "Have you told your daughter about me?"

      "No, just as you asked me. But sooner or later she will come asking."

      "Not her, her mate. And the other star people. Their Skinwalkers came to us centuries ago to help teach us about the world around us, if they could have done that with the other humans of this world then much bloodshed may not have happened. They warned us what was going to happen and helped us prepare with their devices but in the end it is down to the Pride to deal with what is to come. They left something behind for Max and the others, it needs to be given to them before they confront the second." Riverdog said

      "What?" Jeff asked

      "A key." Riverdog said, "When the dreams start, send them to me."

      Riverdog then turned and left leaving Jeff alone. Nancy soon came down the stairs, ready to go out and carrying her husband's coat.

      "Was that?"

      "Yeah. He's just letting us know some things."

      "Okay, well that can wait. Right now we have something to do." Nancy said

      Jeff looked at her and then shot his eyes down to his watch before he looked up and smiled. "Lets go."

      Nancy gave him his coat and he put it on, he informed his staff he was heading out and if they needed anything to call his cell phone. After that they left to an appointment they were looking forward to.

      Living Room, Whitman Residence, 14:00

      Jeff and Nancy arrived at the same time as Amy. Charles and his wife opened the door and welcomed them inside. As they moved into the living room, everyone saw the coffee table was covered with paperwork. While this was something that every lycanthrope parent waits for with eagerness, what they saw almost made them loose their smiles.

      "I think our people have been among humans too long." Jeff said

      "Why'd you say that?" Amy asked

      "Paperwork is getting out of control." Jeff said

      "I hear that. What happened to the good old days when the leader of a Pride just had to stamp the induction certificate with the seal?" Charles said

      "We still do that." Nancy said

      "Yes but not we've got a dozen forms to fill out before we even got around to the seal...and it's all in triplicate." Amy said

      "Hey, where's Jake?" Jeff asked

      Charles scrunched his face and pointed up. Jeff looked up and spotted the kitten's little head popping over the shade that covered the light bulb on the ceiling. It was shaped like a dish that held Jake's full body.


      "Why is, forget that. How did he get up there?" Jeff asked

      "I stopped asking those questions." Charles said with a nod

      "Oh well. Okay, let's do this." Jeff said

      Everyone sat in seats around the table as Charles handed everyone a pen. Nancy reached into her handbag and pulled out a box that she placed in the centre of the table. Jeff opened it and inside was a stamp, made from gold with a base that was etched with the seal of Jeff's Pride.

      "Okay, first up...Maria." Charles said as he handed the pile of forms for Maria to Amy.

      "Do I really need to read through all of this?" Amy asked

      "Hey, they're the ones who filled it in. We just need to makes sure it's correct and to fill in the blanks. You don't want her to be separated from the others and housed with the Oceanics." Jeff said

      "I suppose. Okay..." Amy said as she started reading over the documents, "...Maria Deluca...Date of Birth...Address...yadda yadda yadda...all looks correct. Status...mated." Amy filled in, "Since when do we have `Pride/Pack Reference Numbers'?"

      "Oh that's new. They started it 3 years ago." Jeff said as he pulled out a piece of paper, "Okay, put this down exactly. Our Pride number is...E8444465, now the number for Liz's pride is, J2145622."

      "Oh we better all right that down just now so there's no screw ups." Charles said

      "Why both numbers?" his wife asked

      "Some idea one of the aides had at the town hall. Liz's number is to ensure they all stay together at the school, ours is in to show they are connected to us in case there is a problem." Jeff said

      "Okay," Amy said as she continued to right in the empty forms. It covered everything from medical documents to any requirements that may be needed. Soon it was all done and Amy signed the pages, "All done."

      Jeff took the forms and read through it before taking out the seal from the box. He pulled out a concealed tray from the base of the box, it was a simple inkpad and Jeff pressed the seal into it. Jeff stood up and faced Amy, "Amy Deluca, mother of Maria. The time has come for your daughter to learn of her race and attend the school of Moon Peak. Do you entrust the school with the care of Maria and her education as a Rakas?"

      "I do." Amy said

      Jeff smiled as he took the seal and stamped the forms before adding his own signature. Only one copy of forms was left without his signature and seal and that was the copy that went to the Roswell High, that was the one that presented the legal problems since it was outside lycanthrope control and in the hands of human law. Then he removed the last page and stamped it before giving it to Amy. "This Certificate of Induction is to be given to Maria by the fall of night."

      Amy closed her eyes and nodded as she took the document. For the next half hour the three sets of parents repeated it with Alex and then Liz before there was a knock on the door. Charles went to answer it and returned a few minutes later with Philip beside him.

      "Philip?" Jeff said. He had informed the rest of his Pride about the discovery of his own mother and Philip being Chimera.

      "Jeff. I came because I know how seriously you all take this day." Philip said, "I understand there are some forms for me to sign."

      "What about Diane?" Nancy asked

      "Max told us about being invited to Moon Peak. Diane thought it over and has some concerns, especially with regard to Max being away with his girlfriend...unsupervised. However, I talked with her and convinced her that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and that the educational benefits far outweighed West Roswell High. So, she agreed to it." Philip said

      Jeff nodded and smiled. On the corner were the forms that dealt with Isabel, Michael, Tess and Max and he picked up Max's. Philip took great pleasure in filling out the forms and then signing it, just as much as Jeff took in stamping them with the Pride's Seal.

      "You know that still leaves Isabel, Michael, Tess and now Kyle." Amy said

      "Well Isabel is emancipated from the State thanks to Philip arranging it. She can fill out the forms and sign them herself."

      "Well, that's another reason I came over. Out of concern for Michael's well being I asked Sheriff Valenti to check on his father... if you can call him that." Philip smiled

      "What?" Nancy asked

      "Hank is...missing. He hasn't been seen since Michael started living with Isabel. My people convinced him to leave town...permanently."


      "He knocked him out with a combination of a few select herbs. Right now he should be waking up in a crate on a cargo boat to a nice little island out in the Indian Ocean. The inhabitants owe us a few favours and we're calling in one to make sure he doesn't leave." Philip said, "I'm arranging for Michael to be emancipated. It'll be easier if I have letters of endorsement from all of you, and since Moon Peak is an option for him the Judge could be even more willing to cooperate."

      "And Tess?" Alex's mother asked

      "That's a little more tricky. Her guardian is on the run and that's a situation I can't fix that the same way." Philip said

      "This would all be easier if they were never enrolled at Roswell High and we never had to worry about human law." Nancy said

      "Yes but we live out here so..." Jeff said

      "What if we just faked it? No one has even enquired about Tess's mother, if someone showed up and signed the forms for the benefit of the School's principle..."

      "Well there are a number of my people in the area that no one in Roswell has ever met. I could ask someone to come into town to sign them. But the Moon Peak papers will still needed signed by someone."

      "Well I can do that. I am the leader of this Pride and Tess is staying in my house." Jeff said

      "That just leaves Kyle. Do you think the Sheriff will let him go?" Charles asked

      "We'll see." Jeff said as he signed the copies of Tess's forms, leaving one to the side to be filled in later. Then he picked up the forms for Michael and Isabel and gave them to Philip. "Give these to the kids when you see them, for signing. You'll see them before I do."

      "Of course." Philip said

      "You're welcome to join us for the drink." Jeff said

      "I would be honoured." Philip said

      Charles left and returned with a bottle of wine, a unique version that was made especially by lycanthropes for such occasions. Charles poured it out into the glasses and everyone took one.

      " our children. May Moon Peak know what they're getting into." Jeff toasted

      Everyone smiled, "To the children." They all said as they clinked their glasses together before drinking.

      Valenti Residence, 17:00

      After spending the afternoon with the Pride, Kyle returned home to find his father cooking dinner. He was diving between pots and pans of boiling water. Kyle spotted one about to boil over and ran to it, turning the heat down.

      "Hey, you in a bit of a hurry?" Kyle asked

      "No, just trying to read this recipe book at the same time." Jim said

      Kyle smiled, "You and a recipe book? It's like you've got a date or..." Kyle stopped what he was doing and looked up, "...something. Dad?" he asked with a smile

      "Oh would you relax. No I don't have a date, I just think I should learn to make a few new things instead of cooking the same old meals all the time."

      "Right." Kyle drew out, "Yeah, sure, I believe you."

      Jim looked at his son and smiled as he shook his head, "So what did you do this afternoon?"

      "Oh I spent the day with Tess, Liz and..."

      "Tess? Tess Harding? The girl who just had her house blown up?"

      "Yeah. She's actually taking it pretty well. She wasn't in there long enough to think of it as home but she did loose all her stuff."

      "Kyle...I really don't think this is a good idea, you seeing her. After what she said, I really think that dangerous people are chasing her father. They might try to use her to get to him." Jim said

      "Dad, she's a nice girl. You'd like her a lot and quite frankly, if they do try to use her, isn't it your job to make sure she's safe?"

      "Hey, none of that manipulation stuff. And yes, you're right it is my job. You really like her?"

      {If you only knew.} Kyle thought, "Yes I do."

      "Hmm...okay, but keep an eye out. If you see anything unusual..."

      "Yeah, dad, I know the drill."

      "So, Tess and Liz. I thought you two were broken up?"

      "Yeah but she's still a friend. I'm just glad Max is in her life now, he really knows how to make her happy."

      "You were out with Max as well?"

      "And Michael, Maria, Alex and Isabel."

      "Uh huh." Jim said as he looked at Kyle

      "Dad, Max is a good guy. There really is nothing about him you need to be interested in beyond the fact that he's in high school. I don't know what you suspect about him but...that day...the shooting, I mean Max was there and made sure Liz was okay."

      "And then ran."

      "Michael freaked and left before him. I don't know...weird around guns or something. Max just went to make sure he was okay." Kyle said

      "Driving off like a bat out of hell."

      "Yeah, well...anyway. So, anymore of those animal sightings?"

      "No they seem to have died down a little. There are still a few tracks around but nothing new for the last day or so." Jim said

      "So dad, have you heard about Liz heading off to that school up north?" Kyle asked

      "Oh yeah. Uh...uh...oh what was it called, Moon...something."

      "Moon Peak." Kyle said

      "Yeah, weird name but what I've heard some of your school's teachers saying about it from the brochure that got sent to the school...sounds impressive. That's a hell of an opportunity for Liz. Too bad you didn't get selected."

      "Actually that's something I wanted to talk to you about."

      "Oh?" Jim said as he checked on the contents of the oven.

      "Yeah, Liz was given the option of taking 7 other people with her...and she asked me to be number 8."

      Jim looked around and stared at his son.

      "She's already asked Max, Isabel, Michael, Maria, Alex and Tess."

      "Ah, so that's it." Jim said

      "What's it?" Kyle said

      "Tess is it."

      "Tess is what?"

      "Tess is...wait...this can go on for hours." Jim said, "Okay, Liz can take 7 people?"


      "She's asked you?"


      "And do you want to go?"

      "I'd like to. Like you said it's a great opportunity and from what I hear their sport department is killer. Besides, my grades may be good enough to get into community college; Liz said most people end up going to really great universities. I mean could you imagine me going to somewhere like Berkley."

      "And is Tess going a part of you wanting to say yes."

      "'s a perk." Kyle said with a grin

      "'re not going."

      "But you just said..."

      "I know but if you think I'm gonna let you go off with you're girlfriend to a boarding school and not way."

      "Dad. I doubt there wont be chaperones, there will be rules and I seriously doubt they'll put boys and girls in the same sleeping areas of the school let alone put them together." Kyle said


      "Dad...hey...wait...why don't you ask Mr Parker. He went to Moon Peak."

      "He did?" Jim asked

      "Yeah. If there's anyone who can fill you in on it..." Kyle said

      "Okay, I'll ask him but this is not a yes yet." Jim said

      "Totally understand." Kyle said, as he smelled the air, "Meat's about to burn."

      "Hmm? Oh." Jim turned quickly and turned off the oven before he opened the door and pulled out the lump of pork, "Good timing...I didn't smell anything. Okay Kyle, set the table."

      Kyle did so as his father pulled out a couple of plates and dished out the portions. He carried out the pates to the table and father & son sat down to eat.

      Back Room, Crashdown, 19:00

      Liz was sitting with the others, going over their homework for the next day at school. With everything that had happened that weekend they had let it slip a little. They were only thankful that they didn't have any essays or reports to hand in on Monday. Every so often one of them would disappear into the kitchen and come back out with several cups of coffee.

      "You know...I've been thinking." Michael said

      "I thought I smelled burning." Maria said as she walked by him

      Michael just smiled as he reached out and spanked her butt. Maria stopped dead and turned to face him.

      "Do that again and I'll rip off your hand and shove it so far up your ass you'll have to open your mouth to show people you're giving them the finger." Maria said

      "Colourful." Isabel said

      "You didn't say that when we were in bed last night." Michael said

      "That was fun, this wasn't." Maria said

      "Yeah, could we stop hearing about what you two get up to in the sack? Michael, what were you going to say?" Max asked

      "Well it's just that we became lycanthropes again because of Liz and now she's got the green action..."

      "So?" Liz asked

      "So, since Tess screwed Kyle doesn't that mean she'll be part wolf now. And if we have sex with her doesn't that mean we'll end up being part wolf." Michael said

      Everyone turned and looked away from Michael to think about it. None of them had actually considered it since Tess had sex with Kyle this morning.

      "You know what?" Liz said

      "He's got a point." Max said

      "I do?" Michael asked

      "He does?" Maria said playfully

      Michael shook his head and pulled Maria down onto his lap, "You're really pushing it."

      Maria looked heatedly into his eyes, "I hope so." She said huskily

      Max cleared his throat and the couple looked away from each other but Maria stayed on Michael's lap.

      "So, we could end up not just cats or whatever our Antarian animals were." Tess said

      "I am part Chimera." Liz said, "They could change into all species so maybe that's what's causing the multiple changes, you know since what's in who has been adapted from me."

      "Queen of ancient blood." Tess said

      "What?" Maria asked

      "That Antarian prophecy, the ancient blood could mean the Chimera since they were the first tribe made. And if anyone could unite all the tribes, wouldn't it make sense that it would be someone who could be part of all the tribes?" Tess said

      "Oh not this stuff again. Guys, enough with the prophecies already. I'm just going to live my life and screw this whole destiny stuff. I am not a queen." Liz said

      Max and Tess looked at each other before everyone else followed suit. There was something they needed to do about this; even if Liz wasn't willing to face her destiny sooner or later it would come to bite them in the ass. Soon they turned back to Liz,

      "Liz...Liz..." Max said not getting her attention

      She was staring at the television as a news report aired.

      "The three researchers reportedly disappeared in a remote region of Romania. The alert was raised when they didn't return to their base camp." The reporter said, "The Professor was known for his more radical theories, in particular that a small group of people inflicted with a medical condition could be the origin of the vampire myth. As of yet no word has been received from the professor or his two students, an investigation is under way. Back to you..."

      Liz switched off the television as Max moved over to her, "Hey are you okay?" he asked

      "Yeah, just a feeling. And I've got this weird taste in my mouth." Liz said

      Old Manor House, 20 Miles Northwest of London, Same Time (Roswell Time)

      It was the dead of night and in the pitch black of the country, the three vampires had made to the manor. It didn't take long for them to get inside and now their mouths were latched onto the necks of the inhabitants. Their teeth had sunk into the flesh and they were drawing the blood out of almost everyone. One of Stephan's wives had found two in particular that drew her attention, as a result she locked them in one room while she and her mates fed on everything that moved.

      From room to room the three made sure that there wasn't anyone left alive, and left the pale bodies where they fell. They'd deal with the mess later. Eventually the old house was secured and the vampires made their way to the library, Stephan stood before a spot where two stacks of selves connected. The male vampire nodded to Tanya and Katrina and they moved over to an old fireplace.

      On the intricately carved stone that decorated the fireplace there was two carvings of raised gargoyle faces. Both were in the top corners of the stone that was placed here when the house was being built. The female vampires each pressed the eyes of the gargoyle and they disappeared into the stonework, after that there was a loud click and the sound of machinery moving behind the walls.

      Stephan smiled as the two bookshelves he stood before separated and opened wide. Behind that was an ordinary brick wall, which pulled back and opened itself and exposed a staircase leading down.

      "After all these years, they still haven't found it." Stephan said as they started descending down the stairs.

      At the bottom of which as a large stone chamber that had remained hidden under the house, a lot lower than the level of the basement and wine cellar. All around them were the chronicles of the vampires, kept hidden from the other tribes during the war. After they lost that war, this house became abandoned and fell into ownership of various humans through the long decades. Today that ended and it was back in the hands of those that built it.

      The three then started to search, looking in all the storage places they had, opening all the books and checking behind every loose stone. They searched everywhere but had to eventually give up.

      "It's not here." Katrina said

      "Arghhhh..." Stephan yelled as he through the contents of a table off to the floor.

      "We've searched the all of the old places our people set up. If they didn't hide the Gift here with the Chronicles then where?" Tanya said

      "There is only one possibility. They didn't hide it, at least not in time. The other tribes have it." Stephan said

      "Then what do we do?" Katrina said

      "You go get it." A voice boomed as the room lit up. From the light the image of Anu'bis formed.

      "What is this?" Stephan asked

      Anu'bis shot out his hand and the three vampires crashed to their knees, a force of invisible energy held them in a bowing position before the ancient being. "Show a little more respect Stephan." He said as he released them

      "My lord, forgive me. I thought your appearance to be a trick from the other tribes." Stephan said

      "Given what you have been through, I will let it go...for now."

      "You are most gracious my lord." Stephan said

      "Now, the Gift we gods gave to the tribes, the fragment held by the Vampires is in a town call Moon Peak, in America. But your resurrection has activated the Gift and the other tribe are wary, although they only suspect the significance. However, that can wait. Your goal should be the girl."

      "So she does live." Katrina said

      "Yes. In the town of Roswell but soon she will move to Moon Peak to begin her education in the ways of her people." Anu'bis said, "You must seduce her, bring her to you before you turn her. I was the one who gave you your section of the prophecy; she does posses the blood of all the tribes. A simple bite will change her."

      "Then it shall be done."

      "There is just one problem. She has a mate; their minds are as intertwined as string. Before she can be turned, he must die." Anu'bis said, "But there is no harm in giving you help."

      Anu'bis stepped forward and placed his hand on Stephan's head. Crackles of yellow energy travelled over the vampire's head. Stephan cried out in pain before he was hurtled across the room. His wives were by his side and helped him up.

      "What happened?" Tanya asked

      Stephan started to smile as he looked at Katrina and Tanya. He started to hear them in a new way; he could hear their thoughts.

      "Have fun, child." Anu'bis said before vanishing.

      "Mwhaaaahaaaaahaaaaa." Stephan started laughing as he realised the intent of why his god just gave him the ability.

      Copper Summit, 20:00

      As the constellation Aries hung over head, Kivar's car pulled into town. All of its occupants were out on the streets. All of the Skins lined the path between the town's main entrance to the central building of the Universal Friendship League where Kivar would be staying. Each and every one of them had their heads bowed, not one dared raise their eyes to look at him.

      From behind the car window, Kivar looked out at the buildings and shook his head. All he saw was sand and dirt, and the buildings weren't that much better. Soon he pulled up at the building and got out. He didn't bother with any speeches or even looking around, Kivar just got into the building where Nicholas waited for him.

      "Majesty." Nicholas said as he got down to his knees.

      "Rise." Kivar said

      Nicholas stood up but never looked at his master.

      "You have failed Nicholas. I gave you sixty years to complete your mission. Instead you hide here in the safety of this town."

      "My lord, forgive me. During recent years I have spent more time here but it is only because I have been overseeing the growth of our new husks. Now is not the time to endanger them since they are so close to being harvested."

      "Doesn't explain the previous years. Fortunately for you I am feeling very forgiving today. You have one last chance and I want it done right. I was building our revolution on Antar for years but Zan still escaped, patience is something I possess but I do not want to remain on this world forever. Take your time, plan and find them. Just eradicate them." Kivar said

      "Yes my lord. You're chambers are this way." Nicholas said

      Nicholas led Kivar to his room; the most lavishly decorated and adorned room in the town. The Skins had gone to a lot of time to make it look like Kivar's personal chambers on Antar.

      "I'm sorry for the accommodations, it's the best we can do." Nicholas said

      "Hmmm...I'm amazed you could even get this done on this planet."

      "Earth does take some getting used to. If you'll excuse me, I'm expecting a report soon from an agent I've sent to Roswell."

      "Roswell? Ah yes, the village where they crashed. Why there?"

      "We've searched everywhere else. We were never able to determine the duration of their gestation; we always assumed that their guardians would take them as far away from the area as possible. Our scouts have been tracking this entire continent but the further we went the more it looks like they never left." Nicholas said

      "Very well."

      Nicholas turned to leave and got to the door

      " a check on this planet's weather. Look for anything anomalous over my flight in." Kivar said

      "Yes Majesty." Nicholas said as he bowed and left

      Alex's Bedroom, Whitman Residence, 20:30

      On his bed, Alex lay against the headboard with his guitar in his hand, plucking away with the strings. By his side, Jake was resting against him. He was on his back and bending down to lick his white belly.

      "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen..."

      "Meow." Jake said

      "Sorry...Nobody knows the trouble we've seen. Nobody knows our sorrow..."

      "Depressed much?" Liz asked

      She had just arrived and made a beeline straight for Alex's room, intent on roping him into a shopping trip with Tess in the morning before school. Sometimes going shopping with Maria just wasn't as fun when Alex wasn't with them.

      "Not really." Alex replied

      "Come on, spill it. What's up?" Liz asked

      "'s just..." he said hesitantly


      "Well, lately I've been having more and more fantasies." Alex said

      "Yeah...who doesn't? The good thing is you get to live yours out." Liz said

      "No, Liz...not those fantasies. The bad kind...the kind where I'm...I'm out hunting. The Coach."


      "Every time I try to relax, it's there. I can see myself stalking him like I would in the wild...or rather how my tiger-self would." Alex said, "I can see the fear...I can see it when I strike and when I..." he said as she closed his eyes in shame


      "And the worst part is, I feel like if I don't do it I'm gonna explode." Alex said

      "Meow." Jake made it sound completely sympathetic as he brushed up against Alex and licked his hand.

      "That's a good little baby." Alex said


      "Okay, you're not the baby." Alex said

      "Alex, listen. You can control this...I mean, there are some people at school who I wouldn't mind seeing drop dead. One in particular comes to mind. Anyway..."

      "Liz, wanting to see Pam Troy have an accident is one thing. I'm fantasising about tearing that...jerk limb from limb and then going to work on him." Alex said

      " know, somehow I could never imagine you doing that. Alex, you are one of my closest friends and despite now being able to do what you've been thinking about I know you would never actually do it." Liz said

      "I really hope you're right." Alex said

      "Besides, Jake here will keep you out of trouble." Liz said with a smile as Jake sat proudly on the pillow.


      "See, he'll watch you."

      "I thought I was supposed to be the one watching him not the other way around?" Alex said, "So what can I do for you?"

      "Well I was going to talk you into coming shopping with me, Maria and Tess tomorrow morning before we start school. You know she's only got the one set of clothes left now so..."

      "You were going to ask me?"

      "Well yeah, you've got a little tension right now. You're really not in the Alex state of mind for shopping. So, I think I might be able to do something for you."

      "Oh?" Alex asked

      Liz smiled as she picked up Jake in her hands. The kitten started to squirm as Liz carried him over to the door, "Sorry Junior, you're a little young for this." Liz said as she put him down and closed the door.

      Liz approached the bed and helped Alex up. Slowly she moved around Alex and pulled off his t-shirt. Then she returned to face him and started to undo his slacks, they fell to his ankles and he quickly kicked them off. Alex then looked over Liz, he wanted to see her naked again even though she had been dressing more and more sexier since the night they first changed.

      Alex swallowed as he reached out and touched the zipper on her skirt. Then, in one move, he pulled the zipper down as Liz pulled off her top. His hands brushed against the warm flesh and he delicately traced the outline of her lean muscles as his arms slid around her body as he pushed her skirt off a little. Liz pressed herself back against him as he pushed the skirt down her legs. It fell to the ground and pooled around her ankles and she kicked her shoes off, she pushed her clothes aside with her toes and turned to face him.

      It had been a while since Alex had been with Liz; trembling in anxious excitement he smoothed his hands down her sides, pausing only briefly to cup her breasts. He looked down the length of her body, smiling at her petite exquisiteness. Only two very slight and skimpy garments covered her. She took his hands in hers and told him, "I need you, Alex."

      Liz led his hands to her chest and abandoned them there. Then, she reached around to her back and unhooked her bra, Alex swallowed hard as the bra dipped lower on her chest. Shifting her shoulders, she quickly discarded the garment, tossing it aside. Smiling she met Alex's gaze. However, his eyes couldn't stay up and were soon firmly locked on her chest. Placing her hands on his, she again guided them into position.

      Alex's lips parted slightly as a nearly inaudible sigh escaped him, the feel of her skin was already helping him relax and remove some tension. His fingers circled briefly around each of Liz's taut nipples. He bent toward her for a taste of her mouth, lightly pinching the stiff, dark buds as he did so.

      In a move neither was really was aware of they sank to the bed, Liz lying on her back and Alex on his side beside her. His mouth ravaged hers thoroughly but tenderly, while his closest hand delicately fondled her breasts. He slid the heel of his palm along the slope as his eager fingertips attacked her left nipple, plucking and plying at the flesh.

      Liz bit back a quiet moan. Her nipples were almost painfully erect and Alex's fingertips were stoking the pleasurable, burning sensation that was building within her. Suddenly, she felt his absence by her side. Lifting herself up, she saw Alex kneel between her legs.

      "Alex?" Liz asked; a bit startled by the abrupt pause and change in position. She moaned and reclined again as his hands skimmed down her abdomen to follow the smooth line of her body. As his hands reached her panties, he hooked his fingers into the garment and pulled it down her legs. Liz bent her knees, simultaneously helping him remove her panties and place him in a better position.

      "You're beautiful...and thank you for this." Alex murmured. Liz smiled warmly at him as he took in her entirely nude form. Then, he lowered himself, sliding his hands around her thighs to reach her slit. His fingers soon found her outer lips and he delicately spread them.

      He did nothing for a moment but examine the sight before him. He moved himself, as the current bulge in his pants was too hard to comfortably lie on. Pressing himself even closer, he extended his tongue and flicked it against her warm inner folds for a taste. Then, as if possessed, he thrust his tongue as deeply into her as he could manage.

      Her moan caught him off guard. Sparing a glance, he saw that Liz's eyes had fluttered shut. However, he never backed off, he just kept going. He teasingly flicked his tongue along the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. Using just the tip of his tongue, he licked intricate circles on the creamy flesh. He felt Liz's hand run through his hair, pressing him harder against her, nudging him back to her already-heated sex.

      Using his hands, he gently urged her to spread her legs wider. He gave a fleeting kiss along the length of her slit, barely applying any pressure. Then he pressed himself even closer; he parted her outer lips with his tongue. Liz suddenly arched up, bucking herself into his face.

      He ran his tongue enthusiastically through the moist inner folds of her flesh. Encouraged by her reactions, he once again thrust his tongue as deeply into her as he could manage. This time, he was rewarded with a happy groan.

      With intense passion, he licked up the length of her slit and at the top of her opening he felt a knot of hardness, a slick, warm little pearl. With a rough lick, it emerged from its hiding place. At that, Liz began to whimper and writhe beneath him, as heat radiated up from her core to stoke the fire her blood. He examined the tiny, pink nub of flesh for a moment.

      He quickly flicked his tongue across it, earning a full-body shudder from Liz. He placed his lips on it and carefully drew it into his mouth. Liz cried out as he began to suck on it and he quickly established a steady rhythm, alternately sucking and running his tongue in circles around the small nubbin of flesh.

      Liz lifted her pelvis as the tension from her mounting orgasm built. He kept his mouth on her clit, although he had to fight to hang on when her hips began rocking. He then pressed the index and middle fingers of his left hand together and calmly pushed them into her opening. As he made love to her with his mouth, he began to thrust his fingers in and out of her. He delighted in the strength with which her tunnel gripped his fingers. He felt himself swell even harder at the thought of it clasping his manhood.

      Her breath started crossing her parted lips as short pants. Alex eagerly began to pump his fingers in and out of her in time with her breathing. Liz was writhing and bucking frantically beneath him and it was with great effort that he kept up. He continued to thrust his fingers in and out while keeping his mouth on her clit.

      "Alex!" Liz suddenly cried

      Alex grunted, taking his mouth away.

      "Don't stop!" she pleaded in a guttural, needing tone that surprised him. However, he eagerly obeyed. He felt the trembling that passed throughout her body. He could feel it in his soul; he realized that her orgasm was quickly cresting. She began to buck her pelvis rhythmically. Then the dam within her burst with an explosion of light and heat. Alex kept his mouth on her as her entire body quaked with her earth-shaking climax.

      Liz was just beginning to come down from her orgasmic high when she realized that Alex had abandoned her with his mouth. Instead, he now supported himself over her body. He had slithered out of his pants and his swollen erection rested against her inner thigh, almost probing at her outer lips.

      "How was that?" he murmured before lowering himself and planting tiny kisses all along the side of her face. She smiled in reply and shifted her hips to make way for him

      "That was amazing." She murmured in his ear. Wrapping her legs around Alex's waist, she pulled him even closer. When the head of his swollen cock found the entrance, Alex sank forward, pushing his way into her. With his eyes closed and an open mouth he pressed inside until he was completely sheathed within her once more.

      For several long moments, he didn't move. He just relished the sensations of having his penis contained in a warm, tight embrace. However, as he took his first stroke, the physical sensation became the only thing his mind could focus on. Liz wrapped her arms around him, trailing her fingernails down his back.

      "Ughnnn...yeahhhh...oh god..."


      His body's needs took over and restraint was completely non- existent. His long slow strokes rapidly gained tempo, until he was pounding into her furiously.



      Their moans mounted until they sounded completely urgent until finally, Alex exploded within her. He cried out as his rock hard dick jerked and released his warm seed inside her. Liz clutched him tightly to her as they continued to rock together. When the motions wound down and ceased, he rolled off of her and lay by her side.

      Catching his breath, Alex continued to let his hands delicately caress Liz, expressing his glowing, grateful emotions for him. He really needed the release Liz just gave him, now he just needed to get a handle on his more predatory nature. However, Liz had an idea how to help with that, they just needed to wait until Kyle was more used to his new nature.

      Town Hall, Moon Peak, Same Time

      "We have to let our people know." The Oceanic Representative said

      "To do so would only serve to panic our people given the unknowns of this situation." The reptilian said calmly

      All of the council members had gathered in a private session to discuss the reactivation of the Vampire's Gift. None of them knew anything for sure and what they suspected was far as they knew.

      "At the very least we should investigate the ruins of the Vampire's castle in Romania." The flier said

      "What good would that do now? At the end of the war, 100 years ago we searched that place thoroughly." The Wolfen said as his aide came in and placed a note infront of him.

      "Maybe, but that place was huge. It is possible that we missed..."

      "Wait." The Wolfen said

      "Something?" The bear said

      "Three apes...researchers have been reported to have disappeared in Romania. They were last seen in the vicinity of the castle. I don't like coincidences like that."

      The Rakas stood up and looked to his aide who just walked into the room, "Contact the nearest Hunters, get them out there and report what they find."

      The aide just stood there, "Sir..."


      "Sir, there are some people here to see you."

      "Tell them to come back tomorrow. Our session cannot be interrupted at the moment."

      "Sir...I really think you need to see them."

      The Council looked up and all nodded, they needed to get all their minor business out of the way to deal with the situation. The aide left and returned a few minutes later, followed by a group of cloaked people and all of them had hoods covered their faces.

      "What can we do for you?" the Rakas asked

      The leader of the group pulled back his hood and revealed his face, the whole council stood up.

      "What is this?"

      "I am Marcus. Protector of our leader's son and heir Diego."

      "I don't understand. What are you doing here?"

      Marcus stepped aside and Diego pulled back his hood, as did the other members of his group. Diego stepped forward and stood before the council.

      "My father has recognised that the world is changing. Signs are all around us and cannot be ignored. As a result, our time of isolation is over and as the leading sect of our people we request our right to attend Moon Peak." Diego said

      "For centuries your people have done their best to keep away from the rest of us. Whenever you did make contact it was because you needed a snack..."

      "Councillor, we no longer feed that way. We haven't for quite some time; in fact there are none alive today who ever fed on another lycanthrope or an ape. There have been none since the start of your war against the vampires." Diego said

      "I see."

      Then the Reptilian leader stood from his seat and came around to the front, "Cousins. I am curious as to the timing."

      "Cousin." Diego bowed, "This morning there was an event, a sign that we have been waiting for as part of the prophecy we have been given. This event was accompanied by a scream from our Gift from the Gods."

      The councillors looked at each other and remembered what had happened when they first examined the vampire's amulet. That scream had been deafening and chilled them to the bone.

      "Do you know what happened?"

      "Only that something fell from the stars, something from which came a person who then left with others."

      "More aliens." The Wolfen said quietly

      "I'm sorry?" Diego asked

      "It's not important at this time. However, under the law of our ancestors, no lycanthrope can be refused admittance to the school. I will make the arrangement in the morning with them, the school does have suitable has since it's construction in case this ever happened. But school does not start for nearly 2 months. You'll need somewhere to stay until the time of induction."

      "My people will gladly house our serpent cousins until it is time." The reptilian said

      "That will be acceptable." Diego said, "I am curious as to the First Born Daughter. May I speak with her?"

      "Liz Parker. She hasn't come to Moon Peak yet but she will when school starts."

      "She lives away from her people?" Diego asked

      "For now. It was out of safety to prevent humans finding our Chronicles, it was her family that protected them."

      "I see. Well, I look forward to meeting her." Diego said

      The reptilian led the group out of the chambers and across town to where his people stayed when in town. It was an area near the mountain range that had several active hot springs, perfect for the needs of their kind. All the reptilians took pleasure in arranged rooms for their distant cousins and it was something that was unexpected by the snakes but found themselves happy. They hadn't anticipated any of the other tribes being so welcoming.

      Meanwhile back in the town hall, the Rakas looked over to his fellow councillors. "For over a hundred years we haven't heard one thing from them. Now 6 and a protector turn up at once. Is anyone else bothered by this?"

      Everyone raised their hands.

      "Yeah." The Rakas said as he looked to the door the Snakes left through.

      Vampire House, England, 20:50

      The vampires had reclaimed their old property but Stephan had some important things to do. He sat out on the balcony of the master bedroom; the stone may be cold as he sat on it with his legs crossed and his eyes closed. Soon he was starting to enter a deep state of meditation and left the other business to his wives.

      Tanya and Katrina were kneeling on the king sized bed, kissing each other as their hands glided over their bodies. Tanya's fingers hooked around the straps of Katrina's silk top and pulled them down her arms, exposing her breasts. Tanya was soon sucking on one breast as her tongue licked the nipple. Katrina smiled as she looked over to the corner.

      Huddled naked and scared in the corner were two 16 year olds, one male and one female. Both were holding each other for protection and comfort but weren't getting much of either. They had witness what happened to the house's residents and tried to hide but Katrina found them. At first she was going to feed but soon thought of another use for the pair so she stripped them and locked them into the bedroom while the sought out their Chronicles.

      Upon their return to the room, Katrina had broken into safe and found documents concerning the pair. Her husband and wife agreed to her plans for them, and as they came into the bedroom the two women were all over each other.

      "Ughnnnnn..." Katrina moaned as her wife's hand slid to between her legs

      Slowly and reluctantly she pushed Tanya off her. Both vampires looked to the teenagers and wanted to proceed. Katrina stood from the bed and went to the two. The girl had long jet-black hair and from years of swimming and gymnastics she had a perfectly toned body. The boy was only an inch taller at 6-feet, his hair was blonde and he had a hard chiselled chest and muscles from martial arts, "Stand." She commanded

      The two remained where they were with their eyes closed tightly out of fear.

      "STAND." Katrina commanded more forcefully.

      Carefully they both stood up but continued to hold onto each other. The boy had his arm around the girl as she had her head against his chest.

      "Straighten Let us see you." Tanya ordered but her voice, her tone was thick with seductive melody

      They did as they were ordered; both of them wanted to cover their bodies but knew there would be repercussions if they did so. Katrina moved to the girl who kept looking at the floor, the vampire touched the girl's skin and ran her hand over her. She caressed the girl's belly and then her breasts.

      "Yes...very nice." Katrina said as she then felt her backside and legs, "So soft, supple...beautiful." Katrina then looked to the boy and touched him in the same way. "Impressive, a perfect specimen." She said as she then moved her hand and wrapped it around his soft dick, "Very impressive."

      "What's your name boy?" Tanya asked

      "Wi...Will." He stammered out

      "And yours?"

      "Stacey." She said

      "And you both know what we are?" Katrina asked

      Both nodded, even though they couldn't believe it.

      Katrina smiled, "You're both right to be afraid, but you needn't be." She said as she ran a finger over Stacey's nipple causing her to shudder. Will couldn't help but notice her reaction, "You know, I found your're adoption files. Both of you were taken in by this...or rather what was this family, at 8 years old. What I am curious about is why your adoptive parents chose children who weren't only born on the same day...but according to this, it was in the same hour. Very curious but it can wait."

      "Yes it can." Tanya said as she came closer

      "Wh..." Stacey started but Tanya was quickly staring into her with her vampire eyes. "May I ask a question?"

      "You want to know why you're still alive." Katrina said

      "Yes." Stacey said

      "Simple. We need pets...servants if you will." Tanya said

      "You will do as you are told. Everything we tell you to do will be done and in exchange..." Katrina said as she moved over to a case she brought with her. She opened it and pulled out gold coins, the likes of which is rare today. " will be rewarded. You'll be well taken care of and allowed to continue your lives as it long as we aren't exposed."

      "When we leave, you come with us. Power will be yours, we will protect you as you will protect us while the sun is up." Tanya said

      "All you want us to do you?" Will asked

      "Yes. As our pets, you are safe from our long as you please us." Katrina said as she continued to fondle the pair. "Also, you get to engage in your most...carnal of desires."

      "" Both stammered

      Katrina smiled as she took hold of Stacey's hand and placed it on Will's chest. Slowly she moved the girl's hand over his skin, making sure the innocent girl felt what she was touching. Will couldn't help his erection, despite being petrified by the vampire's presence he couldn't help his desire. As Tanya reached out for the hard length, both Stacey and Will blushed furiously.

      "You want him my dear. You lay in your bed night after night, thinking about him...his body over yours. You fantasise about him as your fingers probe between your legs." Tanya said

      "'re wrong." Stacey said

      "Indeed. Well, young Will here wants you. He has a pair of your underwear hidden in his bed. His body craves your touch, he wants you...don't you Will?" Katrina said as she took his hands and put them on Stacey's body. She made sure he caressed her and smiled as saw her bite her lip.

      "You've wanted each other since you understood what sex was all about." Tanya said

      The vampire women understood things about people when in close proximity; it was how they're gift of seduction worked. They found the desires and brought them out. It was all a game to them, a game they loved to play but it would be all for nothing if they couldn't reach the finish line ­ the bed.

      "With us, you can have each other, each and every night. And we'd let you. No people pretending to be your parents looking down on you." Katrina said and then moved up to Will, "Her body is yours to take. You're her mate...the source of her desire and lust." She whispered in his ear while slowly stroking his cock.

      While she whispered in his ear, Tanya was by Stacey's ear, "He's hard for you. In his bed he cums every night with your name on his lips and your body in his mind. Desire is nothing to be ashamed of, it's the one thing all of us have in common." She whispered

      Slowly the two women pushed the two together; instinctively Will and Stacey reached their hands out to each other as their bodies pressed together. They were both aroused and nearing their breaking point. Neither had ever been like this, not with each other, not with anyone. They were both virgins and that was about to change as the vampires were caressing the backs of their bodies.

      "Kiss her." Katrina whispered

      "Kiss him." Tanya whispered

      Neither could resist as they came together and pressed their lips together. It was light and innocent, something that was taken care of when each vampire cupped and caressed their genitals. Will and Stacey gasped at the same time and as their mouths opened wide their kiss deepened and became more passionate. Their bodies were pressed tightly together; Tanya and Katrina smiled at each other as they pulled them apart.

      Will groaned slightly and watched as Tanya pulled Stacey to the bed. The vampire laid the girl on the bed as she lay next to her. Tanya ran her sharp fingernail from Stacey's thigh up along her belly to her breasts. Meanwhile Katrina was running her hands over Will's chest, her fingernails scraping over his nipples before she moved around to his back. She pushed him toward the bed and he climbed onto it, he couldn't resist Stacey. Before they were adopted they barely knew each other but afterwards they quickly became friends from what they had in common. Only upon reaching their teens did they see each other as anything other than friends, they couldn't allow it to go any further since they were in the same house and fostered by the same people.

      Then Katrina took Will's hand, she was delighted to guide him in his first caress of a girl. She and her wife wanted these two innocents completely corrupted and this was their first step down that road, before they were done these two would be as bad as politicians. Will's hand was guided over Stacey as he leaned down and kissed her, their tongues slipped into each other's mouths.

      Will then found his hand being pulled further down her body. Soon he was cupping Stacey's soaked slit and one of his fingers was pushed inside. Stacey whimpered as her body was invaded for the first time, her anticipation was building quickly as he started to thrust his fingers gently in and out of her, pausing every so often to rub his palm across her slippery folds and massage her clitoris. Will was very pleased when he felt her start to rock her hips in time with his hand. Her pelvis moved involuntary and her eyes were tightly closed as her inner muscles started to clench on his digits.

      Sensing her impending orgasm in the way her muscles coiled tightly, as she whimpered and undulated with urgency. Then Will got onto his knees and spread her legs, he pressed his face into her hungry sex. The vampires smiled as he took the initiative as Will savoured her sweet-tart taste as he began to lap and suck.

      Stacey's hips kept moving faster and faster, moaning and tossing her head back, as her fingers tried to dig deeper into what was the now deceased owner's duvet.

      It was becoming increasingly difficult for Will to maintain contact. He held onto her hips, pushing his face into her wet folds and thrusting his tongue into her hot, slick tunnel as far as he could. She couldn't take it for very long. Their bodies were sweating, his thick cock spread her wide and was hitting deep within her body

      As her body began to shake violently, his hand slipped over his dick to aim it for her but he was surprised, he'd never been this hard when he fantasised about being with Stacey. He knew it was time but was fearful of causing Stacey any pain.

      Will didn't know whether he should ease his dick in or just thrust it in. He didn't have time to think so he, chose the latter, eased her onto her back and positioned himself over her. Holding his rock-hard cock, he plunged in smoothly and deeply.

      The quick manoeuvre took Stacey completely by surprise; she hadn't expected to feel so full. It was electrifying. She screamed out her pleasure, arching her spine and pushed her upper body against her lover's hard chest as the fire that had sparked in her body started to rage out of control. The erotic heat that surged from her spasming tunnel was overwhelming, engulfing both their senses in with utter bliss.

      Will held still, he was buried to the hilt of his cock inside her as she rode out the intense pleasure she felt from the initial penetration. Will silently gave thanks for managing not to lose it himself and shooting inside her. He smiled as he looked down at her, her eyes closed and face flushed, panting for breath and moaning loudly as she came down from the euphoric high; he marvelled at the transformation of the normally demure girl into a passionate woman. He slid his hands sensually over her body to knead her breasts. Will leaned down and kissed her shoulder as her eyes opened.

      He slipped himself slowly back, almost pulling out before he gently eased back in when he felt her thrusting hips seeking him. Resting on his forearms by her shoulders, he started to pump in and out, praying that the long, slow strokes would help him last and with each stroke Stacey grasped tighter onto the bedspread.

      Will's warm, filling cock slid outward again and then back in. Each time was tormentingly slow to Stacey but Will smiled as he watched her toned body writhe under him. Each thrust was accompanied with a gentle moan of under contentment.

      "Ugn...Will..." Stacey sighed as she let go of the sheets and ran her hands over Will's biceps.

      Off to the side, the vampires had moved up. Watching the pair had got their own fires burning and had stripped naked. They were leaning against the headboard above the kids and were kissing wildly. With each groan from the teenagers below them, the women enjoyed themselves.

      Will leaned down, both pressing their bodies together as their mouths joined. They kissed passionately, never stopping the primal movements of their bodies and moaning into each other. When the mounting heat within her began to burn, Will felt it through her. It was building inside him, he knew he couldn't last much longer and picked up the pace. Stacey matched him thrust for thrust, raising and lowering her pelvis as the hard length filled her and then withdrew. Will's pubic bone started to bump against Stacey's clit, she nearly shrieked at the electric fire that raced through her core and instinctually she shifted under him to feel it again.

      Soon the vampires knew that the couple were close to finishing. Slowly they slid back down the bed and started caressing them, touching their bodies over and over again. The women then both reach down at the same time and started to fondle where the couple were joined.

      Will realised he were hitting her spot and did his best to keep up with her as she went wild beneath him. The fierce grip of her spasming tunnel and Stacey's cries of ecstasy as she moved on his pole were more than he could withstand, Stacey wrapped her legs around his waist and used the additional leverage to increase his thrusts. With a shout to rival his lover's, Will forced himself down into her and held her hands tightly as we went as deep as he could, pumping his seed into her willing body.


      "OH GOD WILL...OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Stacey screamed as her orgasm hit, both coming together.


      As Will continued to kiss Stacey, Tanya and Katrina stayed on either side of the pair. Gently they pulled the pair away from their kiss and looked deeply into their eyes.

      "So, are you ours?" Katrina asked seductively

      "Yes." Stacey gasped, still enjoying having Will's hard cock ledged deeply in her.

      "And you?" Tanya asked

      "Yes." Will said as he felt Stacey's inner walls clench his dick.

      The vampires smiled with delight, sex was always their favourite way of getting to people, especially the young ones.

      "Tonight you will enjoy yourselves, tomorrow will come and then you will do all that we ask." Katrina said as her finger ran down Stacey's cheek before she grabbed the back of the girl's head and kissed her hard.

      She left the girl stunned and breathless, Stacey hadn't expected it and had no inclinations to that side of sexuality but she knew that if she wanted to live then it wouldn't be the last time. At the very least she knew Will would always be with her.

      Tanya and Katrina then took turns in kissing Will and Stacey before grazing their sharp teeth over their young skin. They left little teeth impressions, impressions that didn't fade. They left marks that made sure that the pair remembered they were now owned.

      However, they had been so caught up in their passion and the passion of their new pets that they had neglected their husband and mate. Slowly Tanya and Katrina crawled out of bed and looked out onto the balcony. They saw Stephan still in the same position, lost in his meditations and learning of his new god given gifts. His first major use as a strain and not very effective but he was nearing his goal for this trial run.

      Liz's Bedroom, Parker Residence, 21:00

      Her tryst didn't last long with Alex but Liz returned home feeling completely refreshed and left Alex feeling a lot more relaxed. As she entered her room, Liz started to undress. She had plans for stretching out in a nice long bath and letting herself soak before she went to bed.

      As soon as she was naked she went to go to the bathroom but stopped herself when she saw her reflection in the mirror and immediately thought back to Michael's comments earlier in the day.

      "I wonder..." Liz said thoughtfully

      She stood before the mirror and started to concentrate on her change, she did everything she could to proceed as she witness earlier and soon it worked. Her body changed only this time it wasn't Rakas. As her mouth extended into a snout, black fur covered some her growing body. However, she didn't look like Kyle in regard to his Wolfen appearance.

      Fur had completely covered him as it does in their Rakas bodies but with Liz, being a female, the fur grew only down her back and wasn't as long as Kyle's. Her front was completely exposed with only a little fur peaking around her sides and her skin tone had become slightly shinier as though she was covered in sweat but she wasn't. Liz looked over her appearance and cringed, it was something she was going to have to get used to.

      Liz changed back to her human body, "Well...that was interesting."

      She was about to head into the bathroom but felt something else and turned to her window. Liz grabbed her bathrobe and put it on before she opened the window. In stepping out on to her balcony, she stood in the gentle breeze and looked around.

      "Beloved." Liz heard being whispered.

      She looked around but couldn't see anyone but hearing it sent a chill up her spine that caused her arms to wrap around herself in comfort, there was a part of her that felt repulsed simply because she knew it wasn't Max's voice or any of her other lovers.

      To Be Continued...

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