'Invisible Man' was one of the great m/m-subtext-laden "buddy - cop" shows of recent history. Here are a couple of interviews from Brit scifi mags that were done after IM was canceled:

Interview with Paul Ben-Victor (Bobby Hobbes), Cult Times, March 2002

Interview with Vincent Ventresca (Darien Fawkes), Xpose, April 2002

Info sites:
I-Maniacs Online Fan Club maintains a still-active message board, and a petition requesting the series be released on DVD.
The Perseus Project Trivia and quotes, and messages from the cast and crew; this site is owned by one of the props guys. 'The Dispatch' newsletters include The Eberts Files, chatty (and sometimes catty) posts from actor Mike MacCafferty (Albert Eberts) to the official Sci Fi board about what happened during the filming of each episode.
Shadowcat Movie/TV Reviews - The Invisible Man (2000-2002) irreverent broadcast ep synopses by a slash-minded viewer.
Fic sites:
'The Invisible Man' Virtual Season includes a whole fan-written season three, and a few eps of season 4, though I don't think they are still writing. The eps are gen, but many of the authors are slash writers as well, and were committed to maintaining the "buddy" dynamic between Bobby and Darien.
The Quicksilver Awards seeks nominations for all categories of IM and IM-crossover fiction.
The Invisible Man Fan Fiction Library
The Invisible Man Fan Fiction Archive
The Department of A & C is the only site I know of for IM femslash, featuring Dr. Claire and Agent Alex Monroe, who was added to the cast in the second season.
Asher's Courtyard
Lucy Hale's IM Slash
These multifandom archives host IM fic:
WWOMB Archive (Wonderful World of Make Believe)

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