Warning and Disclaimer in Part 1

Chapter 16

        Darien hung up the phone and turned. Hillary and Amy were both standing in the living room, blocking his way to the door. "Okay, fine. You're obviously not going to leave, so how about I get you something to drink? Soda? Lemonade?"

        Hillary sighed. "I'll take a water."

        Darien ducked into the kitchen. Hillary turned and examined the living room. "Hardly looks like the home of a cold-blooded killer, does it?"

        Unseen by the two women, the kitchen door swung slowly open again, then swung shut.

        Amy shrugged. "Who knows who cold-blooded killers use for their decorators?"

        The front door slowly opened, seemingly of it's own accord. It closed once more. Hillary and Amy continued talking, waiting for their drinks.


        Once outside, Darien quicksilvered. He pulled the cellphone from his pocket and dialed a three-digit number he knew very well.

        "Hello, police? There are two women in my house and I think they're trying to rob me. Could you please come check it out for me?" He gave them the address and hung up. The cab was still waiting at the curb.

        He jumped in and said, "Excuse me, could you..."

        Ean turned. "Hiya, Darien. I'll have ya at Lucien's place in no time a'tall." He turned back around, pulling away from the curb.



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