Warning and disclaimer in Chapter 1


        Alex walked into the Keep near the end of the day. The Official had almost kidnapped her the minute she walked in the door. He had a new case for her to work on and told her to put the one he'd given her on Saturday on the back burner. So she'd spent a large amount of time doing research for this project instead.

        Claire smiled when she walked into the Keep. "Busy today?"

        "Yeah, the fatman had a new case for me to do instead. I guess he must have given the other one to the boys to do," she sighed sitting down in the evil chair.

        "Oh. He didn't tell you then," Claire grumbled.

        "Tell me what?"

        "Kaitlin's family is not accepting the police report and they hired a private detective to take over the case. He wanted the boys to give all of the details of what happened before and after the murder....ALL of the details," Claire stressed.

        "Ahhhh...." Alex nodded.

        "Darien told them the report was correct and the Official didn't buy it, so he put them both on suspension. Which means no Counteragent for Darien," Claire fumed.

        "That officious son of a bitch! That is so unfair," Alex added loudly.

        "I gave Darien enough Counteragent to last for 2 shots. They shouldn't be punished like this."

        "I'm glad you did. That fat bastard needs to stop with the way he treats Darien," she said as she pulled Claire into an embrace.

        "Well, I'm done for the day. We can wait til we get home to have fun," Claire purred.

        "I'd rather not, but with things the way they are I don't want to press our luck," Alex agreed and went out to her car so Claire could shut down the Keep.


        Lucien and Rubyn finally got back to their place and relaxed on the couch. By the time Ean would get done driving the two detectives around they would be so lost...

        It would take them at least a day or two before they could track down Darien and Bobby.



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