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Welcome to the Jose Cheung Memorial Website.

       Jose Cheung, played by Charles Nelson Reilly, was an author who wrote about aliens and the paranormal in the third-season X-Files episode, "Jose Cheung's 'From Outer Space.'" He was killed in the season 2 premiere of Millenium. This website will contain fan fiction, etc. based on tv shows about aliens and the paranormal, so it seems like a fitting tribute.

       The term "slash" comes from the "/" separating the names of the coupled characters. It connotes fiction about same-sex relationships, even though the punctuation has been adopted by authors of het fic as well.

The Roswell Slash Archive is for any slash fanfic where at least one of the characters in the main slashed pair is from the TV show Roswell. Updated 12/27/04
'Invisible Man' Links Updated 12/22/04
The Department of A & C, a 'shipper site for Alex and Claire (f/f) from 'Invisible Man.' Created 7/5/02
My X-Files Stuff is for, well, my X-Files stuff. Updated 11/30/00

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